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"Pure genuis! Zelda strikes again!"

::Applauds:: Ah yes, my favorite of one of the best series of all time! Sure, Zelda:TOot was great and the original was awesome, but this one's the best and probably most memorable (IMHO) of 'em all! And the categories I will be grading are: Graphics, Gameplay, Music/Sound Effects, and Originality/Replay Value. Let's get to the point, shall we?

Graphics: 9

Zelda:ALttP's graphics are good, plain an' simple. Why not 10? Only because I can't overlook his brother on the N64 (yes, Zelda:TOot). Sure, I know it's absurd to judge a game from back then with one from now...but it's always going to nag me if I don't. In essence, the graphics are perfect for the game; so technically I'm forced to hereby give Zelda:ALttP a 10. TAAA-DAAA! Happy, no?

Gameplay: 11

Eleven? Yes, eleven. Secret weapons and hidden heart pieces, huge immersive worlds and dungeons, cool looking bosses and baddies, tons of things to do ranging from mini-games to kicking the crap out of Ganon - need I go on? This game's addictive, fun, and challenging. What more could you ask for? Not only that, but the game is quite long and never losses pace. Plus it never forces you along, if you're frustrated then you can go search for heart pieces or play games while you think of what to do. Moving right along we have...

Music/Sound Effects: 10

How many of you have ever gotten a Zelda theme stuck in your head? I thought so...and I am no exception. While the sound effects aren't that special, the music really picks this category up! No problems here.

Originality/Replay Value: 8

Let's be honest, long games rarely have any replay value. And sequels (with the exception of the Final Fantasies) rarely have A LOT of originality. But that's the beauty of Zelda - it never gets old and is always great to play. Well, maybe it'd get old if we played it 1 million times over straight. But we all have lives, don't we? I didn't think so...

Bottom Line: Get it and get it now! Seriously, only if the only game you like to play is chess should you not get it. Then proceed to play Zelda:ALttp until your eyes bleed or your tv blows up (hint: caffiene helps a lot)! Highly reccommended, with Zelda you can't go wrong! BTW: Does anyone else think Link should get a little more credit. I mean geez, the game could be called "Link" instead of "Zelda", but I digress.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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