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"One of the best Super NES games ever made!"

One of the best Super NES games ever made, and one of the classic Zeldas.....they revolutionized Zelda and made one of the biggest smash hits ever created for Nintendo with The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the past, so many gamers have praised Nintendo for this very game alone...

The 7 maidens of the Wise Men have been captured. The first 6 have been sealed up, and only the seventh (Zelda) remains.... If Zelda gets sealed up, the Great Wise Men's Seal will be broken and the Golden Land will open.....

Why is it such a big deal? The Golden Land contains the divine relic, the Triforce.... The one who holds the entire Triforce can rule the entire cosmos,and it reflects what is in his/her heart, if an evil one gets the Triforce, a world of evil will spring up, if a good hearted one gets the Triforce, the world will spread with peace and prosperity and happiness..Your goal is to save Zelda and obtain the Master Sword to save Hyrule once again...

This game will provide hours of fun and entertainment, and should appeal to almost any gamer! This game is a true Masterpiece!!

No apparent flaws, and the controls are smooth, and the game is addictive and fun! The game is intrically made and has a captivating plot and story, so it never grows old even after years of ownership!

Control is silky-smooth and not a flaw in sight! All ages can play this game because the controls are well defined and well done!

The Classic Zelda theme is synthesized, Because it is synthesized, it is not as good as the 1986 Zelda (Legend of Zelda for NES) but even synthesized sound is great, and I usually turn a blind eye from the nostalgic factor somewhat, but I say this game is so good that even this synthesized version should be considered a classic!!! And the sounds, like swordslashes and one of my favs, jumping in deep water without flippers in possession, are neat! Great sounds!

Great for a Super NES game, the graphics were richly done and truly well drawn for a flawless if not near-flawless experience...Well done Nintendo!!!!

No bad glitches to ruin fun, no stupid errors or mistakes, suitable for all ages, and anyone young and old can play, so it is a true masterpiece!

Replay Value-8
Once you play the entire game, you know most of it...but you still have more to learn, more secrets to uncover, and more silly oddities (like freezing an enemy and throwing it into the water!) to find out, and even when those are found out, it still doesn't get old!

Buy? Borrow? Rent? Burn?

Battery backed memory, you save by pressing SELECT, then selecting SAVE&QUIT

One player, no special hardware
(besides the SNES unit and one controller)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/01, Updated 07/21/01

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