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"The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; A Perfect 10 out of 10."

Ever since the original Legend of Zelda was released on the NES in 1986, Zelda has been a hit series. After the first was released, the gamers demanded a second. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link did not live up to the high expectations of gamers who have finished The Legend of Zelda. But, eventually the SNES was created, and gamers wondered when there'd be a Zelda: SNES. Finally, in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, one of the BEST Zelda's ever, came out. Rather than a sequel to the original two, it was a prequel. The debut of Link II was one of the best games of all time. Perfect story line, great graphics, the best music a Zelda game has to offer; this is deserves a perfect 10/10.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics for A Link to the Past take full advantage of the Super Nintendo's Hardware. The game was released early in the SNES's life, and still remain some of the best. They got outdated by games like Chrono Trigger, and Kirby's Super Star, then the Nintendo 64, but they are amazing for that time. The attacks; Magic Blasts, the beam flying out of your sword, are great. The Light World is bright, and cheerful, if you take out the Soldiers and enemies... The Dark World is dark, and gloomy. The Triforce is amazing, and the dungeons and bosses are greatly detailed. Sometimes, a few character's faces will leave you asking ''What the heck is that?'', but over-all, the graphics are excellent. A 10 out of 10.

Sound: 10/10
The music in A Link to the Past is clearly the best music in any Zelda game at all. The Lost Woods beats Saria's Song, the Dark World Themes are the best, the dungeon themes are great, and A Link to the Past contains the best version of the original Over-world theme. As for the sound effects, they are great. The sword tapping on the wall sounds very cool, and tapping on a cracked wall makes that annoying sound you love so much. Though, it can get annoying when you throw your Boomerang, or shoot your Hookshot at the wall repeatably and hear that irritating ''Tap tap tap''. Enemies’ attacks sound perfect; like a wizard’s blast, or Soldier Sword-Fighting with you. A bombs explosion, the firing or the Ice or Fire rod; sound very real. This column also gets a 10/10.

Gameplay: 10/10
Perfect. The sword, Pegasus Boots, map, inventory; perfect placement. You know exactly where the buttons are, and will memorize them in seconds. The over-head view is great; not directly over-head like most games; but at a strange angle that makes the game better. The bosses are challenging and tricky, the dungeons are spectacular, and the outside worlds; the Light and Dark worlds have everything placed correctly, and have their counter-parts in the other world. It also very easy to travel. If you want to go to Death Mountain, and you're at Lake Hylia, call your duck, and you can fly there. Use the Warping Tiles to go to the Dark World, and the Magic Mirror to get back to the Light world. As for saving; it's so easy. Push select, and go to ''Save and Quit''. You will start from he last place you entered when you restart. Once again, a perfect 10 / 10.

Story: 10/10
The story line of A Link to the Past almost over-powers that of all the other Legend of Zelda's. When you first start the game, you are just asleep in bed. You are Link II, the descendent of Link I, the Legendary Hero of Time. He fought Ganondorf and Ganon and obtained the Triforce of Courage. Now, the Triforce is whole again, and soon will be again stolen by the re-constructed Ganon... Suddenly, you receive a telepathic message from a mysterious girl... ''Help me. I am trapped in the Castle Dungeon. Help me...'' is the plead she cries. Then, you wake up, and your uncle tells you he's leaving, and will be back by morning. ''Please don't leave the house.'' Well, too bad, uncle, I have to. You grab your lantern from the chest, and head off to the castle, to find your uncle wounded. He gives you the family's sword and shield, and tells you of your destiny, before losing consciousness. From then on; you must save Zelda. The story changes on throughout the game. Save Zelda, free the Triforce from Ganon's Grasp. For the story to change, and become better each time, it deserves a 10.

Replay Value: 7/10
The Replay of this game depends on how much you completed before beating the game the first time. If you have collected everything, then A Link to the Past has little to no replay. It's best repeat material is challenging yourself to try to beat the whole game without any power-ups, but the Dungeon weapons. The low replay value gets a 7/10.

All you need is a working SNES, one controller, and the game itself.

Buy, or Rent?:
Buy this game. If you don't, you are missing out on one of the best video games ever created.

Over-all Grade:

The Best Legend of Zelda game, and one of the best games ever created.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past stayed popular after the Nintendo 64's release and even after the debut of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. It is, always have, and always be in the SNES TOP TEN BEST GAMES LIST. And it will always be one of the greatest video games ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/06/02, Updated 01/17/02

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