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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TYNAN2000

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lord of the Rings - Walkthrough/FAQ
         for SNES
             by TYNAN2000
    Version 1.1
    Last Update: 8/29/00
    This document is Copyright 2000 TYNAN2000
    Intro: Lord of The Rings is a book series by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is one of the 
    best books in the world, in my opinion. So Interplay made it into a (slightly 
    unsucessful) SNES game a few years ago. I got the game about 15 months ago.
     I was looking for FAQs on it one day, and realized there were no FAQs for 
    it. I checked the requests section, and it was #3 under Super Nintendo for a 
    Full FAQ. So I wrote this, hoping to help people needing help with this game.
    1)Version History
    2)My Review
    4)Weapon list
    5)Armor list
    6)Game Genie Codes
    7)Legal Stuff
    9)My E-Mail
    1)Version History
            1.0 Off to a good start, covers a little more than half of the game.
            1.1 Not really an update, just added that my FAQ is accepted at 
    3)My Review
            This is the review I wrote for GameFAQs on Lord of The Rings. The 
    game got a 6.
    When I first got this game, I expected a great game like the books. If you 
    have read the books, you will know what I am talking about. So I was playing 
    the game when I noticed something: This is HARD! I mean, the password system, 
    along with when one guy he is dead for good? If you dont have a Game Genie, 
    and the proper codes, you will never get past the wolves at the beginning of 
    the game! Luckily, I did have a Game Genie, and I found the code online very 
    simply. Without it, this game would be the worst ever. And what if the game 
    gets touched? You gotta start over! So dont play for more than 1 hour at a 
    time, or you risk losing lots of good saved data! That said, I can review 
    this game.
    Control:The control is ok, your guy has the basic attack, defend, you can use 
    R to control the rest of your party. But when you get Merry, you will have 
    problems controlling your party. And also, when you dont control them, they 
    wander off around the whole map! At least they cant get killed when they are 
    not on the screen. And like I said, if they die, theyre dead for good. If you 
    cant control them well, you will get them killed. Because of the wandering 
    party members, I give this category a 6.
    Story:A lot like the books, modified to actually make the game work. But they 
    did something wrong to make the game like the book:If you ARE using game 
    genie, and you use it against the boss of the game, you will never win. Why? 
    One of your guys has to die like he died in the book! Besides that, the story 
    is as awesome as the books. Of course, unless you read the books, you wont 
    know what is going on most of the story. Its just ''go to moria'' or 
    something like that. You wont know why you are going to moria unless you have 
    read the books. Because they changed this a little, for the worse, I give 
    this an 8.
    Sound:The opening music, and some of the intro songs are great! And there are 
    a few game songs that are OK. But there are the songs in the mountains that 
    are very scary; and along with scary, they could make those songs a little 
    more exciting. I give this a 9.
    Graphics:There is some cool stuff in the graphic section. Especially the 
    enemies, who look very scary to me, though very colorful. The fog makes the 
    Barrow-Downs look alot more realistic, also. I give this category a 10!
    Gameplay:If you have a Game Genie, you will enjoy the fun of the game. If 
    not, prepare to spend all weekend on one hard area, like the almost 
    impossible to beat trolls. A troll will destroy you in one hit, unless you 
    are Aragorn or Frodo. This brings the fun factor down, because when you die 
    you are dead, for the 3rd time. Like I said many times, this game is only 
    worth getting if you have a Genie. And, if you have a genie, you will spend a 
    long time trying to find the amulet thingys. But by the time you get them, 
    the door to Moria will likely already be open! I give this a 4.
    Replayability:If you beat this game, you probably wont want to play it again 
    for awhile. It is the exact same thing. I give this a 3.
    Buy or Rent:If you can rent it, rent it first! If not, and you really want to 
    buy it, get a game genie first. Then get the codes. Or else, like I said many 
    many times, you will not have any fun at all.
    A few items I couldnt find a category for: 1)This is a big mistake. When your 
    weapon has a rating of 99, you cant use a weapon with a 46 rating. But, in 
    moria, there are ''better'' weapons that actually are weaker! They were meant 
    to be stronger, but they made a big mistake.
    2)This game ends abruptly, interplay never made the rest of the story into a 
    SNES game. It drove me insane.
    The End. By TYNAN2000. I hope you liked my review, and it helped you decide 
    weather or not to buy this game.
    *               Hobbiton and the Mountainy Place               
    Move Frodo north to the place with alot of wolves. Now you must destroy all 
    the wolves on the map, so that Pippin will not be scared. When you kill all 
    the wolves, talk to Pippin in the northeast of the map. He will join you. Now 
    go south, to the town.  Go west to the mountainy place.
    Here is the mountainy place. This will be a bit tricky to wirte a walkthrough 
    for, so I will post the way I took. Find the entrance with Map A, Entrance 1. 
    Now go east, keep going east until you see an exit to go south. Now from 
    here, find your way the to the exit at the southeast of the screen. Take the 
    mushroom if you need health, then go west a little bit, and when you see a 
    south exit go south. Now go southeast and you will see a path going to an 
    exit. Take the southern exit. Now you will be in a room with a green goblin 
    guy. Attack him, and go to the southeast of the room and get the gem. Go back 
    to the hallway where you started. Go to the exit at the all-the-way east of 
    the hall, and go to the other side of the room to get the padded armour. Now, 
    because you have to use the password system, now would be a good time to save 
    your game, copy the password, and take a break if you want to.
    Now find map A, entrance 3. Now you probably will need more strength and 
    defense, so go north. Past the exit on the east wall, then go to the south 
    exit. Take the Dagger and Armour, they will regenerate when they are not on 
    the screen. Now go north through an exit into a hallway. Go west until you 
    can go up, then fight the green goblin guy and get the fern. Go back south. 
    Now go west and through the exit. Go down, and west until you can go down 
    again. Its hard to explain, but go northeast and get the glasses. Now exit 
    the cave.
    Go to the small cavern in the mountainy place, near a guy, and trade the fern 
    for a gateway gem.
    Now go back to the town that you started at. Somewhere in the northeast of 
    the city is a guy in a red coat, Sam Gamgee. He will join you. Now take a 
    break. When you come back to the game, you should be by your house, and you 
    will see the Gaffer to the northeast of you. He will give you the gate key. 
    Now you can exit the town to the east.
       From Hobbiton to the Barrow-Downs        *         
    This part got me stuck for days, but its simple. DONT GO EAST ACROSS THE 
    BRIDGE! If you do, the "dark riders" will destroy you, and they are immortal. 
    They will be gone by the time you go around, however. Strange. Anyways, dont 
    go east. Go south and you'll be in a weird forest.
    Look along the east side of this screen for the Bottle of Shire Juice. Now go 
    to the west side of the screen, and continue south to an exit.  Now find a 
    note telling there are a lot of wolves to west of some farm. Go east of that 
    note. (south of that exit is another exit, we will be there soon)
    On this map, continue east to the farm. A person will be attacked, and you 
    must help him by defeating the goblins. He will give you the note. Now go 
    west two screens, and find Ted Sandyman. He will tell you where the honey is. 
    Now go back to the place with a lot of wolves, and you will find the jug of 
    honey around the middle of the screen. Go east and give it to the farmer.
    Now go back west two screens. Go to the east closer to the bottom, the one 
    without the note to the west. Now go across the river via boat. Now go east, 
    talk to the guy, and he will give you another gateway gem. Go east into a 
    small village and get Merry. Go east through the exit. In the southeast of 
    this map, you will find the first amulet. Now go east into another forest 
    screen. There is nothing of notice here, so go east into yet another forest 
    screen. Now go east and you will find a tree. He will eat up all your guys 
    except Frodo. If they dont disappear, dont worry. A game error. Now make your 
    way north until you find an exit. Tom Bombadil is in the house and if you use 
    the willow note on him he will help you get free. Now go south. Go south and 
    then go southwest, and you will find a book. Keep this Book for late in the 
    game. Now go back to the tree. When you free your friends, go east into the 
                The Barrow-Downs                                      *
    Go into the first cave you see. Go west and you will find a key. Now go back 
    east. Keep going east passing the north exit. Pass the south exit and go 
    east. Keep going east past another south exit. Pass the north exit and keep 
    going east. Go south and out of the cave. Go into the cave to the west for a 
    Barrow Dagger. Now go east to another screen. Go past the first cave and go 
    north into that cave. Find the exit along the west wall of this map. Proceed 
    south into another map. Now find the exit to the southwest of this screen. 
    Get the amulet and back into the cave. Go north one screen. Go through the 
    northeast exit. Go go to the exit at the southeast. Now go northeast and find 
    a locked cave. (how do you lock a cave?) Use the key you have to open it, and 
    go inside. Find the exit at the northeast. Then, go east until you can go 
    north. Go north and west, then north. Go west a little. Pass the exit to the 
    north. Go to an exit to the south, and exit the cave. 
    Go west and north, into the first cave you see. Go east and follow the path 
    to the end and get the key. Now exit the cave. Go south and east. Go east and 
    north and exit into a new map. Pass this map, we will be back here later. Go 
    through the southeast exit. Go through the exit along this map's south wall. 
    Find the cave along the east wall. Go in and north into the exit and get the 
    chain mail. Go south and back to the first screen of the cave. Go to the exit 
    at the southwest of the map. Go in and get a key. Come out of that room. Exit 
    the cave. 
    Find the locked cave in this map. Unlock the cave and go in. Go east and 
    south when possible. Exit the cave. Go east. In the northeast of this map is 
    a gateway gem. Now return to the cave. Go inside. Go west. Go south when 
    possible and exit the cave. Go north to the next screen. 
    Go east to the next screen. Go east and into the first cave you see. Go north 
    and through the exit along the east wall. Go east and north. Go east and 
    south and you will be outside of the cave. Go west. Go west to the wall, then 
    go north and into the cave. Go through the exit along the west wall. Grab the 
    key, go east, and exit the cave via the south wall exit. 
    Go east into a new map. Now find the northeast of this map. Go down, and you 
    will see a cave. Go around, and enter the cave. Now go in, and find an exit 
    along the west wall. In there, you will find a key. Go east, and down and out 
    of the cave. Now go out the east wall exit, to a new map. Find the locked 
    cave all the way at the northeast of this map. Unlock it, and enter. Go 
    through the exit on the north wall of this room. Go north, and east to a new 
    map. Now go all the way around to the exit at the south of this room. Exit 
    the cave.
    Now go around and find the gate to Bree. If you have played this game before, 
    you will notice that we havent gotten two items yet. We will be back to cover 
    that area later. Dont worry. Use your key to exit. 
                  The Barrow-Downs 2                                  *
    This place is east of that bridge east of Hobbiton. There used to be 
    Ringwraiths here, but you took the long way and now they are gone. Question: 
    Why didnt you just sit at the bridge and wait? If you have the Game Genie 
    codes on, you couldve just walked past the Nine Riders. You would have to go 
    to the Barrow-Downs and the Old Forest anyway to get some items, however. 
    Now we are going around again to obtain items we missed the first time. It 
    always takes at least two times to get through, unless you know everything 
    about the entire game, so dont call me a liar or a torture master or 
    anything. I'm playing this game, too. Go west, across the bridge, south, and 
    south again. Now go east and you will be at the Ferry. Remember, go the east 
    that doesnt have the note west of it. Yes, we are going around to get the Key 
    to Bree and some other items we left in the Barrow-Downs. Off we go, now.
    Go east across the river and to an old map. Go east to Merry's house. Go east 
    to another old map. Go east again. Now go east, along the north wall and keep 
    lookout for a north exit. Go north when possible, and talk to the guy to get 
    the key to bree. Go east. Go east twice, back into the barrow-downs. You know 
    the way, keep going until you get to the place with a lot of pillars, no fog, 
    and Merry will talk. YOU ARE NOW HALFWAY DONE WITH THE GAME! Celebrate! Dont 
    get too excited, the next half will seem very long indeed. We shall do this 
    together! We shall conquer the game! Ok, back to the actual game: We are now 
    looking for the last amulet in the Barrow-Downs, and the last gateway gem. 
    Why do I say looking, not getting? I am playing this game to write a FAQ for 
    it, I'm doing all the hard work. All you gotta do is read and accomplish. Ok, 
    no more distractions. Its straight to the end of the game. Now go north a 
    little, there will be a locked cave. Open it up, and go to the northwest of 
    the screen. Go through the exit, and get the key. Now go out of the cave. Go 
    east and outta this map. East again so you are in another familiar map. Go to 
    the cave east of you. Go to the other end of the cave, there is no place to 
    get lost in it. 
    To Be Continued in Version 1.1
    3)Weapon List
       Frodo Pippin Sam Merry
    Old Dagger STR :  01
    Dagger STR :  02
    Barrow Dagger STR :  04
    To Be Continued in Version 1.1
    4)Armor List
       Frodo Pippin Sam Merry
    Cloth Cloak DEF :  01
    Padded Armour DEF :  02
    Leather Armour DEF :  04
    Chain Mail DEF :  08
    To Be Continued in Version 1.1
    5)Game Genie Codes
    DBCE-C360 + DBCE-C4A0 Start with 908 H.P.
     BBCE-C360 + BBCE-C4A0 Start with 9908 H.P.
     82A2-CF6D All your characters are invincible
     62CD-34D0 Start the game with more strength 
    6)Legal stuff:If you want to use any part of this for your site, excluding 
    the Game Genie Codes,  first you must E-mail me at Tywriter@aol.com. You will 
    all need to put me in your credits. If you find this FAQ at any site other 
    please send me an E-mail ASAP. I did hard work on this, playing the game over 
    and over again to get some of the hidden stuff, this took me a whole month 
    just to get the first version posted. Chances are low that I will be calm if 
    I know someone is using my FAQ without my permission. Thanks.
       Interplay - for making this somewhat unsuccessful SNES game.
       J.R.R. Tolkien - For writing the books
       GameFAQs - For posting my FAQ
       Nintendo - for making the Super Nintendo
    8)If you readers find any false info, extra information, or questions with my 
    Walkthrough, send them to Tywriter@aol.com. Please dont send stuff like 
    "Finish your Walkthrough!" because I will finish my Walkthrough soon enough.  
    I will put you in my credits, and, depending on the letter's content, I might 
    respond back. If you are getting this from GameFAQs, I am also hanging around 
    the lord of the rings message boards, in case you have an account for the 

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