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    Chris Houlihan Room FAQ by CMoriarty

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                         T H E   L E G E N D   O F   Z E L D A   
                          A   L I N K   T O   T H E   P A S T
    **************************THE CHRIS HOULIHAN ROOM FAQ**************************
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:           June 30, 2002
                                                    | Version:         FINAL (Only)
    NOTE: To thank, right away, Astro Blue and Shdwrlm3 for allowing me to use a 
    part of their Zelda: OoS/OoA FAQ - the Triforce section header. Thanks to you 
    both, and make sure to check out their great FAQs as well!
    This FAQ, and all 24 other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the 
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    T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S...
    ---------     ---     ---------------
    I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
    II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
    III.)......... | Introduction
    IV.).......... | Who is Chris Houlihan, and how did he get his own room?
    V.)........... | Methods to Access the Room
    VI.).......... | More Input
    VII.)......... | In Closing
    VIII.)........ | About the Author
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     /\  /\ I  S E C T I O N   O N E  |  L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R  I /\  /\
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    Oh, and if you decide to steal stuff from my FAQ, and you steal the "Triforce 
    header" or dungeon layout/grid system, they aren't mine, they are being used 
    under permission, as it says at the top of the FAQ, from Astro Blue and 
    Shdwrlm3, so you'll have to deal with all three of us if you decide to be 
    stupid and steal that stuff.
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     /\  /\ II        S E C T I O N   T W O  |  V E R S I O N S          II /\  /\
    This version of the guide is FINAL, and will be the only release of this guide.
    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL (Only)
    Date: June 30, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: All the information on the Chris Houlihan Room.
    Still To Come: Nothing... this FAQ is complete!
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     /\  /\ III S E C T I O N   T H R E E   |  I N T R O D U C T I O N  III /\  /\
    While I have a FAQ/Walkthrough for this game already, that has a little bit on 
    the Chris Houlihan Room in the Secrets section of it, I decided that my 25th 
    FAQ/Walkthrough for GameFAQs would be a FAQ covering the Chris Houlihan Room. 
    What is it, how did it get in the game, et cetera.
    This FAQ is short, that is because it only covers one secret in the game. So 
    when you think about it, it's actually quite big. It covers a secret hardly 
    anyone knows about in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I hope that this 
    FAQ changes all of that, because everyone should know about this secret.
    Coincidentally, as I write this (June 30, 2002, about 3:30am), I just found out 
    about the Chris Houlihan Room myself not 10 hours ago. While browsing the 
    GameFAQs.com message board for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, I came 
    across several threads discussing this secret. It intreuged me, so I read into 
    it, tried it, and even made a thread of my own, asking for additional help so 
    that I could include a version of the secret in my FAQ/Walkthrough for the 
    game. It was then that I decided that in addition to including it in my 
    FAQ/Walkthrough, that I would make a seperate FAQ discussing the little-known 
    secret in the game, using information that I read on the message board, as well 
    as the famous David Wonn's website (the glitch-master himself). Needless to 
    say, the secret itself goes pretty deep, and I hope I covered it all in this 
    FAQ. If I didn't, if you have ANYTHING to add, or tell me I'm wrong, or 
    critique me, WHATEVER, please feel free to e-mail me at cmoriarty311@cs.com. 
    I'd be more than happy to hear from you, especially on this great secret.
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty) [cmoriarty311@cs.com]
       /\                                                                     /\
     /\  /\ IV     S E C T I O N   F O U R   |  W H O   I S   H E ?    IV   /\  /\
    Who is Chris Houlihan? That's a good question, and one I'm about to answer for 
    you here.
    Chris Houlihan was a reader and subscriber to the uber-popular Nintendo 
    magazine, Nintendo Power. Sometime in the early 90s (being that this game was 
    released in late 1991, I'm going to guess it was sometime in 1990, or early 
    1991), Nintendo Power held a contest, where the winner would have his name in a 
    secret room in a game... and the room would be so secret, hardly anyone would 
    no about it. Needless to say, it stayed that way for quite some time.
    While I'm not going to say that upon the game's release no one knew about this 
    secret, but I don't think anyone really did, apart from the programmers of the 
    game. I got the game the Christmas after it came out, and I NEVER EVER heard of 
    this secret until very recently. I read on the GameFAQs message boards that 
    only after the Internet was in people's homes and a Super Nintendo emulator was 
    invented that the secret came out. Whether or not this is true, I don't know, 
    but I do know that the secret, even to this day, is a pretty well hidden one.
    The room itself isn't anything impressive, it's just more of a novelty. When 
    you fall into the room, you'll find yourself in a normal sized room, with cave 
    walls, a blue floor, and 45 blue rupees strewn across it. In addition, there is 
    a Sahsarahla plaque on the northern wall, which tells the player that this is 
    the Chris Houlihan Room. The exit at the south of the room (the only way out), 
    when you exit, leads you out of Link's house... odd, I know, but true.
    Not much else is known on Chris Houlihan... if you have any more information to 
    add, please e-mail me at cmoriarty311@cs.com, although I think the information 
    provided is complete, as far as anyone really knows.
       /\                                                                     /\
     /\  /\ V        S E C T I O N   F I V E   |  M E T H O D S          V  /\  /\
    As far as I've read, there are a few methods to gain access to the room. I have 
    everyone at the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past message board at 
    GameFAQs.com to thank for this information! THANKS GUYS! I hope this FAQ pays 
    tribute to all of your hard work and effort to bring this secret out.
    NOTE: To do any of these, you MUST have the Pegasus Shoes, because you HAVE to 
    The first method, and the one I use the most often, and works the most often 
    for me, is the following. Start the game from a save file, and choose to start 
    out at the Sanctuary. As the game starts, you're within the walls of the 
    Sanctuary. Immediately run south, out of the Sanctuary, and then south again, 
    out of the garden of the Sanctuary. Then run west one screen, and turn south as 
    soon as you can. You'll now be in a heavily wooded area. Carefully (and 
    quickly) navigate the trees, bushes and enemies, and head west, to the side 
    passage into the castle walls. Once here, run south, then east, and then north. 
    Run north and run INTO the bush that hides the hidden passage into the castle 
    basement, and you'll fall into it. If you're fast enough, instead of falling 
    into the basement, you'll fall into the Chris Houlihan Room. Neat-o. Thanks to 
    a good guy at the Zelda: LttP message boards, named ABR. Thanks to him, this 
    FAQ is possible, because his help turned me on to this secret!
    The second method is similar. Go to Kakariko village, to the vertical pathway 
    on the east side of town, on the edge of town. GO to the north of it, and run 
    north. Run east, past the Fortune Teller's house, and then run south into the 
    wooded area. From here, it's identical to the first method... this version 
    never worked for me, but coincidentally, this is the version most people seem 
    to successfully use, so I was probably not fast enough. You may have different 
    luck, however.
    Now for an unconfirmed method. Many people say that if you fall into a hole in 
    Ganon's Tower (e-mail me to confirm WHICH hole), that you will fall into the 
    Chris Houlihan Room. This is unconfirmed.
    The fact of the matter is that the room seems to be designed in such a way that 
    if there's any malfunction with the game cartridge, that it'll automatically 
    transport you here. David Wonn sites this one his site, saying that the game 
    scans for problems when entering caves and houses, and if there is a 
    malfunction with the cartridge, you will be transported to the Chris Houlihan 
    Room. This is confirmed, but very, very rare. David Wonn says that you have a 
    better chance of winning the lottery than hitting it this way.
    Any more methods? Corrections? Additions? Please e-mail me, 
       /\                                                                     /\
     /\  /\ V       S E C T I O N   S I X   |  M O R E   I N P U T       V  /\  /\
    I understand that I might have missed a lot of stuff. Many of you out there 
    know more about the Chris Houlihan Room than I do, and that's why this small 
    section of the FAQ exists. 
    If you have ANYTHING to add, correct, or a question or comment about this FAQ, 
    please e-mail it to me at cmoriarty311@cs.com. I usually wouldn't advertise my 
    e-mail address this much in a FAQ... actually, in my 24 other FAQs on GameFAQs, 
    I -never- do. However, this is different, because I feel I am still greatly 
    uneducated on the pure physics of the Chris Houlihan Room secret, and if anyone 
    out there is more enlightened than I on it, then please do e-mail me. I'd 
    really appreciate it. This FAQ was made to help people out and show the vast 
    public of the existance of this room. However, it's not complete or 100% 
    accurate, and I realize this. So again, e-mail me with anything you may have to 
    add. Thanks.
       /\                                                                     /\
     /\  /\ VII      S E C T I O N   S E V E N  |  C L O S I N G        VII /\  /\
    Well my friends, it's time to close this guide out! =) I hope you found it very 
    helpful... I very much enjoyed writing it. It was fun, as is the game, and I'm 
    sure that it was/is/will be enjoyable for you as well. And hey, if you have 
    game related questions, comments, suggestions - whatever, e-mail them my way, 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. And make sure to put Zelda SNES - Chris Houlihan Room (or 
    whatever game you're writing in on, I have nineteen other guides), in the 
    header as the topic, so I know what the hell you're talking about. =) Take it 
    I'd like to take this chance to thank a friend of mine, Devin Morgan, a fellow 
    FAQ writer on GameFAQs, for just being a good guy, a good friend, and someone I 
    can talk to about everything. Thanks Dev. Thanks should also go out to other 
    fellow FAQers, including Nemesis, flowerpot, MetroidMoo, Pop, et cetera.
    One final thank you goes out, once again, to Astro Blue and Shdwrlm3, for 
    offering me use of some of their formatting from their Zelda OoS/OoA FAQs, 
    which I gladly accepted. Thanks guys!
    Oh wait, that's not true. Thanks to EVERYONE on the GameFAQs Zelda: LttP 
    Message Boards who enlightened me on this secret, especially ABR, who went out 
    of his way to further enlighten me. Additionally, thank you to David Wonn and 
    his website, for additional information on this secret. THANKS TO ALL!
       /\                                                                     /\
     /\  /\ VIII     S E C T I O N   E I G H T  |  A B O U T...    VIII     /\  /\
    [accurate as of June 30, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, and just graduated from high school. I live on Long Island, 
    in New York, about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I worked 
    at a deli, until recently, when I quit (^_^) and I love videogames, especially 
    RPGs. My favorite series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series 
    (excluding VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the 
    Tales series. I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to 
    study History and Law.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), e-mail 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial - Zelda and all 
    related items copyrighted 1986-1991 to Nintendo Japan/US, all rights reserved!

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