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    Password Manipulation Guide by Dave the Barbarian

    Version: 0.25 | Updated: 04/25/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author: Dave The Barbarian (Kyle Seeley - captainnkevin@aol.com)
    Date: April 24, 2005
    1.) Introduction
    2.) The Glitch
    3.) Password Structure
    4.) Utilizing The Glitch
    5.) Charts
    6.) Credits
    7.) Legal
    I first realized that the password system in this game could be manipulated
    awhile back when I entered my password incorrectly and the game wouldn't start,
    then I altered it so it was correct. When my game loaded and I had Aragorn and
    Legolas in my party near the beginning of the game, I knew that I'd stumbled
    onto something that might turn into a huge breakthrough for anyone who still
    knows that this game actually exists.
    As it is right now, this guide isn't anywhere near complete and is in fact
    still in it's infancy. The entire reason I'm putting it up so early is so not
    only will I have an easy reference to build my work off of, I was hoping that
    anyone who's actually interested in helping with this undertaking could use
    what I've already got and send me additional info that they've figured out in
    exchange for me giving them credit where due.
    Anyway, you're probably getting tired of my incessant rambling, so here we go.
    2.) THE GLITCH
    This is what currently makes the system of password manipulation possible. It
    seems if you enter your password as normal, but add extra character or item
    info to it, the game won't recognize the password because the third part of the
    password isn't correct (read below). However, due to the glitch, the game has
    loaded the character or item data and the specified characters or items will
    be in your party or inventory when you erase the faulty part of the password,
    enter the correct password and hit start. For more information on how to use
    this to your advantage, see section 4 of the guide.
    Alrighty, here's what I've learned thus far about the password structure. The
    first 24 spaces are designated for your party's level, equipment, and which of
    them are actually in the group at the time Leaving any of the character spaces
    totally blank (...) will result in them not being in the party at all.
    The next 12 spaces are the most complicated. They seem to be designated for
    telling the game where you are and what you've done. Although I've had success
    in figuring out much of the info for the party section, I'm having the hardest
    time decoding what this section means.
    Finally, the bottom 12 spaces, labeled "Inventory Code" are pretty obviously
    for telling the game what items you have in your posession.
    We'll start with what spaces correspond to which party members and their
    equipment. The first 12 spaces represent the hobbit party members. They work
    three at a time, starting with Sam, then Merry, Frodo, and Pippin respectively.
    The diagram looks a bit like this:
      Sam      Merry     Frodo    Pippin
     _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _ 
    Followig these are the human, elf and dwarf party members and their equipment,
    starting with Legolas, then Aragorn, Gimli, and Gandalf.
    Legolas   Aragorn    Gimli    Gandalf
     _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _
    As far as the next 12 spaces, I'm still unsure about what corresponds to what,
    so I still don't have a diagram for them. This is also true for the items.
    So essentially, here is the entire password screen as I understand it so far:
      Sam      Merry     Frodo    Pippin
     _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _ 
    Legolas   Aragorn    Gimli    Gandalf
     _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _
              Party's  Progress
     _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _
                  Item Code
     _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _  |  _ _ _
    The first and second space represent the character's level and the third is the
    character's equipment. I'm currently attempting to chart out which combinations
    correspond to which level, weapon, and armor.
    4.) Utilizing the Glitch
    I'll write up more information about this as I learn more, but in the meantime,
    I'll just show you an example of how the password glitch works.
    When you first start the game, your password will be:
    ...... ..T...
    ...... ......
    ...... ...T.K
    ...... ....K.
    Say you'd like to add Legolas, Aragorn and Gandalf to your party at the very
    beginning of the game. This is what you'd type in to get them with base stats:
    ...... ..T...
    ..T..T .....T
    ...... ...T.K
    ...... ....K.
    When you hit start, the game will inform you that the password is incorrect
    (this is due to the fact that the third line's info isn't accurate for those
    party members), so go and erase those extra letters, so the password looks like
    it did originally:
    ...... ..T...
    ...... ......
    ...... ...T.K
    ...... ....K.
    After hitting start again, the game should load you at the very beginning,
    however you'll have Legolas, Aragorn, and Gandalf in addition to Frodo. Simple
    enough, eh?
    I'm currently studying the password structure further to figure out how this
    would work without having to utilize the glitch. Further info will be posted
    in future updates.
    5.) Charts
    This section of the guide attempts to tell you which letter you need to input
    and where to get the desired effect.
    Character Levels (Input first two slots of a character's spaces)
    Lv.0  - ..     Lv.50 - .?
    Lv.1  - B.     Lv.51 - B?
    Lv.2  - C.     Lv.52 - C?
    Lv.3  - D.     Lv.53 - D?
    Lv.4  - F.     Lv.54 - F?
    Lv.5  - G.     Lv.55 - G?
    Lv.6  - H.     Lv.56 - H?
    Lv.7  - J.     Lv.57 - J?
    Lv.8  - K.     Lv.58 - K?
    Lv.9  - L.     Lv.59 - L?
    Lv.10 - .?     Lv.60 - .D
    Lv.11 - B?     Lv.61 - BD
    Lv.12 - C?     Lv.62 - CD
    Lv.13 - D?     Lv.63 - DD
    Lv.14 - F?     Lv.64 - FD
    Lv.15 - G?     Lv.65 - GD
    Lv.16 - H?     Lv.66 - HD
    Lv.17 - J?     Lv.67 - JD
    Lv.18 - K?     Lv.68 - KD
    Lv.19 - L?     Lv.69 - LD
    Lv.20 - .B     Lv.70 - .?
    Lv.21 - BB     Lv.71 - B?
    Lv.22 - CB     Lv.72 - C?
    Lv.23 - DB     Lv.73 - D?
    Lv.24 - FB     Lv.74 - F?
    Lv.25 - GB     Lv.75 - G?
    Lv.26 - HB     Lv.76 - H?
    Lv.27 - JB     Lv.77 - J?
    Lv.28 - KB     Lv.78 - K?
    Lv.29 - LB     Lv.79 - L?
    Lv.30 - .?     Lv.80 - .F
    Lv.31 - B?     Lv.81 - BF
    Lv.32 - C?     Lv.82 - CF
    Lv.33 - D?     Lv.83 - DF
    Lv.34 - F?     Lv.84 - FF
    Lv.35 - G?     Lv.85 - GF
    Lv.36 - H?     Lv.86 - HF
    Lv.37 - J?     Lv.87 - JF
    Lv.38 - K?     Lv.88 - KF
    Lv.39 - L?     Lv.89 - LF
    Lv.40 - .C     Lv.90 - .?
    Lv.41 - BC     Lv.91 - B?
    Lv.42 - CC     Lv.92 - C?
    Lv.43 - DC     Lv.93 - D?
    Lv.44 - FC     Lv.94 - F?
    Lv.45 - GC     Lv.95 - G?
    Lv.46 - HC     Lv.96 - H?
    Lv.47 - JC     Lv.97 - J?
    Lv.48 - KC     Lv.98 - K?
    Lv.49 - LC     Lv.99 - L?
    That's about all I have for the time being. I'm going to get to work on
    figuring out more of these. I'm having severe difficulty finding out the levels
    with odd tens digits, so if anyone happens to figure them out, please let me
    know and I'll credit you.
    6.) Credits
    So far, just me for trying to figure all this junk out. I also want to thank
    Interplay for making the game (I apologize if Interplay just published it,
    rather than designed it), and finally Ralph Bakshi for making the awesome
    movie from which this game was based on. Although the Peter Jackson version is
    better liked among many people, Mr. Bakshi's version will always hold a special
    place in my heart.
    7.) Legal
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.

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