Review by Dave 008 Bond

"A CLASSIC Zelda game for the Super NES."

Want a new Zelda game? Then this game will be your ticket to happiness. It is currently the best Zelda game, because it is so darn fun, it looks and sounds good, it is challenging and the story is great. This review
will go in detail about these things.

Graphics 9.8/10
THIS is what you should see in a Super NES game! Everything is detailed and looks great. The main world is so big and yet it looks so good. You can see ripples in the water, and the explosion after a bomb looks SWEET. The graphics were so good, in some places they were even 3-D! This happens mostly when you walk near a large hole, and it is 3-D! Overall I fornd it hard to believe that Graphics like these can go in a Super NES without completely ruining Gameplay.

Story 9/10
You wake up during a Thunderstorm, and Zelda has been kidnapped by Agahaim. So you sneak into the castle and free her. The only way you will even get close to Agahaim is to fight him with the Master Sword. To get the Master Sword you have to get Three Pendants, hidden in dungeons. And when you do get the Master Sword, something goes wrong....... Well thats all I'm going to tell you in this review!

Sound 10/10
And it sounds very good too! The original Zelda theme is back, and it sounds GREAT! Other classic themes come with it too. And the Sound Effects are all good, the best ones being Link's ''Ouch!'' when he gets hurt, and when someone throws a bomb at you.

Gameplay 10/10
There are a total of thirteen dungeons, so that is very fun. In all dungeons you must recover a special item, (like the Hookshot, Bom and Arrow or the Hammer) and then get the Big Key, (which opens up the Boss's door) and then you must slaughter him, which is harder than it sounds. You will have to fight a very fierce battle to win, and you actually have to try out different things to see what hurts him. The magic meter is in this game too, so you got to be careful which items you use. If you are not in a dungeon, you are probably exploring the land, buying new equipment, finding more Heart Pieces, talking to the friendly villagers or looking for another bottle. Traveling in this game takes a while, but along the way you could fight a couple of battles so you may get more magic or fill up you life, or get more money. So in this game it is good to fight battles that you don't need too! And almost anything that you dismiss a ''uninportant'' in the beginning of the game may become very important later! So you have to give even the unimportant people a chance! Bottles in this game work a little bit different than in other Zelda games. You swing a net at them to catch them, instead of using a bottle. So right in this section I am giving you a very small idea of what this game is like! Overall this is one of the funnest and deepest games you will ever play on any system!

Controls 10/10
You press ''B'' to use your sword, You press ''A'' to use the Pegasus Boots, You press ''Y'' to use an item, (which you choose) and finally you press ''X'' to bring up the main world map. What could be easier?

Replay Value 8/10
After you beat this HUGE game, you can still go back and get any items you have not gotten, Heart Pieces or upgrade your items. So after you beat it, you will keep coming back for more!

Challenge 10/10
It is the most challenging ever. It is so big and challenging, you could call Link's Awakening for Game Boy ''training mode''!

Buy or Rent?
It is so good, you have to buy it. And most places sell it for twelve dollars, so why not?

Overall 10/10
It is a masterpiece. Play it and you will never make in fun of Zelda games again.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/28/00, Updated 09/28/00

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