Review by Mr Socko

"Has anybody noticed that there are no bad Zelda games?"

After playing this and Ocarina of Time, you will notice that these great games make you more antsy for Zelda: The Continuing Saga (N64) and Zelda: The Mysterious Tree of Fruit (GBC). Let me put this under the microscope for you.

Story - 10 - You got the usual Zelda stuff: get three pendants and then pull out the Master Sword, then you have to save 7 maidens (including Zelda in dungeon 7, Turtle Rock). Then you face off with Agahnim in Ganon's tower, then you take on Ganon. The usual.

Visuals - 10 - So what if Link has red hair, the animations of the enemies are good. Each weapon animation looks good as well.

Sound - 7 - The awesome Zelda music + horrible SE's = a seven on my scale.

Battle System - 10 - IT'S ZELDA!!!!!!!!

Replay Value - 7 - The replay value isn't that good.

Overall - 44 (88%) B+ - It is the 2nd best Zelda ever. Behind Ocarina of Time. Ganon is called Ganondorf in A Link to the Past, but you never see him in Ganondorf stage. When you see him for the first time, he's regular Ganon. See ya

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/00, Updated 02/16/00

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