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"The definition of Zelda"

Once, this game was my favorite game ever. Today this title has been taken over by the awesome Chrono Trigger, but this still reigns supreme over anything else. I have played every Zelda (and own all of 'em!) and beat all of them but Zelda II and Majora's Mask. This one is much better than any of them. What, exactly, makes this game so much better? Let us find out today.

GRAPHICS (10/10)
The sprites in this game are easily distinguishable, quite big (Helmasaur King!) and fairly detailed, especially for 1992. Other graphics are great as well (check out the view from Death Mountain!). The alternate world looks just like the normal, except easily distinguishable through palette and features (Death Mountain is so cool in it...). No problems.

Great music here. The classic Zelda theme has been perfectly done here. The boss theme is excellent (one of the best tracks ever on a video game!). The dungeon themes are great. Death Mountain Dark World is PERFECT. The Dark World theme itself is very nice. Though there are few more themes than this, you will not get bored of it. The sound effects on the game are excellent as well. The sword clinging against walls or enemies is interestingly done. Though the sound effects (Hookshot...) get somewhat old, you never want to turn the sound off because of them (the PERFECT music drains it out!).

STORY (9/10)
Nicely done. The story revolves around Ganondorf, who went to the Golden Land to get the Triforce, which grants wishes. Then the Seven Wise Men closed the gate to the Golden Land, for no one had ever returned. Ganon knew that if the descendants of the Seven Wise Men were transported there, the seal would be broken and he could return to the LIght World for conquering, so his partner/alterego/whatever began gathering them. Ganon got the triforce and wished for conquer of the world, turning the Golden Land into the Dark World, in his control. He wants to get control of the normal land as well. You're Link, who hears one of the maidens calling you at night and goes out to save her. Somewhat deep, but when you truly get down to it it's a generic savetheworldfromaconquistador plot, so it can't get a 10.

GAME PLAY (10/10)
Perfect. Perfect. PERFECT. Item selection is PERFECT. The sword button is placed PERFECTLY. Running becomes SECOND NATURE to you. You have a great set of weapons you can use (Quake/Ether/Bombos spells, Hookshot, Boomerang, Bow, Bombs...) and a fine way to tell how many weapons you don't have yet. The dungeons are finely placed, and the map is great as well. The only flaw? No Ocarina (which the Game Boy version fixes as well as the N64 versions, but let's focus on this).

A large, conplex world to travel to get to your next destination, filled with soldiers, but not too complex to get lost in. Most of the true challenge is in executing the dungeons, which are large, confusing, and full of enemies. It also takes timing, thinking and testing to execute some parts (7th palace in the Dark World... *shudder*). The bosses are really great as well. No level-up system is alwas a great thing-you can't get through by mindlessly leveling up, you must use your head. Try everything! You will have much fun doing it!

Perfect in all ways. A-button lets you run with the Pegasus Boots, and also does a few other commands. B-button swings your sword, and holding it powers your sword up for a spin attack. X-button lets you look at the map, which shows everything necessary. Y-button lets you use your chosen weapon. Start pauses the game, and also lets you choose your Y-button weapon. Select lets you Save & Quit your game. Not confusing in any ways.

OVERALL (10/10)
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a deep game with tons of challenge, secrets, sprites and fun. It has a fine story to it and excellent play control. Everything about the game is great, so why not get it? It does not cost very much (certainly not as some Squaresoft games), nore does a Super Nintendo. Go out to your nearest used game store and try to find it! Check Ebay! Anything is worth getting this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/01, Updated 02/16/01

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