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    Inventory Guide by CPredator

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                        ITEM INVENTORY
                          VERSION 2
    This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at
    http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Chamber/1301 and can be e-mailed at
    Cyber_Predator@hotmail.com -- put "SNES Zelda" in the subject line.
    This document is copyrighted by Cyber Predator, as of its original release date
    (detailed in the Version Information).  Any entities used in this document that
    are copyrighted by anyone else remains the property of the original owner;
    Cyber Predator is simply giving information about these copyrighted entities
    that the copyright owners aren't making very public.
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      Please make sure you view this document in Courier New font so the tables and
    lists line up correctly.
      This document uses compass directions to tell you where to move.  Remember:
    north is up, south is down, east is right and west is left.
    Version Information
    Author's Note
    Hard-to-Find Items
    Other Equipment
    Credits and Taglines
    VERSION 1 - 0025 GMT, 7-Jan-2000
      Customary with every Cyber Predator guide comes the copyright info, author's
    note and credits.  A full list of all the items Link can use, how he can use
    them and where he can find them is included in the game.
    VERSION 2 - 2353 GMT, 13-May-2001
      I tidied up the layout of this thing so it's a little easier to work out
    where one description ends and the next one begins.  I also dedicated an extra
    section for hard-to-find items based on all the e-mails all you super-nice FAQ
    readers sent.
    ***AUTHOR'S NOTE***
      As I wrote my complete walkthrough for the SNES version of Zelda, I noticed
    that it was very big....version 1 alone was 176 kilobytes long!  So for the
    convenience of the readers, I decided to put the inventory section in a
    document of its own.  This allows you to find the information you need without
    having to go through hundreds of kilobytes of text just to find a few words.
      This specialised section gives some extra detail in finding items that I've
    received the most e-mails about, thus cutting your search time down even more.
      The Waterfall of Wishing is what gets the most questions, and it took me
    about six years (LITERALLY!!) to find.  You need Zora's Flippers and the Power
    Glove to reach it.
      You know where the Magic Shop is, along the river in the north-east part of
    Hyrule?  Go there.  Now follow these directions: proceed east past the bushes
    and lift the large boulder with the Power Glove.  Go north, east and south
    around the plateau and you'll come to some rock piles near a ditch (use a Dash
    Attack to knock them away, or jump down the ditch and climb the ladder).  After
    passing the rock piles, proceed east to the wall and then go north until you
    come to the entrance to Zora's Waterfall (the screen will stop scrolling). 
    DON'T ENTER Zora's Waterfall, but go west to the river and swim across to the
    wall.  Around here should be a large waterfall: THAT'S IT!!  THE WATERFALL OF
    WISHING!!  Swim through the waterfall to enter a small cavern.
      Approach the pond in this small cave and a dialogue box will appear, asking
    you to throw something in.  You can throw the Blue Shield, Boomerang or empty
    Bottles into the pond.  The Faerie Princess there rewards honest travellers.
      To obtain the Flute, you must first obtain the Shovel.  To get the Shovel,
    enter the Dark World and head for the Haunted Grove (that's the area enclosed
    by a semi-circle of bushes on the east side of the Village of Outcasts; enter
    it from the south).  Perched on the log in the centre of the Grove is the
    Flute-Playing Boy.  Talk to him and he will eventually ask you if you can
    recover his Flute; answer yes and he'll give you the Shovel.
      Once you have the Shovel, step away from the Flute-Playing Boy and use the
    Mirror to enter Hyrule's Haunted Grove.  (If you didn't step far enough away
    from the Flute-Playing Boy in the dark world, a cut-scene glitch in Hyrule will
    mean you'll be transported back to the Dark World.)  Go into the north-west
    corner of the Grove, and dig along the flowers.  Below is an ASCII map showing
    the exact location (more or less):
                                  Northern tree border
                             |                          |
                             |                          |
                       ______|                          |______
                      |xxxxxx  <====The Flute is buried in the area marked by x
                ______|xxxxxx       Little flowers are growing there
    Western    |
      tree     |
     border    |______
      When you dig up the funny-looking blue thing, you have dug up the Flute. 
    Recover it and return to the Dark World and talk the Flute-Playing Boy, who
    will request a final tune; press Y to play the flute and the Flute-Playing Boy
    will be transformed into a tree (sob, sob).
      The Flute is used to summon a bird that will transport you to key locations
    in Hyrule.  However, the bird is not immediately activated; you must travel to
    Kakariko Village and play the Flute to the weathercock to free the bird.  Once
    the bird is freed, play the Flute at any time while in Hyrule's overworld (ie;
    not in houses, caves, dungeons, etc) to summon the bird for transportation. 
    You cannot summon a bird in the Dark World.
      The Titan's Mitt is hidden within Blind's Hideout (the Dark World dungeon,
    not the deserted building in Kakariko Village).  You know the room where you
    rescued the little blonde girl from prison?  Exit via its west door, then keep
    going through west doors until you come to the room the large chest.  Knock the
    obstacles away with the Hammer and open the chest, but remember to grab the
    thing and escape before the collapsing floor cuts you off.
      If these quick directions aren't enough, try the walkthrough for Blind's
    Hideout for directions that'll take you from the entrance to the dungeon to the
    chest itself (eventually).
      The Bombos Medallion is hidden within a monolith on a plateau within the
    Desert of Mystery, but getting it requires some work in the Dark World.
      You know where the Flooded Palace is situated in the Dark World?  Travel west
    from there and keep walking.  As you walk, you'll go through a series of
    passages reminiscent of the Desert of Mystery's entrance.  Eventually you'll
    come to a dead end with a series of purple stakes towards the north; stand
    within the stake semi-circle and use the Magic Mirror.
      You are now on a plateau in Hyrule.  Travel west and north until you come to
    the appropriate monolith.  Use the Book of Mudora to translate the runes and
    the Bombos Medallion is yours.  (Aside: although the text calls for you to hold
    up the Master Sword, you'll still get the medallion if you have the Tempered or
    Golden Sword.)
      This sucker is located in the Lake of Ill Omen in the far north-east of the
    Dark World.  Where is the Lake of Ill Omen, I hear you ask?  Well, call up the
    Map Screen and pay attention: see that river in the north-east of the Dark
    World, the one that flows right next to Death Mountain?  Head to that river and
    follow it to its source (the same route you took when you went to meet Zora --
    or the Waterfall of Wishing -- in Hyrule).  This is the Lake of Ill Omen.
      On the lake's shores is a sign warning you not to throw anything into the
    circle of stones.  Be a bad boy: grab a rock or bush (or even the sign itself!)
    and walk through the lake's shallow water.  Make sure you walk through the
    shallow water, otherwise you'll lose whatever you're carrying.  Once you've
    walked north-west as far as you can through the shallow water, throw your item
    into the circle of stones.  The annoyed little fishy there will give you the
    medallion if you leave him alone.
      If you throw any more objects into the stone circle, the fishy will greet you
    with pre-ignited Bombs and energy beam attacks.
      This guide is written to be used in conjunction with the other guides to 'A
    Link to the Past' Cyber Predator already has posted.  If you don't know where
    one landmark is, look up Cyber Predator's guides Hyrule and the Dark World to
    know exactly where that landmark is.  If an object is located within a dungeon,
    directions to that item are not given here; look at that respective dungeon's
    walkthrough (again, in other documents) to find the item.
      Standard equipment does not use any Magic Power, but may have a limited
    amount of ammunition.
    BOW: Located in the Eastern Palace, the Bow is used to fire Arrows (thus is
    useless without Arrows).  At first you can only carry 30 Arrows, but for every
    100 Rupees you throw into the Pond of Happiness this will increase by five. 
    When your Arrow stock reaches 60, the next 100 Rupees will bring your Arrow
    stock to its absolute limit of 70.  It takes 700 Rupees to fully upgrade your
    Arrow stock.
    WOODEN ARROWS: The basic projectile fired by the Bow.  If you don't have the
    Bow, you can't use Arrows but you can still carry them.  You can only fire
    Arrows in four directions, but they are powerful weapons.  Arrows can be found
    in pots, treasure chests or under rocks and bushes, or purchased from the
    Isolated Shop.
      How to upgrade your Arrow stock is given in the details of the BOW, above.
    SILVER ARROWS: These are Arrows made of silver and will defeat enemies with a
    single shot.  They have the same restrictions as Wooden Arrows, but shine very
    nicely.  To upgrade your Arrows, destroy the weak wall at the Pyramid of Power
    with the Super Bomb.  Throw your Bow in the Mysterious Pond and admit to the
    faerie you threw it, who will enchant all Arrows you carry now and in the
    BOOMERANG: Located in Hyrule Castle, this object has limited range and can be
    thrown in one of eight directions (hold the direction you want to throw on the
    Control Pad for a diagonal throw).  The Boomerang stuns most enemies for a
    period of time, but will damage weaker foes.  You can also use it to retrieve
    items from a distance.
    MAGICAL BOOMERANG: Throw the standard Boomerang into the Waterfall of Wishing
    and admit to the Faerie Princess you threw it in.  Your weapon will be
    enchanted, having near-unlimited range and travelling faster.  This is perhaps
    the best general weapon of the game.
    HOOKSHOT: Located in the Flooded Palace, the Hookshot has the same effects as
    the Boomerang only it's stronger and has a greater range, but can only be fired
    in four directions.  Link is invincible while using the Hookshot, and you can
    grapple its hook to trees, treasure chests, lamps or other wooden objects to
    cross chasms.
    BOMBS: These explode to destroy weak walls and floors as well as enemies, but
    will also damage Link.  Bombs can be purchased from shops or found under rocks,
    bushes or treasure chests as well as taken from defeated enemies.  You can also
    pick up a placed Bomb and throw it using the A Button.  At first you can only
    carry 10 Bombs, but by throwing 700 Rupees into the Pond of Happiness you can
    carry an absolute maximum of 50 Bombs.
    SUPER BOMB: After completing the Ice Lake Cavern and Misery Mire, you will be
    able to purchase this from the Bomb Shop for 100 Rupees.  The Super Bomb's only
    use is to destroy the weak wall at the Pyramid of Power; press A or jump off a
    cliff to plant the Bomb.  The Super Bomb will ONLY damage the Pyramid and no
    other object or creature.
    MAGIC MUSHROOM: Sweet-tasting and smelling of rotten fruit, these Mushrooms are
    found slightly east of the entrance to the Master Sword's Grove in the Lost
    Woods.  Give them to the witch just outside the Magic Shop so she can make
    Magic Powder.
    MAGIC HAMMER: Not very magical, but very useful in smashing wooden stakes, the
    purple obstacles with faces and, of course, enemies.  Located in the Palace of
    Darkness and necessary to access certain parts of Hyrule and most areas of the
    Dark World.
    SHOVEL: Having limited use, you will gain this by agreeing to find the Flute
    Boy's favourite instrument; speak to him at the Dark World's Haunted Grove.  To
    find the Flute, return to Hyrule's Haunted Grove and travel to the north-west
    corner of that location.  Dig along the flowers to find it.
    FLUTE: After recovering this from Hyrule and bringing it to the Flute Boy,
    return to Kakariko Village's weathercock.  Play the Flute to the wooden bird
    and a live duck will be released.  Whenever you play the Flute again in
    Hyrule's overworld (not in houses or caves), the duck will transport you to one
    of eight locations in Hyrule.  They are:
    1  Death Mountain, near the exit of the cave used to reach that area;
    2  Magic Shop;
    3  Kakariko Village weathercock;
    4  Link's House;
    5  south of the Eastern Palace;
    6  the Desert of Mystery's south-west corner;
    7  Swamp Ruins;
    8  Lake Hylia's south-east shore.
    BUG-CATCHING NET: Use this to catch Bees and Faeries to store in Bottles.  Gain
    this by talking to the sick kid who lives in the house just north of Kakariko
    Tavern.  You can't get this item without at least one Bottle.
    BOOK OF MUDORA: A green book sitting high on a shelf at Kakariko Village's
    House of Books.  Use a Dash Attack to knock it off the shelf.  This Book
    details the written language of the ancient Hylia; basically, if you find an
    inscription that doesn't make any sense, use this book to understand what it
    MAGIC MIRROR: The first time you venture into the Death Mountain entrance cave,
    you must guide an old man through the tunnels.  In return, he will give you the
    Magic Mirror so you can return to Hyrule from the Dark World, or return to the
    entrance of a dungeon at any time.
      There are four bottles you can find:
    •  For 100 Rupees, the merchant at Kakariko Village will sell you one.
    •  Head for the north wing of Kakariko Inn, where there's a hidden entrance.
       There's a chest in this room containing the Bottle
    •  At the north-east corner of Lake Hylia is a river leading north.  Swim up
       this river (requires Zora's Flippers) and under the stone bridge to find a
       man camping out.  Speak to him to receive the Bottle.
    •  Enter the Dark World and travel to the location equal to Hyrule's
       Blacksmith (requires the Titan's Mitt).  There's a purple chest here that
       you cannot open but carry.  Return to Hyrule and carry it to the 'average
       middle-aged man' standing next to a sign near the Desert of Mystery (can
       use the Flute).  Promise not to tell he used to be a thief and he'll open
       the chest, revealing the final Bottle.
      You can put the following items into Bottles:
    BEE: These can be purchased or found in bushes and trees (use the Bug-Catching
    Net to get them).  Release them and they'll attack enemies.  Beware: if there
    are no more enemies to attack, the Bee will start to attack you!
    GOOD BEE: A very rare bug, travel to the ice cave east of Lake Hylia.  Enter
    through the main entrance (not the route to the Ice Rod) and use a Dash Attack
    to reveal the Good Bee.  Catch him with the Bug-Catching Net; when released,
    the Good Bee will attack enemies but will wait to be recaptured rather than
    attack Link.  You can sell him to Kakariko Village's merchant for five red
    FAERIE: Faeries can be found at Faerie Fountains or hidden in trees and bushes.
     Catch it with the Bug-Catching Net, then release and grab it for seven Healing
    Hearts.  Keep Faeries bottled, though; when you die, the Faerie will escape and
    heal you so you can pick up exactly where you left off.
    LIFE MEDICINE: Use this to instantly restore Link's Life Meter to full
    strength.  It can only be purchased from shops.
    MAGIC MEDICINE: This fully recharges your Magic Meter.  Purchase it from the
    Magic Shop or throw an empty Bottle into the Waterfall of Wishing or Mysterious
    Pond and admit to the faerie you threw it in to get the Medicine for free.
    CURE-ALL MEDICINE: This can only be purchased from the Magic Shop, but fully
    recharges both Life and Magic Meters.
      These items use up your green Magic Meter in various amounts.  Experiment
    with each item to know how much Magic Power it consumes, and its various
      If you have the Hammer and Magic Powder, you can halve the amount of Magic
    Power consumed with each use.  Travel to the Blacksmith's Forge and jump into
    his well.  Head through the north door and put Magic Powder in the cauldron; an
    indecisive spirit will then increase the Magic Meter's efficiency.
    MAGIC POWDER: After giving the Magic Shop's witch a Magic Mushroom, return
    after a time and you can get a sack of Powder by entering the Magic Shop and
    pressing A next to the sack.  Magic Powder yields Faeries when sprinkled on
    Bubbles, and has unpredictable effects on other objects.
    FIRE ROD: Located in the Skeleton Forest's tunnels, this Rod burns enemies and
    ignites torches from a distance.  It eats through your Magic Meter like there's
    no tomorrow, though.
    ICE ROD: This freezes most enemies, so you can carry them around and use them
    as weapons.  Strong enemies are unaffected, but weak enemies will be killed by
    the Rod.  Find it by travelling to the east shore of Lake Hylia; there's a cave
    entrance there, but to the west of that entrance is a weak wall.  Blow it with
    a Bomb and enter the cave to recover the Ice Rod.
    BOMBOS MEDALLION: This item has the same effects as the Fire Rod, only it
    incinerates every enemy on the screen.  Recovering it requires the Master Sword
    (or better) and the Book of Mudora; enter the Dark World's Swamplands and
    travel west towards the Swamp of Evil.  There's a series of purple stakes here,
    which mark where a cliff stands in Hyrule; stand within these stakes and return
    to Hyrule.  Translate the runes with the Book of Mudora and you're in business.
    ETHER MEDALLION: This is basically the same as the Ice Rod, only it can freeze
    stronger enemies and works against all foes on-screen.  It also reveals hidden
    walkways for a few seconds.  Locate it by climbing Hyrule's Death Mountain to
    the Tower of Hera; west of here is a bridge leading to a monolith.  The
    monolith's runes, when translated with the Book of Mudora, call for you to hold
    up the Master Sword.
    QUAKE MEDALLION: Interestingly, this turns most on-screen enemies into living
    turnips (like what would happen if you sprinkled them with Magic Powder).  Find
    it by travelling to the Lake of Ill Omen in the Dark World, where there's a
    circle of stones; throw a rock, bush, or some other object into the circle and
    the annoyed amphibian will give you the medallion.
    LAMP: This is found in Link's House (or in certain chests in Hyrule Castle if
    you don't pick it up immediately).  It allows you limited vision in dark areas
    and you can use it to ignite torches.
    STAFF OF SOMARIA: Located in Misery Mire, this staff creates blocks you can
    push or carry.  You can also detonate the Blocks using Y (enemy-damaging energy
    beams will result from the shatter) or use them to damage enemies (although
    Staff Blocks detonate after touching an enemy five times).  You can also use
    the Staff to hold down switches, or create platforms in Turtle Rock.
    STAFF OF BYRNA: Upon activating this staff, a beam of energy will not only
    protect you from all attack, but will damage any enemy who touches it.  Press Y
    again to deactivate the Staff, because it uses Magic Power for as long as it's
      Find the Staff by entering the Magical Transporter near Spectacle Rock. 
    Immediately travel south to reach a hidden cave.  Knock the obstacles down with
    the Hammer, but make sure you have plenty of reserve life energy (or the Magic
    Cape and reserve Magic Power) so you survive the gauntlet of spikes.  The large
    block at the end can be lifted with the Power Glove.
    MAGIC CAPE: Use Y to activate and deactivate the Cape, since it uses Magic
    Power for as long as you wear it.  Wear it and you become intangible, making
    you both invincible and able to pass through the blue bumpers.  You'll find it
    by going to the headstone at Hyrule's Graveyard that's blocked by dark rocks. 
    Reach the grave using the Titan's Mitt or warping there from the Dark World,
    then use a Dash Attack to reveal the Cape's cave.
      The Sword is the main means of attack and is wielded using the B button. 
    Hold B to hold the Sword in a ready position; hold B for a couple of seconds to
    charge a Spin Attack, executing the Spin by releasing B.  When you release a
    Spin Attack, Link will swing the Sword 180º before executing the 360º spin;
    this half-swing is still dangerous to enemies.  If you have the Master Sword or
    better and your Life Meter is full, a beam will be launched from the blade that
    can cause the enemy damage.
    FIGHTER'S SWORD: Link's uncle will give you this early in the game.  You use
    this during the game until you can find a better one.
    MASTER SWORD: Able to repulse even the magic of the Triforce, you must have the
    Three Pendants of Virtue before you can recover this sword.  To find it, enter
    the Lost Woods from the entrance near the Lumberjack's House and travel west,
    then south down the first log.  Go slightly west and north through the next
    log, then west and north through another log, west and south through a third
    log, then west and north through the final log.  You will now be at the Master
    Sword's grove; stand on the pedestal and use A to recover it.
    TEMPERED SWORD: The blacksmith working at Kakariko Village can improve the
    Master Sword, but he needs his partner to do it; find him by travelling to the
    place equal to Kakariko's House of Books in the Dark World and guide him to the
    forge.  Return again and the two blacksmiths will temper the Sword for 10
    Rupees; give them your blade and return after a time.  Remember that you won't
    have your Sword for a while, so you won't be able to use any Medallions or any
    attack requiring the Sword.
    GOLDEN SWORD: Destroy the weak wall at the Pyramid of Power and throw the
    Tempered Sword into the Mysterious Pond.  Admit to the Faerie you threw it in
    and she'll enchant it, causing most foes to fall after only one hit from your
      The Shield is the main form of defence and automatically protects you from
    frontal attacks.  By drawing your Sword, the Shield will be held at an angle of
    90º from Link's face; use this fact to help angle the Shield.
    BLUE SHIELD: Link's uncle gives you this, but you can also purchase it from
    Dark World shops if a Like Like swallows it.  It protects you from arrows,
    spears and rocks, but hostiles known as Like Likes will look on this like it
    was Meals on Wheels.
    RED SHIELD: You can purchase this from the Isolated Shop in the Dark World, but
    you can also get it from the Waterfall of Wishing by throwing the Blue Shield
    in and admitting to the Faerie you did so.  It protects you from red energy
    beams, but may be swallowed by Like Likes.
    MIRROR SHIELD: Found in Turtle Rock, this Shield protects you from many types
    of energy beams and cannot be swallowed by Like Likes.
      Armour is your last line of defence; the stronger the armour, the less damage
    you sustain.
    TUNIC: Link's green tunic is all he has at the very start of the game and
    offers no protection whatsoever.
    BLUE MAIL: Found in the Ice Lake Cavern, this reduces damage you take by 25%. 
    It also gives Link a brand new look.
    RED MAIL: Located in the Tower of Ganon, this again changes Links appearance as
    well as reducing damage sustained by enemy attack by a further 25%, so you take
    half the damage you would have if you had the Tunic.
      At the start of the game you can only lift bushes, signs and pots.  In the
    Dark World, pots and rocks are in the shape of skulls.  When you increase your
    lifting strength, you can carry rocks but not boulders.
    POWER GLOVE: Found in the Desert Palace, it allows you to lift up light green
    rocks and boulders.  You can also use it to lift up grey blocks inside certain
    TITAN'S MITT: Located in Blind's Hideout, this yellow version of the Power
    allows you to lift dark green rocks and boulders.
    ZORA'S FLIPPERS: These items allow you to swim, and cost a mere 500 Rupees from
    Zora the Man-Fish.  Find him by travelling east of the Magic Shop and
    continuing along.  You'll be able to hear his waterfall as you get close;
    follow the shallow water to Zora, taking the southernmost turn-off when you
    reach the junction.
    PEGASUS BOOTS: Handed down by one family of the Seven Wise Men, these sturdy
    shoes allow you to execute the Dash Attack.  Hold A for a second to charge the
    Dash, during which time you can change the direction you face with the Control
    Pad.  Press the Control Pad in a different direction to stop running, or if you
    hit a wall or obstacle you'll be knocked backward onto solid ground. 
    Sahasrahla will give you these after you earn the Pendant of Courage.
    MOON PEARL: A crystal orb that protects its holder from the power of the
    Triforce.  If you try to enter the Dark World without it, you will be
    transformed into a shape that reflects what is in your heart and mind (a pink
    bunny), as all citizens of the Dark World are.  As a bunny, you cannot use any
    items save the Magic Mirror.
      Nintendo Magazine System provided a basic idea of where the items were held. 
    I made the locations of these items a little more in-depth and added
    information about how to use each item.  The sealed envelope included with the
    game helped with information regarding the Super Bomb.
    Cyber Predator
    "Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have
    acheived." - Claudius Galen
    The Force will be with you, always

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