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    Pro Action Replay Codes by Astyanax

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lord of the Rings VOL.1
    Pro Action Replay Codes
    By: Astyanax, Nathan Tren
    ICQ:39904997 (at this time I dont have ICQ installed)
    LOR PAR Codes Version 1.0
    I've created some PAR codes for all key items.
    Also I will throw in a few stat codes.
    LOR Key Item PAR Codes
    7E02AAFF       This code allows these Key Items in Descending order:
                                     Tomb Key
                                     Moria Key
                                  Red Gateway Gem
                                    Elvish Book
                                    Magic Rock
                                    Lost Amulet
                                    Maggot Note
    7E02ABFF       This code enables "Scroll of Floi" Key Item
    7E02ACFF       This code allows these Key Items in Descending order:
                                     Gate Key
                                    Moria Key
                                Yellow Gateway Gem
                                 Book of the Ages
                                    Gold Piece
                                   Jug of Honey
                                   Lost Amulet
                                  Old Willow Note
    7E02ADFF      This code enables "Scroll of Oin" Key Item
    7E02AEFF      This code allows these Key Items in Descending order:
                                     Tomb Key
                                     Moria Key
                                  Gateway Keystone
                                  Book of Marzarbul
                                    Gold Pieces (Plural)
                                    Eye Glasses
                                    Lost Amulet (Visibly different)
                                  Note from Gandolf
    7E02AFF       This code enables "Color Scroll" Key Item
    7E02B0FF      This code allows these Key Items in Descending order:
                                     Tomb Key
                                     Moria Key                                     
                                                   Green Gateway Gem
                                    Bilbo Diary
                                    Gold Pieces (more than before)
                                    Healing Moss
                                  Letter to Elrond
    7E02B1FF      This code enables "Keystone Scroll" Key Item
    7E02B2FF      This code allows these Key Items in Descending order:
                                     Tomb Key
                                     Boat Oar
                                 Purple Gateway Gem
                                    Jeweled Ring
                                    Gold Pieces (see above)
                                    Athelas Major
                                    Lost Amulet
                                   Horn of Boromir
    7E02B3FF       This code enables "Long Bow" Key Item
    7E02B4FF       This code allows these Key Items in Descending order:
                                    Key to Bree
                                  Healing Mushroom
                                  Violet Gateway Gem
                                     The RING (YAY)
                                    Athelas Minor
                                    Healing Fruit
                                     Lost Amulet
                                     Magic Fern
    7E02B5FF       This code enables "Orb of Drexle" Key Item
    Statistic Codes
    7E02240F        Frodo Infinite HP (9999 Max Hp, but it says 270?, cannot die to
    my knowledge)
    7E0246FF        Quick Level Gain Frodo (Kill an enemy to gain a level)
    7E0243FF        Quick Level Gain Samwise
    7E022127        Samwise Infinite HP
    7E02260F	Pippon Infinite HP
    7E0248FF	Pippon Quick Level gain
    7E02220F        Merry Infinite HP
    7E0245FF        Quick Level Gain Merry
    Thats all I've done so far. When I update it I may add some codes for Aragorn
    and Gandolf!
    I've only run across a few bugs so far.
    1. The All Key Items codes basically erase the events, meaning you'll miss some
    of the story.
    (EG. If you already have the item a character is requesting, they wont ask for
    it and you can just give them it.)
    2. The Text box gets alittle choppy, and some graphics overlay, but you can
    still see whats being said. It's just alittle annoying.
    3. The Gold Pieces on the have all items codes dont give you max gold, just
    show up on the items menu.
    4. You have to reset the game to enable the "ITEM" codes(I hacked these codes
    on an Emulator)!
    Copyright Info and Thanks:
    PAR CODES Copyright 2002 Astyanax (astyanax_@hotmail.com for any questions, NO
    Gamefaqs: For hosting this and many other great FAQs, reviews, and walkthrough.
    Nintendo: For bringing out the SNES!
    Interplay: For making the game.
    J.R.R.: Tolkien for writing the book (Great book by the way).
    Astyanax: Myself for finding the values and typing em out.
    Game Info:
                                 License by Nintendo
                                   Copyright 1994
                                Interplay Productions
    Misc Information:
    This faqs was made by Me, my time and patience was extracted from me in order
    to do this.
    So dont take credit for this, or anyone elses work!
    Gamefaqs is the only site I'm submitting this to so if you see anywhere else
    notify me.
    (astyanax_@hotmail.com Dont spam me, send hatemail, or harass me)

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