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Reviewed: 08/31/10

Now, you may call it a Legend

After Zelda II, many people were kind of iffy about any sequels to the Zelda line. And it’s hard not to see why. The first game, is only good because of people who say so now, and the second game, was a love/hate type of game. Bottom Line, there was nothing epic about ether game to make us think that the next game, A Link to the Past, would be a stand-out video game for everyone to want to play. Boy, were we ever wrong…


For the first time, Zelda truly became an epic. It’s straight-forward in terms of where to go, but it’s also pretty huge on the things you have to do to get there. This is your basic Action RPG with a lot of different things to use, places to go, hidden objectives to get. You can normally find a lot of these things by progressing though the main game, however a few side quests are required in order to keep you going. Not as many as Zelda II, but still a very good amount, and I may say, the right amount. Finally, you know where to go, what to do, how to get things done. YAY! 10/10


Every button on the SENS controller does something. Attack, use an item, call up the map, run, and it’s really simple to know which one is which. I have to give kudos to Nintendo: This was the first game that used all the buttons as if you just let the game flow naturally and come to you. Bravo! 10/10


Totally updated. I had problems with at least one thing in the previous Zelda games, and even later on with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Not here though. Part of the reason is that most of the enemies in the game are the same though-out and their colors make different variations of how to attack them. What makes it better is that the things around you are effected by lights, cracks in the walls, or just simply using your magical attacks. Most delightful after two misses. 10/10


Oh boy, do I ever love the idea of things happening in an even flow. Every item is useful at least once or twice in key moments. That makes the gameplay skyrocket and you don’t even have to think about it. You needed also to use your brain a bit to clear out a ton of puzzles, and this game has many that really test you. Tougher puzzles mean more important things as you know. For the first time ever, the action RPG element is not only important, but a key. Each little move you make can make you or hurt you. I love it! It’s not ‘impossible’ nor does it punish you for ‘making a mistake’. Sure enough, great use of items, great puzzles, and smarts before bashing, and you get this game. 10/10


Now for some of my favorite parts of video game history. The sound effects of this game are just great! Every item sounds different, and more to the point, don’t feel repetitive, even the fire balls that are commonly used sound fresh it seems. The music is FINALLY epic and we get the theme of Zelda done to it’s best state I think that it ever has been. But I have to say, the Dark World music, both in the main over-world and on Death Mountain, is by far the best in Zelda’s history, and that’s saying something. 10/10


This was the first game that truly was not part of the original Zelda timeline. The opening pretty much cuts to what we would later find out is the story of Ocarina of Time. The evil wizard Agahnim has found out about the power of the Triforce, and knows that in order to obtain it’s power, he must open the way to the ‘Golden Land.’ I don’t think we truly see the ‘Golden Land’ but I can assume after some events, that became the Dark World. From there, he captures maidens that were direct decedents of the 7 Wise Men (or sages in OoT) to open the way to the Golden Land. You Uncle hears that Zelda was impassioned by Agahnim and runs to her aid, however he fails and that’s where you pick up from there. I don’t want to spoil anything, but in the end, you face off with the darkness. I love the story, it’s deep without getting in the way. That’s why I put so much into explaining it this time. 10/10

Replay Value:

What was the problem with both of the other Zelda Games? You beat it, and you were likely done, since there was nothing of interest to go after. This time however, they upgraded it to where you would have to find ‘pieces of heart’ instead of full hearts. This makes you want to search for every single one of them to max out. And to be honest, although you don’t NEED to, you WANT to! Oh man! I never got them all, but I long for the day that I do. 10/10

Fun Factor:

You know it’s fun when you say you have ‘favorite items’ in a game. And mine was the hookshot *BOING BOING* But again, this game is addicting as all sugar cookies, you’ll keep playing it over and over wanting more and more. Yes, the same thing with the other Zelda games still applies here. 10/10


Originally, the fandom for Zelda games is pretty dumb. Still they can’t tell me correctly ‘How many temples are in the first 3 Zelda games combined?’ But finally this game is rated for what it is: Zelda. We get the facts about what can happen with the Triforce and get a look into the Hyrule post-Gannondwarf (in fact, someone mentions Gannondwarf in the game as the ‘King of Thieves’, then corrects herself calling him ‘Gannon, Prince of Darkness’ [Yes I spoiled it, but are you really that shocked now?]). All in all, people point to this game as the game that Zelda IS rather than the first two. And I have to agree. This is Zelda, what it is, and what it will be. 10/10

Over-all rating

It has been said many times in my reviews, that there are only 4 games that ever are deemed ‘perfect’, and this is one of them (Super Mario Bros. 3, Columns III, and Resident Evil 4 being the others). This sets the stage for all Zelda games to follow, and builds up on the most creative nature of the series. Now, you may call it a Legend.

If you haven’t gotten this for your Wii, or anything else, quit playing video games… just stop because I shouldn’t even have to talk to you. 100 out of 100

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (US, 04/13/92)

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