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Reviewed: 04/08/01 | Updated: 08/14/02

Classic Zelda At it's Best!!!

What is game! This is one of the best Zelda games ever. It’s an awesome game and really helps keep classic systems alive. The game starts of with Links uncle I believe waking up in the middle of the night to save Zelda. You start your journey to the castle to rescue him and you find him and take his role to rescue Zelda. Zelda Link to the Past is the best and in the series comes closest to Zelda Ocarina of Time, which is also an awesome Zelda game. The control is awesome and the SNES controller works great for this overhead viewed game. The sounds and music in this game are awesome and sound great like ALL the other Zelda games out there. The graphics are spectacular in this game and really show what the Super Nintendo can do. The worlds in this game are awesome looking and you can go into buildings and houses. There’s plenty of stuff to interact with ranging from people to chickens. The game is quite long and should really take some time to beat without a guidebook but with it should be a simple task. Link to the Past is really fun to play and gets you caught up in the story line trying to get the Tri-Force back. This is one of the best games on the Super Nintendo this is one of the many but this one really sticks out from the crowd.

CONTROL **10**

Controlling the game is very simple to do with the Super Nintendo controller. You use the D-pad to move Link and one button for your sword and another for your boomerang, bow, or special attacks with magic. In addition, the shoulder button can be used to view the map of the world of Zelda. There’s not much for controlling in this game to describe but everything that you do in this game is really simple and can be done with great ease. I understand that this game isn’t one of the new games but I really don’t like how you can attack only forward, back, or side to side there should be a diagonal in there somewhere I think. It makes the game a little harder but once you get use to it you should not have any problem killing enemies.


The music in this game is brilliant just like in all the other Zeldas. The music is very detailed and is about the same as the other games in the series. It has the ocarina, which makes the game really cool. The music goes with the game great and really adds emotions to the game. Tones of the music changes as you go into different areas you can be in town, it’s happy but go into the castle, and the music speeds up and makes you get tense. Sounds in this game are great sounding and really go with the game too. There are plenty of sounds in the game that sound great. Sounds range greatly from the sound of you chopping of a bush to a woman screaming. All I have to say is that this game is not missing anything at all in this department.


This is one of the parts where the game really shines. Zelda LTTP is one of the best looking games and shows what the Super Nintendo could do back in the day when games like Shenmue were not around. The game has so much detail in it and looks awesome. There are plenty of things to see in this game. All of the places you can go in this game look great and the houses you can go into show lots of things like pots, beds, tables, and other things you find in a house. There’s plenty of secret places in the world that you can normally get to by putting a bomb by a cracked wall to get more supplies or a hear piece. The characters in this game look great and the enemies all show great detail from there uniform to their expression and facial detail. The levels in this game or world as I will call it look awesome. That is one thing about the Zelda games they are so big and great looking. There are a great variety of levels some of them are watery worlds while others are dry and dusty. Places like towns are littered with bushes and houses. If there’s one thing this game shows it’s how to do games and make them look awesome.


The game is fun to play and should keep you busy for quite some time. Trough the game you might miss things and going back to get them is quite fun also finding all the heart pieces in a Zelda game is quite a thing to brag about. There’s lots of things to do in this game from finding all the items and heart pieces to just exploring to find secret places and talking to everybody. Playing this game should prove to be a fun experience that you’ll probably want to do again.


Well if there’s another thing this game series is known for is its challenge. The game has so many enemies in it to kill you it is not even funny so finding heart pieces is a major thing. Most of your trips through levels are pretty risky and there’s quite a few different ways to die watch out for multiple enemies as they are really hard to kill cause once you get up the knock you down again. The game should provide quite a challenge and the ending fight seems easy to me but the during the main part playing the game it should keep you busy for quite some time.

OVERALL **10**

One of the best. If you do not like Zelda, you should not be a fan of Nintendo. There’s so much to this game even if you do not think you’ll like it give it a try you will have quite an experience. It has awesome control, great spectacular graphics the game is fun and should keep you busy for quite some time. Another great thing about this game is the price you cannot beat that you can get it cheap and it is a great game that won’t be forgotten for quite some time to come. This game isn’t really for a kid but an adult this game would perfectly suit as this game is particularly challenging. Support Nintendo and buy their awesome games. You cannot go wrong with a game made by Nintendo.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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