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"Not as good as Fun with numbers, but i still learned how to spell C-A-T"

Yes a 9. This game is just that good, but MEY: Fun with numbers was better. But it is still good. I can say that even though I am 14 (seriously.) This game has a lot. It is just that damn amazing. I remember when I was little I would play this for hours on end. Then I got in trouble and had to sit in the corner. Well, on with the review.

The graphics are colourful and bright, just like most Mario games. Everything is high in detail, and you can make out everything quite easily. They are not as nice as Donkey Kong Country's but they are still very good.

O.K, to be honest, the game has the worst sound ever, and no music. After you solve a problem it will go You - chose - pig. P - I- G, pig, which gets more annoying than the Backstreet Boys. The only good sounds are when you get the question right. A zany little dude will pop out of somewhere and go ''I like your choice!'' or ''That works for me!'' etc.

I gave the challenge 5/10 because for most people over the age of at least 10, it would be a 1, max. But for preschoolers, they would find it quite challenging, and would give it about a 9-ish, so I chose the score in between 1 and 10.

Perfect. They could not be better. They are also very simple, you only have to use 2 buttons. They are also very tight, and not unresponsive or sloppy. A lot of games could learn from this game.

Okay, here we go. This game is very fun. It actually seems a lot more fun now than when I got it in preschool(weird). In this game you either control mario, Yoshi or Princess Peach.
You move your err, magic hand around the island and solve all the crazy spelling/letter problems. A good concept. It is a very fun game (especially if you are about 5-7). This game is almost as fun as football.

Although it would be a very nice feature, there is no multiplayer in this game.

By ''learning'' I mean how well it teaches young kids. It does well. For some reason Mario seams to tach them a lot more than any school could.But it would be better if there was sound. There are several different islands, all with there own fun learning activity.

Once again, if you are about 5-7, then I recomend this game. However, if you are older than that I don't recomend this game (unless you are totally insane, like me).

If you are under 8, I recomend to buy it. If you are over this, rent it.

Graphics- 9
Sound/Music- 2
Challenge- 5
Controls- 10
Gameplay- 9
Multiplayer- N/A
Learning- 8

If you like this game, I also recomend
Marios early years: Preschool Fun!
Marios early years: Fun with Numbers

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/30/04

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