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"One of the best games I've ever played"

I chanced upon this little beauty as I was searching the web for that ever-elusive Mega Man X3 rom. One of my bro's friends had played this over and over and over and over and....and over again, so I thought I'd give it a try and see what kept him coming back for more and more.

The gameplay was simple. You simply run around, examine, hack, and use items/magic, along with the occasional map reference. This was simple, but the dungeons were not. I must've died 10 times before I became a better dungeon explorer. Since I love games that give me a challenge, this was one of the things that drew me into loving the game.

The graphics were okay, but I don't really mind whether the graphics are photo-realistic or worse than a three-year-old's rendering of a person, just as long as the gameplay is excellent. The controls were responsive enough so as not to hinder the game in any way. The sound was okay. There weren't any really big explosions or cool-sounding enemy cries, and the music was fitting but not something I would remember (I was humming the ff7 boss music for months after playing the game).

As I mentioned before, the thing about a game that I look for the most is the gameplay. The dungeons were challenging to explore (much less survive), yet the puzzles were simple enough for a young child to solve easily.

After thirty minutes of play, I was hooked. I can easily see why that guy kept renting this game whenever he could. If you're looking for a good action-rpg, then this would be a fine choice. At first I fell in love with Beyond Oasis for the Genesis, but this makes it look like a cheap ripoff (which I'm sure is what it was in the first place). I wonder if Zelda 64 is even better than this is.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/02/00, Updated 05/02/00

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