Where can I find the Staff of Byrna ?

  1. Do I find the Staff of Byrna in the light world or the dark world?

    User Info: gamemom1962

    gamemom1962 - 8 years ago

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  1. The Cane of Byrna is located in a cave on Death Mountain in the Dark World. One common way to get to it would be to scale the mountain in the Light World and use the warp tile just below the Tower of Hera. Once transported to the Dark World, head south and jump down from the little opening along the edge of the cliff. You will land on a small ledge with a cave entrance. Enter the cave.

    Once inside, use the Magic Hammer (found in Dark World dungeon 1) to hammer down the stakes. Next, walk across the spikes (the Magic Cape will prevent you from taking damage, but is not absolutely necessary if you have enough hearts and/or medicine). Lift the stone at the end of the path, and open the chest to receive the Cane of Byrna. You may use either the cane or the cape to travel back to the entrance without taking damage, although even if you die on the way out, you'll still get to keep the cane.

    User Info: Polycosm

    Polycosm - 8 years ago 4 0

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