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"Link has red hair"

After I played Zelda 64, I had to get my hands on the Super Nintendo game. So I did. I liked the game, but somehow, I liked the Game Boy Zelda game better. Let's find out why.


Although it feels dated compared to the games of today, I found Zelda III's graphics colorful and charming. Link is animated very well, yet it looks goofy when he runs. He has RED hair...whats up with that? Unlike the original game, Hyrule isn't a wasteland. There's mountains, fields, desert, swamps, lakes, wasteland (!), castles and dungeons.

Bosses are huge, filling up half the screen. Some enemies do stuff like turn their head when you run past them.


Like most of the 2D Zelda games, you have a overhead view. Link moves in 8 directions and all the buttons are put to good use. Unlike the Game Boy Zelda, you can't assign different weapons to the all buttons. Meaning, the sword is always B button, and the Y button is used for a item. Run and pick up stuff by pressing B, and see the map using X.

SOUND (8/10)

Music is what you would expect for the SNES. The overworld theme is nice, but repeats itself alot. Some of the dungeon music was better than Zelda 64's! Sound effects, on the other hand, are virtually non existent, save for weapons sounds and a *Cling* when you pick up a ruby. Maybe it was just the technology at the time. (Zelda Game Boy is nothing to brag about either.)

STORY (8/10)

Link must obtain the Master Sword and save Princess Zelda from aDungeon. Thats how it starts, but you soon learn your quest has deeper meaning. Not as good as Zelda 64, but nothing is :)


Some of the dungeons were VERY challenging, mainly do to the fact that monsters were every were. Bosses in the Dark world are HARD! It's because of this fact that I haven't replayed it since I beat it. But God knows I will one day. Maybe I didn't replay it because I was too busy with Zelda 64. Ahhh...Zelda 64.....


Link has red hair......why? He doesn't look natural when he runs. He has red hair, yet in the manual he has tan. Characters have little personality. Talking is too fast paced. Link has red hair. ummm......Link has red hair people! WHY! It makes no sense! None! Red! Hair! Red hair! Hair that is red! I look at the hair and say: ''He has red hair!'' ok...I'm better now.

OVERALL (8/10)

When this game came out, it must have been the best thing sense sliced bread. (The title should be: The Legend of Zelda: We Kick Sliced Bread's Arse) It would have gotten a 9, but Zelda GB was better. I know it came out after, and should be better. But Link to the Past was a Super Nintendo Game, the other a Game Boy Game. Was it a let down, not at all. It just wasn't the epic game that I thought it was going to be.

Long live Zelda!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/06/00, Updated 11/09/02

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