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"A classic through and through..."

Of all the game themes I've tried out, Zelda's Overworld theme is STILL the hardest to play on the piano. So many variations...where was I? Oh yes, reviewing possibly THE greatest game to ever hit the Super Nintendo. The green guy has returned to his midget roots after assocating with the tall people in the previous title, and this game owes a WHOLE lot more to Zelda 1 than Zelda 2. Enough of this random blather! The review must go on!

Graphics: Hee hee hee...I could gorge on this visual feast all day. From the excellent intro(Nintendo does 3d!) to the cool-looking bosses, from the seamlessly animated sprites to the detail put into the backgrounds, from Kakariko village to Death mountain, this game shines from every corner! Sure, the graphics are SIMPLE, but it's the elegant simplicity that the Super Nintendo does so well. So what if the dungeons generally have the same floor patterns. You'll be WAY to busy listening to the classic

MUSIC to notice. Ah...the best remix of the first Zelda theme one can ever hear. Dungeon music that's even SCARIER than the Underworld in Zelda 1. Hard-edged boss compositions. And one of the best ending themes(heck, one of the best endings, period) of all time. And don't get me started on the sound. From each sword having a different sound for its swing to the cool reverberations of the bosses exploding, the sound is instantly as timeless as the music. Don't miss this stuff. To do so would be a blot on your videogaming history, and even worse because you didn't experience the innovative

GAMEPLAY which rocked the console world. Items, items, and more items, all useful in some way, almost all used during the course of the game, and all with their own timeless charm. The boomerang. The bow and arrow. The Pegasus boots. The bug(and fairy)catching net. All woven seamlessly into the course of the game, all with certain esoteric uses, and all just plain fun to have. Your sword can now be charged for a cyclone spin. You can now swim, run, and pick up bushes and other objects. You can do...pretty much anything. You can go...wherever you want to go. The feeling of unrestricted exploration was what made this game so popular. However, the question of where to go next was never hard to figure out, due to the nice new map feature, which communicated graphically the clues given by villagers. So many secrets...I still need to pick up the last three Heart pieces...but before I break down and check the FAQ, let me advise you to GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! Owning a Super nintendo and not owning this game should be illegal. And if you're an emulation should have had this played and beaten long ago!

Nintendo Logic: Remember the old man from Zelda 1, and how his fireplaces would shoot at you if you attacked him? Nintendo knew that you'd probably be swinging your sword at anyone and everything, especially poor defenseless little fat birds. But even chickens have a limit to how much crap they can take. Therefore, they organized the ''chicken cabal,'' a special group of poultry trained to destroy anyone who beat up on one of their feathered brethren. However, it might have been a more effective chicken-beating deterrent if they had responded right away, since after 30 or 40 sword hits, saving that little bird is pretty much a lost cause.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/15/00, Updated 03/15/00

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