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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Reeve

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    ========Mega Man X2 Guide========
    by Reeve
    : http://www.megaman-x.com/
    : reeve@megaman-x.com
     1. Introduction
     2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order
     3. Power-Up Uses and Locations
     4. Opening stage 
     5. Desert Base stage (Overdrive Ostrich)
     6. Weather Control stage (Wire Sponge)
     7. Dinosaur Tank stage (Wheel Gator)
     8. Deep-Sea Base stage (Bubble Crab)
     9. Volcanic Zone stage (Flame Stag)
     10. Robot Junkyard stage (Morph Moth)
     11. Central Computer stage (Magna Centipede)
     12. Energen Crystal stage (Crystal Snail)
     13. Violen, Serges, and Agile Strategies
     14. X-Hunters' base stage 1 
     15. X-Hunters' base stage 2 
     16. X-Hunters' base stage 3 
     17. Boss Face-off stage
     18. Final stage
     19. Secrets and Tips 
     20. Legal
    1. Introduction:
    Welcome to the official Mega Man X Online guide for Mega Man X2, the second installment in 
    the MMX saga. Refer to the index above for an easy reference guide, and go to 
    http://www.megaman-x.com/guides/ to find HTML versions of this guide, along with guides for 
    all of the other games in the Mega Man X series. Happy gaming. 
    2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order:
    -Overdrive Ostrich --------- Crystal Hunter (Snail) 
    -Wire Sponge --------------- Sonic Slicer (Ostrich)
    -Wheel Gator --------------- Strike Chain (Sponge) 
    -Bubble Crab --------------- Spinning Blade (Gator) 
    -Flame Stag ---------------- Bubble Splash (Crab) 
    -Morph Moth ---------------- Speed Burner (Stag) 
    -Magna Centipede ----------- Silk Shot (Moth) 
    -Crystal Snail ------------- Magnet Mine (Centipede) 
    3. Power-Up Uses and Locations:
    Power-Up          Use              Location
    Leg Upgrade - mid-air dash - Found in Overdrive Ostrich's stage. 
    Helmet Upgrade - item radar - Found in Crystal Snail's stage. 
    Arm Upgrade - more powerful X-Buster - Found in Wheel Gator's stage. 
    Body Upgrade - Giga Crush attack - Found in Morph Moth's stage. 
    Heart Tanks - more life added to meter - One per stage
    Sub-Tanks - life energy reserve - Found in the stages of: 
    				   	     Wire Sponge 
                                       Bubble Crab 
                                       Flame Stag 
                                       Magna Centipede
    4. Opening Stage:
    While on the bike at the beginning of the stage, you can't control a thing. Once X crashes the 
    bike into the enemy, you take control. The enemy he crashed into isn't completely dead yet, but 
    it's close. Use one charged up X-Buster blast to take him down, and dodge the cannon he'll fire 
    off on you. Before you move on in the level, you can test out your buttons to jump, fire, and 
    see how rapidly and responsively you can do each. Once inside, there will be robotic walls that 
    block your path, and small leaping robots. Neither of these pose a huge threat. The robotic 
    walls can only hurt you if you're directly under them, which is pretty hard to do in the first 
    place. The small leaping ones can be killed in only two hits, so they aren't a problem either. 
    Unlike the original, this game starts you out with the dash ability, so use that to your 
    advantage. After you pass through the last wall, there will be some robots that can grab you, 
    but only if you let them. Dash away quickly and you won't get hurt. Avoid going through the 
    assembly line that they're being created on. Instead, stand on top of the machines that are 
    manufacturing them and dash your way through. An arm will grab you and hold you over a pile of 
    dangerous scrap. Hold right and you'll land on a wall, which you can jump up to avoid getting 
    hurt. Next, climb up the ladder. A robot will start rising above you. Pick either side of the 
    wall and climb up it as fast as you can. The walls will be closing in on you if you don't. When 
    you get to the top, you can destroy the robot with a single shot to avoid the walls closing in 
    any more, or just avoid it. It can hurt you if you cross its path, though. Collect the piece 
    of energy and go down the pit to face the boss. 
    CF-0 Strategy
    This boss is arguably the easiest boss of any MMX game ever. Stand where you landed after 
    coming through the boss door, and stay there. Charge up your X-Buster and jump to aim at the 
    head. It takes only four fully charged shots to destroy it, and it takes many many more for 
    him to destroy you. He might hit you once or twice, but it takes off so little damage that it 
    isn't a problem. 
    5. Overdrive Ostrich's stage:
    A small bit into the stage, there will be a hog-like robot charging at you, but a wall is 
    blocking his way. If you blast the wall, it becomes a ramp, but the hog can come to you know. 
    Blast him with a charged up shot, and move on. You'll find a scorpion robot. Power up your 
    X-Buster and let him have it, jumping to dodge his shots. Next you'll find a few rocks to the 
    right, and a ladder below you.
    X-Hunter Entrance
    If you use the Spinning Blade from Wheel Gator on the rocks, the path will open to an X-Hunter. 
    If an X-Hunter is occupying the stage at the time, going through the boss door will lead to him. 
    Refer to section 13 for strategies.  
    Taking the ladder, battle your way through some more hogs. Get on the bike, and have fun with 
    it. If you Dash, you can keep the bike for longer, but you'll wreck it eventually no matter 
    what. Just go nuts, and fend off biker enemies with the gun mounted on the bike. 
    Heart Tank
    If you Dash and fire the entire time, you'll jump over a machine creating a sandstorm. After 
    this, Dash, but stop dashing when you come to a pit. You'll jump over the pit, and then start 
    dashing again. You'll jump over a few more pits, and then be on an area with spikes. Reverse 
    your bike's direction, over and over again, to make it have slow progress going forward. At the 
    end of the spikes, there's a Heart Tank, but you have to take it slow so you don't die. 
    Afterwards, turn around and let your bike wreck on the wall, and move on in the level. 
    Fight your way through two more scorpion enemies.
    Leg Upgrade
    Dash jump off the ledge that the scorpion was on, and land on another ledge across the way. Use 
    your Spinning Blade weapon to get through the wall, and go inside the alchove to find the 
    capsule. This Leg Upgrade lets you dash mid-air.
    One more scorpion enemy. There have been plenty in this stage for you to get a hang of beating 
    them, so destroy him and move on to the boss.
    Overdrive Ostrich Strategy
    The strategy using the Crystal Hunter and the X-Buster remains basically the same for Overdrive 
    Ostrich. He's quick, so fire when you get the opportunity while dodging his basic attacks.
    1. Sonic Slicer - Lets out Sonic Slicer shots that richochet a bit off the ground. If you dodge 
    these the first time through a dash-jump and then stay out of their way, it shouldn't be a 
    2. Sonic Slicer 2 - The equivilant of a charged Sonic Slicer, this brings down a rain of Slicers 
    straight down. These don't ricochet, but they can be hard to dodge. Try to get in between two 
    of them quickly and don't move until the threat is gone.
    3. Pounce - Often Ostrich will pounce forward very quickly and repeatedly. Try to dash under 
    this when he's at the height of his pounce, and he'll go straight past you.
    4. Land - When Ostrich disappears into the background, you can see him jumping up from the 
    sands far back there. Soon after, he'll land, trying to land on you. Dash at the last moment to 
    avoid this. 
    6. Wire Sponge's stage:
    Heart Tank
    This is the easiest Heart Tank to find in the game. Climb up the left wall at the start of the 
    level and go inside the hidden wall to find it.  
    Destroy the frog robots with a few mere blasts from your X-Buster. They don't attack quickly, 
    so as long as you disable them fast, they won't even have a chance to attack. Inside a small 
    alchove, destroy the sphere that is helping to control the weather. Blast the enemies that rise 
    up on poles with charged up X-Buster shots. Like the frogs, they don't attack quickly, so 
    wiping them out fast will be beneficial. Wipe out another crystal, and cross the spikes. There 
    are two ways you can do this. You can either climb across the floating poles right above the 
    spikes, which is the harder route, or you can use the pole farthest to the left to do a 
    Dash-Jump onto the tree-shaped alchove you just came out of. Climb up it, and you'll find some 
    platforms to the left.
    If you take the higher route, a Sub-Tank will be on the second set of platforms at the top. Do 
    a Dash-Jump and climb up to the highest level to collect it.  
    Next you'll come to an elevator platform going upward.
    X-Hunter Entrance
    If you time it right, you can go under the elevator platform and then to the nearby wall, and 
    board the elevator to go right. Here you'll find a bit of energy and an X-Hunter door. If an 
    X-Hunter is occupying the stage at the time, going through the boss door will lead to him. 
    Refer to section 13 for strategies. 
    When you take an elevator platform up, some small robots will try to leap on you to hurt you. 
    Simply go to one side of the elevator, left or right, and let them jump past you. For fun, you 
    can try picking them off as they jump past you as well. Some more frog robots and a crystal 
    later, and you'll be outside again. Aside from jumping over spikes and blasting frog robots, 
    this area has one new threat. Flying robots will drop things on the ground. What they drop will 
    be either an electrically charged weed, which can be Dash-Jumped over, or a small robot that 
    will try to latch onto you. Once it does, it will serve as a lightning rod, trying to make 
    bolts of lighting from the sky hurt you. It's best to blast these annoyances when they land on 
    the ground, but if they do latch onto you, simply dashing will help you avoid the lightning, 
    and the robot will eventually come off, at which time you can blast it. Go through the level 
    following these patterns and blasting all the spherical weather-changing devices until you go 
    inside. A small robot will lunge at you, but you can take it out. There will be another small 
    robot, and then a scorpion-like robot. Go to the edge of the wall where the missiles of the 
    scorpion can't reach you, and charge up your X-Buster. Let the robot have it when it isn't 
    shooting. It'll be destroyed eventually. If you need, you can scroll out and scroll back in the 
    small robots to try and fill up the Sub-Tank you acquired in this level, along with any others 
    you might have, but you probably wouldn't need it. When you feel you're prepared, go through 
    the boss doorway.
    Wire Sponge Strategy
    Wire Sponge is easiest using the Sonic Slicer, but is pretty easy with the X-Buster as well. 
    Although the Sonic Slicer will take him down faster and stop most of his attacks, the strategy 
    for avoiding his four basic attacks remains the same with both. 
    1. Strike Chain - This is merely him extending a chain toward you with the hopes of hitting you. 
    Very easy to avoid, simply jump and cling to a nearby wall. 
    2. Strike Shield - A small and short-lasting shielding maneuver made by spinning the Strike 
    Chain in circles quickly. A Sonic Slicer can pierce this and deal damage, but it's just as easy 
    to wait for it to be over and then fire. 
    3. Weeds - He'll often fire off small weeds to stick to the ground and walls , making it 
    hazardous. A charged shot will get rid of the weeds, rendering the ground and walls safe again.
    4. Lightning - When you see Wire Sponge turn red and start to dance, you know this is coming. 
    You could try to avoid it by trying to get in between lightning blasts, but standing firm 
    against the wall opposite Wire Sponge works best. This will just barely avoid the last lightning 
    7. Wheel Gator's stage:
    The first enemy of the stage is a launching pad that fires out flying robots which fly straight 
    forward, potentially harming you. Stand on the ground below the launcher and fire. This will 
    protect you from harm, and destroy it in one fell swoop. Next will be a few robots that look 
    like triceritops. A charged up X-Buster blast will do away with them, so they shouldn't be a 
    large problem. 
    Arm Upgrade 
    After you pass the triceritops robots, but before you go down the pit, climb the right wall. 
    You'll see a structure that makes it nearly impossible to jump to the left wall. Nearly. Use 
    the Leg Upgrade to do an Air Dash and get the spacing just right. If you do it in the right 
    area, you'll land on the left wall, and you can climb up it to get your Arm Upgrade. This will 
    up the attack power of your X-Buster and give you a powerful double shot, and allow you to 
    charge any special weapon. You probably don't have the Leg Upgrade yet, since it requires Wheel 
    Gator's weapon to acquire, but return for this one after you get it.  
    Moving on, there will be flying platforms for you to stand on as they hover over the spikes. 
    Nothing is required here; just stand on them. Don't jump or dash or anything. Just stand there. 
    After you get out of the dangerous pit, there will be some soldier robots with shields. Hitting 
    them with a charged blast will usually knock the shield out of their hands, at which time you 
    can hit them with another blast (this is especially easy if you have the double shot upgrade you 
    might've just gotten). On the next level down, there are some more triceritops robots. Blast 
    them quickly and move on. Taking the top platform among them can lead to some energy. Next 
    you'll find some riding armor. This model can hover for a short time if you hold the jump button 
    after jumping, and the claws can be charged for a powerful attack. Also, you are invulnerable 
    while inside. The armor isn't invincible, though, so don't let it take too many hits. Go through 
    the next level destroying all the enemies in sight, a task made very easy by your new riding 
    armor, and get out when you get to the ladder.  
    Heart Tank
    This is one of the hardest Heart Tanks to get, and you may waste a few lives trying. Make sure 
    you have the Arm Upgrade, the Speed Burner weapon, and the Leg Upgrade. Get on the higher ground 
    that's near the ladder to the right. Charge up your Speed Burner, and jump. At the highest point 
    in your jump, do an Air Dash, and immediately follow that by using your charged Speed Burner. 
    It's hard to do, so keep at it if you die.  
    When you get on a platform that rises, you don't have to hit the enemy to the left. He'll miss 
    you no matter what, but hitting him can be made a bit of a sport. Dash to the right off of the 
    platform before you run into the spikes. When you get on the other platform, rapid fire your 
    X-Buster to destroy the flying robots that will try to run into you. Destroy the next shielded 
    soldier robot, and get on the platform. Again, you don't have to destroy the robots here, since 
    they'll miss, but you might want to for fun. If you ride the platform all the way to the top, 
    you can get an extra life, but to progress in the level you have to get off when it comes to the 
    first exit on the left.  
    X-Hunter Entrance
    Riding all the way to the top with the platform also enters the X-Hunter's challenge. If an 
    X-Hunter is occupying this stage, going through the door on the right will lead to it.  
    Move on to find another shielded robot, who should be easy by now, and a launcher robot. For 
    this one, there's no lower ground to stand on, so you have to charge up your Buster to hit it, 
    and jump over or blast the flying robots it launches. You can also simply Dash-Jump past the 
    pesky thing, but that's not half as fun. Fight your way through some triceritops and other 
    assorted random enemy robots, and do a Dash-Jump off the edge of the tank, and hold right. If 
    you do it right, you'll land in a safe place in a small alchove between two launcher robots. 
    Destroy them both to get them out of your hair, or over and over to charge up your Sub-Tanks. 
    Also, to the right is a small cache of energy. Once you're ready, go down the left path and down 
    the chasm, sliding down the wall. Don't go all the way down, or the robot will hurt you. Charge 
    up your X-Buster, and wait till it fires the top cannon. Slide down a little and let him have it 
    while the other cannon is firing. There isn't a big difference between the two, so be very 
    careful. In the future, the Spinning Blade from Wheel Gator is the best method to use on these, 
    but seeing as you're going to fight Wheel Gator now, you probably don't have it yet. 
    Wheel Gator Strategy
    Wheel Gator takes a while to beat, mainly because he usually isn't able to be attacked. He'll 
    be either under the red liquid that fills his room, or occassionally he'll become temporarily 
    invulnerable right before he charges and while charging. Despite this, he's not that hard. Just 
    lengthy. Hit him with the Strike Chain or your X-Buster when you get the chance, and spend the 
    rest of the time dodging his four basic attacks.
    1. Spinning Blade - When he dives, cling to the wall and stay there. One Spinning Blade will come. 
    Dash-Jump off the wall when it gets near to avoid it. Then cling to the wall again, and follow 
    the same strategy to avoid the second Spinning Blade. Then prepare for his Chomp attack.
    2. Dive - This isn't really an attack as much as it is a strategic move. This is where the 
    Spinning Blade and Chomp will come from. 
    3. Chomp - After Diving and using two Spinning Blades, Wheel Gator will suddenly pop out of the 
    water towards you trying to Chomp you. This will slowly drain some life before he lets you go. 
    To avoid this, simply stay at the highest point possible on the wall. 
    4. Charge - When you see Wheel Gator change colors, he's about to Charge. This means he will 
    spin fast and approach you quickly. Sometimes a Strike Chain will stop this in its tracks, but 
    when he continues to glow as he Charges, it won't. If this is the case, get out of the way as 
    fast as you can by clinging to the wall. 
    8. Bubble Crab's stage:
    At the beginning of the stage, a few bat robots are your only problem. Take them out with a 
    simply shot of your X-Buster. When you come to an edge, Dash-Jump across to the other edge and 
    use your Spinning Blade, if you have it, on the rocks to gather your life. Then jump down the 
    edge you were faced with before. There will be some fish torpedos, but they're as easy to take 
    out as the bats. All you need is aim and one shot. When you drop down into the next area, a huge 
    fish submarine named Sea-Canthller will come out. You can concentrate on blasting it if you 
    want, picking it apart piece by piece, or you can just let it go. It doesn't pose a threat to 
    you as long as you're not near it, and it's on a set course, so it'll go away from you anyway.  
    Heart Tank 
    Climb up the right wall above the floor that the fish sub went through. Charge up your Bubble 
    Splash weapon (yes, you'll have to come back for this if this is your first time through the 
    level), and cling to the wall just a little bit below where the wall ends. Do a Dash-Jump to the 
    left, and cling to the floating platform. The Bubble Splash will have given you a higher jump, 
    so you can reach them. Climb up them to reach the Heart Tank. 
    Whether you destroy Sea-Canthller or not, the gate will open up and you'll drop down below. Take 
    out the jellyfish with a simple single shot, and follow along the rocks.  
    When you see a rock formation that looks like it has a room in it, and the room has a piece of 
    energy in it, you're near where you can get the Sub-Tank. Climb atop that rock formation, and 
    charge up the Bubble Splash. Jump up, and when you're at the top of the water, press the jump 
    button again. You'll jump out of the water, and on top of the platform where you can get the 
    X-Hunter Entrance 
    If you let the fish submarine live, following it by Dash-Jumping from one wall to another when 
    it makes a steep incline will lead you directly to the area where an X-Hunter is. If there is an 
    X-Hunter occupying this area right now, going through the doorway will lead to him. 
    Taking the route just below where the fish submarine makes a steep incline, the water level will 
    drop down low again. Climbing up the walls, you'll meet some robots clinging to them that fire 
    off three shots at once. They can be taken out with a small charged shot, and there's always a 
    safe spot to stand where you can't get hurt. Just hit them when you get a chance and stay out of 
    the red. Once you get done climbing, you'll find the doorway to the boss.
    Bubble Crab Strategy
    Bubble Crab is pretty easy, especially if you have the Leg Upgrade to Air Dash over Bubble Crab 
    when he approaches. Hitting him with the Spinning Blade will basically make him run a cycle of 
    using his Bubble Shield and Bubble Splash, and otherwise wandering around sporadically. Simply 
    keep firing and avoiding his four basic attacks.     
    1. Bubble Splash - A small round of bubbles that ends up rising to the top of the water. This 
    has limited range since it simply goes upward, so keeping your distance should allow you to 
    avoid it effectively. 
    2. Bubble Shield - A round of bubbles that surrounds Bubble Crab to block attacks. One Spinning 
    Blade can pierce this. Otherwise, simply fire until it fades away.
    3. Mini-Crabs - This is more of a hazard than an attack. Small crabs surrounded by protective 
    bubbles will land on the ground, making it hazardous to walk. A Spinning Blade or a few X-Buster 
    blasts will take care of these, though, making it safe once again.
    4. Crab Claws - When jumping over Bubble Crab, he'll sometimes form green claws and jump up, 
    harming you. The less you jump over him, the less opportunity he'll get to do this attack. Keep 
    it to a minimum, and make sure that when you do jump over him, you do it fast with a Dash Jump 
    or the Air Dash. 
    9. Flame Stag's stage:
    The first "enemy" of the stage is a beetle that will clash into the walls. He's not really an 
    enemy, though, since he's really placed there to help you.  
    Stand in front of a wall, and wait for the beetle to reel back. Jump up and onto his back. Stand 
    on his back as he rises up. When he stops, jump to the cliff to the left, and climb up it. On 
    top of the cliff, there will be a ledge. 
    Climb on the wall in front of the weak-looking wall. Have the beetle destroy that one by dodging 
    as he comes in to strike you. Now you can go in and collect the energy there. Charge your 
    X-Buster to take out the robots clinging to the walls without having to get too close. Once you 
    reach a point with a steep incline, lava will start to rise. Climb up the walls as fast as you 
    Heart Tank 
    At one point in the wall climbing, you'll see the Heart Tank in plain view, blocked by a barrier 
    robot. Blast it with your charged up X-Buster or with a special weapon like the Spinning Wheel 
    quickly, collect the Heart Tank, and get out before you give the lava a chance to rise too much.  
    When you exit the cave, there will be some energy to the left that you can collect, but don't do 
    it as the lava is spurting upwards, or you'll be hurt badly. Move on to the right. A few 
    well-timed Dash-Jumps will get you past the pillars that will fall when you step on them, and 
    there will be another area with another beetle. 
    X-Hunter Entrance 
    Get on top of the beetle's back again, and when it stops, jump to the cliff to the right. Climb 
    in front of the weak wall, and jump out of the way as the beetle destroys it. Climb up the wall 
    directly above you upon entering the cave. Collect the energy to the left, and the doorway will 
    be on the right. If there is an X-Hunter occupying this area, you'll battle him by stepping 
    through that door.  
    Once inside the cave, Dash-Jump to get past the pillars. You'll be facing another steep incline, 
    and in this one there are gas leaks everywhere, and small robots setting those leaks on fire. The 
    best weapon to use against them here, if you have it, is the Sonic Slicer, since it will ricochet 
    upwards, eleminating those who you haven't even gotten to yet. If not, charge your X-Buster. The 
    larger blast will take them out easier than an uncharged blast. It is, of course, unnecesssary, but 
    having the Leg Upgrade makes it easier to get from corner to corner in this cave. Once out of the 
    cave, you'll find the door to the boss.
    Flame Stag Strategy
    Flame Stag is one of the easiest bosses of the game, especially if using the Bubble Splash. All you 
    really have to do is keep letting him have it while dodging his four basic attacks. 
    1. Speed Burner - Fire surrounds Flame Stag as he charges toward you. If you simply cling to the wall 
    when you see this coming, you'll be fine. It's usually followed immediately by the Wall Climb. 
    2. Fireballs - His most common attack, this is when he fires fireballs in pairs, one high, and one 
    low, and then repeats. If you're close the high one poses a threat, so dash under it or climb the 
    wall to avoid it. The lower one is no problem at all, as you can simply jump over it. 
    3. Wall Climb - Quite often Flame Stag will suddenly start jumping from wall to wall. As long as 
    you're not on the walls, however, this isn't a problem. Be prepared to hit him with your weapon as 
    soon as he comes down, though, so he doesn't dash straight into you. 
    4. Blue Fire - Once he reaches half of his lifebar, his fireballs will turn blue, making him stronger 
    and faster. Follow the same strategies you always had been, but be prepared to do them faster than 
    10. Morph Moth stage:
    Your first enemy in this stage is a floating scrap robot. Since he can't really hurt you until 
    you get too close, let him have it from a distance. A simple well-placed charged shot should 
    take out both scrap robots, and inflict some damage on the shielded robot.  
    Heart Tank 
    Rather than destroying the shielded robot, use the Crystal Hunter weapon on it. It will freeze, 
    and you can stand atop the robot to grab hold of the high wall to the right. Climb up it to get 
    your Heart Tank. 
    There will be a few more scrap robots as you move on, but they're too high to reach. Dash under 
    them to make them drop, then let them have it with a charged blast.  
    Body Upgrade 
    When you stop walking on shards of junk, and there's an actual floor to the building, use the 
    Spinning Wheel on the ground just before the first uneven floor. It will cut through the ground 
    and reveal the entrance to the capsule. This upgrade gives you the Giga Crush, which is a 
    powerful attack you can do when it's full. It's good for wiping out enemies when you're 
    surrounded or in a desperate situation, but other than that I find it kind of useless. 
    A few more scrap bots in the level. By now you should realize that these are no hard task. Soon, 
    though, you'll find a large heavy-duty rolling robot. Use a charged up X-Buster shot to take 
    down the armor that's surrounding him, and then let him have it with several quick shots. If you 
    take too long, the armor will gather again, and you'll have to start over, so destroy it 
    quickly. Making your way up the ramps, destroy the shield robots by standing slightly lower than 
    them, where you'll be invulnerable. Dash-Jump or Jump-Dash from ramp to ramp until you reach the 
    top. Some more scrap bots and one of the heavy-duty robots will greet you, but you should be 
    able to take them out. Next you'll face the first of two appearances of the miniboss. The Old 
    Robot is being taken over by a small bug, named Paraloid S-38. Hurt the Old Robot by shooting at 
    its chest. When it sinks into the ground, charge your X-Buster, and blast Paraloid S-38 when it 
    comes out. Blast it quickly, or it'll go back into the robot and you'll have to hurt it again to 
    draw out the bug. Next you'll face a small green bug, that can latch onto you. It's best not to 
    let it, but if it does, there's no real harm. It will take control of one aspect of you. It'll 
    either make you dash constantly, jump constantly, or shoot constantly. None of these really do 
    any harm, and it comes off eventually. Once you're rid of that pest, use your height to destroy 
    the head of the floating scrap bot, and move on down the ladder.  
    X-Hunter Entrance 
    By standing on the right spot on the ladder, you can destroy the shielded robot without taking 
    any damage. Go onto the platform that it was on, and follow it to the right. Dash-Jump to avoid 
    running into the scrap bot, and destroy it when it comes down. The doorway will be in plain 
    sight. If an X-Hunter is occupying this stage at the time, walking through that door will bring 
    you to a battle with him.  
    Skip past the shielded robots, but collect the energy below them. Once you're down the ladder, 
    take the higher path, and blast the bugs with charged X-Buster shots. There will also be a 
    heavy-duty robot here, but you can take him out. Go down the ladder, and try to avoid being 
    caught up by the bugs and heavy-duty robots here. There will be a lot more than usual. Once you 
    go down the ladder, there will be even more bugs, and then Old Robot and Paraloid S-38 once 
    again. Follow the same strategy as you did with the first, and you'll be fine. It's just the 
    same, except that there's a magnetic field keeping you from jumping as high as you normally 
    could. After this, there will be a few more bugs. Take them out as you would any in the level. 
    There will be a cannon robot guarding the door. Take him out using charged blasts from your 
    X-Buster or the Spinning Wheel from Wheel Gator. If you use the X-Buster, be careful when 
    sliding down the wall. Once he's finished, you'll have access to the door to the boss.
    Morph Moth Strategy
    The Speed Burner works best to hurt Morph Moth and disable his attacks, but his patterns are 
    basically the same. Being a moth, he transforms from a cocoon to his moth form, and the patterns 
    for each are different. Still, he only has four basic attacks.
    1. Silk Shot - Morph Moth will quite often spin his Silk Shot around in circles. It helps to 
    have the Air Dash here. To dodge it completely you have to dash over him, then under him, etc. 
    2. Junk Spin - Dropping to the ground, Morph Moth will spin in circles rapidly moving from side 
    to side, throwing junk everywhere. Simply cling to the wall to avoid this. If you get the 
    courage, you can drop to the ground and use a Speed Burner to stop it as well. 
    3. Moth Dust-  In his transformed figure, he'll drop dust as he flys around the room. Usually 
    the very side of the room keeps one safe from this attack, though, which is generally where you 
    should be staying anyway. 
    4. Laser - When he gets close, he'll probably use his Laser attack, a yellow beam that will head 
    straight for you. Try to generally keep your distance, and otherwise dash under this attack. 
    11. Magna Centipede stage:
    The first few enemies in this stage are shielded hovering robots. You might as well get used to 
    beating them now, because you'll have to do it often. Use a small charged shot to get rid of 
    their shield. Once it's gone, you'll have a small time frame to hit them with a simply X-Buster 
    shot before they reform their shield. The other enemy, although them by themselves can't hurt 
    you, are the lights floating around the room. They're yellow circular things, and they try to 
    trace you. Try your best to dodge around them. Dash, Dash-Jump, and know when to stay still. It 
    takes some practice, but it's possible to not get caught at all. If you do get caught, enemies 
    will come down from the ceiling to hurt you. They can be destroyed with a powered-up X-Buster 
    Heart Tank 
    Hope you practiced. To get this Heart Tank you have to dodge all of the detectors. Of all of 
    them, the last is the trickiest. You have to dash at just the right moment to get right below 
    it where it's safe. This, of course, takes practice, but once you do, go to where a large block 
    is. It'll start to move to the right, but stay where it used to be. Charge up your Speed Burner 
    and face left. Jump and let her rip. This will only get you halfway. As soon as the Speed Burner 
    runs out, use your Air Dash from the Leg Upgrade. You'll find yourself on a block hanging off 
    the ceiling (one that would become an enemy if you had tripped the alarm). Climb up it, then the 
    wall above it, to find your Heart Tank. 
    In the next area, large blocks will come down, trying to crush you. These aren't hard to avoid. 
    Just steer clear of them altogether until they stop moving. The purple ones can be destroyed, 
    and sometimes they'll have to be to move on in the level. When there's a narrow entrance way, 
    Dash-Jump to get over a purple block that will be coming straight at you. Failing that, blast it 
    as fast as you can. If it traps you in, you're crushed, and there's nothing you can do about it. 
    Avoid the next batch by simply jumping on the second gray one, and then the next batch after 
    that by simply standing to the side until they're done. There will be one more block that falls, 
    but you can simply stand to the side until it does.  
    In the area where the last block falls from the ceiling, there is an elevated area just before 
    you come to a pit. It's probably where you were standing to avoid being crushed by the last 
    block. Charge up your Speed Burner and jump as high as you can from the elevated area. Use the 
    Speed Burner to dash to the right, then use your Air Dash to make it the rest of the way. Climb 
    up the wall to gain your Sub-Tank. If instead of having the Speed Burner and Arm Upgrade combo 
    or your Leg Upgrade, and you only have one or the other, you can stand atop the last block that 
    falls and wait till it almost falls down the pit, then jump and use your charged Speed Burner or 
    Air Dash. The effect is the same, but it's more difficult to do.  
    Next, you'll be facing the first mini-boss of this level, a sword named Chop Register. Only the 
    hilt of the sword is vulnerable, and it can be distinguished since it's blue instead of green. 
    The sword will spend most of its time spinning around, before it strikes. If you stand near a 
    wall when it's spinning, you can jump up to the wall when it comes at you, and then jump down to 
    hit the exposed hilt. It will sometimes stab upwards when you do this, but simply Dash-Jump or 
    Air Dash off the wall to counteract this. In the next area, cling to the right wall as you fall. 
    You don't have to slide down it, but stay against it. Once again, there are alarms, and they 
    pose a threat that will hit you later if you let it. Go into the next downward area and take out 
    the enemy clinging to the right wall while very carefully clinging to the left. Don't let 
    yourself drift down too much, or you'll set off the alarm. A carefully timed Dash-Jump from the 
    left wall to the right will let you avoid all the remaining alarms. When you reach the ground 
    floor, the threat caused by the alarms will come to focuss. Blocks will be falling to the 
    ground, whether you set off the alarm or not, but they'll fall much faster if the alarm was set 
    off. Also, there will be a radar following you. Try to not let it catch you. It's reading your 
    strengths and weaknesses, so the next mini-boss can use them against you. There are three 
    separate radars, and the difficulty of the mini-boss will be based on how many of them catch 
    you. If you want to challenge yourself, let all three catch you.  
    X-Hunter Entrance 
    If you dash along the ground as the blocks are falling, you should make it across to the doorway 
    before it's sealed up by the falling blocks. If you don't make it, there's no way in. If an 
    X-Hunter is occupying this area when you get to the doorway, it will take you to battle him.  
    Once past the blocks, you'll be facing the mini-boss, Raider Killer. Charge up your X-Buster 
    and let him have it. It's fairly easy to dodge his shots, as long as you avoided the radar. If 
    you didn't, he'll be faster, but other than that he doesn't have any new features. Dash under 
    him when he jumps, avoiding his triple-shot, and continue to hit him with your X-Buster, jumping 
    over the shots that he tries to lay on you. At this point, alarms will go off, assumedly because 
    you defeated a security measure. This is unavoidable. The floors that are made up of blocks will 
    fall, the large blocks will fall from the ceiling. Basically, all security measures will be on. 
    The best way to get through this is to dash, and Dash-Jump when it's necessary to get over one 
    of the huge blocks. Once through this, you'll find the doorway to the boss.
    Magna Centipede Strategy
    The Silk Shot is almost necessary for this battle, as it disables his Magnet Mine attack. After 
    doing this, keep hitting him with the Silk Shot to bring him down quickly. You'll probably have 
    to cling to the wall often to hit him when he Teleports to higher points. 
    1. Magnet Mine - Only available until his first hit with a Silk Shot, this attack moves slowly 
    but causes pretty big damage. Make sure you disable it early. 
    2. Teleport - Disappearing and reappearing somewhere else is a favorite of Magna Centipede, 
    making some shots useless as he'll disappear just before they hit. He'll also often reappear on 
    the ceiling, making it harder to hit him. 
    3. Spikes -  While Teleporting from side to side, Magna Centipede will fire off spikes in 
    several directions. This doesn't cause big damage, and if you're clinging to the wall it usually 
    won't hit. 
    12. Crystal Snail stage:
    Take out the bat robot at the opening of the level. Moving on down the hill, you'll find a 
    riding armor, which is invaluable to some parts of this level.  
    Heart Tank 
    If you go back up the hill you just came down while in your riding armor, fall down the pit that 
    separates the two parts of the hill. Hold left so you don't fall down, and rather land on the 
    small patch of ground around the huge pit. Equip your Strike Chain. Do a Dash-Jump and hold down 
    the jump button to make the riding armor hover. When at its highest, jump out. Continue holding 
    left, and use your Strike Chain when you're about to fall down the pit. You'll latch onto the 
    side of the wall, and be able to climb up the rest of the way to collect your Heart Tank. To get 
    back, you have to use the floating platform that's hovering above you. 
    Moving forward with your riding armor, you'll find some enemies that don't really post any 
    threat. The weight of your armor will break through an icy floor. Use it's powerful claws to 
    break through the two ice blocks, and then jump out of the armor. For safety, go into the small 
    pit, and let the giant ice cube above you slide down. That will also destroy the barrier that 
    kept you from taking your riding armor, so go back and get it. There will be another crystal 
    enemy. Destroy it with a quick swipe of your claw.  
    X-Hunter Entrance 
    Climb on the ledge that the crystal enemy was on with your riding armor, and face left. 
    Dash-Jump, and hold down the jump button to make the riding armor hover. You'll land on a 
    platform. You'll need to use the claws of your riding armor to once again destroy the ice 
    blocks. Once enough are destroyed for you to get through, get out of your armor, and use the 
    floating platforms that are going up and down to make your way up. You can't climb up the walls; 
    they're too slippery. Once you get up to the top, you'll find the doorway. If an X-Hunter is 
    occupying this area, the doorway will take you to a battle with him. When exiting from the 
    battle-ground, stay clung to the left wall, or you'll die instantly from spikes. 
    You can get out of your armor to collect the small piece of life in the narrow pit if you want; 
    there's no dangers there. Get back in your robot armor afterwards, and break your way through 
    the crystal enemies. They still shouldn't pose a threat, since nothing can touch you while 
    you're in the riding armor. Crush the ice blocks to collect the piece of life below, and get 
    out of your riding armor to climb up the wall on the right. After you climb up, you'll be facing 
    the mini-boss of the stage, a crystalized robot named Magna Quartz. It doesn't move itself, 
    but it releases small probes to fire ricocheting shots around the room. After it's taken enough 
    damage, it releases another one. Concentrate your fire on the robot inside the crystal, 
    specifically on the red spot. Dodge the ricochet shots as best you can while keeping your eye on 
    the enemy that you're firing at, and move around a bit so the probes don't get too used to 
    firing at you in a certain spot. It's not that hard. Dash down the slippery hill, and Dash-Jump 
    out of it as soon as you can, before the ice block behind you crushes you. If you Dash-Jump 
    early enough, there's a piece of life on a small ledge.  
    Head Upgrade 
    There will be a large pit. Charge your X-Buster and slide down the left wall. Take out the 
    crystal enemies with your charged Buster, and go inside the alchove that they're firing from. 
    Take them out one by one, angling yourself so you won't get hit by them. When you get to the 
    end, you'll find the capsule. The head upgrade gives you a radar to find power-ups and items. 
    This could be helpful, but you probably have many of your power-ups already, so it's not really 
    necessary. Besides, you're reading this, which is infinately more helpful than that could ever 
    be, right? The radar's first use is to point you towards where an extra life is hidden.  
    In taking out the bat robots and climbing up the slope, you'll eventually come to yet another 
    huge ice cube that wants nothing more than to crush you. Run back to where you were before, and 
    climb up the ladder to a safe spot. Once the danger has passed, go ahead in the level. Destroy a 
    couple more crystal enemies, avoid yet another giant ice cube, and you're at the boss.
    Crystal Snail Strategy
    Crystal Snail can be fun to mess around with if you have the Magnet Mine. Firing it at his front 
    side will make him exit his shell and fling to the side. If you fire a Magnet Mine to the wall 
    too, that will damage him as well. Dashing into his emptied shell can avoid him reclaiming it, 
    and you can do this indefinately while firing off Magnet Mines. It's kind of cruel. Chances are, 
    though, he'll get off a few attacks, so you should know how to avoid his three basic attacks.
    1. Crystal Hunter - A crystal ball that fires will freeze you in place, leaving you susceptible 
    to his Charge attack, which he'll usually follow with. Unfortunately this has no set pattern to 
    it, so fancy footwork with plenty of dashing is the only safe measure. Of course, if you use the 
    Magnet Mine enough, he'll never get the chance to use it. 
    2. Slowdown - While in his shell, Crystal Snail will jump in the air and spin in circles, making 
    you move much slower while he doesn't slow down at all. It's harder to play this way, but the 
    effects eventually wear off. And again, as long as you use the Magnet Mine enough, he will use 
    it minimally. 
    3. Charge - Right after using Slowdown, he'll charge at you shell-first. This can be hard to 
    dodge if you're slowed, and impossible if he used the Crystal Hunter on you. Try to foresee it 
    coming and Dash-Jump out of the way early. 
    13. Violen, Serges, and Agile Strategies:
    If you find an X-Hunter entrance and an X-Hunter occupies that stage at the time, you'll face 
    either Violen, Serges, or Agile. Below are strategies for each. 
    Violen Strategy
    Violen is a big tough guy, and his difficulty shows this. You might need to use a Sub-Tank here, 
    so I hope you have them all filled. Violen has three basic attacks. One is to use a large ball 
    and chain and bounce it around the room like a ping-pong ball. Its moves are mostly 
    unpredictable, so you'll have to go with your reflexes and your Dash-Jump. It sometimes pays 
    off to stay close to him, because he's making it go far, and it sometimes pays better to cling 
    to a wall and stay there. His other two attacks are the same attack, but from different 
    positions. He'll throw a large row of energy that will go all over.  If he launches into the 
    air and does it from there, cling to the high part of a wall and stay there. If he does it from 
    the ground, do your best to jump in between two of them. When you're not dodging his attacks, 
    let him have it with your X-Buster. For this reason, it helps to have the Arm Upgrade from 
    Wheel Gator's stage.
    Serges Strategy
    Serges uses technology as his weapon, and a nasty weapon it is. Use either powered-up X-Buster 
    blasts or your Sonic Slicer weapon against him. He'll drop mines to the ground. It's a good 
    idea to destroy these with your weapon when you get the chance, but if you're too busy avoiding 
    Serges' other attacks, simply dodge them by Dash-Jumping, Air Dashing, and staying on the walls. 
    You can also be between two mines, carefully, and not be hurt. Serges' spiked hoverpad moves 
    slowly from side to side, posing a threat if he gets too close. Unfortunately, you might have 
    to get close to him. His hoverpad provides a shield around him that sometimes protects him from 
    any shot you could fire off. Occasionally, you can hit him with it down, but other times you 
    need to get close enough that your arm in inside the shield, so it can't protect him. Every time 
    he's hurt, he'll jump in the air and let out energy in a circular pattern. It's easiest to 
    simply go by instinct and find a spot between two energy blasts that you can avoid being hit. 
    To get around him when his hoverpad is coming towards you, you have two options. You can climb 
    on the wall and jump high, going over him, or you can go under him when he jumps up in the air, 
    after being hit. Also, since he's not protected by his shield when he's in the air, that's an 
    optimum time to hit him, given the chance. Enough repitition in knowing his patterns will 
    eventually defeat him. 
    Agile Strategy
    Agile's distinction is that he's quick, both in reflexes and attacks. To beat him, you need to 
    be quicker, in reflexes and attacks. Beating him at his own game is the only way. He's extremely 
    fast. Use your X-Buster, charging it and waiting for a clear shot at him. He will sometimes 
    leap in the air, releasing a huge sword slash in your direction. The best way to avoid this is 
    to stay on the upper part of the wall, and drop to the ground when he slashes. It will 
    completely miss you, then get to the top as quickly as possible again. If you don't quite make 
    it, Air Dash above the slash, or dash below it. Otherwise it will strike you. He will also 
    charge at you. Sometimes, if you fire your X-Buster, he'll come charging at you, which will 
    dissipate your blast. It's best to save your shot for when you know he won't do that. That can 
    be tricky, since he's so fast he can do it out of no where. When he charges, Air Dash or 
    Dash-Jump over him, since he'll usually directly after leap up with a hit intended for you. 
    After this, he'll probabably either charge at you again or do one of his huge slash attacks. 
    Just know how to avoid his attacks, and react quickly. Fire when you get an opportunity, and 
    he'll eventually go down. 
    14. X-Hunters' base stage 1:
    This stage is a lot like the opening stage. The ground goes down in a step-like fashion, and 
    along the way there are a lot of easy to beat enemies, like bat robots. You should be proficient 
    in taking these out by now. When you get to the spiked ground with the platform as the means of 
    getting across it, climb aboard, and start charging your Buster. A small robot will leap at you 
    as you're going, and you can take it out if you're prepared. When you climb out of the pit, 
    you'll be faced with another familiar face from the opening stage; the robot that closes in the 
    walls on you. This is a straight path, but it's a lot longer than any that you've faced, so jump 
    up the walls quickly. After taking out some shielded hovering robots, there will be another wall 
    closer. Climb up the right wall of the pit at first, and then Dash-Jump to the left after it 
    becomes uneven. This is the fastest way to get up. After a few scorpion robots (there's always 
    a safe spot provided, so they shouldn't be a problem), there's yet another wall closer robot. 
    This is another straight-forward one that's very long. Try to jump as fast as you can, and 
    refrain from delays, like trying to blast the robot when its close. Next, there will be a choice 
    between a high and low path. The high path is simple, and doesn't have many enemies. If you 
    want to challenge yourself, though, take the lower path. Whenever you arrive from either, you'll 
    have to face yet another wall closer robot, and this one is the hardest yet. Climb up the right 
    side of the wall, and do it quickly. After the wall goes through two uneven spots, Dash-Jump to 
    the other side and keep climbing. You'll make it through, narrowly. Don't hit against the robot 
    itself at the top, or it'll knock you back into the closing walls and you'll be crushed. One 
    more scorpion robot, and you're at the boss.
    Violen Strategy
    Violen acts exactly the same way as he did originally. The only difference is that now blocks 
    will come. This is actually beneficial to you. Hiding under, on, or in between the blocks and 
    the wall will make it very hard for Violen to hit you with his ball and chain, making it nearly 
    useless. Other than that, use your X-Buster or the Bubble Splash on him. The Bubble S. is the 
    only weapon that does any damage on him, and it does substantial damage at that. Dodge his 
    energy balls by Dash-Jumping, and keep firing at him. He's not hard. 
    15. X-Hunters' base stage 2:
    This stage opens with you diving underwater. There will be some torpedos shooting at you, but 
    take them out with rapid fire from your X-Buster. There will be some wall climbing robots at 
    the edge of the water, but you can take them off with careful climbing and your X-Buster, or 
    just use your Sonic Slicer to take them out. Make sure you collect some energy for it if you 
    use it, though. You'll need it later. Next you'll find a few heavy-duty robots. If you have your 
    Arm Upgrade, charge it up and let them have it. That takes them out completely. After some more 
    wall-climber hassles, you'll go underwater again. In this underwater area, there are no 
    torpedos. Just platforms and spikes. Deadly spikes. Cling to the side of the platforms until 
    they're over safe land, and then let go. Do this again, of course. Eventually, you'll come to 
    one that just won't go over safe land when you're on the left side of it. You need to jump on 
    top of it in the small area that you have room to, and get to the other side. That will take 
    you safely near land, where you can jump off of it and touch down to safety. Another platform 
    will come that you'll have to cling onto, this one surrounded on all sides by spikes. It sounds 
    tricky, but it's really not. Just stand at the top. Drop yourself to the left first, and cling 
    to the wall of the platform. When you're past the fire coming from the right, get back to the 
    top and repeat the process, only clinging to the right this time. Then get back on top and jump 
    from it onto safe ground. Charge your Speed Burner and use it, along with your Leg Upgrade to 
    get across. If you don't have the Arm Upgrade to charge your Speed Burner or the Leg Upgrade, 
    use one or the other, followed by your Strike Chain. You'll cling to a nearby wall, pulling you 
    to safety. One more obstacle to go. Cling to the left wall and slide down. Make sure you don't 
    slide down too much, though, or you'll get hit by the cannon robot. Fire off a Spinning Wheel 
    and watch it take him down, then go through the door to the boss.
    Serges Strategy
    Unlike Violen, Serges is completely different in his second incarnation. He's very easy if you 
    know how to take him down. First, equip your Silk Shot. Use it on each of the four cannons at 
    the front of his giant contraption. Each time you do this, it will come a little closer, so be 
    prepared to back off to the floating platform behind you every time you do this. Once that's 
    gone, wait for him to be near the top in his elevator-like carrier. Jump down and get on the 
    very edge of his contraption. Switch your weapon to the Sonic Slicer and charge it up. Jump and 
    let it go, and it should hit him perfectly. Also, your standing position should protect you from 
    his blasts of energy. If you don't have the Arm Upgrade, simply stand on the platforms in front 
    of him and use it the old fashioned way. 
    16. X-Hunters' base stage 3:
    This stage really shouldn't be hard for you in terms of enemies. If you've come this far, you 
    know how to deal with these robots. There will be some shielded robots, but as usual, you can 
    be lower than them, severely rupturing any chance of damage they could inflict on you. After 
    battling through a few of those and a bug or two, you'll find an area too small for you to fit 
    through with some energy and an extra life inside. If you want them, use your Strike Chain to 
    pull them in. After you climb the wall, you'll find one of the trickiest parts of the stage. 
    Not so much in that it's hard, but it's repetitive, and annoying. There will be a platform. 
    Every time you jump on it, it will go a different direction. To get it to go where you want it 
    to, you have to jump pretty fast sometimes. The first one is practice for some much harder ones 
    later in the stage. After you get through that area, there will be a triceritops robot and a 
    shielded robot towards the ground. You could use your Speed Burner to get past the spikes and 
    get the energy, but it's not worth it, especially seeing as you probably should've filled up 
    your Sub-Tanks before you came here. If you didn't, taking a risk like that is tempting, but 
    definately not worth the threat of dying. After all, what good would the Sub-Tanks be then? Now 
    you get to the really hard platforms. I'll let you figure out these little puzzles, as detailed 
    directions would be extremely involved, and probably wouldn't make much sense. Just remember to 
    jump quickly when you need to, and that the platform can sometimes go through small spaces. You 
    can use this platform to reach the high ladder in the next area, which holds an extra life, some 
    energy, and a few other important things (see the Secrets and Tips section). When you take the 
    down ladder, you face a cannon robot. Take him out with the Spinning Wheel, and Air Dash over 
    the spikes. Clinging to the walls will help you get over the next set of spikes. Then Air Dash 
    over the launcher robot and ignore him. You can destroy it if you want, but it's kind of 
    useless. Destroy the shielded solider robot that's facing the wrong direction. You could also 
    do a very risky Air Dash over the spikes to collect an extra life. Destroy the robots being 
    launched, and the flying bug near the spikes. Charge up your Speed Burner and use it and your 
    Air Dash to get over the spikes. Keep repeating this process until you reach the doorway to the 
    Agile Strategy
    Ironically Agile, who was probably the hardest of the X-Hunters in his earlier form, is the 
    easiest among them in this form. Equip your Magnet Mine and fire them off. Press up as you do 
    it so it will go upwards towards Agile's ship in the air, hurting him badly. He'll make spikes 
    drop from the ceiling, but these can be avoided by simply jumping between the two sets of spikes 
    when he does it. Where safe ground is can be judged by where he is when he stops moving. It 
    doesn't matter that much anyway, seeing as the spikes aren't the kind that could kill you with 
    one hit. They just do a little damage. He'll also launch missiles, but these rarely actually hit 
    you, and when they do, they don't pose a large threat. They're easy to avoid, too. Just 
    Dash-Jump to the other side when you see them coming. When he's hit, he lets out two energy 
    bolts from both sides that trace the walls and then the ground. Just jump over them when they 
    come to you. This Agile is simple.
    17. Boss Face-off stage:
    This stage is merely taking on the bosses one by one, all over again. They're all exactly the 
    same, and should be faced in the same ways, except that this time you have the weakness of all 
    of them. There is an energy storage for you to take between boss fights. It regenerates each 
    time, so don't be afraid to use it. Below is a map of where all the bosses are:
     -Morph Moth-                                  -Wheel Gator-
                         -                  -
     -Wire Sponge-        | Energy Capsules  |      -Overdrive Ostrich-
                         -                  -
     -Bubble Crab-                                 -Crystal Snail-
                  -Flame Stag-    -Magna Centipede-
    18. Final stage:
    Here it is: The final level. It helps to have all your Sub-Tanks full, and have gathered your 
    Heart Tanks and capsule upgrades. The level itself is just Magna Centipede's stage repeated. If 
    you need advice on how to get through it, go back to the Magna Centipede level guide. Where in 
    Magna Centipede's level you fought against the sword mini-boss, you'll find Sigma with Zero. 
    Below are detailed walkthroughs on how to get through the bosses here. 
    Zero Strategy (1st Boss)
    Zero isn't necessarily the first boss. If you collected all his pieces back when you fought the 
    X-Hunters, you don't have to fight him at all. If you do, though, here's the strategy. Use your 
    powered up X-Buster or the Speed Burner. The S. Burner is the only weapon that damages him at 
    all. He'll simply block the rest. The key to beating Zero is clinging to the wall and being 
    fast. Unless you have a clear shot, which will be very inoften, don't get on the ground level. 
    Stay clung to the wall as much as you can. This will let you avoid his three shots in a row, 
    which can do serious damage if you're in front of the blasts. He'll then dash over to the side 
    that you're on. When he starts dashing, Air Dash to the other wall. If you don't, you'll be 
    injured by his next attack. He hits the ground and makes rocks rise up and hit you if you're 
    anywhere near them. The other side of the screen, though, should be safe. The Speed Burner 
    actually does better than the X-Buster, as it can penetrate his defenses. If you fire the Speed 
    Burner, and then he fires his triple blast, the fire will dissipate, but there will be a bit 
    underneath that still goes through to him and takes off significant damage. Keep dodging and 
    hitting him as much as you can, and don't be afraid to use a Sub-Tank. You'll probably need one 
    for Zero, and it's a lot more likely that you'll need one for him than either of the forms of 
    Neo-Sigma Strategy (2nd Boss)
    The Sonic Slicer is the best weapon to use on Neo-Sigma, for several reasons. For one, it 
    ricochets. I'll explain why this is important in a moment. Neo-Sigma has three basic attacks. 
    One, he'll leap into the air, disappear, and appear again above you, coming down with his claws. 
    This is the easiest to avoid. When he vanishes, simply dash from one side of the room to 
    another. Once you get the timing down, you'll know when he's going to reappear and you can stay 
    in the center and quickly dash away. He'll land on nothing, and you can be busy going to cling 
    to the wall, which is important to avoid his next move. He'll dash at you and try to slash you 
    with his claws. If you're on the wall, he might not even try this, or he might try and be 
    unsuccessful because you're too high. This move hurts a lot, so it's best to avoid it as much 
    as possible. His third move is to cross his arms across his chest and form five energy balls 
    that will shoot out at you. Like many bosses that do this, it's best to cling to the wall and 
    try to Air Dash between two of the balls. This sounds risky, but it can be done pretty easily 
    with practice. His fourth and final move is to create a large line of energy that will shoot 
    at you. The only way to avoid this is to cling to the very top of the wall. He usually does it 
    just after his energy balls fail to hit you. When he disappears, use your Sonic Slicer. That 
    way, when he reappears, it'll already be out there and ready to hit him, bouncing off the walls 
    and such. Other than that, use your Sonic Slicer whenever you get the chance and be persistant.
    Vector Sigma Strategy (3rd Boss)
    Sigma's final form is actually probably the easiest of all his forms, of all the games. Use the 
    Strike Chain, and let him have it. Don't worry about getting it. You should still have one or 
    two Sub-Tanks left, which should be more than enough (if you have almost a full life gauge, you 
    an easily make it through this without using any Sub-Tanks). Just jump up and hit him 
    repeatedly. When he fires out enemies, kill them too. They can provide energy or weapon energy 
    for you. He'll slowly change colors and when he becomes red, he's almost gone. He'll disappear 
    and reappear around the room, never really posing a threat, but strike him when you can. He 
    might wrap himself around you. If he does this, it'll hurt you, but it shouldn't kill you. It 
    means he's close enough to death that you can kill him first. Even though you're getting hit 
    by him with him surrounding you, keep hitting the fire button, hitting him with that Strike 
    Chain, and he'll go down.
    19. Secrets and Tips:
    1. Easy Sub-Tank Fill - If you want to quickly and easily fill up your Sub-Tanks, go to Bubble 
       Crab's stage after beating Morph Moth and have the Arm Upgrade. Follow the large fish 
       submarine and wait for it to open up the ground and lower itself. Slide along the left wall. 
       Very close to where the entrance was, there's a hidden hole in the wall. Once you go inside, 
       there will be a small room. Charge up your Silk Shot, and it will draw in a lot of energy 
       capsules. Collect them all and do it again until your Sub-Tanks are filled. 
    2. "Shuryuken" Dragon Punch - Fans of Capcom's addictive Street Fighter series recognize the 
       term "Shuryuken," while the rest of the world simply calls it a dragon punch. No matter what 
       it is, it's powerful. To get it, you must have collected all the powerups (that means 8 Heart 
       tanks, 4 Sub-tanks, and 4 capsule upgrades). When you're in the X-Hunters' base stage 3 
       (Agile's), you'll get to an area where you have to step on platforms to make them go in 
       different directions. You can either steer the last one further than it's meant to be, or you 
       can freeze a bat robot with the Crystal Hunter weapon to climb on the ladder leading upwards 
       that's directly after that area. Once there, use a charged up Speed Burner and your Air Dash 
       to get over the spikes. Use your Air Dash once again to reach an extra life, then slide down 
       the left wall to find the capsule with which Dr. Light will give you the Shuryuken. To do 
       this, follow the motion you would follow in a Street Fighter game. Left, down, down/left, Y, 
       all in one smooth motion 
       Note: the Lefts are exchangable for Rights, depending on which way you're facing.
    20. Legal:
    This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, and a link and 
    credit must be given to Mega Man X Online (http://www.megaman-x.com/). All associated 
    characters and games are copyright to Capcom.

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