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"Sheer brilliance"

The Zelda series have been one of my absolute favorite game series ever. Not one of them have been bad.
Shigeru Myamoto decided to transfer the award winning game series on Super Nintendo. Does it make it. Oh yes!

GAME PLAY:Solid, action packed adventuring game play. It is played in the same way as the original Legend Of Zelda on the NES was played:on a top down view instead of a side view that Zelda II used. As usual you can use a sword, shield and lots of magic. I must say that this is quite awesome. The game play is absolutely perfect. The controls are excellent and thank god you can save because the game is huge. 10/10

STORY:Believe it or not, Zelda III is actually a prequel, not a sequel. It takes back before all of the Zelda games and tells when Link was a young boy. He is resting in bed when he hears a female voice crying out ''Link, help me. I'm trapped in the castle dungeon. Come and get me out.'' Of course, this girl is Princess Zelda, so Link goes and saves her. She tells him that the evil wizard Agahim has stolen all the women in the land. Link then goes to the Elder's house. The Elder tells him to get the seven crystals before Agahim does and the world bows down to him. 10/10

AUDIO:Such excellent music. As a matter of fact, Zelda III has some of the best game music ever. I wish that that music was on CD, because if it was, I would listen to it all the time, even more than my Daft Punk album. 10/10

GRAPHICS:And the graphics are excellent too. The back grounds look really good and really well drawn too. The colors are also nice. The colors looks like they were hand-painted and it really shows. 10/10

RE PLAYABILITY:The adventure is really long and will definitely take you a long time to complete. And even if you complete it, you will want to play it over and over again because it is very addictive. 10/10

*Beautiful, stunning graphics
*Excellent, true to the nature game play.
*Great music
*Nice story
*Will take you months to complete

*None, it's perfect!

OVERALL:10/10. This is simply the best Zelda game ever. I play this more often than Ocarina Of Time or Majora's Mask, simply because it is the best. Go down to Funcoland and get yourself a copy to indulge in pure game play.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/11/01, Updated 09/29/01

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