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"Well, all I have to say about this game is that it can't be beaten"

Now, you may think I am crazy for giving this a 10/10. I don't really rate Zelda games past a 6. But, now, this game can not be beaten by any other game. And in this review, it will show you why.

Story - The story is the Triforce is stolen. Somebody stole the Triforce in Hyrule Kingdom because if someone evil touches it, evil stuff begins. If a good person touches it, good stuff begins. If a neutral person touches it... well, I don't know. I never knew what it does. Oh well. Anyway, if good touches it, good begins. Evil, evil begins. And so on. That is why you must get the Triforce. You should guess what the story is, right? Well, if you can't, it is 10.

GAMEPLAY - The gameplay of this game is great. This game isn't really easy, if you are a new player. If you are a veteran at this game, you will find this game easy. Figuring you are reading this, you are new. The controls are simple to learn (Y is your special item, B is your sword, A is to run (later in the game) and X is to view the dungeon map or the over world map). This game is also very, very fun. If you liked Zelda: Link's Awakening, you would love this game. This is even more fun than that game. If you never really liked the battling system in that game, I doubt you'd like it in this one, because it is basically the same system. This, gets a 10 simply because it is great.

SOUNDS / MUSIC - The sounds in this game are awesome. When you use a special item, or swing your sword, a sound plays. Enemies make sounds. The sounds are good, especially when you get deeper into the game. The music is the greatest you can ever hear! It has beautiful themes depending where you are. If you are in a dungeon, a theme. A house, a theme. When events happen, then the music gets good. Now, by good I mean better. I am not saying the music is awful, so please, do not get confused. Also, when you get later into the game, near the last boss, you will wish there was a music theme CD for this game, like me. The sounds do get a 10. As the music, gets a nice 10, too!

VIDEO - The only video in this game is the ending, and maybe the beginning. But those have the same game graphics, which are 2D. There may not even be 3D in this game. I am not good with 2D and 3D. This is a short paragraph, but still, the graphics do get a 10, while the video has the same mark.

REPLAYABILITY - This game should not be replayed much, as of its length. If you think you are a master at this game, it would take about 5 hours minimum to beat the game. And that is without the continue screen and such. You are looking at about 5 hours and 15 minutes to 7 hours of the whole game time depending on how much you die. But, if you really love this game, like me, you should replay this game until you are bored of death of it, get a new game, or don't feel like playing it. In my opinion, I would play this game once, play a different game to get rid of the games hints and such, and start a new data which is like playing the game when you just got it. This game is awesome to forget everything and restart a new data. Try it. You'll find it fun.

RENT OR BUY - Buy the game. If you have a GameBoy Advance, and you can wait until December 9th, don't buy the game. The game is being remade on the GameBoy Advance. It will be hard to find the SNES version right now because the system is out of date, so the GameBoy Advance is a good thing to get because the game will be remade. But, if you can't wait, and you can get this game easily, or don't have a GameBoy Advance, get this game. Don't go buy a GameBoy Advance just for this game. It won't be worth it. But if you are getting a GameBoy Advance for other games, and already had it planned, get the GBA version. It would be a good idea, because you most likely won't have running problems with the system, and you can find the game easier. So, you should get the game!

OTHER FEATURES Some other features in this game are using special items, getting bottles, and travelling to two different types of worlds. There are plenty of other features such as upgrading your sword and such, but I don't want to give you all of them. It won't make the game fun!

All my scores

Story - 10
Gameplay - 10
Sounds/Music - 10
Video/Graphics - 10
Overall score - 10

Now do you see why I am not crazy? Heh.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/24/02, Updated 04/18/03

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