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"A soccer game featuring Mega Man? What are they going to think of next?"

Okay, first off, Mega Man should NOT be featured in a soccer game. Except if it's this good. Obviously, Capcom was planning on releasing a soccer game, and decided to make it a Mega Man game, I guess in order to sell more copies. When I first heard a few years back that Capcom had actually released a Mega Man soccer game, I was shocked. I felt that the Mega Man series was more adapt to shooter/platform action than the sports genre. So I had no clue what to expect when I first sat down to play this game.

So a few weeks back, after three years, I decided to buy this game off my friend. And when I finally played the game, I found one of the most fun soccer titles ever made. And this comes from a company not known for its sports titles (this is Capcom's only sports title, I believe. I could be wrong.) Great job, Capcom! I really did enjoy playing this game, despite its flaws, and trust me this game did have some flaws. No game is perfect, and this is a prime example of this.

While I did enjoy playing this game, even I was able to discover some flaws about it. For instance, the single player option just is not as fun as the multiplayer option in the game. The reason for this is simple. It is because the AI in the game is pretty challenging, which makes it pretty difficult to score goals. Now, I am aware of the fact that games, especially sports games, are supposed to be challenging in this area, but come on now, I at least want it to be possible to score goals in this game!

Otherwise, the single player game is just as fun to play as the multiplayer game. It is one of the better soccer games ever released for any console, in my opinion. I really enjoyed playing the game and playing through the variety of stages that Capcom provided and featured in this game. The thing I liked most about this game is the fact that Capcom tried a lot of new things to add to the standard soccer game fare, which made the game just more fun than it already is.

There is not much of a basic story line to this game, as you might expect. Of course, it s a Mega Man game, and a soccer game, as well. So, I was not expecting to see a huge, revolutionary story line pop out of the game. Basically, there is a robot soccer tournament and Mega Man signed up for it, only to discover Dr. Wily's evil robots are his opponents, so he has to win the soccer tournament to save the world. Like I said, not the greatest story line ever, but considering what kind of game this is, it is good enough for me.

The graphics all around are of very good quality. The title screen and intro screens are evry nicely designed and easy to understand. The field selection screen is cool as well because its just like the normal Mega Man selection screens (well, pre-PSX, anyways). And speaking of the different fields, they're great!! Each field is uniquely designed to fit the boss charcater. For instance, the field in skull man is a skull-type field.

It is really cool, and the characters are designed very nicely, as well. I really liked the design of the soccer players in the game, even if they all do look the same. Well, each team has a certain amount of soccer players, and each soccer player on the team looks the same, with the same colors and everything. Basically, there is one robot design with a variety of colors to represent each team. And I see nothing wrong with that, because I liked the character designs in this game.

Yeah, they brought back the classic Mega Man tunes... well, at least till you start playing the game. The boss selection music is cool because its a remix of the music featured in Mega Man X, among others. I love that song!! And the music that plays while you're playing soccer is great too! The variety of the music in the game is great, but i was not totally thrilled by the music in the game. Most of it is good but some of it just did not have that classic Mega Man ''feeling''. The game definitely features solid music, but sadly it is not up to the quality set by the other games in the series.

Sound effects in the game are solid, and these are some of the better sound effects I have heard in a soccer video game. Despite the fact most of the basic sound effects could be heard in any other soccer game, the sound effects are still pretty solid. Most of the sound effects you get in the game do come from other soccer games: for instance, sounds of the players kicking and passing the ball around reign supreme in this game. I really liked the sound effects in this game, and am glad that there is no voice acting in the game, because voice acting in Mega Man games usually turns out pretty horrible, at least it does in my opinion. Damn kiddy voices in Mega Man X4 and Mega Man 8...

I really liked the control in this game, as it was easy to move your characters around and pull off some of the things in the game, like super kicks. Passing and controlling the ball was rather simple, as it only took one button to pass the ball, and one button to shoot the ball. Sometimes I got confused and pressed the wrong button, and ended up shooting the ball when I really wanted to pass it, but that is to be expected. Overall, I really liked the control in this game, as I felt it was perfectly suited for the Super Nintendo conrtroller.

Mega Man Soccer is like your basic soccer game, but it is very fun, to boot (no pun intended). When you turn it to Championship Mode, you have to beat all eight boss teams, which is just like the basic Mega Man series. After beating a boss team, you get the boss character on your team, plus you do not have to play that team anymore. It is definitely really cool, to say the least. And the game definitely reminds me of any other Mega Man game based on the gaining of boss characters alone. Because in the other Mega Man games, after defeating a boss you gain their special weapon. So, this game definitely has Mega Man elements.

Also, the game features a one-on-one mode, where you pick a field and go against the computer in a field you select. The game also features a Tournament and 2-player modes. The two player mode in the game is really fun, as I have always liked playing my friend in sports games, and this was one of the more fun games we have encountered yet. Needless to say, we were not expecting to enjoy a soccer game as much as we enjoyed this soccer game. We realle enjoyed playing this game, as we felt it was one of the better sports games we have played on the Super Nintendo yet. Overall, the game features quality game play, which is to be expected from the fine folks at Capcom.

If you like soccer, this is the game to get. It has great replay value, and is very addictive. There is not that much secrets featured in the game, so you would think that that fact alone would decrease the replay value significantly. If not significantly, then at least a little bit. Well, I am happy to report that that fact is not true in this case, because this game is still addicting and very fun to play, regardless of the fact that there are not that much secrets featured in the game. Also, the fact that the game is challenging will make you want to come back for more, because you will want to keep on playing until you finally defeat the game. Overall, the replay value in this game is awesome, simply awesome.

Try stopping a super blast, as that is one of the most challenging things to do in the game. Also, it is very hard to score goals. Yes, this is a very challenging game, as Capcom really jacked up the computer AI for this game. The super blast shots are really challenging to stop, as they come at you so fast and are really strong. The goals are very hard to score in the game, as well, because I swear that the goalies are like brick walls in certain aspects. I have barely won any games in this game, mainly because of the fact that the super shots are so difficult to stop, and the goals are so difficult to score. Overall, this is definitely a really challenging game.

Despite the challenge of scoring goals, Mega Man Soccer is a fun and exciting soccer game. Capcom has done it again. They have consisently provided game players everywhere with great games. And despite the fact that their track record when it comes to innovation has been less than perfect (how many Resident Evils do we need, anyways?), they provided game players everywhere with an unique and very fun to play soccer game, featuring everyone's favorite blue robot.

I was really pleased with the quality of this game, and I feel that it is one of the best soccer games to ever appear on any console, ever. Sure, the game does have some flaws, as quite frankly this is also the most challenging soccer game I have ever played. However, these flaws do not overshadow the good qualities of the game, and trust me there are a lot of good points to this game. The graphics are awesome, the music and sound effects are solid, and the control is about as good as it gets. I definitely reccomend purchasing this game if you find it cheap enough, because if you like soccer you will like this game! And that is a Ladies Man guarantee!

-The graphics in the game are above average and highly detailed.
-The music and sound effects in the game are worth listening to.
-The control in the game is about as good as it gets.
-I really liked the variety of game modes in the game.
-Add up all the good points and you have one hell of a good game!

-I know it is a Mega Man game, but it could have had a better story line.
-I know it is a soccer game, but it could have had a better story line. (ever get that feeling of deja vu?)
-This is one of the most challenging video games ever, because Capcom really jacked up the Computer AI.
-Some of the music and sound effects could have been better.

I Run Down the Ratings... DaLadiesMan Style!
Story Line - 4.1/10
Graphics - 8.8/10
Music - 8.1/10
Sound Effects - 8.2/10
Control - 9.8/10
Game Play - 9.1/10
Replay Value - Way Above Average
Challenge - Way Above Average
Is This Game Worth a Purchase? - Definitely
Overall - 9.1/10

The Last Line
This is truly an all time great soccer game, and if you like soccer, this is a game you must own or at least play a few times. It may have its flaws, but overall it is a truly great game. And hell, it is an innovative game from a company known for cheap sequels featured in the Street Fighter and Resident Evil series! So make sure to check it out, if not for the historical factor alone. =)

And that is a Ladies Man guarantee!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/17/00, Updated 07/16/01

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