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Reviewed: 05/26/09

After this, almost every other Zelda just ripped off A Link to the Past

Nintendo have always had two series that make a lot of people to buy their systems no matter what. The first one is obviously the Mario series and as we all know Mario is the face of Nintendo. However that doesn't mean that the Legend of Zelda isn't a "not so important" series to Nintendo. Ever since the first game was released on the Nes the Legend of Zelda games have always been considered by many to be one of the best games for the system it's released on. I never played this game when it was brand new so I thought it would be interesting to see if it could keep the trend.

In the first Legend of Zelda you had a whole huge world which you saw from above and had to guide our hero Link (You could name him something else if you want to, but his real name is Link so most people name him that.) through the lands of Hyrule. There were lots of different things that you could find in this land, but the point was to get to the eight different dungeons to find the holy Triforce and then defeat the evil king Ganon in order to save Hyrule. What made the game so fun was that besides from just using your sword you also found a lot of different items, including a bow, a boomerang and bombs.

Then Zelda II: The Adventures of Link came out, and almost nothing stayed the same from the original. Instead of seeing everything from above, Zelda II looks a lot more like many other side scrollers from the time it was released. Instead of using items, Link now learned how to use more spells the further he got in his adventure. In this game you got experience points that you could use to make Link stronger. I don't know why Nintendo changed so much in the sequel from the original, but Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a lot more similar to the original. The only thing I can think of that Nintendo kept from Zelda II was Link's ability to cast spells.

Today there's no reason to even try to understand the Legend of Zelda series timeline, but no matter what this game takes place before the first Legend of Zelda and it's another Link and Zelda in this game, but it can be the same Ganon. One night when Link is asleep he sees that his uncle is off to Hyrule Castle to save Princess Zelda who has been locked in jail by the evil wizard Agahnim who tries to summon Ganon. Link rescue Zelda and she tells him about Agahnim's plans. In order to stop him, Link must pick up the Master Sword by finding three medals.

Once you have obtained the Master Sword, Link can now travel between two different worlds of Hyrule. One is the peaceful world that the game begins in called the Light World, and the other is full of much more dangerous monsters called the Dark World. To bad for Link, he must visit 7 different dungeons in this world in order to get all the Triforce pieces which he needs to stop Ganon from taking over both worlds.

When you have reached the Dark World you can use a magic mirror in order to return to the Light World at anytime, but in order to reach Dark World you have to find a teleport. There are a lot of them all over Hyrule, and if you are a good searcher you shouldn't have any trouble, but I still recommend that you remember where one is and always use that one because there aren't to many, and if you want to beat the game you have to travel through both worlds many times to reach all the important places.

As I said A Link to the Past is a lot more like the original. Once again you see everything from above and the whole point about the game is to explore the both worlds of Hyrule, get into dungeons and come back with Triforce pieces. You can either kill enemies by using your sword or to use some kind of attack item (there are plenty of them). When an enemy is killed it might either drop a small heart piece which can recover Link's health, potion to recover his MP bar, money or an item.

As I said you get a lot of items in this game. Some can be found when you explore the Hyrule Kingdom, some can be bought, but you find most of them in a dungeon since each dungeon contains a new item, and this item is usually a must if you want to be able to reach the boss and get a triforce piece.This game introduced some popular items like the hook shot and the hammer, but the most important is the bottles that you can fill up with different stuff that can either recover your health or magic.

In every dungeon, there are many rooms that are locked and contains a riddle or a puzzles or whatever you call it where the doors a locked and you have to do something to make it open. Either you just need a key, have to use a bomb to blow up a door, defeating all the enemies in the room or something else. That's what makes the Zelda games so fun to play, you can wonder around a dungeon for hours because there's one riddle you can't solve and then all of sudden you realize how easy it was.

Besides from just finishing all the dungeons, you can also explore the two worlds in Hyrule for even more useful items and side quests. Most of them is about going from one world to another, and you think that most of this are optional, but actually you have do to most of them in order to beat the game. To have any idea at all what you should do you can talk to the villagers and hope that they give you some advice. But most of them still aren't obvious so it's best to just explore every corner of Hyrule to make sure that you haven't missed anything.

But even if I don't think it's enough to drop the score, there are many items that you only use once or twice and then never bother about them again. And before you get used to it it's a bit confusing to travel between the worlds, but it doesn't take much time to understand how it works.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past might not be the absolute best game in the Zelda series, it might not be the best SNES game, but dammit it's still a timeless classic. I'm sure that if I had grew up with a SNES instead of a Sega Mega Drive this would've been my favourite game of all time. The first Legend of Zelda already was a excellent game, but it was the riddles and the plot in a Link to the Past that turned the series to what it is today. If you for some reason own a Snes but not this game, then go ahead I'm sure you can find it somewhere cheap. But on the other hand I'm that you've played this game if you actually read the whole review.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (EU, 09/24/92)

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