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"Sweet, sweet nostalgia...."

The Legend of Zelda; a Nintendo classic. A staple Nintendo product, might I add. The Zelda games are popular, and span over decades and decades, from the NES, to the Wii. Their story usually revolves around a young hero, Link, clad in a green tunic, who somehow has to save Hyrule or restore the Triforce (It varies from game to game.). This story, however, revolves around Link saving maidens, the Triforce, Hyrule, and the Golden Realm.

Story 10/10- The story in this game is, in my opinion, the greatest story the Zelda series has ever seen. Not just do you have to save Hyrule and the Triforce, but you have to save maidens, and an alternate dimension in which the Triforce exists, called the Golden Realm. This makes more than enough dungeons to trek through, and more than enough drama to experience.

Graphics 9/10- I'll admit, at some points, the graphics were a bit weak. By weak, I mean, absurd; they don't look as though they fit into the other graphics in the game. With those out of the way, the graphics are amazing for a SNES game, and this game harnesses the full powers of the SNES graphical processors.

Music/SFX 9/10- Although many of you were probably raised on the SNES version of this game, I was raised on the GBA edition. It used Link's vocal SFX from Ocarina of Time, making the game all the more pleasing to the ear than it originally was. The SNES version has good sound effects, and, since Ocarina of Time was not in existence when this game was made, I can't mark down my score for that. The reason my score is a 9 is because I think that voices could have been used in the game, much like in the SNES version of "The Lion King". The voices were crystal clear and used 100% of the time in that game, and I think, this game could have done the same. It wouldn't maim the quality of the game, but, instead, would make it even better. So, I guess because Link didn't have any vocal effects in this game, even though they clearly could have (And have done) that on the SNES, my score is a 9/10. Now, about the music; it is nostalgic heaven. Full of 16-Bit instruments, this music sounds amazing. And, it is realistic sounding for a SNES game. I've heard worse on this system; much, much worse. Overall, the music and SFX is just fine, and you'll enjoy it a lot.

Gameplay 10/10- The gameplay is just fine. Glitches are few and in-between. The mechanics of the game are good, too; in a top-down perspective, you travel though Hyrule, and through dungeons, using keys and getting new weapons. Not much more to say...

Controls 10/10- At first, the controls are a bit confusing. Maybe it's that way for me because I grew up with the GBA edition of this game. Anyways, it's easy to move swiftly, especially if your SNES controller is Nintendo name-brand and works well. If it doesn't, it'll maim your movements severely, unlike in other games on this system.

Replay Value 10/10- It's 9 years since I've first started playing this game, and I'm telling you, you will play it for as long as you live. You just keep coming back to do it over and over again, to make it look easy, to memorize the game, to do speed runs... Possibilities with this game are nearly endless.

Overall Score 9/10- Rarely would I rate a game 10/10; nothing seems perfect to me; some tiny flaw always gets in the way of me enjoying the game. For this game, it was not having vocal sound effects. The SNES clearly had and used that capability, but failed to in this game. It just bothers me. So, 9/10. But, should that stop you from buying this game? Of course not! It's still perfectly enjoyable, and I'm sure the lack of vocal effects won't bother you like it did me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/24/11

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (US, 04/13/92)

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