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    FAQ by TJackson

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Tarzan wasn't a ladies man... ... Clark Kent, now there was a real gent." - 
    Superman Song - Crash Test Dummies.
    In the year 21XX...
                   @@    @@@ @@@@  @@@@   @@@@
                  @@@  @@@@ @@    @@      @@ @@  
                 @@@@ @@@@@ @@@@@ @@@ @@  @@  @@           @@@        @@@
                @@ @@@ @@@  @@    @@@  @@ @@  @@@          @@@@      @@@@  ^^^^^^^
               @@  @@ @@@@ @@@    @@@  @@  @@@@@@@          &&&&    &&&& ^^^^   ^^^
              @@   @  @@@  @@@@@@  @@@@@@  @@  @@@@          &&&&  &&&& &&&   &&&&&
                                                              ^^^^^^^^      &&&&&&
           @@@@@    @@@@      @@@      @@@@@       @@@@        ^^^^^^     &&&&&&&
          @@@@@@   @@@@@     @@@@@     @@@@@@      @@@@       ^^^^^^^^  &&&&&&&& 
         @@@@@@@  @@@@@@    @@@ @@@    @@@@@@@     @@@@      &&&&  &&&&@@@@@@@@@@@@
        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@@ @@@@   @@@@@@@@@   @@@@     &&&&    &&&&
       @@  @@@@@@@@ @@@@   @@@   @@@   @@@@@  @@@@ @@@@    @@@@      @@@@
      @@   @@@@@@   @@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@    @@@@@@@    @@@        @@@
     @@    @@@@     @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@       @@@@
    @@@    @@      @@@@@ @@@       @@@ @@@@@       @@@@
    ASCII art actually by me but based loosely off Atom Edge's work.
                 This explains something
    |                                                 |
    | Megaman X2                                      |
    | For the Super Nintendo Entertainment System     |
    | FAQ/Walkthrough                                 |
    | By T. Jackson (see section 5.03)                |
    | Started: 8/16/02                                |
    | Finished: 8/17/02                               |
    | Last Updated: 12/18/04                          |
    | Version 1.5                                     |
    |                                                 |
    This guide is best viewed in 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution with the Courier
    New font on your browser's "small" text setting (CTRL + -).  It was composed
    in Metapad.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
         1.01: Table of Contents
         1.02: Introduction
         1.03: Dedication
    II. Basics
         2.01: Story
         2.02: Controls
         2.03: Boss Order
    III. Walkthrough
         3.01: Abandoned Reploid Factory
         3.02: Bubble Crab
         3.03: Flame Stag
         3.04: Morph Moth
         3.05: Magna Centipede
         3.06: Crystal Snail
         3.07: Overdrive Ostrich
         3.08: Wire Sponge
         3.09: Wheel Gator
         3.10: X-Hunter Base Stage One
         3.11: X-Hunter Base Stage Two
         3.12: X-Hunter Base Stage Three
         3.13: X-Hunter Base Stage Four
         3.14: X-Hunter Base Stage Five 
    IV. Appendices
         4.01: Bosses
         4.02: Master Weapons
         4.03: Heart Tanks
         4.04: Sub-Tanks
         4.05: Capsules
         4.06: X-Hunter Doors
         4.07: Passwords
         4.08: Ending
    V. Last Words
        5.01: Copyright Information
        5.02: Revision History
        5.03: Contact Information
        5.04: Credits
        5.05: Sayonara!
    If you want to find anything, please press CTRL + F and type in the section's
    numerical code (i.e. if you want to find the boss guide, then type 4.01).
                                    I. Introduction
    | 1.01: Table of Contents |
    It's one section higher.
    | 1.02: Introduction |
    "Wow," I thought, "Not only did I miss the most obvious heart tank, but I also 
    missed an entire robot master!"  In 2001, I started writing.  In 2002, I wrote 
    for this game.  The guide was horrible, done off the top of my head at 2 AM 
    over the summer.  Probably not even during the summer.  I figure that as long 
    as I'm rectifying old mistakes, why don't I go ahead and do this?  But enough 
    of my maundering.
    Megaman X2 is an excellent game, second only to Megaman X in terms of the 
    greatness of the games in the X series (they go downhill from here).  It's one 
    that I replay a lot and provides a nice challenge.  The game has one feature 
    that the original game did not, namely, you can dash from the beginning.  This 
    is a nice improvement.  Other than that, the gameplay stays true to form.  The 
    music is, as per the standard in the Megaman series, awesome, so this game is 
    worth your time.
    Unlike the original versions of this guide (1.0, 1.1), this guide will be a 
    full guide.
                                    _But not yet._
    Right now, there are some other guides that I really need to take care of.  
    Some of the errors -- not to mention the formatting -- in here bother me, so 
    that's why I'm fixing what I am.
    | 1.03: Dedication |
                                      II. Basics
    Betcha have NO idea what you'll find here!
    | 2.01: Story |
    It has been six months since Megaman X triumphed over Sigma.  Now that Sigma 
    has been destroyed, his forces are in chaos.  It is the job of the Maverick 
    Hunters to wipe out the remaining resistence and to usher in a new era of 
    A group of Mavericks, who mockingly call themselves the X-Hunters, have 
    different plans.  They have taken the place of Sigma and intend to defeat the 
    Maverick Hunters.  But can they truly run the organization as well as they do, 
    | 2.02: Controls |
    | Button |      Function       |
    | A      | Dash                |
    | B      | Jump                |
    | Y      | Shoot               |
    | X      | Nothing             |
    | L      | Quick-change weapon |
    | R      | Quick-change weapon |
    | Select | Nothing             |
    | Start  | Pause               |
    | Left   | Run left            |
    | Right  | Run right           |
    | Up     | Ascend ladders      |
    | Down   | Descend latters     |
    | 2.03: Boss Order |
    Bubble Crab        -> Use X-Buster        -> Go to Flame Stag
    Flame Stag         -> Use Bubble Splash   -> Go to Morph Moth
    Morph Moth         -> Use Speed Burner    -> Go to Magna Centipede
    Magna Centipede    -> Use Silk Shot       -> Go to Crystal Snail
    Crystal Snail      -> Use Magnet Mine     -> Go to Overdrive Ostrich
    Overdrive Ostrich  -> Use Crystal Hunter  -> Go to Wire Sponge
    Wire Sponge        -> Use Sonic Slicer    -> Go to Wheel Gator
    Wheel Gator        -> Use Strike Chaim    -> Go to X-Hunter Base
                                III. Walkthrough
    Like I said, this is coming in the next version.
                                    IV. Appendices
    | 4.01: Bosses |
    I'm making very minor additions to the strategies at this point.  When the 
    guide is updated, they'll probably undergo renovations (not to mention they'll 
    have damage charts added).
    Name: CF-O
    Location: "Abandoned Reploid Factory"
    Primary Weakness: X-Buster
    Secondary Weakness: None
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: This guy is a pushover.  He'll jump around, swinging his arms on
              occasion.  Just blast him four times with a fully charged X-Buster,
              and he goes down.  
    Name: Wheel Gator
    Location: Dinosaur Tank
    Primary Weakness: Strike Chain  
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster, Bubble Splash
    Weapon Gained: Spin Wheel
    Strategy: You are in a room with a red liquid.  He uses this as a cover.  
              He'll go under it, and shoot Spin Wheel up the wall.  Cling to the 
              wall when he's under.  Dash away from the wall, and back when the 
              Wheel has passed.  Stay near the top.  When he jumps up, dash away 
              from the wall, and blast him with your Strike Chain.  Occasionally,
              he'll open his mouth.  DO NOT SHOOT AT HIM.  If you do, he'll shoot
              it back.  Shoot him when he's above the liquid, and shooting Spin 
              Wheel. When his life gets low, he'll jump up, spin, and drill at 
              you.  Shoot him while he's in mid-air.  Don't touch the spot he 
              drilled at, or you'll be hurt.   
    Name: Overdrive Ostrich
    Location: Desert Base 
    Primary Weakness: Crystal Hunter
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster, Silk Shot
    Weapon Gained: Sonic Slicer
    Strategy: You are out in the desert.  When he goes off screen, he'll go in to
              the background and jump back (he'll try to land on you, so keep 
              moving).  He'll duck and start running.  If he sticks low to the 
              ground, jump over him.  If he's running with his legs kicking, make 
              him go over you.  He'll also jump in to the air and shoot Sonic
              Slicer at you.  Jump over this.  When his life gets low, he'll use 
              the charged up Sonic Slicer on you.  He'll jump in to the air, and 
              have them rain on you.  Stand between them (there are obvious spots).
              Fire the Crystal Hunter when you have a chance.  He'll freeze for a
              minute and then use a charged Sonic Slicer.  When he does this, he
              will jump over you, and upon the completion of his attack, he'll land
              next to you, making it very easy to repeat the process.
    Name: Bubble Crab 
    Location: Deep-Sea Base
    Primary Weakness: Spin Wheel 
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster
    Weapon Gained: Bubble Splash
    Strategy: Heh...this guy is easy.  When he puts up his shield, jump over him,
              and then back.  He'll drop his shield, put up horns, and jump.  
              Blast him out of the air, and repeat.  If you do it fast enough, 
              he won't have a chance to attack at all!
    Name: Flame Stag
    Location: Volcano Zone
    Primary Weakness: Bubble Splash 
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster, Sonic Slicer
    Weapon Gained: Speed Burner
    Strategy: Another easy one.  Start out by shooting him with Bubble Splash.  
              He'll retaliate by throwing two fireballs: one low, and one high.   
              Jump over the low one, and blast him again.  Keep this up.  Don't 
              worry when he turns blue; it's just a phase.
    Mini-Boss: Robot (Morph Moth)
    For this guy, just use Bubble Splash.  Aim for his chest.  After awhile, a bug 
    will jump out of the robot.  Shoot the bug as quickly as you can.  You might be 
    able to destroy him.  If you can't, he'll get into another robot.  Repeat the 
    Name: Morph Moth 
    Location: Robot Junkyard
    Primary Weakness: Speed Burner
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster, Magnet Mine
    Weapon Gained: Silk Shot
    Strategy: He starts out as a cocoon.  Hit his with Speed Burner, and avoid 
              his junk shots.  Hit him again, and he'll fall down.  He'll run 
              around, spewing junk, and then go back up.  He'll now shoot a junk
              beam, which goes in a counter-clockwise direction.  Jump over him
              and shoot.  When his life gets low, he'll fall and go right back
              up.  He goes off screen, and you see the cocoon tear in to shreds.
              Now you fight the Morph Moth.  Dodge his yellow sparkles, and his
              rainbow beam while shooting him.  He'll go down in no time flat.
    Mini-Boss: Sword (Magna Centipede)
    Your priority is to dodge his attacks.  He has a swiping attack as well as a 
    thrust attack.  Jump over the thrust, and use Spin Wheel when you can.
    Name: Magna Centipede 
    Location: Central Computer
    Primary Weakness: Silk Shot
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster, Strike Chain
    Weapon Gained: Magnet Mine
    Strategy: This guy is hard to defeat without the Silk Shot.  Your first
              priority as the battle starts is to hit Magna Centipede with Silk
              Shot once.  This will knock his stinger (?) off, thus eliminating
              two or three of his attacks.  Now all you have to watch out for are
              his shruikens (which go in a sweeping pattern) and his disappearing
              act.  At first, he'll appear in one place.  As time goes on, though
              he'll briefly appear and then disappear.  To combat this, when he
              appears, count "one-one thousand" in your head.  If Magna Centipede
              is still there, fire a charged Silk Shot at him.  This is a really
              easy fight.
    Name: Crystal Snail
    Location: Energen Crystal
    Primary Weakness: Magnet Mine
    Secondary Weakness: X-Buster, Spin Wheel
    Weapon Gained: Crystal Hunter
    Strategy: He'll start off in his shell.  You cannot hurt him here.  He'll go
              up and either charge down at you or fall down while making time
              slow down.  Either way, he'll do the latter.  Now hit him with 
              Magnet Mine.  Count to one, and jump.  You'll jump over him.  Hit
              him again before he gets back in to his shell.  Keep this up, and 
              he won't even be able to get back into his shell (and if he does,
              repeat the process)!
    Name: Agile
    Location: Any Maverick Stage
    Primary Weakness: None
    Secondary Weakness: None
    Weapon Gained: Zero Part 1
    Strategy: I know there are weapons that work well, but I prefer to use the 
              X-Buster anyways.  He is really an advanced form of Sigma's first
              form in Megaman X.  Don't stay on the ground long.  He'll jump up 
              and fire a wave of energy at you.  If it's high, get on the ground
              and blast him.  If it's in the middle, get on the ground, dash, and
              blast him.  If it's low, stay on the wall.  When he comes to your 
              side, jump away from the wall, blast him, and then climb the opposite 
              wall.  Repeat this until he is gone.  He is the hardest X-Hunter.
              (NOT ANYMORE!)
    Name: Serges 
    Location: Any Maverick Stage
    Primary Weakness: None 
    Secondary Weakness: None
    Weapon Gained: Zero Part 2
    Strategy: Again, I don't like using any other weapon.  He has a shield.  
              He'll wander around the room in his hovercraft planting mines.  
              Blast his shield, and he'll jump.  Hit him in mid-air, and he'll 
              repeat the jump for awhile, and then he'll go back to planting mines.
              Go back to the old strategy.  Sonic Slicer (charged or normal) works 
              well here if you're having a hard time.
    Name: Violen 
    Location: Any Maverick Stage
    Primary Weakness: None
    Secondary Weakness: None
    Weapon Gained: Zero Part 3
    Strategy: As always, I don't use a weapon on him.  He has a large spike ball
              on his back (and yet, X is stupid enough to fight).  He'll throw 
              the mace around.  Hit him during this process.  He'll jump and 
              shoot yellow bullets down.  When he lands, he'll repeat.  He can
              also shoot those bullets from his hand on the ground.  Still, 
              despite his size, he's the easiest.
    Name: Violen 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 1 
    Primary Weakness: Bubble Splash 
    Secondary Weakness: Silk Shot
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: This is basically the same thing.  This time, though, he'll raise 
              his arms.  This causes blocks to appear.  These can be good and 
              bad.  They can block his shots, but they can limit your movement.  
              The best way is to stand next to him, and use the charged up 
              Bubble Splash on him.  It's a shield, and he'll go down before you!
              The problem lies in the mace, though, because if it gets near you,
              it will continue to bug you.  If the mace gets near to you, run
              away.  Violen is the hardest of the X-Hunter rematches.
    Name: Serges 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 2
    Primary Weakness: Sonic Slicer
    Secondary Weakness: Silk Shot
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: Finally the Giga Crush comes in use.  At the beginning, he has four
              guns which he alternates firing with.  There is no way to damage 
              him with these in operation, which is good, as it gives you 
              incentive to take it out.  By now you should have Giga Crush full.
              Use it at the start, and it'll take out the guns.  If you do not have 
              Giga Crush, don't worry.  Use Silk Shot on the turrets.  Either way,
              make sure you're not standing on either of the two platforms closest 
              to Serges, as these will be crushed.  Now stand on his weapon.  It 
              won't hurt you.  Jump, and use charged up Sonic Slicer.  This should 
              hit him on its way down.  If not, stand on the platforms, and use 
              Silk Shot.  It might take a little while with the Sonic Slicer (it
              can be hard to hit him with sometimes), but keep at it, and Serges
    Name: Agile 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 3
    Primary Weakness: Magnet Mine
    Secondary Weakness: Dragon Punch
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: There are two ways to go about this.  He'll be up top.  He'll form
              spiked platforms next to him, and move around.  Be standing under
              him this whole time.  If he turns red, he'll crash in to the wall 
              and cause an electric shock.  Jump over these.  Anyway, use Magnet 
              Mine's aiming ability to take Agile out.  If you've gotten the Dragon 
              Punch, use that instead (while you can).  It's much easier.
    Name: Maverick Re-Matches 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 4
    Primary Weakness: All
    Secondary Weakness: All
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: Changes:
    Bubble Crab: He has spikes at the top of his lair now.
    Flame Stag: He starts with blue flame.
    Nothing else.  
    Morph Moth                  Wheel Gator
    Wire Sponge                 Overdrive Ostrich
    Bubble Crab                 Crystal Snail
            Flame Stag     Magna Centipede
    Name: Zero 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 5 
    Primary Weakness: Speed Burner
    Secondary Weakness: Nothing else except the X-Buster does anything.
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: THIS FIGHT IS OPTIONAL.  That is the most important thing to know.
              This is the hardest fight in the game, hands-down, and the one that
              made beating the game without taking a hit the hardest.  If you have
              all of the Zero parts, this fight is circumvented.  If you do not...
              good luck.  Zero has two attacks.  His first is a shoot-shoot-swipe
              combo -- he fires two charged shots at you, followed by a sword swipe
              (a smaller version of Agile's).  Stay on the wall to avoid these;
              they come too quickly to avoid.  His other attack is the Earthquake
              Punch -- he punches the ground, rubble comes up, and if you're on the
              ground, you're hurt.  Needless to say, you'll be spending most of the
              time on the walls.  The easiest way to do this is to stay on the
              walls, charge up Speed Burner, Air-Dash/Speed Burn through Zero, get
              on the other wall, and repeat.  This battle is tough, but the music
              makes it worth the trouble.
    If you do not see the above battle, you still get to see Zero in all his 
    awesomeness (shoot-shoot-swipe.  "You should have read the blueprints closer, 
    Sigma!  There's only one real Zero) COMPLETE with the music.  After an 
    exchange, he'll hit the ground, leading to...
    Name: Sigma 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 5
    Primary Weakness: Sonic Slicer
    Secondary Weakness: None
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: He tried the Hyperactive Darth Vader approach, so now he's trying
              the Wolverine approach.  He sports claws now and is as fast as 
              heck.  He'll charge at you.  Jump on the walls.  Now he'll bring
              out five electricity balls, which he'll fire these at you.  After he 
              fires three, drop, and shoot at him.  He'll repeat this.  Soon 
              he'll jump, teleport, and reappear, trying to crush you.  So when
              he disappears, keep dashing!  When his life gets low, he fires
              pillars of electricity at you.  To counter this, use a charged up
              sonic slicer from the top of the wall.  When he goes down...
    Name: Sigma Virus 
    Location: X-Hunter Base Stage 5
    Primary Weakness: Strike Chain
    Secondary Weakness: None
    Weapon Gained: None
    Strategy: This is the final battle.  This guy is missing two things: a body, 
              and a life bar!  So you're going to have to go by his color.  He
              charges around the room, occasionally shooting enemies.  Destroy
              these to gain energy.  All the while, fire at the Virus with the 
              Strike Chain.  He'll turn upside down, and shoot a beam.  When he
              does, jump over him, and fire.  He repeats this pattern (but gets 
              faster) as he changes colors.  I believe the pattern is Green, 
              blue, dark blue, purple, orange, red, dark red.  At Dark Red he 
              changes styles.   Now he tries to capture you.  Let him get you, 
              and keep using Strike Chain.  He'll go down very soon.
    | 4.02: Master Weapons |
    I'll go into a lot more detail with these when I make the update.
    By the way, if anyone knows how many bars of energy Megaman X has a.) at the 
    start of the game, b.) at the end of the game (with all Heart Tanks), and c.) 
    in his master weapons, that would be a big help.
    Weapon             : X-Buster
    Received From      : You start with it
    Regular Description: X fires a pellet forward.  These can be charged up for a
                         nice blast.
    Charged Description: X fires a huge blast forward.
    Diagram 4.02a |
      1.)      X       o       o       O))
      2.)      X   O)))) O))))
    1.) - Regular           |
    2.) - Charted           |
    X   - Megaman X         |
    o   - Pellet            |
    O   - Super shot        |
    )   - Intensity thereof |
    Weapon             : Bubble Splash
    Received From      : Bubble Crab
    Regular Description: You fire bubbles that float upward.
    Charged Description: You get a bubble shield surrounding you.  Not only will
                         this stop enemy shots and hurt foes that you run in to,
                         but this will also let you jump higher in the water.
    Diagram 4.02b |
    1.) X BB
    2.)    BBXBB
    1.) - Regular   |
    2.) - Charged   |
    X   - Megaman X |
    B   - Bubbles   |
    Weapon             : Speed Burner
    Received From      : Flame Stag
    Regular Description: You shoot out a flame burst.  It's awesome.
    Charged Description: You BECOME ZE FLAME.  When coupled with an Air-Dash, you
                         go places with this, PLUS you burn everything in sight.
    Diagram 4.02c |
    1.)     X FFF)))
    2.)   ((FFXFFF ->
    1.) - Regular         |
    2.) - Charged         |
    X   - Megaman X       |
    F)  - Flame           |
    ->  - You go this way |
    Weapon             : Silk Shot
    Received From      : Morph Moth
    Regular Description: You shoot out a...ball of junk.
    Charged Description: You shoot out a bigger ball of junk BUT BUT BUT you have
                         to attract the junk.  In certain places, you'll attract
                         powerups instead.  Fun fact: use this in Crystal Snail's
                         level to form a ball of crystal!
    Diagram 4.02d |
    1.) X  jj jj
           /                 JJ
    2.)  X - j     ->     X JJ JJ
           \                    JJ
    1.) - Regular                          |
    2.) - Charged                          |
    X   - Megaman X                        |
    j   - Junk                             |
    -   - The junk coming in (or powerups) |
    ->  - Going to the next step           |
    Weapon             : Magnet Mine
    Received From      : Magna Centipede
    Regular Description: You shoot a mine.  The mine can be aimed.
    Charged Description: It creates this really weird black hole-looking thing that
                         obliterates everything in its path.
    Diagram 4.02e |
         m m   m m m m
    1.) X   m m
    2.) X (O) ->
    1.) - Regular                                  |
    2.) - Charged                                  |
    X   - Megaman X                                |
    m   - Me showing off.  This is one Magnet Mine |
    (O) - SUPER GRAVITY VORTEX                     |
    Weapon             : Crystal Hunter
    Received From      : Crystal Snail
    Regular Description: You fire a purple glob that will freeze a foe in its
                         tracks (which you can use as a stepping stone).
    Charged Description: This slows down time for everyone.  It's kinda annoying.
    Diagram 4.02f |
         gg          X
    1.) X gg   ->   (E)
    2.) X -> ~~X~~
    1.) - Regular                    |
    2.) - Charged                    |
    X   - Megaman X                  |
    ->  - Next step                  |
    g   - Goo (Crystal Hunter)       |
    (E) - Frozen enemy with X on him |
    ~   - Time slowing waves         |
    Weapon             : Sonic Slicer
    Received From      : Overdrive Ostrich
    Regular Description: You shoot some slicers than can bounce off walls.
    Charged Description: You shoot five slicers that go up and come down.
    Diagram 4.02g |
    1.) X SSSSSS|
                          V     V   V   V   V
    2.)                             X
    1.) - Regular                   |
    2.) - Charged                   |
    X   - Megaman X                 |
    S   - Sonic Slicer              |
    |   - Wall                      |
    V   - Sonic Slicer (going down) |
    Weapon             : Strike Chain
    Received From      : Wire Sponge
    Regular Description: You shoot out a chain.  This chain can grab onto walls and
                         pull you in.  It can also grab powerups.
    Charged Description: You shoot out a BIGGER chain.
    Diagram 4.02h |
    1.) X-------->
    2.) X========>
    1.) - Regular      |
    2.) - Charged      |
    X   - Megaman X    |
    -   - Normal chain |
    =   - SUPER CHAIN  |
    >   - Chain end    |
    Weapon             : Spin Wheel
    Received From      : Wheel Gator
    Regular Description: You fire a wheel that is stationary for a minute, and then
                         it moves forward.  This is an incredible damage dealer.
    Charged Description: You fire a big wheel that shoots in eight directions.  It
                         isn't as good as its regular counterpart.
    Diagram 4.02i |
    1.)  X  WWWWWW
               \ | /
    2.)  X    -  W  -
               /   \
    1.) - Regular         |
    2.) - Charged         |
    X   - Megaman X       |
    W   - Spin Wheel      |
    -/| - Spin Wheel shot |
    Weapon             : Giga Crush
    Received From      : Dr. Light (Morph Moth's stage)
    Regular Description: It's a super attack that obliterates all non-boss enemies.
                         The downside is that you have one use of it before you
                         have to recharge it.
    Charged Description: N/A
    Diagram 4.02j |
     |   |
      | |
    |  X  |
    |  | | 
    | | | |
    X - Megaman X                        |
      - No enemies                       |
    | - Obligatory ultimate attack lines |
    Weapon             : I. Tracer
    Received From      : Dr. Light (Crystal Snail's level)
    Regular Description: It sniffs out secret rooms/Silk Shot locations
    Charged Description: N/A
    Diagram 4.02k |
         | [+] | (1)
    X - Megaman X                  |
    1 - I. Tracer (drawn to scale) |
    = - Secret area                |
    - - Normal ceiling             |
    Weapon             : Dragon Punch/Shouryuken
    Received From      : Dr. Light (X-Hunter Base Stage Three)
    Regular Description: SUPER DRAGON PUNCH.  You do a fiery uppercut.  This will
                         take out all enemies -- and bosses in two hits!  The catch
                         is that you have to have full health.
    Charged Description: N/A
    Diagram 4.02l |
    X - Megaman X going up really quickly and fiery |
    | 4.03: Heart Tanks |
    Hearts Tanks are an addition to the X series.  You don't start the game off 
    with a lot of health, but each Heart Tank adds 2-4 bars of energy.  This may 
    not seem like a ton, but when you consider that there are eight Heart Tanks, it 
    really adds up.
    Bubble Crab
    Requirements: Air-Dash
    When you get to that horizontal gate that the robotic fish has to open, climb 
    the far wall (on the right).  At the top, Air-Dash over to a missile platform.  
    Use this platform to reach the heart.
    Flame Stag
    Optional: Spin Wheel, Arm Upgrade
    You do not have to have either of those, but they make life easier.  Just 
    having the Spin Wheel helps.  When you reach the part of the level that has 
    rising lava, charge up your Spin Wheel.  As you ascend, you'll see a robotic 
    pillar that guards a Heart Tank.  Use the Spin Wheel or just attack the pillar, 
    claim the Heart Tank, and get out of there quickly.
    Morph Moth
    Requirements: Crystal Hunter
    Use Crystal Hunter on the second shield robot in the level.  Your crystalized 
    foe gives you a stepping stone to reach the area above the entranceway, where 
    you'll find a Heart Tank.
    Magna Centipede
    Requirements: Air Dash, Arm Upgrade, Speed Burner
    After the first set of alarms, go forward until you reach the block section.  
    Regress a little bit to find a block that hangs down and is next to a gap in 
    the ceiling.  Use the Air-Dash as well as a charged Speed Burner blast to reach 
    the block.  Use it as a stepping stone to ascend the gap in the ceiling and to 
    reach the heart.
    Crystal Snail
    Requirements: Air Dash, Strike Chain
    At the beginning of the level, grab the robot ride armor, and go back up the 
    incline that you just slid down.  Fall down the pit that is there.  Now comes 
    the fun part.  Get a good dash start, and then run and jump as far as you can.  
    When your robot ride armor is starting to fall, jump out, and use the Strike 
    Chain to reach the wall.  Climb up this small wall to reach the heart.
    Overdrive Ostrich
    Alternative: Speed Burner, Air-Dash, Arm Upgrade
    Ride through the bike section until you reach the generator.  Crash into it, 
    and then go back until you find another Air Bike.  Take this bike forward, 
    levelling all ramps.  When you get to the last ramp, destroy it, jump off the 
    bike, and head back.  Grab another Air Bike, and get to this point again (I 
    advise going slowly, taking out all the enemies).  When you get past the last 
    upward incline, hit the gase.  You should make it over the large ledge.  This 
    could take a few tries.  Now ride until you see a platform with spikes on it.  
    Use the Air Bike to ride over the spikes and grab the Heart Tank.
    Alternatively, when you reach the spikey part, use the Air-Dash + charged Speed 
    Burner combo to reach the heart, although you'll die.
    Wire Sponge
    Requirements: None
    This is the easiest Heart Tank in the game (and one I forgot while originally 
    writing this).  At the start of the level, climb the wall to your left.  There 
    is a hidden chamber in here with the Heart Tank.
    Wheel Gator
    Requirements: Speed Burner, Air-Dash, Arm Upgrade
    After the section with the robot ride armor, you'll see the heart in plain 
    sight on top of a ledge.  The problem is that the side of this ledge is covered 
    in spikes.  To deal with this, go right until you see a platform.  Jump on it, 
    air dash to the left, and use the charged up Speed Burner to get over the 
    spikes and to grab the Heart Tank.
    | 4.04: Sub-Tanks |
    Sub-Tanks help a lot in this game.  They're like energy tanks from Megaman, 
    only you just have four, and you have to refill them.  They can be used at any 
    time you like, regardless of how full they are.  Be sure to fill them often; 
    you never know when you'll need one.  Of course, in order to need one, you have 
    to have one.  That's what this section is designed for.
    Bubble Crab
    Requirements: Bubble Splash, Arm Upgrade
    This is probably the hardest Sub-Tank to get.  After you pass under the 
    platform that the fish opens for you, go right until you see a ledge hanging 
    down that you can grab onto.  At this point, activate the charged Bubble 
    Splash.  Jump onto this cliff, and then jump left.  When you're on top of the 
    water, jump again.  You'll reach the Sub-Tank.
    Flame Stag
    Requirements: None
    This one is nice and easy.  When you start the stage, find the first beetle 
    (presumably a Stag Beetle!  Haha!).  Jump onto its back.  The beetle will carry 
    you up to a ledge that has a Sub-Tank on it.
    Magna Centipede
    Requirements: Air-Dash, Arm Upgrade, Speed Burner
    When you reach a second low-hanging block with a gap in the ceiling above it, 
    jump onto the nearby ledge, charge up Speed Burner, jump towards the block, use 
    an Air-Dash, and release the Speed Burner.  You'll find yourself on the block.  
    Use this is as stepping stone (hah!) to climb up the gap in the ceiling, at the 
    top of which is the Sub-Tank.
    Wire Sponge
    Requirements: Air-Dash helps
    When you reach the part of the level that involves moving platforms with spikes 
    below you, climb up onto the first jet column.  Jump over to the tree, ascend 
    the tree, and then jump to the platforms on your right.  Run over to the gap, 
    and you'll notice an alcove within the next platform.  Drop into this alcove to 
    receive a Sub-Tank.
    | 4.05: Upgrades |
    To give these a logical order...
    Helmet Upgrade (I. Tracer)
    Requirements: None
    Location    : Crystal Snail
    There are a couple of large holes in this level.  This one is found after you 
    defeat the Crystal Orbitor (the mini-boss).  Slide down the wall (on the left 
    side), and you'll encounter a secret passage.  Make your way through this 
    passage, and at the far end, you'll find the good doctor's capsule.
    This is a completely useless upgrade.  It fires a crosshair-looking thing that 
    detects secret passages.  The good thing, however, is that if it targets an 
    empty room, and you use a charged Silk Shot blast, you'll get some powerups!
    Body Upgrade (Giga Crush)
    Requirements: Spin Wheel
    Location    : Morph Moth
    This is found on Morph Moth's stage.  Soon after the start, you'll find a 
    large pile of junk.  You'll then come across a stair with no junk on it.  Use 
    Spin Wheel a few times to break through the floor and reach Dr. Light's 
    This allows you to build up energy as you get hit by projectile weapons.  When 
    the Giga Crush meter reaches its peak, you can release this energy.  It will 
    usually destroy every on-screen enemy (except for bosses).  It's not too 
    useful; I rarely use it.
    Arm Upgrade (Super X-Buster)
    Requirements: Air Dash
    Location    : Wheel Gator
    Right before you make your first descent into the tank, climb the wall (it's 
    next to the ladder).  Just onto the next wall, fall, use the Air-Dash, and 
    climb this wall to receive the X-Buster upgrade from Dr. Light.
    This upgrade allows you to charge your X-Buster two levels higher than usual.  
    In addition, you can charge up your master weapons too!  For a list of what 
    these effects are, check out section 4.02.  This and Air Dash are the two best 
    Everything requires it.  It's found on Wheel Gator's stage.  Right before you 
    go down for the first time, climb the wall.  Jump on the next wall.  Here 
    fall, use Air-Dash, and climb the wall. 
    Leg Upgrade (Air-Dash)
    Requirements: Spin Wheel
    Location    : Overdrive Ostrich
    Beyond the Heart Tank (under it) is a gap.  You have to drop through this gap 
    to reach the next part of the level, but first, jump over the gap.  There are 
    four weird-looking blocks here.  Use Spin Wheel to break through them.  Run 
    right to grab the upgrade.
    This upgrade allows you to jump in the air and then dash.  This has all kinds 
    of useful effects, not the least of which is the ability to jump off a wall and 
    THEN dash (as opposed to dash-jumping off the wall).  If you couple this with 
    the charged Speed Burner, you can Air-Dash three times (one of which is 
    provided by Speed Burner)!  Otherwise, however, you can only Air-Dash once per 
    Dragon Punch
    Requirements: All Heart Tanks, all Sub-Tanks, all upgrades (but not necessarily
                  all Zero parts)
    Location    : X-Hunter Base Stage Three
    At the midway point, you have two options.  If it's your first life, you can 
    try to skillfully manuever your platform to this ladder, or you can lure a 
    Batbot to the ladder.  If you follow the Batbot method, use Crystal Hunter to 
    freeze the Batbot and make him into a stepping stone.  Yay!
    Ascend the ladder, and destroy the robot a the top.  Grab the 1-up, and get 
    ready for the part of the game that takes more skill than any other part.  Jump 
    onto the ceiling that slopes down in a stair-like movement.  Drop off, air-
    dash, and grab back onto the next ledge.  Repeat this action until you hit 
    solid ground.  To get through this little spikey predicament, Air-Dash 
    (although it couldn't hurt to take the Metwheel enemy out first).  Jump up the 
    stairs, and get ready for the fun part.  Equip and charge up Speed Burner.  Now 
    air-dash over this first set of spikes, turn around, and release the Speed 
    Burner to make Megaman X fly over to the wall.  Scale down the wall until X 
    falls through a secret passage that contains a capsule.  Dr. Light will say 
    some very not-Dr. Light-ish things ("You're so cool!!  I'm not worthy!!"), and 
    he will give you the Dragon Punch.  
    The Dragon Punch is extremely strong (it can take out any enemy in one or two 
    hits, including bosses).  To use it, use the standard fighting move technique: 
    down, down-forward, forward, Y.
    (Too bad this doesn't work in the Street Fighter games.  I have Super Street 
    Fighter 2: Turbo and have had it for at least seven years.  I have yet to 
    figure out how to do the stupid Dragon Punch)
    | 4.06: X-Hunter Door Locations |
    After you defeat the second Maverick, the three X-Hunters will be dispatched to 
    slow you down.  Each of the X-Hunters have a Zero part, so it would behoove you 
    to fight them.  If you beat a level without beating its X-Hunter -- and you'll 
    see on the stage select screen which X-Hunters are where -- that X-Hunter will 
    disappear and you will not be able to fight him, and thus you will have to 
    fight Zero at the end of the game.
    Bubble Crab
    Requirements: None, although the X-Buster upgrade and Bubble Splash help.
    The first half of this level consists of chasing or being chased by a giant 
    fish.  Once you get past the gate that the fish opens, try to get ahead of it.
    If you don't know the layout of this level (namely, where the fish docks),
    stay behind and follow the fish.  When you get close to your gate, you'll see
    a ledge above you that you can grab onto.  Jump onto this ledge and ascend it
    until you reach a cutoff.  Continue on to find yourself inside a building with
    an X-Hunter door.  Destroy the fish if you like.
    Flame Stag
    Requirements: None
    When you encounter the second beetle, make sure he doesn't crash into the lower 
    set of rocks.  Instead, lure him up to the higher set.  When he crashes through 
    these rocks, enter the room, climb the wall, and enter the X-Hunter door.
    Morph Moth
    Requirements: Skill
    There is a really long ladder in the stage.  There are ledges on certain sides
    of it.  On one of the ledges sits a robot with a shield.  Destroy it, and enter 
    the area behind it to find the X-Hunter door.
    Magna Centipede
    Requirements: Skill with the dash
    There's a fairly large room with falling blocks and sets of crosshairs that
    try to analyze Megaman X.  As soon as you enter this room, make a break for the 
    far side, destroying whatever blocks you need to destroy.  Don't worry too much 
    about taking any hits.  In the bottom-right corner sits the X-Hunter door.
    Crystal Snail
    Requirements: Robot ride armor
    After the first ice sheet, use the robot ride armor to jump on to the 
    platform and destroy the ice blocks.  Ride the platforms up to the door.
    Overdrive Ostrich
    Requirements: Spin Wheel
    At the beginning of the level, destroy the first Scorpio (the scorpion-looking 
    thing) you see.  Behind him is a sandy wall with some sandy-looking blocks in 
    it.  Use Spin Wheel to break through these blocks.  On the other side of the 
    wall is the X-Hunter door.
    Wire Sponge
    Requirements: None
    When you get to the elevator section, let the elevator pass you.  Drop down to 
    the area where the elevators come from (hold right as you go).  You'll end up 
    in a small alcove.  Continue to the right to find the door.
    Wheel Gator
    Requirements: None
    As you ride the elevators in this level, see if you can ride them any higher 
    than where you are supposed to get off.  Nearer to the end of the level, there 
    is one elevator that allows you to ride really high.  Get off here (here being 
    defined as "before you hit the spikes"), grab the 1-up, and enter the X-Hunter 
    door on the right.
    | 4.07: Passwords |
    A future version will have better passwords than this.  This is prelimenary.
    Some password help thanks to MetroidMoo.  Unless otherwise noted, these 
    passwords have all of the Mavericks defeated.
    Zero, Here I Come!
    This password gives you all of the Heart Tanks, all of the Sub-Tanks, and all 
    of the upgrades, but none of the Zero parts.  Use this password to go fight 
    No Worries
    This password gives you all of the Heart Tanks, all of the Sub-Tanks, all of 
    the upgrades, and all of the Zero parts.  If you use this password, you can 
    circumvent the Zero fight.
    Dragon Punch
    This password gives you all of the Heart Tanks, all of the Sub-Tanks, all of 
    the upgrades, and all of the Zero parts.  The difference between this and the 
    last password is that, using this password, you start on X-Hunter Base Stage 
    Three so you can grab the secret Dragon Punch upgrade.
    Starting Off on the Right Foot
    This password will give you all of the upgrades, all of the Heart Tanks, and 
    all of the Sub-Tanks, but no Mavericks have been defeated.
    | 4.08: Ending |
    When Sigma's final form is destroyed, he notes -- and this is a trend -- that 
    each defeat only makes him stronger.  The only mystery to Sigma is why Zero 
    betrayed Sigma.  After all, Zero is the last of the doctor's creations.
    Wait, what doctor?
    Then X escapes into the desert and runs along the highway.  The 
    credits/bestiary scroll, and then you see Zero doing a shoot-shoot-slash combo 
    thing to reveal "Thank you for playing!"  If you fought Zero, then this is the 
    red Zero; if you did not fight Zero, it's grey.
                                     V. Last Words
    | 5.01: Copyright Information |
    Megaman X and all characters, stages, items, and other related things are
    copyright Capcom.  This guide is copyrighted (c) 2001-2005 to Trace Jackson,
    and is the intellectual property of Trace Jackson.  This guide/FAQ/walkthrough
    is protected under International Copyright Laws.  Please feel free to put this
    anywhere you like, as long as I get credit for it.  And that the guide isn't
    for profit.  After all, this is to help the readers!  It should be spread
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    necessary.  Just realize that the latest updates to this guide can and will
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    | 5.02: Revision History |
    Version 1.0 (8/17/02) - Everything be done.  Nice!
    Version 1.1 (9/25/02) - Fixed the ASCII art, did some formatting, and TRIED TO
                            CLARIFY that this is not an FAQ/Walkthrough, but an
                            FAQ.  I want to have one of those on my profile ^_^
    Version 1.5 (12/18/04) - I redid the format and the boss strategies.  The
                             spiffy walkthrough will follow in a later version, as
                             will a bestiary and a few other surprises.
    | 5.03: Contact Information |
    Before emailing me, please make sure that whatever question you have wasn't
    addressed here in the guide.  If it's not a question (i.e. input, suggestion,
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    I'd appreciate whatever you've got.  Questions (again, as long as it's not
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    Also, PLEASE be clear about what guide you're talking about.  It doesn't help 
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    | 5.04: Credits |
    -Aaron Hubbard  - Awesomeness
    -Mattman123123  - Feedback regarding the ASCII art
    -MetroidMoo     - Some passwords
    -Colin Moriarty - Getting me back into Megaman
    -Brian Sulpher  - Awesomeness
    -You            - For reading this
    -[I forgot]     - I'm truly sorry for forgetting your name, but whoever
                      pointed out that I hadn't noted the location of the heart
                      tank in Wire Sponge's level.  This email eventually prompted
                      the rewrite.
    | 5.05: Sayonara! |
    Well, it's been a fun process writing and rewriting this guide.  I hope you've 
    enjoyed this and Megaman X2.  As "Duncington" would say, see ya on the flip 
    -Trace "Meowthnum1" Jackson

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