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"The best zelda game..."

I love this game. This is probably one of the best 3 super nintendo games ever released .The only 2 that are better than it are Final Fantasy 3(The best game ever) and Chrono Trigger.

Story- You are a young boy named Link (or whatever you want his name to be) Your uncle sets off in the middle of the night to go rescue Princess Zelda from the castle. After not coming home for a while, Link gets worried. He decides to set out to find his uncle. You start unarmed, but you find your first sword soon. If you can't find your way to the castle, Princess Zelda will tell you hints telepathically. After rescuing Princess Zelda, you must take her to the Sanctuary (the church) where you learn more about the evil wizard Agahnim and the 3 pendants.

Controls- 10 Great. B is to swipe your sword (once you get it, and if you have it) Y is to use the item you have selected. X does nothing. L or R does nothing (not that I can remember anyways.) A is to open chests, dash, and pick up rocks/bushes. Select is to bring up a menu that lets you save and quit at anytime, it also pauses the game. Start is to bring up the item select menu. You move with the control pad (oh wait, SNES doesn't have analog.)

Challenge level- This game is next to impossible to beat without dying. Let alone that when you save and quit it counts as a death (on the counter at the end) Some of the bosses are hard (the last one, and the one on death mountain) The challenge level on this though puts OoT to shame. I personally thought that OoT was a little too easy. There isn't too much replay value once you beat it except for getting some optional items and getting 20 hearts.

Sound/Graphics- 9/10 The sound effects are pretty good for SNES anyways. I love the sound that the master sword makes when you shoot it. Also the spell sound effects are pretty cool. The graphics are very good for SNES. They are all 2D but some of them may put up competition with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 for the best SNES graphics. Some of the bosses look very cool. Like the boss of the 3rd dark world dungeon. The boss on the Death Mountain dungeon looks pretty cool too.

The Final Word- Not too much replay value hurts this game in the long run. But it is a very enjoyable game the 1st time you play through it. It also is extremely fun to play through again though. If you have a chance I would recommend buying this game. This game was originally a toss-up between OoT for best Zelda game, but for some reason I like this one better.

Final Score- 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/12/01, Updated 01/12/01

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