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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 01/13/01

This Game does Zelda justice.

Better than the first, Definatly better than the second, this is Zelda at its best (except for 64 version). I played this game and the begining sucked, but I was urged by my freind ED to keep playing. As it turned out the game got a lot "cooler" and the story became much more involved. The graphics were enhanced for the SNES standards but the controls were a bit annoying. The sound was the old Zelda music we grew to know and love. The story is very involved and can get a bit confusing at times but it is very cool. Overall Nintendo has a masterpeice in their hands.

GRAPHICS 9/10- For the SNES there have been few games that beet it out. The graphics are some of the best out there. Still the same view as the original Zelda not the side scrolling crap of Zelda 2.

CONTROL 7/10- Very basic controls that aren't bad at all. The only problem is the lack of buttons that SNES controler has so you can only use one tool at a time.

SOUND 9/10- Classic Zelda Music. We all loved the clasic Zelda tunes didn't we!! Well if you didn't you were shoved in many lockers were'nt you!!! But for the Classic Zelda Music lovers this game is SFX haven!!!

STORY 9/10- Teh Zelda story doesn't exactly link up with the rest but its still cool. You must destroy the evil wizard Agahnim and Gahnon and fight in the light and Dark worlds it gets really cool after a while.

REPLAY 5/10- Even though its a good game its not Repeat Material. You will play it once or twice and it will be a while after that before you pick it up again.

OVERALL 8/10- Nintendo's super game has got Success written all over it. This game is really easy to find too. So pick up this Action/RPG where ever classic video games are sold. This is a game not to be missed.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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