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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adori

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    /_/  /_/\___/\__, /\__,_/  /_/  /_/\__,_/_/ /_/   /_/|_/____/
    Table of Contents
    1.	Controls			(CTRL)
    2.	Weapons				(WPNS)
    3.	Upgrades			(UPGR)
    4.	Workings of the Walkthrough	(WOTW)
    4a.     Abandoned Reploid Factory 	(ABRF)
    4b.     Overdrive Ostrich		(OVOS)
    4c.     Wire Sponge			(WRSP)
    4d.     Wheel Gator			(WHGT)
    4e.     Bubble Crab			(BBCR)
    4f.     Flame Stag			(FKST)
    4g.	Morph Moth			(MHMH)
    4h.     Magna Centipede			(MGCN)
    4i.     Crystal Snail			(CRSN)
    4j.	X-Hunter Strategies		(XHST)
    4k.     X-Hunter Stage 1		(XHS1)
    4l.	X-Hunter Stage 2		(XHS2)
    4m.	X-Hunter Stage 3		(XHS3)
    4n.     Sigma Stage 1			(SGS1)
    4o.	Sigma Stage 2			(SGS2)
    5.	Damage Chart			(DMCH)
    6.	Contact Information		(CNIN)
    It seems like every day is longer than the last...
    After doing Mega Man X3 and the original X in 2004, I had briefly considered
    doing an X2 FAQ, but brushed it aside for the time being. Admittedly, I had, at
    the time, not felt that X2 was as great as it's predecessor or successor.
    Come New Year's Eve 2005, however, I suddenly got to the urge to play it again.
    And when I did, I came to the stark realization that I could go through with
    this. And so I did. This here is the collection of much data analysis that I
    have gathered over the past nine days, so use it well.
                                  1. Controls (CTRL)
    Here are the basic controls of this game. These are the default control scheme,
    however; you CAN change them though on the title screen.
    A - Dash, dash in mid-air
    B - Jump, jump up walls, slide down walls
    X - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Y - Shoot with buster, hold down to charge shots,
    L&R - Change weapons (They are in an order though)
    Left - Move left
    Right - Move right
    Start - Menu Screen
    Select - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    A + B - Faster jump on walls
    Menu Screen
    D-Pad - Scroll through weapons and Subtanks
    A - Use Subtank
    B - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    Y) - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    X - Nothing. Zilch. Nada. (Getting repetitive, huh?)
    Start - Leave screen, choose weapon, Exit button
    Select - Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
    B - Jump, Float
    A - Attack
    Right - Move right
    Left - Move left
    Up + B - Jump out of armor
                                   2. Weapons (WPNS)
    Crystal Hunter
    Regular: X will toss out a bubble-like substance, which, should it hit a
             regular enemy or Overdrive Ostrich, will freeze them. In the case of
             the ordinary enemies, they will stay like that for a while before
             unfreezing and breaking apart. At the same time, however, you can step
             on the ice block and use it as a support to get to high places.
    Charged: Temporarily slows down time for both X and all onscreen opponents.
             Allows you to make moves with ferocious accuracy as opposed to the
             regular speed.
    Bubble Splash
    Regular: X will spurt out a number of bubbles that will move a bit in the
             direction that he is facing, and they will then begin to rise up by
             the conventions of gravity.
    Charged: X will form a Bubble shield around him which is only completely
             vulnerable from the bottom (falling on spikes or an enemy). It will
             suck up weapon energy as it goes, and can only be stopped by switching
             weapons in the menu. Any enemies that come into contact with it from
             the side will, however, take damage.
    Silk Shot
    Regular: X will shoot out a piece of junk that will go a short ways, drop onto
             the ground, and explode on contact, splitting into four pieces that
             each go in a different diagonal direction.
    Charged: Much like before, X will summon a much bigger piece of junk. When he
             shoots it, though, it will go a longer distance before finally falling
             on the ground and shattering.
    Spinning Wheel
    Regular: X will unleash a wheel that will fall down if not on solid ground,
             then will move away from X, cutting through anything and everything
             that is in it's path before eventually dissipating.
    Charged: X will unleash a burst of energy, which will promptly explode. The
             eight individual shots will spread out in a hexagonal pattern.
    Sonic Slicer
    Regular: X will send out two sonic waves that will ricochet around the room
             until they either fade out or hit an enemy.
    Charged: X will launch multiple Sonic Slicers skywards, and they will then
             fall down in a "Sonic Slicer Rain".
    Strike Chain
    Regular: X will send out a grappling chain that can hit enemies. When an enemy
             drops an item, the Strike Chain will grab that item before retracting.
             Furthermore, if you strike a wall with it, the Strike Chain will take
             you over there.
    Charged: X will shoot out a BIGGER Strike Chain that does MORE damage. Bigger
             and better.
    Magnet Mine
    Regular: X sends out a mine straight ahead that will explode on contact.
             Furthermore, it can latch onto a wall, and will detonate if a foe
             walks into it.
    Charged: X sends out a slow gravity well that will head along for a while
             before fading away. It also has the effects of absorbing some enemy
             attacks, due to it's huge gravity, drawing attacks towards it.
    Speed Burner
    Regular: X will shoot out a burst of fire. Depending on where you are, the fire
             will furthermore spread along the actual floor itself to the end, or
             fading out before it does so.
    Charged: X will Dash forward with a burst of fire. During this time, he is
             COMPLETELY invincible, even to spikes. It can still be used even after
             you have used your Dash for a Jump up already.
                                  3. Upgrades (UPGR)
    Overdrive Ostrich
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: None/Really Fast Reflexes (Alternatively Arm Upgrade + Speed
    Burner, and/or Leg Upgrade)
    Once you get the Speeder Bike, drive along, knocking down all the raised
    pillars and making sure that you manage to be able to drive onto the tops of
    cliff faces. Continue until you are able to get into the building, then
    progress as normal until you see a spike bed in front. Get onto the spike bed,
    and at the front, there'll be a Heart Tank.
    If that's too difficult to you, there's another way to get it. Go to the left
    of the spike bed, charge up the Speed Burner, and Air-Dash + Speed Burner Dash
    to the end (although of course, you'll get yourself killed after grabbing the
    Heart Tank). Yet another alternative is to just jump onto the overhead ledge,
    then drag yourself down and either Air Dash or Speed Burner all the way to the
    end again.
    Leg Upgrade
    Requirements: Spin Wheel
    Near the end of the level, after the Heart Tank spike pit and the two
    Scorpions, Dash Jump over to the right wall. You should see eight grey blocks
    here. Use the Spin Wheel on them, and they'll break the blocks. Inside, you'll
    find a Light capsule, so enter after Light's brief talk and you'll get the Leg
    Wire Sponge
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: None
    Right at the start of the level where you teleport in to, turn around and climb
    up the wall to your left. There should be a hidden cranny in there that will
    contain the Heart Tank.
    Requirements: None
    When you come across the surveillance cameras that pop up from the ground,
    continue on until you get to the fourth of them. When you do, jump on top of
    it, and wait for it to rise up, then Dash-Jump onto the wall to your right.
    Climb up, then jump off the tree onto the platform to it's right. Continue on,
    jump onto the next platform, then head to the far right to get a SubTank.
    Wheel Gator
    Arm Upgrade
    Requirements: None (Leg Upgrade recommended)
    After you've gone through a slew of DinoTanks and gone down two ladders at the
    beginning of the level, you should notice just before going down again that
    there is a hole in the ceiling above you. Jump onto the right wall, climb up,
    and Jump off the wall, THEN Air-Dash your way to the left wall in the hole.
    This can be done without Air-Dash, but it's extremely and exceedingly difficult
    to do. After you've latched on, climb up, go to the Light capsule, and enter
    after talking to Light.
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Arm Upgrade, Speed Burner (Leg Upgrade recommended)
    Go through the stage as normal until you go up the ladder from the bridge below
    the ship. You should see a spike bed to your left, and a Heart Tank on the
    ledge above. Ouch.
    In any case, you'll need to walk right and get up onto the first different
    elevation on this floor. Now, in order to grab the Heart Tank, you need to be
    able to get high enough to climb up onto the ledge, but Dashing from the lower
    elevation will not give you enough height; as thus, you need to Dash from the
    higher elevation.
    However, that presents another problem; the Dash won't be able to cover the
    distance alone. However, if you use the secondary effect of the Speed Burner, X
    will Dash in the direction you're facing with a fire shield, NO MATTER if you
    have already Dashed. As thus, what you need to do is either Dash-Jump to the
    left and then Speed Burner your way across the room, or else jump, Air-Dash,
    and then Speed Burner your way across the room.
    Either way, it IS very difficult, and you may very likely die a few times
    before getting it. However, it is possible; all you need to remember is to
    start climbing as fast as you can after you finish Speed Burning across the
    room, or else you'll fall/drag into the spikes.
    Bubble Crab
    Requirements: Bubble Splash, Arm Upgrade
    Easily the hardest SubTank to get, if you don't know what you're doing.
    Once the Giant Fish comes out of his hiding place at the beginning of the
    level, go right along the first half of the ocean floor until you come to one
    of the large cliffs, where the bottom part is dust and sand, with a small room
    containing a small energy capsule and a large weapon energy capsule, and the
    top part of the cliff is grey rock and has a room with a large energy capsule,
    and a hidden entrance.
    Once you are there, charge up and activate the Bubble Splash. Jump up, and you
    should see the SubTank hanging on a ledge. Now, once you get back to the
    bottom, position yourself so that you are slightly to the right of the edge of
    the ledge. Jump again to the top of the water.
    Now, ONCE you get to the top of the water, you have a free EXTRA Jump. X's head
    has to have surfaced abovewater before you can get this extra jump. However,
    when you do have it again, USE IT and grab onto the ledge, and climb up. Once
    you get up there, you'll be rewarded with the SubTank.
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Bubble Splash, Arm Upgrade
    Another difficult item to get. When the Giant Fish first comes out, follow him
    a ways until he goes to the one floor that will open up. When that happens,
    wait for the Giant Fish to go under, then head to the wall right of where the
    floor was, with your Bubble Splash charged. Use the Bubble Splash now, and
    climb up most of the wall.
    From here now, you need to Dash-Jump up to your left. You should see some
    floating rockets, so try to grab the right one. It's really hard to describe
    where on the right wall you're supposed to jump from, but you should figure it
    out from trial and error. How high the rocket is at the time can also be a bit
    of a pain, admittedly, but is solvable by constantly redoing it.
    Once you DO get on a floating rocket, wait for it to go up a bit, then jump
    onto the top right wall. Climbing up, you'll find the Heart Tank.
    Flame Stag
    Requirements: None
    At the start of the level, head right and climb up the volcano walls. A giant
    elephant-like robot will start coming down and trying to hit you. Jump onto the
    platform on it's back instead, and then wait for it to rise until you are able
    to jump onto a high wall to the left. Here, go left and grab the SubTank.
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: None (Spinning Wheel preferred)
    Once you make your way into the volcano, go onto the metal platform at the
    bottom, which will activate the lava flow. On your way climbing up, you'll
    notice a Heart Tank that is being guarded by a Bar Waying. Destroy the Bar
    Waying, using the Spin Wheel for a quick effect, then grab the Heart Tank.
    Whether you make it out of there alive is a different story, but at least
    you've got the Heart Tank.
    Morph Moth
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Crystal Hunter
    Fight your way through the first three Zombies that are present in this stage,
    until you get to a GreenShield. Whip out the trusty Crystal Hunter, then use it
    the first time to knock the shield out of the GreenShield's hands. Use it a
    second time on him, and he'll freeze up, creating an ice block. Get on top of
    the ice block, then Dash-Jump onto the wall to your right. Climb up onto the
    ceiling, and head up to the top, and the Heart Tank will be.
    Body Upgrade
    Requirements: Spinning Wheel
    Take out the trio of Zombies and the single Greenshield that will plague your
    path for the very beginning of this level. Inside, Dash your way across until
    you come to the second orange bar in the foreground. When you see this, go as
    far right from the bar as you can without actually jumping or climbing up, then
    unleash the Spinning Wheel on the floor straight there. It'll carve a hole in
    the floor. Drop down, and go to the capsule to get your upgrade.
    Magna Centipede
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: None (Speed Burner + Arm Upgrade possibly recommended)
    Once you make your way through the initial onslaught of PurBars and security
    spotlights, look around. You should see a grey security block hanging off the
    ceiling right next to a path going upwards. You should JUST be able to jump up
    and grab a hold on the grey security block, then climb up from there and get
    the Heart Tank.
    If you can't get onto the security block, then head right onto the higher
    elevation, then turn around, and charge up your Speed Burner. Jump to the left,
    then let loose the Speed Burner, and you'll dash right onto the security block.
    Climb your way up from there.
    Requirements: None (Leg + Arm Upgrade + Speed Burner recommended)
    Make your way through the first set of block puzzles. At the end, you should
    see a single grey block hanging from the ceiling (if you were slow, though, it
    won't be there). Wait for it to drop down, then jump on it before it starts
    moving right. Once it's right over the pit, however, Dash-Jump up to the right
    and onto the wall, and climb up the path going up. Up top is a SubTank.
    Alternatively, if the block isn't there, stand on the ledge, not straight
    before the pit, but the one just before that. Charge up the Speed Burner, then
    Jump, Air-Dash right, and use the momentum from the Speed Burner to get
    yourself the rest of the way over there.
    Crystal Snail
    Heart Tank
    Requirements: Ride Armor
    Early on, once you get into the Ride Armor, go back up the first patch of ice,
    and drop down the hole; don't worry, it's not a bottomless pit. Go to the left
    to fall onto the ledge down there. Now, face left, then move yourself as far
    left as you can go without actually falling down. Now, press and hold your Jab
    Button, then press the Jump Button. Release the jab button, and you'll fly off
    to the left, while hovering.
    Eventually, though, you'll begin to fall donw. When this happens, wait until
    you're about halfway down, then have X get out of the Ride Armor (Up + Jump
    button), while still going left. The momentum should just be enough for him to
    get on the far wall, so climb up and then claim what is yours; the Heart Tank.
    Head Upgrade
    Requirements: None
    Shortly after you fight the mini-boss, you'll have to rush downhill against
    time and dodge a giant block of green ice. Once you do this, there'll be a
    ravine that you wull need to cross. Instead of going to the other side,
    however, drag down the left wall. You'll find a secret path down here with a
    few CrysCannons. Destroy them, then head inwards to find the capsule for your
    Head Upgrade.
                              4. Workings of the Walkthrough (WOTW)
    It has been 6 months since the destruction of (Sigma) and little has changed.
    The Maverick revolt started by Sigma is over, but Mega Man X and the new
    generation of Maverick Hunters have yet to destroy all of Sigma's followers.
    Lead by information gained by Dr. Cain, Mega Man X and the rest of the
    followers have tracked the last of the Mavericks to an abandoned Reploid
    factory. There they hope to wipe out the last of the resistance.
    Little do they suspect that real war is about to begin...
    Mega Man X vs. X-Hunters!
    How the Walkthrough Works
    The most recommended order of bosses in this game is this;
    Overdrive Ostrich
    Wire Sponge
    Wheel Gator
    Bubble Crab
    Flame Stag
    Morph Moth
    Magna Centipede
    Crystal Snail
    Thus, this is the order of the walkthrough that I am making. In addition,
    Violen, Serge, and Agile, all of whom may be encountered during the regular
    duration of the game, have their seperate boss strategies outlined in a section
    after the main eight stages. Lastly, set boss strategies in a level are within
    the stage's walkthrough itself. In the actual boss strategies, I'll also lay
    out their weaknesses, and create two seperate strategies; one for how to deal
    with them without the weapon that they are weak to, and one with (unless you
    are at the point in the game where you are SUPPOSED to have all eight
    additional weapons).
    The other important thing to note is that within several of X2's levels, there
    are sections that split up into two possible paths that you can take. When this
    happens, I'll divide each path into a subsection for the level. Subsequently,
    when you get to the part where there lies an X-Hunter door nearby, I'll chart
    off the next little bit from there until you get to the exit of the X-Hunter's
    door; therefore, if you DO fight an X-Hunter, you know where to take off from
    again once you head outside by the header "X-HUNTER EXIT".
                          4a. Abandoned Reploid Factory (ABRF)
    The game will start off with X driving his Swoop Bike into an enemy Cannon
    Driver. Watch out for the crippled Maverick; even though you can take it out
    with a single charged shot, it can still deal a good amount of damage. Once
    you're done taking it out, head on right and you'll come across an enemy called
    a Bar Waying (I don't name these guys, Capcom does). It'll extend down,
    blocking you off until you can destroy it. You'll generally need to have quick
    fingers to Dash your way past before it latches on the floor, so I recommend
    staying and shooting at it; it's harmless in itself, being unable to cause any
    Continue on, and you'll encounter two small enemies called Scrivings (and
    because of their names, folks, and really how difficult it is to deduce an
    enemy from the names given in the credits, I'll be giving them my own generic
    names from now on aside the three already mentioned). Take them out by dodging
    them when they jump around, and destroy another Bar Waying. Repeat this
    procedure once more, taking out another pair of Scrivings and Bar Waying.
    Proceed once more, and you'll run into some weird purple helicopter-like dude,
    who I'll just call a purple propeller from now on. Drop down a few ledges, and
    make sure that you avoid the junk pile at the bottom. Once on solid ground
    again, you'll be smack-dack on a purple propeller assembly line. Head through
    the first two devices, then take care of the purple propeller hovering above.
    Progress through another device, and take out the one hovering above, and the
    one on the ground still, whether it's activated or not yet.
    Now that that's done, take the still right-bound path, and you'll come upon a
    crane. Let it grab you and deposit you to the right of it's original position,
    but when it releases you, sway yourself to the right and grab onto the wall.
    Head up so as to not fall into the junk pile. Having done that, climb up the
    far right wall, and go up the ladder. You'll see a Wall-Driver, whom will go up
    to the top and try to pull the walls together. Jump onto one of the two walls
    and climb your way up to the top, then wait for the Wall-Driver to close the
    walls completely so you don't accidentally fall down.
    Once done, proceed right 'til you get to the hole in the floor. Grab the energy
    capsule if need be, then drop down into the giant hole. You'll fight off
    against the introduction boss, aka...
    Strategy: This is probably THE easiest boss fight in any Mega Man X game. MAOH
    THE GIANT from X3 is harder than GM is.
    In any case, it is my prime duty to write a strategy. Gigantic Mechaniroid's
    main and only weakness is his head, but it can be taken out with only four
    charged shots, which is pretty easy. However, at the end of his arms are two
    spiked balls. They'll flail around, and if they hit you, will damage you and
    knock you in the direction it itself was headed. If you fall to the ground, the
    two feet that the Mechaniroid jumps up and down on may hit you.
    That's all there is to fighting the Gigantic Mechaniroid, in any case. The only
    other part where he can damage you is by coming into contact with you with his
    head; furthermore, GM's head may lurch down the slightest bit when he jumps, so
    if you're right under his head, it may come into contact with you for a brief
    moment. Either way, it's ridiculously easy to defeat the Mechaniroid, so there
    should be no problems.
    After, a foreboding cutscene. Ooooo.
                              4b. Overdrive Ostrich (OVOS)
    Head down the slope at the start, and dash your way onto the pillar; you can
    shoot them down, but for now, just stay up on top 'til the Unicycle enemy
    passes, then go down from there and continue until you come upon a Scorpion.
    When it's waving it's tail about, you'll really need to keep an eye out, as
    it'll get ready to throw small bombs. Other than that, it'll shoot lasers at
    you out from it's eyes, but you should be able to jump over that easily.
    Instead of going down the ladder, take out your Spin Wheel from Wheel Gator and
    use it on the weak rocks to your right in the wall. Once it's done it's job, go
    over and jump up the high ledges, and enter the door.
    Once you've finished off the Scorpion, go down the ladder; the barricade you
    see to the right you won't be able to break through until later. Charge up two
    shots to take out each of the Unicycles that you happen to come upon in your
    downward path, until you hit the bottom floor. Continue right, and you'll get
    on a speeder bike.
    This next part is a bit difficult to do, so I'll do my best to describe it. Use
    the Y button as usual to eliminate the three Unicycles that will come at you
    when you go uphill, but once the trio have been eliminated, hit the A button to
    jack up the speed BEFORE you finish going uphill. Otherwise, if you press the A
    button when going straight, you'll hit the wall on the other side (if you can,
    get your bike so that it's straight down on the top, then press A and B to dash
    and jump over the ravine).
    On the other side, press onwards using your Speeder Bike, and eliminate the
    other two Speeder Bike enemies (I love Star Wars references). Once you get to
    one of the ledges that's already gone down, don't bother to dash or anything.
    You'll destroy the sand generator, albeit at the price of your bike. Head
    forward some more, destroying two Unicycles on your way, until you come to
    another ledge that is standing upright; shoot it down, then go all the way left
    until you find another unused Speeder Bike on a high hill.
    Right now, you'll have a really difficult part to do. Once you get to the
    second pillar, you need to eliminate the Unicycle enemy before it. Right once
    you get ONTO the pillar, you need to Dash, then the slightest of seconds later
    press the Jump button before you get off. Failure to execute it properly will
    get you ALMOST up to the top of the next area, but not quite. And if you DO,
    you need to start shooting, as there'll be a straightward pillar up top, so
    make sure you press Y after you've finished hitting the A and B buttons.
    You still won't be done yet once you get to the top. Take out a lone Unicycle
    out in the desert, and once you get into the building, watch for another
    Sure, you'll have to eliminate it, but it's also a sign that you'll soon need
    to jump up again, and ONCE MORE AFTER THAT. If you complete it with success,
    you'll be on a bunch of spikes. Now you'll need to pull off a bunch of turning
    maneuvers if you want to get to the end, retrieve the HEART TANK, and go the
    other way without crashing your vehicle and dying, but it is OK, as you have
    the Heart Tank now. However, if you do continue, head back to the end, try to
    turn right at the edge so that your momentum will move you off the ledge. That
    way, you'll be headed in the direction you need.
    Ignore the two Scorpions if you have your Speeder Bike (eliminate them if you
    don't) and turn left AND right at the edge so you don't run into the walls.
    Continue on, and crash your bike on the Scorpion. Go through the boss door
    before any harm can be done to you from the Scorpion (eliminate them if you
    don't have your Speeder Bike). From here on in, go inside. Stand ON the bottom
    half of the rocket, and wait for it to launch. You'll face off against...
    Power: 3800 rp
    Speed: 9900 rp
    BUSTER: Much of playing Overdrive Ostrich is a Dashing game. How so? He has two
    ways of running around on the main part of the stage. The first one will be a
    straightforward dash, where he'll keep himself to the ground and chase after
    you. You CANNOT win a Dashing game when he does this. The alternative to
    beating him at his own game is to Charge up the X-Buster, and when he does Dash
    at you, get to high ground, turn around and Jump/Dash-Jump over his head. He'll
    take a while to stop and turn around, giving you the chance to fire off a shot
    at him.
    The other way that Overdrive Ostrich will run around is really awkward high
    jumps, where he'll literally jump a foot above you. The way to beat him here is
    (as always) first charge up your Buster, then seek low ground. When Overdrive
    Ostrich jumps, he jumps pretty high, and if you're at lower ground than he is,
    it'll be really easy for you to Dash under him. He'll take the same motion of
    turning around at a sluggish pace, so you can shoot him once more and damage
    Alternatively, if you try to Dash far away from Overdrive Ostrich (and
    sometimes even if you don't), OO will go into the background and run as a black
    speck across the desert. When he jumps up, start Dashing either which way;
    he'll try to land on you.
    As for actual attacks that Overdrive Ostrich possesses, the first is where he
    will throw a purple ring at you (his Sonic Slicer). It's pretty small though,
    and since it isn't FAST or anything of the sorts, you shouldn't have too much
    of a problem with dodging it unless you're preoccupied elsewhere. His other
    (and more commonly used) attack is to jump in the air, wave his arms and legs
    about, and call down six Sonic Slicers that are a lot faster than the regular
    attack. However, there is some space in between each SS, so if you have quick
    eyes, you should be able to move out of the path of a Sonic Slicer into the
    sanctuary inbetween.
    Other than that, Overdrive Ostrich isn't really too difficult of a boss. You
    might suffer some setbacks with his Sonic Slicers, but as he'll run at you more
    often than not, you should be able to whittle his life bar down until he is
    CRYSTAL HUNTER: Although I don't believe it's secondary effect to be very
    useful (since it slows down both you and Overdrive Ostrich), it has it's
    moments, and it doesn't cost very much weapon energy.
    With that out of the way, the main effect of the Crystal Hunter is awesome, as
    it freezes Overdrive Ostrich in his tracks literally for a few moments.
    Additionally, just before he unfreezes himself, you have a span of time that
    you can hit him with another Crystal Hunter (although it doesn't refreeze him
    again). The only unfortunate side effect of this is that he will jump up and
    perform his Sonic Slicer rain attack, which may sometimes be hard to hit him
    with the Crystal Hunter again before he can start performing.
    You got Sonic Slicer!
                                 4c. Wire Sponge (WRSP)
    Before I start with the walkthrough for this stage, I wish to describe the
    WeatherCrystal, and which weapons influence it how.
    The WeatherCrystal can be encountered throughout the level. It controls the
    weather, but destroy it will NOT stop the weather. Instead, you must influence
    it's actions by hitting it with various weapons.
    Crystal Hunter - Dark & Misty
    Strike Chain - Normal
    Bubble Splash - Rainy & Windy
    Speed Burner - Bright & Sunny
    Turn your Reploid ass around at the start, and climb up the wall to the left.
    At the top, there should be a hidden nook inside the wall. Contained within is
    a free HEART TANK, so don't pass this one up. Go down, then start your trek
    right and eliminate a SunToad with a charged shot. Continue on, and take out
    another SunToad. Now get up onto the platform, but don't bother destroying the
    WeatherCrystal; while the weather will change if you have the right weapons,
    the weather will merely continue on if you blast it and break it.
    In any case, continue on, and you'll run into some surveillance cameras that
    pop up from the ground. The only way that they can do any harm is by sending
    out missiles, and it'll take so long that there's no way you should still be
    around to be damaged. Instead, jump over the tops of the first two over the
    ledge, and continue as normal until you get to SurvCamera #4. Get on top of
    this camera's head, and Dash-Jump onto the wall to your right. Climb up to the
    top, and eliminate a SunToad up top.
    By this time, the weather should be rainy, so it'll impede you somewhat. Dash-
    Jump onto the next ledge, and Charge up for a shot at another SunToad. Head up
    to the second overhead ledge and take out a second SunToad. Your reward will be
    a SUBTANK, which lies right behind the SunToad. For those of you whom are new
    to the game, a SubTank will collect any waste energy that you grab after your
    life bar is itself already full, but only to an extent of storage. Proceed
    onwards, dashing down and to the right to find a bunch of elevators moving up.
    Instead of going along with the elevators headed upwards from the entrance,
    wait until the next elevator is above you, then drop down onto the elevator at
    that. You should see an entrance to the right. Go inside the entrance shaft,
    and you'll face off against the X-Hunter.
    *Refer to Agile-Serges-Violen section for strategy
    After you win, you'll have to come out the way you came in, so proceed on with
    the normal path.
    Get onto the elevator, and move away from the center to the right side. The
    reason? There'll be two sets of Scrivers on either side of the elevator shaft,
    and they'll both jump towards the center, so try to avoid contact (you can,
    however, shoot them with a charged shot once they hit the center and collect
    the spoils). After you fight off the single Scriver, make sure you stick to the
    right, as the elevator will head into a spiked ceiling at the top.
    Up top, you'll come to another SunToad. Continue over top of a cliff and past a
    spike pit, and you'll face off against one more SunToad in front of a
    WeatherCrystal. Head on, and you'll see a Leech Harvester come across, which
    will then drop an orb onto the ground that will hatch into a vine. Continue to
    move forward, ignoring the LH for now, and on the other side, eliminate a
    SunToad while dodging two more Leech Harvesters. Jump over another pit, and
    head through the tree trunk.
    Here, you'll encounter two more Harvesters which will actually drop Leeches.
    What do these Leeches do? Nothing more than latch onto your head if you get too
    close, fudge up your jumping skills, and call upon lightning to come down in a
    straight line on you. In other words, you want to avoid them, so save up a
    Charged shot for when they begin to hatch, then let it loose on them to destroy
    them. Now continue on past another Weather Crystal, and you'll run into another
    Leech Harvester + Leech. Destroy both of them so they cannot cause you any more
    of an annoyance, then Dash Jump over three spike pits, ignoring the
    surveillance cameras and one Leech Harvester that you'll see.
    You'll come upon a bigger spike pit. Jump onto the wooden pillar in the middle,
    then continue your way once you make it over completely. Inside the building,
    climb up two ladders, then dodge the Scriver that will jump from the ledge
    above and head up where it came from. Having made it over, eliminate another
    Scriver, then destroy the Scorpion that guards the boss door. Once that's done,
    head through the dual set of doors to face off against...
    Power: 6400 rp
    Speed: 4800 rp
    BUSTER: Straight off the bat, Wire Sponge will probably swing his vine around,
    which will deflect anything that you can throw at him. After a while, he'll
    stop swinging his vine and shoot it forward a long ways before retracting it.
    At the start of the battle, you'll have to figure out his timing, let loose the
    shot just before he stops swinging the vine and sends it forward, and jump up
    onto the left wall and get out of harm's way, then get down and charge up for
    another round of vine and X-Buster.
    If, later on, Wire Sponge is at the VERY END of either side of the room,
    however, you can just stand still at the opposite end of the room, stand still,
    totally be out of harm's way when Wire Sponge goes on the attack, and shoot him
    down. On an extra note, it should also be observed that it is not only the
    grappler part of Wire Sponge's vine that damages on contact; if you try to Dash
    over the grappler and onto the vine, and then jump back over the grappler, you
    WILL be damaged by the vine.
    On the occasion, Wire Sponge will also extend his vine into the wall itself
    (providing that he is close enough; his vine will still only be able to go as
    far as per se the norm. Thus, if you're already out of harm's reach and Wire
    Sponge doesn't move, you should not be worrying about this attack). It should
    be noted that when this happens, his vine DOES NOT HARM ON CONTACT. Instead,
    you can jump over the hook, then over the subsequent Wire Sponge.
    Furthermore, on the RAREST OF OCCASIONS (or if you decide to let him live for
    God know's how long after he begins to bring out his lightning attack), Wire
    Spong will either do a very short jump or about a mid-jump and do the same
    grappling-to-the-wall attack. When he lets go of the wall, he can either drop
    straight down, or kickback a bit.
    In other attacks, Wire Sponge will also sometimes grab the ceiling and rise up
    a random amount. From his hanging point, his head will open up and he will spit
    out mini-vines; these do no more than harm you if you run into them, and can be
    taken out with a half-charged X-Buster. However, if you don't eliminate them
    quickly, they can be annoying. For the most part, though, it'll always be a
    fast side battle.
    Aside from grappling side walls, however, Wire Sponge does NOT use his vine to
    move left or right. He does NOT swing when hanging from the ceiling. Instead,
    all he will take are short hops that are sufficiently high enough so as to
    allow you to Dash underneath him, thus avoiding contact with him.
    Once you've downed Wire Sponge's life bar sufficiently enough, he'll close his
    eyes, begin to look constipated, and his body will turn red. Once this happens,
    he'll let out three or four bolts of thunder. Although you COULD ideally avoid
    the thunder by following the tried-and-true statement of 'lightning never
    strikes the same place twice' (his thunderbolts will never hit the same place
    twice) by going where there already was a thunderbolt in the same series of
    bolts, you would be a lot safer by sticking straight next to the wall.
    Eventually, Wire Sponge will fall; he shouldn't be TOO difficult if you can get
    the timing for his vine attacks down pat.
    SONIC SLICER: While Wire Sponge's attack patterns stay the same with the Sonic
    Slicer, EVERYTHING changes for you. Here's how.
    The most important thing to note is that the Sonic Slicer can and WILL break
    through Wire Sponge's vine shield. HOWEVER, there is an exception; if you go
    straight up to Wire Sponge and fire the Sonic Slicer at his shield, it will
    stop him from swinging it around, but it won't harm him at all. One of the ways
    to counter this is to shoot a very short ways away from him and wait for the
    Sonic Slicer to go and slice through his defenses. The other way is a lot
    trickier; Wire Sponge's shield is not an actual part of his body. Therefore,
    you can still harm Wire Sponge if you hit his body instead of the shield. While
    one COULD hit him from behind with a Sonic Slicer (Wire Sponge turns around if
    you jump behind him), it is possible to dash straight up to Wire Sponge, put
    yourself right in front of the shield, and then fire to harm. This is because
    the X-Buster will go through the shield, and sic the Sonic Slicer straight on
    Wire Sponge.
    The second part is much less important, but also a bit notable if, bluntly, for
    whatever reason you suck at changing weapons. The vines are immune to Sonic
    Slicer, so if for whatever reason you can't open the menu screen and change to
    the regular X-Buster to eliminate them, you might want to stick with the
    regular X-Buster for the most part.
    And that's about it.
    You got Strike Chain!
                                 4d. Wheel Gator (WHGT)
    Your first direction will obviously be right. You'll see a MavGen soon that
    will have an endless stream of Bluebirds coming out of it. As long as you stay
    on the lower elevation, the Bluebirds will go over your head, sail harmlessly
    out of the way, and allow you to shoot at the MavGen until it explodes. Once
    that's done, continue on inside the building, and once you climb the stairs,
    you'll come in contact with a DinoTank. These guys are built pretty heavily, so
    a full Charged shot along with some extra regular Buster fire will be required.
    Once you've crossed the top floor, eliminating a trio of DinoTanks, go down the
    first ladder and take out another DinoTank. Repeat once more on the ground, and
    head right. You should see a shaft above at the end here, but don't bother
    getting it right now; it's utterly impossible without the Leg Upgrade, which
    you can get later. Instead, head down and board the MiniElev, and let yourself
    brush against the wall. You'll fall down onto the second MiniElev, which will
    take you left all the way to the end. Go up, charge a shot, and let 'er loose
    on the GreenShield, and follow up with some rapid Buster fire after that. With
    the pattern of how to defeat a GreenShield in mind, drop down and take out
    another one.
    Now that we're finished here, continue on and drop down the hole to the left.
    Run to the right, taking out another pesky DinoTank, and drop down another bit,
    then head left to find a Ride Tank. Get in, then go and stab the block to the
    left to break open a hole in the wall. Go down onto the lower bridge of the
    ship. You'll come into contact with another DinoTank off the bat, so take it
    out and progress right, where you'll fight a RideTank. A good way to beat these
    guys is to Dash right up to them and quickly jab them, and then follow up with
    another jab to finish them. With the first one out of the way, continue and
    you'll fight another DinoTank and RideTank. Once they've both been eliminated,
    float over to the other side (Jump + Hold Jump Button), and Dash-Jab into
    another RideTank. Kill one more DinoTank, and end off the marathon run with a
    fourth and last RideTank.
    Having finished off your brief excursion in a Ride Tank, get out (Up + Jump
    Button), and head up the ladder. The Heart Tank you see to the left is yet
    another item that cannot be obtained until you get the Leg Upgrade. Instead,
    start moving right again, taking out another DinoTank before coming up to a
    MiniElev going up. Charge a shot up, and when you get in shooting range of the
    GreenShield, blast him. If you need to jump, do so, but jump right after that,
    because one jump will cause the MiniElev to change directions (down), so a
    second one is required to bring it back up.
    Up top, Dash right before you meet your doom at the hands of a spike ceiling,
    and get on the second MiniElev. Be sure to save up some charged shots (even
    half-charged works), because three Bluebirds will come down from the ceilings
    to fly at you. At the end of the road, there'll be a GreenShield waiting for
    you, so make sure you Charge up another shot after the initial onslaught of
    Bluebirds. Once he's out of the way, go and drop down on the MiniElev.
    Take out just one of the GreenShields, ignoring the other one. When you first
    see a path to exit off to the left, however, ignore it. Instead, let the
    MiniElev take you up to the top, where there'll be a door to your right. Get
    off as soon as you can, and enter to fight your X-Hunter.
    Take out just one of the GreenShields, ignoring the other one, as he likely
    won't be able to hit you. When you see a path to the left, exit off the
    MiniElev and take it. Use the difference in elevation to defeat the GreenShield
    one-handedly that guards the left, then climb up the walls 'til you get up to
    the top. Head right over the ledge, and you'll face off another MavGen just
    like the one at the beginning of the level. This time, however, you won't have
    a difference in elevation to save you, so continously charge up green shots and
    fire them until you take out the MavGen; the half-charged shots WILL be able to
    destroy the Bluebirds, so no sweats.
    With that out of the way, Charge up, and head outside. You'll face two
    Bluebirds and a DinoTank right off the bat, so wait until they're all aligned
    up to take them out with one shot. Charge up again, and head right, where
    you'll face the same situation again. When they're all down for the count, drop
    down the side of the roof.
    With Normal and X-Hunter paths interlinked again, head down the slope to your
    right, and Dash-Jump over the first two MavGens to land a bit below, with
    another hallway to your left. Now, UNLESS you need to get your energy levels up
    desperately (in which case you can just head and take out a bunch of
    Bluebirds), you should head left now, with a Charged shot ready. Drop down to
    the floor below, and immediately shoot the Cannon Driver, and start charging
    up. The uncrippled Cannon Driver will shoot out of two holes. The upper hole
    cannot harm you as long as you stay down, but the lower can. However, the
    bullet from the lower hole can also be destroyed with a half-charge, meaning
    that you should stick to a pattern of charging up and destroying the bottom
    bullets, letting the rest of the blast hit the Cannon Driver. Once the Cannon
    Driver is done for, head through the dual set of doors to face off against...
    Power: 9800 rp
    Speed: 1800 rp
    BUSTER: Many people treat Wheel Gator with the most utterest of contempts, the
    most greatest of fears, the largest of determinations, and I can see where they
    do come in from.
    Wheel Gator's main form of attacking is to drop underneath his pool of blood.
    From there, he will often unsuspectingly leap out of the waters and chomp on
    whatever happens to be in his territorial waters. When Wheel Gator does this, X
    must struggle to escape Wheel Gator's grasp ala pressing the four face buttons
    really fast. A, B, and Y buttons on their own CAN get you out of Gator's grasp,
    while the X Button (on the default control scheme, mind) is fairly useless.
    However, if you can mash all four buttons at once really fast (not just A, B,
    and Y; X must also be mashed), you can escape Wheel Gator before he goes too
    far on his bloodsucking-scheme, sometimes escaping with only a single bar of
    life fast.
    However, there is a way to circumvent this; when Wheel Gator goes underwater,
    he will send spinning wheels up the wall. They will go up the side wall that X
    is on (or in the direction of X, if he is in the pool itself), and cling to the
    ceiling about halfway before falling. The first wheel will come from inside the
    pool and then go to the wall, while the second one, if any, will start STRAIGHT
    AT THE WALL and go up. There are two constants to note here about Wheel Gator
    that will help make exploiting his pattern MUCH easier;
    Wheel Gator will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS chuck at least one wheel when he goes
    Before Wheel Gator is able to strike, the last wheel he sent up MUST fall from
    the ceiling first. It does not necessarily have to have hit the blood yet, but
    it cannot still be hanging from the ceiling. According to my experience (aka a
    hell of a lot of battle data collecting, along with several years of
    playthroughs before this), he will NEVER strike before the wheel falls.
    As such, once the wheel goes up the side wall, get down immediately, then climb
    up immediately; Wheel Gator will then be unable to ever chomp on you, unless
    you make your own personal mistakes. Furthermore, because Wheel Gator can send
    wheels up starting at the corner, I recommend you keep your eyes on the corners
    instead of on the pool. You should, after all, be able to detect one coming
    from the pool and still respond to it fast enough even if your eyes are on the
    However, these are not Wheel Gator's attacks. Every once in a while, Wheel
    Gator will stand upright in the water, and his shoulders will begin to glow. He
    will then send Spin Wheels that will bounce up and down to your side, and go up
    the wall and ceiling. There is a trick to this, though; there will always be a
    small area where X can stand, stay under the wheels when they bounce over his
    head, AND be out of harm's way when the wheels fall from the ceiling.
    There is an exception to this, though; later on, when almost dead, the wheels
    can BOTH do as described in the previous paragraph, and may also stick in the
    side wall for a second, then pop back out in X's direction. As such, be careful
    when this begins to happen, as you will not have the luxury of a safe spot. You
    will have to move around some more.
    Wheel Gator's final attack consists of him beginning to whirl and twirl around
    as he moves forward in a green blur. His snout will strike the wall, which will
    crack. If you touch this section of the wall that has been damaged, it WILL
    HARM YOU, so make sure that when you jump on the walls again, you don't touch
    it. As for Wheel Gator himself during this attack; he is never immune to
    attacks. You can just jump over his blur and then attack him from behind, or
    even hit him from the front. A final observation is that he strikes the
    position where you were when he turned into a blur; thus, if you were climbing
    the walls, he's going to pretty much render one wall very difficult to climb,
    so try not to be on the walls all the time when he's above blood.
    The last thing of note is that at times Wheel Gator will turn a bluish-green
    color, when he's getting ticked off. He is immune when his snout is open, but
    ONLY when his snout is open; the rest of the time that he has his bluish-green
    aura, he is still vulnerable to attacks.
    STRIKE CHAIN: There are only two things of special note about fighting Wheel
    Gator with the Strike Chain.
    The first thing is about his period of invulnerability when he has his snout
    open and his bluish-green aura. He is STILL invincible even to the Strike
    Chain; however, the Strike Chain will cause him to instantly snap his snout
    shut, so you can follow up with another use to cause him damage.
    The second is that the Strike Chain can cause an awesome combo. When you hit
    Wheel Gator with the Strike Chain, he will flinch for a second, and usually
    will try to submerge once more. HOWEVER; once he gets back into face again and
    he's stopped turning, there is a split second where you can Strike Chain him
    again and it will connect. Once that field of a split second (actually more
    like quarter second) passes, he will already have gone down far enough to avoid
    the attack. The awesome thing about this? You can repeat it several times
    without letting him submerge so that you kill him quickly.
    You got Spin Wheel!
    IN-BETWEEN: With the Spin Wheel, you can grab several power-ups right now. The
    first (out of necessity) is the Leg Upgrade in Overdrive Ostrich's, now
    accessible with the Spine Wheel. With the Leg Upgrade, you can go and get the
    Arm Upgrade from Wheel Gator's stage. Check the Upgrades section for more
    details (mainly because to do so in the main walkthrough would mess things up a
                                 4e. Bubble Crab (BBCR)
    Love the music.
    Anyways, head right once you begin along the rocks, killing off four Bat
    enemies. At the end, drop off the cliff and down into the water where you'll
    face off some Torpedo Fish. They're pretty much like the Bluebirds; they'll
    dash at you, but if they don't come into contact with you, will fly straight
    by, and can be taken down with a single regular shot. Head left from here, and
    drop down a small hole.
    Down below, you'll see a Giant Fish exit from your left. Drop down after it,
    but stay back from it; fighting the Giant Fish is pretty useless and offers no
    reward, except for a few bars of health if you're fighting an X-Hunter here.
    Instead, drop to the bottom of the sea floor, and start heading right. You'll
    begin to face off against some Tentacles, which are basically electric eels.
    Obviously, you won't want to come into contact with them, so save up some
    charged shots, face off against them, and head on a ways.
    Once your elevation starts heading up again, go around to the right side of the
    second rock pile, and then drag down to find a secret entrance into the pile.
    Grab a hidden energy capsule, then head back out, and continue your journey.
    You'll have to make use of a floating rocket, so get on it as a midway point
    between rock ledges, then head onto the next rock ledge. Dash onto a second
    floating rocket, then wait for it to float up to it's highest point. Jump to
    your right, and climb up the wall.
    If, by chance, you're fighting an X-Hunter, don't enter the door. Instead, drag
    down on the wall that you just came up on, and jump over left to a higher
    position on the left wall. Continue to climb up, then head right onto solid
    ground again. Run up right until you come to a Three-Prong that's hanging off
    the wall, and eliminate it. Climb up the wall. The Giant Fish is blocking your
    way off, but that's OK; all you have to do is just come into contact with the
    head, lose your three bars of health, gain temporary immunity, and use it to
    climb over the Giant Fish and then up onto the wall through the X-Hunter Door.
    Go through the door, and the water will begin to drain out. Head through the
    second wall, and you'll face off against a Three-Prong. These guys shoot lasers
    out in three different directions, and can be pretty annoying when you're
    climbing walls. Eliminate it, then continue on down and right past a Scriver.
    Start climbin' now, and shoot a Scriver and Three-Prong. Continue on, and get
    on solid ground again.
    Turn around and eliminate another Three-Prong, and then go up the wall, shoot
    the Scriver, and jump over to it's former position. Take out another Three-
    Prong, then set up another new position by taking out another Scriver/Three-
    Prong duo. Once more through the breach, and you're in free reign of the upper
    Now that you've finished up, jump over to the right wall, climb up, and head
    down and over the boss door. Head through the second door to take out...
    Power: 6000 rp
    Speed: 4800 rp
    BUSTER: Before I can outline Bubble Crab himself, I must tell you about his
    stage. His stage is part water, and during the battle, the water levels will
    rise up and down as the tides change. This influences the battle as, true to
    Capcom form, X will jump much higher when the water is up instead of when the
    water is down.
    The first attack that Bubble Crab uses is where he spits out a whirl of Green
    Bubbles. Because of their very nature, they can only go as high as the water
    goes up, and when the water is at it's highest level, they only go about 3/4ths
    of the way up before finally going through the wall.
    The second of Bubble Crab's attack consists of him dropping his bubble shield
    if he has it up, and then activating his shoulder blades so that they gain
    green energy pincers. If X falls on them, they'll hurt. Furthermore, Bubble
    Crab can jump straight up while equipped with his energy pincers. Because his
    pincers extend ABOVE his body, he can jump so that his body is somewhat half
    above water, half in the water; thus, it would be in your interest if you want
    to dodge his attack to jump over the water, instead of exposing yourself to
    Bubble Crab openly.
    Another attack that Bubble Crab will use is where he will send up three bubbles
    that will float up at the top of the water, going along with the water levels.
    If X gets in the way of one of them, it will hurt. However, that's not the only
    problem; if you try to blast one, each bubble has a mini-Bubble Crab in them,
    which will fly towards X and try to explode on contact. As such, it is
    advisable to try and destroy these bubbles when the water level is high for two
    reasons; the first is that you can sink far enough so that they won't be able
    to follow you enough, and the second is that if you can tap the B button for
    the right amount of time, the height of your jump will allow you to fire a shot
    at a bubble, but you won't continue to rise, thus meaning the mini-Bubble Crab
    will never be able to attack you.
    These same bubbles will, if you leave them be for a long time, break apart, and
    all the mini-Bubble Crabs will dash towards you at once. This brings me to
    Bubble Crab's last attack, which he very rarely uses. Bubble Crab will send out
    around five mini-Bubble Crabs that will bounce around the room until they are
    either destroyed or have hit you. Needless to say, you'll want to destroy them
    ASAP. However, they are pretty easy to destroy; regular Buster fire can destroy
    them, and a single charged shot could take out a group of aligned mini-BCs.
    The last thing of note is Bubble Crab's shield. I'll take the time to say that
    trying to destroy it by Buster fire is ineffectual; it simply takes too much
    power to nullify it. As such, it is really recommended that if you want to take
    Bubble Crab out quickly, you'll want the Spin Wheel.
    SPIN WHEEL: Spin Wheel is certainly an effective way to clean up the battle
    quickly. The weapon is able to puncture through Bubble Crab's shield, meaning
    you can dash right up to him and sic a Wheel on him. Better yet, since the
    Wheel lasts a while, if Bubble Crab stays in the same place for too long, he'll
    continuously get hurt by the Wheel every time his flinching stops.
    Admittedly though, having the upgraded Arm Buster will help. The secondary
    function of the Spin Wheel will send out eight shots from X's position in a
    hexagonal shape. If you're using it on bubbles, everything gets destroyed. And
    it pierces Bubble Crab's shield as well, so you can use it to kill two birds
    with one stone.
    You got Bubble Splash!
                                 4f. Flame Stag (FKST)
    You'll start off on a rocky ledge, so walk and jump your way right until you
    get to a giant volcano. You should notice that parts of the wall have
    fractures; ignore that for now, and climb up until you see a WarPhant that is
    floating up and down to your left. When it looks poised to strike, jump off and
    onto the WarPhant's back (yes, there's a safe spot on there). With that done,
    the WarPhant will begin to rise up. You should notice a ledge to the left at
    the top. Jump onto the ledge, head left, and you'll find the SubTank for this
    Turn back right now, and then Dash-Jump to the wall you just came back from,
    and get to the top. In here, drop down the path into the actual volcano.
    Continue right and you'll face off against a trio of Three-Prongs hanging from
    the wall, take them out, but do NOT GO ONTO THE METAL PLATFORM. Once you do,
    the volcano will begin to activate. Instead, switch to your Spinning Wheel, as
    you'll want it for later, then dash onto the metal platform.
    In your climb up, start off by getting onto the ledge to the right, then climb
    up the wall until you get to the ledge with the small energy capsule and large
    weapon energy capsule. Instead of bothering to get that, instead continue on
    the left wall, then switch to right, left again, and right again. You should
    see the Heart Tank to the left for this level. The problem is that it's guarded
    by a Bar Waying, and the lava is coming up. Solution? Run up the Bar Waying and
    hit it with a Spinning Wheel, and it'll be destroyed fast, giving you ample
    time to grab the Heart Tank then start climbing back up. Once you get outside
    at the top, either head left for the energy capsule (the lava flow will stem
    off), or then head right without collecting some fuel for your new SubTank from
    Now that that's done, head right along the rest of the volcano. It'll be a
    short-lived walk as you come to a lava pool. From here on in, you'll need to
    Dash-Jump onto a pillar that will sink into the lava on contact, and then Dash-
    Jump from that pillar onto the next twice more 'til you get to the wall at the
    Climb up around the wall until you spot a WarPhant coming to get you, then
    trick it into hitting the wall while jumping on it (if by chance the WarPhant
    goes inside the volcano or else hits the lower fracture in the wall, walk
    around a bit to get a new one). Jump on the WarPhant's back, and wait for it to
    rise until you see a second fracture in the wall. Jump off it's back, and trick
    it into destroying the second fracture.
    Inside, climb up through the hole above you, and head right to enter the door.
    Trick the WarPhant into breaking the lower fracture in the wall, then grab the
    Capsules. Head right, and you'll find yet another lava pool. From pillar to
    pillar, there are five in all, so make your way across 'til you finally get to
    some solid ground again.
    Head up until you see what look like exhaust pipes, then begin to charge up a
    shot. Continue on until you get to the left ledge, then wait for a Salamander
    to come floating down and ignite the pipe just above you (it'll be high enough
    so it can't harm you), then head up after the fire leaves the pipe. On the next
    left-ledge, wait for another Salamander, and shoot it before it can make it's
    way over to you.
    Now head up a bit to the next right ledge, and take out the Salamander that
    will attack. Next left ledge, repeat the process. By now, there won't be any
    ledges left, but there will be one more Salamander on your journey up. When you
    see it, let yourself drag down the wall, and let loose when it gets in your
    path. From there on in, continue up the rest of the ways until you get outside.
    Now that you're out here, head down to the right, and enter the first door.
    Continue on to face off against...
    Name: FLAME STAG
    Power: 3600 rp
    Speed: 7000 rp
    BUSTER: Flame Stag is actually pretty easy once you can figure out just what
    the hell you should do at all times.
    Flame Stag's stage is another one of those gimmick boss-stages. Instead of
    following the set norm, his is really tall. Using this, he'll often times jump
    on a wall, jump higher onto the other wall, back and forth in a diagonal
    pattern until he gets to the top, then repeat the same thing in reverse until
    he gets to the bottom. Additionally, he doesn't actually "flinch" when attacked
    with Buster Fire; that is to say, while he'll take harm and have his temporary
    invincibility, it won't stop what he's doing.
    Because of this, he can be a bit intimidating if you're trying to send him
    Earth-bound with a Charged shot while you're hanging up on the walls. But that
    doesn't mean he's hard at all, not by a long shot. In any case...
    Flame Stag has three ways of getting up on the wall. The first way is that he
    will do a simple jump onto the wall, often over X's head if you're in the
    corner. The second way is that he will Dash forth 'til he gets to the exact
    corner of the room, leaving behind red flames that will damage you if you fall
    into them. From there on in, he'll then jump around. Later on, Flame Stag will
    gain a blue fire instead; however, it doesn't change damage in any case,
    although I believe Flame Stag is able to dash a bit further than usual with his
    blue flames.
    There is only ONE real difference between blue flame and red flames, and that
    is when Flame Stag is in blue-flame state, he has the power to Dash straight up
    at a wall corner. I dub this attack "The Rocket", because he can go up a LONG
    ways with it (up off the screen), so it's recommended you jump off the wall
    before he can hit you. The third way that he has of getting up on the wall is
    doing his Dash, then jumping up onto the wall like in his first way of getting
    on, instead of heading to the corner and then starting.
    The last attack of Flame Stag's is also somewhat noteworthy. Instead of Wall-
    Climbing, Flame Stag will instead take a stand and throw flames at you.
    Whenever he does this, he will always throw flames in two different directions.
    The first will be on the ground, where it will then skate along the floor until
    it dies out or hits a target (ala X). The second direction will be through the
    air until it hits the wall, where it will henceforth skim upwards, taking out
    whomever might be in the way (also ala X). Overall, so long as you can stand
    away far enough, it's quite easy to win.
    BUBBLE SPLASH: There are two noteworthies here about the use of the Bubble
    Splash. The first is that it causes a complete Flinch effect against Flame
    Stag; therefore, if you hit him while he's doing his dancing and prancing
    around the walls, he WILL fall down to the ground, keeping you safe for the
    The second is that you can pull off an endless combo on Flame Stag. When you
    hit him with the Bubble Splash and keep close to him, he'll begin to throw his
    flames at you. You can manipulate this by sending more bubbles while he's still
    in flinch state, jumping over his first flame, and watching as the bubbles you
    just sent hit him as soon as he goes out of flinch state, and then repeat the
    pattern over again until he finally goes down. To do this, dash away from him
    after you spray bubbles at him, wait for him to send his first flame, dash over
    it, spray him, then rush away while the bubbles hit him.
    You got Speed Burner!
    With the Speed Burner, you can now go and get the Heart Tank from Wheel Gator's
                                 4g. Morph Moth (MHMH)
    Head right once you start, and you'll see a blue Maverick hanging above in the
    air. Destroy the Zombie by making sure to hit it's head, or else if only the
    body is destroyed, the head may spout out bullets. With that done, continue on,
    and you'll come upon a retinue of two more Zombies and a GreenShield. Take them
    out with one charged shot (and then some), then continue on until you get
    inside the actual building.
    In here, dash past the two hanging Zombies, and wait for them to fall down
    before turning around and shooting them down from afar. Repeat the same thing
    for the next pair, and head on past the orange bar. DO NOT CLIMB OVER THE WALL!
    Instead, take out the Spin Wheel, and sic it on the floor. It'll destroy
    portions of the floor, opening a secret entrance. Head down and go activate the
    capsule. After Dr. Light talks, get in, and you'll receive the Gravity Crush.
    Basically, have the Gravity Crush equipped, and take damage with it on. It'll
    fill up, and when it's full, you can use it to destroy all the enemies within
    your range of sight.
    But anyways, head back up the wall and into the main part of the stage, then
    continue pressing onwards. You'll have to destroy two more pairs of Zombies, so
    do that and proceed to fight what I call an "Alpha-X1", AX1 for short (not
    because of BobandGeorge, but because the AX1 is made up of several parts from
    X1 enemies, and Alpha can be meant as beginning, ala X1). You have to shoot it
    down so that first it's Metool hats are destroyed, then it's head, then it's
    body (or you could alternatively shoot it with a Charged blast and destroy it
    all at once).
    Progress, and you'll come to a bunch of ledges sticking out of the wall. Jump
    onto the first right one, and Dash-Jump between each ledge until you get to the
    top-right one, then get up onto solid ground. Take out the Zombies and the AX1,
    (take the time to charge up a shot) then continue on until you come into a room
    with lots of junk parts and an exhibit glass.
    This junk robot is only vulnerable on his torso region, so you'll want to
    Charge up a bunch of shots and let them loose on it until it begins to stop in
    one place, and then sinks. When this happens, a Pink Parasite will come out,
    jump around a bit, and then try to resubmerge to get into the Junk Robot. When
    it does this, you want to shoot it until it falls, and repeatedly destroying
    the Junk Robot. If you have the Arm Upgrade, you can charge up a full shot
    while waiting for the Pink Parasite to come out, shoot it with both shots, then
    charge up another regular shot that will completely take out the Pink Parasite.
    While in the Junk Robot, Pink Parasite has a few attacks. The first is taking
    little hopes back and forth around the room, which can easily be dodged. The
    second attack that Junk Robot uses is where it rises up nearly all the way to
    the top of the screen, then slams down Earth-bound to where X is; this is also
    easily dodged, so long as you can Dash out of the way. A third, more uncommon
    attack that usually doesn't get used unless you dilly-dally around, is where
    Junk Robot will go in front of X, and spit pieces of garbage out of the hole in
    his chest. Either way, this boss is pretty easy to defeat.
    Bubble Splash also seemms to work really well against both the robot and the
    Pink Parasite, dealing a one-hit kill to the latter.
    Continue on out the right side, and you'll face off against a regular Parasite.
    Make sure to avoid these guys, because if they latch onto you, they'll either
    make you shoot or jump on their own accord, and won't stop until you've shaken
    them off through lots of motion. After you make it past this first Parasite,
    destroy the Zombie, drop down, and head down the ladder.
    When going down the ladder, eliminate the first GreenShield that you see to
    your right, then jump onto the ledge he was on. Destroy the single Zombie in
    the next room, then head through the door to face the X-Hunter. Afterwards,
    exit out the way you came.
    Free-fall down once you get on the ladder (unless you want some Energy, in
    which case, free-fall for about one and a half seconds before grabbing a hold
    on the ladder again). Once on the bottom floor, head right, and take out a
    pesky Parasite. This here area has a bunch of (non-fatal) spikes all around,
    but there is a safe way to venture through here without harm; Dash Jump onto
    the first high platform you see at the start (the gravity in this area is
    slightly lower than usual, so no problems).
    Once on the top, eliminate another Parasite and an AX1, then head right some
    more and destroy two more Parasites. Jump onto the next platform, take out a
    Parasite, then Dash-Jump here in an extreme-right direction. With luck, you
    should land at the end of this section, so go down the ladder to the room
    Down here, start left, and take out the initial Parasite and AX1. However,
    charge up as high as you can, because once you continue, you'll run into two
    AX1s and a Parasite to boot, all close to each other. Once you have had your
    fun in destroying them, charge up again, and progress, slaying all the annoying
    Parasites that'll be in your way. At the end, head down the ladder to the next
    basement floor.
    Back at the ranch, proceed on your way right, taking out a few Parasites that
    dare to intervene in your path. Charge up, and drop into the large room to have
    a deja vu battle against another Pink Parasite + Junk Robot combo. Don't worry
    though, as it's exactly like the same battle, so no new boss strategy. Once you
    exterminate it, continue on, and start charging your Buster up. You'll have a
    single corridor left, but it's a long corridor with one heck of a lot of
    Parasites. Four or five charged shots and a bunch of dead foes later, you'll
    notice a Cannon Driver on the bottom, guarding the Maverick door. Provided you
    don't use it wastefully in the battle ahead, using the secondary effect of the
    Speed Burner is what you probably want to do; it will let you Dash through the
    Cannon Driver without taking any damage, and you can then go through the dual
    doors to face off against...
    Name: MORPH MOTH
    Power: 3200 rp
    Speed: 8800 rp
    BUSTER: Morph Moth is an interesting boss battle in itself (besides having a
    tall stage, much like Flame Stag before him). For the first part of the battle,
    you'll fight Morph Moth in a cocoon-like state in a regular confined
    environment, then, after you whittle him down to around half his health, he'll
    hatch and become the actual Morph Moth, and his room will double in length.
    As a cocoon, Morph Moth will hang from the ceiling, vulnerable to most many
    attacks. However, it has it's own naturally ingrained techniques. The first
    thing that CMM can do is sway back and forth, throwing out junk and garbage
    after a while at either end of the arena. You CAN tell which side he is going
    to start throwing at first; it is the same direction that he makes his first
    sway, and his first sway that is actually more than half a second long. With
    this information in mind, you should position yourself to gain a few seconds
    each time he does this so that you can attack him once more than being in the
    wrong spot.
    The second attack that Morph Moth will do is drop onto the ground, start
    whirring around, and then moves to the left corner, to the right corner, to the
    middle, then starts hanging in the middle of the screen again. Alternatively,
    he can go from right to left to center, and he can go from left-right/right-
    left twice instead of once before returning to the center. During this time,
    Morph Moth is nigh upon invincible, and he generates junk that will pop up off
    from the floor. Basically, the place where you want to be while he is doing
    this is high up on the wall, completely out of harm's way.
    His third attack in a cocoon is easily the most disliked. A line of junk will
    radiate out from Morph Moth to one end of the room, and it will then rotate
    clockwise or counterclockwise. The most annoying part of this is how fast it
    is, and how annoying it is for X to dodge; basically, you have to Dash-Jump
    onto a wall, Dash-Jump from there to just over the cocoon, then Dash-Jump under
    Morph Moth and back onto the same wall again, repeating the pattern until Morph
    Moth stops the attack. It IS possible to interrupt this attack (by eliminating
    all of the junk coming out at once time), but if you miss even a single piece
    of garbage, the line will merely replenish itself and keep on coming.
    It should also be noted that attacks number one, two, and three will always
    happen one after the other, in a circular pattern. ALWAYS. In any case, after
    you finally take out about half of Morph Moth's life bar, he'll shed his cocoon
    and become the real deal.
    Before I start rambling on about Morph Moth's two new attacks, let me tell you
    this; faced with a choice between taking the brunt of an attack or coming into
    contact with Morph Moth himself, TAKE THE ATTACK. Both attacks do a single bar
    of damage to X. Morph Moth does around six. Obviously, you'll want to take the
    path that is more conservative of your health.
    In any case, Morph Moth will for the most part fly around his arena, usually
    staying on the bottom half in your own sight. His first way of attacking will
    be where he will drop a sort of pixie dust that merely damages you, and doesn't
    have any side effects of paralysis. While on the bottom half, the dust will be
    clustered together in groups of five or six, if he's dropping it from the top
    half, there'll usually be space in between each part of dust.
    His second attack consists of Morph Moth stopping in the air, from where he
    will then shoot out a laser beam in one direction that won't rebound or
    anything. Strangely enough, he'll do this one of two ways; he'll either just
    shoot the direction he's facing, or he'll look down and actually try to aim at
    X. In the case of the latter, it IS admittedly somewhat difficult to dodge, as
    there's only a small window of time that you can Dash and Morph Moth won't be
    able to dodge you. Either way, though, the damage it does is a pittance, so
    there shouldn't be too much worry about it.
    SPEED BURNER: The Speed Burner is more or less a good accomplice to have, as it
    gets things going much faster. However, it does NOT stop any of the Cocoon's
    attacks; it just burns the Cocoon for a little while, and gives it a long
    flinch state before you can fire the Speed Burner at it again. Nevertheless, it
    is still a useful weapon. One last thing to note with the Speed Burner while
    fighting the Cocoon is that when the Cocoon drops on the floor, there's a small
    amount of time that you can hit it with the Speed Burner before it completely
    submerges under.
    When Morph Moth is in full morph, however, Speed Burner can be pretty useful.
    It makes him flinch and stop his attack, and if you're climbing a wall, you can
    use the secondary effect to Dash through him to the other side.
    MAGNET MINE: If you have the Arm Upgrade and Magnet Mine, you can charge up the
    Magnet Mine and let it loose. It basically acts as a gravity well; therefore,
    it will suck up all the garbage that Morph Moth will try to throw around while
    in his cocoon stage.
    You got Silk Shot!
                               4h. Magna Centipede (MGCN)
    I hate this stage...you'll see why in a moment.
    With that out of the way, do your usual thing and start heading right, with
    your buster charged up. You'll face your first Purple Barrier, which basically
    moves back and forth with a shield set up. In order to stop it's shield (which
    immobilizes the PurBar), you need to hit it with a charged shot (even a green
    uncharged shot will work), then continue up with some more firepower (regular
    X-Buster fire will work once it's sheild is down) in order to destroy it
    Now that you've disabled your first PurBar, continue on, taking out another two
    on the way. You'll quickly spot a spotlight moving left and right. This is the
    second reason I hate this level (the PurBars being the first); if you get
    caught by one, the security boxes activate, and you won't be able to get the
    Heart Tank for the level. But the good side is that the spotlights can't see
    you when you're behind any background that blocks it out.
    With that in mind, wait for the first spotlight to start heading right, then
    follow it, using the background under the platform as a curtain, and take out
    the PurBar. Now continue on right, using the background as curtains for two
    more spotlights (the grey blocks won't fall down the pit unless you're caught
    by security). Continue, and you'll find a spotlight without anything to hide
    from that's moving fast. What to do? The spotlight hovers over two different
    elevations, with you starting on the left. Once it starts moving right, follow
    it at the speed it's going, and drop down onto the next elevation before it
    starts going left again and catches you.
    Having evaded them all, head on just a little bit, 'til you see a gray security
    block hanging from the ceiling and a path right beside it. Dash Jump onto the
    block from the right, and head up the wall from there. Up top, you'll find the
    Heart Tank for this level. Now that you have it in hand, head back down and
    start right again, and you'll witness a retinue of falling blocks! Stay out of
    the blocks' way right now and once the purple one falls down, head up and
    continue to see another bunch of blocks falling down. Destroy the purple block
    at the top.
    Now, for your next bit of blocks, two greys will fall down from the ceiling.
    Charge up your X-Buster, then head right down the hallway, and a purple block
    will start coming in. Shoot it with everything you have, then Dash right before
    another purple block falls from above and fills up a space (if by chance you
    run away to the left and are blocked off because both purple blocks are there,
    simply fit yourself in between the first grey block and the tower from the last
    collection of blocks and shoot the purples).
    Proceed through two more easy block puzzles, then look for the lone grey block
    hanging on the ceiling. Wait for it to fall down, then jump on it before it
    starts moving into the pit. Once it's right over the pit, but before it falls
    downwards into the pit, Dash-Jump to the right and up onto the high right wall
    on the path going upwards, then start climbing up to grab a SubTank.
    Alternatively, if you miss it on your first try, backtrack a bit to stand on
    the platform above where the grey block fell down on, and from there, Dash-Jump
    and use the secondary effect of the Speed Burner to make it all the way right.
    After you finally obtain it, drop down through the hole and then continue
    Ah yes, perhaps the most annoying boss in the game in terms of actual ability
    to dodge it. Before I go into any battle data, I should note that a SINGLE hit
    from the Gravity Crush will completely destroy the sword.
    The sword is only vulnerable on it's hilt, but the blade is able to absorb
    anything you throw at it. As such, you'll need attacks that might have multiple
    smaller bits (Bubble Splash, Sonic Slicer) so that while some parts might be
    absorbed, the others will successfully hit the hilt. The other weapon that
    might work is the Spin Wheel, if you can get it to land on the hilt perfectly
    and stay there for a bit (the hilt is solid, therefore, the Spin Wheel will not
    fall underneath it).
    The thing that makes the sword annoying is that when it moves back and forth,
    it's often very difficult to make it through to one side without getting hit by
    the blade. My recommendation is that if you have to take it, then take it, as
    it's a lot better than getting hit when the sword does it's thrust after
    several seconds of moving back and forth.
    Either way, after a while, the simple matter of how much health you have
    compared to the sword means that you should be able to defeat it with ease,
    even if not with much health left.
    Now that the party's over, head out the opposite way you came in, and walk
    along until you come to the hole in floor. From here on in it's a pretty big
    fall down, so once you drop down, move to the right ASAP (Use the Air-Dash if
    you have said Upgrade). You should fall through a couple of curtains,
    preventing you from being spotted, and because all the enemies are to the left,
    it will also keep you from getting hurt.
    For the next hole, drop to the right once more. This time, however, keep
    yourself in the upper-right corner, and only let yourself drag down to shoot
    the Three-Prong to the left. Now that it's out of the way, look for an opening
    between the spotlight to your left and below you, and when there is an opening,
    Dash-Jump to the left. Once you've successfully made it over, you can drop
    unharmed down to the ground.
    In order to do this, all you simply have to do is run all the way to the right
    end of this giant room, while dodging the falling blocks. However, if you were
    detected by security cameras, they will likely be falling too fast for you to
    get to the door on time. If you're able to get in, then go through the dual
    doors to face your X-Hunter, then, after you win, come out the way you came.
    Run all the way to the end, while dodging the blocks (or wait for them to all
    fall down, but there's a reason we don't want to do that). If you get caught by
    ANY of the sensors, the boss that's up ahead will be slightly upgraded for each
    time you get analyzed, so try not to get caught. At the end of the room, climb
    up the wall and head through to fight the boss.
    In addition to the two main regular attacks, he also gains some more if he gets
    upgraded by the sensor analysis data.
    Anywho, this Maverick enemy of yours has two basic attacks. The first will be
    where he will leap into the center of the air, and shoot out three small laser
    beams down below him. The middle one will be straight down, with the other two
    curving at 45 degree angles from the center. This is relatively easy to dodge,
    as you can easily Dash out of the way of the attack long before it happens, or
    else just stand in between any two lasers.
    The second attack that he will employ is where he will take a stand, face X,
    and then begin shooting pink energy blasts that will skim along the floor.
    Since they aren't very big, you should really not have much trouble jumping
    over these; in fact, it's prime time for you to charge up and shoot him down
    while he's trying his futile attacks.
    Within standards, however, he just really isn't that difficult of a boss
    (unless you somehow suck at avoiding sensors and get caught by all three, but
    that's a story for the color-coded chart that's right below this paragraph).
    Blue & Black - Can now shoot his pink energy blasts both down and up.
    Green & Purple - Can now take short little hops forward (although at their
                     height, they'll be higher than X, thus giving you room to
                     stand without coming into contact)
    Green & Black & Purple - He'll shoot out a purple bubble-shaped blob that will
                             move forward in X's direction. You can either shoot
                             it down (four regular shots work) or you can TRY to
    			 jump onto one of the side walls, although that way is
                             really difficult.
    Now that that's out of the way, continue on. The security alarm will ring no
    matter what you do, so dash over the first layer of grey blocks, which will
    fall down once you come near them. Two security boxes will fall down from the
    ceiling, so destroy them before they can cause any harm, then continue on for
    three more falling floors along with a couple of grey blocks that will fall
    from the ceiling. At the end of the passgeway, go through the double set of
    doors to fulfill your orders to terminate...
    Power: 2900 rp
    Speed: 8880 rp
    BUSTER: One of the fights that could REALLY use the boss's weakness, but I
    In any case, Magna Centipede has a very unusual way of moving around. Once you
    hit him once (and on the rare occasion, giving you the slimmest window of time
    to hit him another time), he will stop, stand straight up, and then teleport to
    a different part of the arena, whether it's on the floor or hanging off the
    ceiling. Furthermore, sometimes he'll teleport twice or more before finally
    deciding to stay somewhere, and all those times in between, he will be
    COMPLETELY immune to any type of firepower that you throw at him (thus making
    those who prefer to get quick hits in and retreat a bit annoyed).
    Also, if you don't hit him, he'll do some moving around of his own. Suppose the
    floor and ceiling are each divided in two halfs. Magna Centipede will only ever
    stand in the center of the two halves on the ceiling, and on the bottom, stand
    slightly oriented to the left of center in the left half, right of center in
    the right half on the bottom floor. There have been no exceptions I've been
    able to detect (unless you count him jumping back when he flinches). From his
    ceiling, if he does a huge jump down in a sharp curve, it means he's going to
    head to the other side of the ceiling. Same thing in reverse from the floor.
    If, however, he's going from floor to ceiling or ceiling to floor, he'll do a
    light somersault into the middle of the arena, then fall down/rise up to his
    chosen area. The last thing with this is that he will never go from left to
    left, or right to right.
    With those out of the way, Magna Centipede's first attack is where he will use
    his pincer to use a gravitational/magnetic pull on X, until he grabs X by his
    pincer. When this happens, you won't actually be HARMED, per se, but you will
    look a shade darker. You will not be able to Charge up attacks for the rest of
    the battle, but don't worry. Magna Centipede has only one other attack. IF,
    however, this inability to Charge up your attacks somehow keeps on being your
    downfall, then you WILL want to have the Silk Shot before you come to fight
    this battle.
    His second attack is alot more boring, and it's actually his only real attack.
    Magna Centipede will basically throw out three mines in the same general
    direction at X, and they'll get farther apart as they travel further. However,
    they DO have a bit of an X-detector, and will follow his direction somewhat,
    but not to a great degree. Even so, it's recommended that you be careful when
    dodging and weaving your way in between mines.
    His final attack only works when he has his pincers. Magna Centipede will send
    out two parts of his pincers that will go to X and then start orbiting around
    him, and follow him around. After a bit, they'll stop. During this time, you
    can run right outside of them and avoid harm, as the two will connect by moving
    towards each other in a straight line.
    SILK SHOT: First and foremost reason why you will almost REQUIRE the Silk Shot
    if you want to beat up Magna Centipede; the first time you use it on him, it
    will shear off his upper pincer. This means that he cannot once more use it to
    pull you to him, BUT if he has already toxicized you and prevented you from
    using Charged attacks, it won't stop the effect. As such, you must use the Silk
    Shot fast.
    The second effect of the Silk Shot is also useful (more so than the first;
    Charged up Silk Shots will not be quite all that useful during this fight as
    compared to Charged shot of enemy weaknesses in other boss fights). Because the
    Silk Shot will hit a solid object, and from there split into four pieces that
    will go into the straight diagonal directions, Magna Centipede could perch from
    the ceiling all he wants; all you have to do is fire the Silk Shot at the
    floor, and wait for one of the shards of junk to hit Magna Centipede.
    Furthermore, you could use this in other ways, such as hitting him when he's
    straight behind you.
    You got Magnet Mine!
                               4i. Crystal Snail (CRSN)
    Head right once the mission starts, and kill the two Bats hanging from the
    ceiling once you get onto the platform. Start running down the ice patches
    (don't worry about the hole; you'll right over it), until you get all the way
    down to the bottom and into a Ride Tank. Newly equipped with a weapon of mass
    destruction, head back up the first patch of ice, then drop down. It's not a
    bottomless pit, however; instead, move yourself to the left, and you'll fall on
    a small ledge.
    On the other side of this long chamber is a Heart Tank, and it's
    rather...difficult to obtain. Here's basically the gist of it. You put your
    Ride Armor as far left as you can go without actually falling off, then you
    charge it's spike cannons off by hitting and then holding the Y button. Next,
    press and hold the B button, then let go of the Y button; you will Dash a very
    far ways left while using the hover. However, you'll quickly begin to fall;
    once this begins to happen, wait until you're about half way done your decline,
    then press Up + B (while still holding on to the Left button). X will get out
    of the Ride Armor and lead onto the wall at the end. Climb up quickly before
    you fall down, and you'll have the Heart Tank. Make your way back by using the
    Back up top, head down the patch of ice and get another Heart Tank, then head
    right. Fall down the ravine, keeping out of the way of the CrysCannons. On the
    bottom, get out of the Armor (Up + B) after you've destroyed the two blocks of
    ice, then continue on. Right away, you should see a green block that will begin
    to tremble and fall down your way, so take cover in the small space in that
    slope. Once it's fallen down the pit, it'll have destroyed the ice block that
    prevented your Armor from going any further, so go back and get in. From here,
    go up two small patches of ice and a small spike pit, then destroy a CrysCannon
    hanging on a wall over a spike pit.
    Get onto the ledge over the wall the CrysCannon was hanging off of, and turn
    left. Do a Dash-Jump (A + B as the usual) and hold the B button to hover
    completely onto the ledge. On top, go to the left end, and jump while jabbing
    the ice until the first four blocks crack. Now get out of your Armor, and head
    up into the newly revealed chamber. Get onto the right floating rocket, then
    make your way over to the center, then head up to the upper-right. Jump up onto
    the ladder, then head to the door to face off against your X-Hunter.
    Once you win, go out the second door. Out here, however, when you're going
    down, take the left wall; if you take the right, you'll fall into a spike pit,
    and we wouldn't want that, now would we ;)? You'll have to go back to get
    another Ride Armor, but it's worth it to make the following bit easier.
    Head right and smash the two small blocks of ice, then continue and take out an
    annoying CrysCannon.
    Now, here's how you want to arrange the ice blocks to look like;
    026 (The number signifies how many blocks of ice should be in each column.
    Using the second column, jump onto the small rock platform that the CrysCannon
    was hanging off of, then turn right. We are going to manipulate a glitch that
    allows us to get on top of pillar three. First off, you must Dash-Jump upwards,
    then hover. When your hover is ALMOST out, stop pressing the B button for the
    slighest of seconds, then hold it again. This manipulates a glitch that allows
    you to hover for a slightly longer amount of time, which will furthermore grant
    the ability to get up on that last block of ice. From there on in, all you
    haave to do is jump onto the rock ledge to the right, then Dash-Jump to the
    top. Once up there, head right some more.
    The basic gist here is that the giant crystal will send out a little spawnling,
    which will shoot blasts of energy that will rebound a few times before
    disappearing. On your own, you'll have to dodge these shots while shooting the
    big crystal, which will be about halfway to four-sevenths done once the crystal
    cracks. It's quite possible a second spawnling will join the first by the time
    you're done, and, if you're slow enough, a third.
    However, if you're in the Ride Armor, it's a hell of a lot easier. All you have
    to do is just walk straight up to the giant crystal, and jab it seven times
    before it cracks completely. You can also shoot a Spin Wheel at the giant
    crystal itself, and three full rotations of the Spin Wheel should also take
    it out for good.
    Unfortunately, you can't go any further with the Ride Armor, so get rid of that
    if you have it on you still, then continue on outside. You should see a giant
    green cube of ice right above you; once you start moving, it's going to fall,
    so run a bit of the ways down, then Dash-Jump to land on the rock platform
    Instead of going across the ravine to the other side, however, drag down the
    left wall. Instead of being a bottomless pit, there'll be a side path along the
    side you just came from. Take care of the four annoying CrysCannons that are in
    the way 'til you get to the capsule. Now endure Light's talk, get your upgrade,
    then head back out the same way you came in, destroying a few more CrysCannons
    in the bargain.
    Now head along to the other side of the ravine, then start heading up until you
    get to the green crystal block, destroying a bunch of Bats on the way. When the
    green ice begins to move, get your ass down the ledges until you get to the
    lowest ledge on this side of the ravine; the green ice will seat itself in the
    elevation just to your right. Now head back up until you get into rock again,
    then head up onto the left rock ledge to avoid the CrysCannon's fire. Once it's
    rebounded off the wall and gotten out of your way, shoot the CrysCannon, then
    head up. Go onto the wall to your right, which will trigger the green ice to
    fall down. Now progress some more, destroying the last CrysCannon, then head
    through the double set of doors to face off against...
    Power: 6800 rp
    Speed: 500 rp
    BUSTER: It's interesting to note that Crystal Snail doesn't have any actual
    ATTACK that will hurt you; the only way he can do so is charging into you,
    which is pretty much what he does with the lack of substance of a real attack.
    In any case, Crystal Snail is probably just slightly less annoying than Serges
    if you're just use your X-Buster, mainly because he has a giant shell that he
    will often hide in to protect him from your shots. Although you might be able
    to get off a fully upgraded Charge shot so that both hits damage him, he'll
    quickly shield himself after that; thus, the difficulty in taking him out.
    On his own time, AND after you hit him, Crystal Snail will often throw three
    bubbles (Crystal Hunters) out in X's direction. There's about three ways that
    these bubbles will travel; the bottom two low with the third one high, all
    three limp and low, and the bottom one mid and the top two high. If you get hit
    by one (which can be especially difficult to dodge at point blank range), then
    you'll be encased in ice. Press the face buttons (except for the unused one),
    the D-Pad, and the L and R buttons quickly, hitting many of them at one time,
    and you should be able to break free fast. It's dangerous to be in there.
    This is because for much of the battle, when Crystal Snail gets into his shell,
    he will fly into the air. From there, he will charge down Earthwards towards X,
    and even after you dodge him once, will often follow up with a second charge
    before calling it quits and popping out of his shell. And of course, it's
    absolutely no fun to have to go through this long battle of cat and mouse,
    waiting for him to pop out of his shell, so then is the perfect opportunity to
    sic it on him.
    Crystal Snail's final attack will only be used when he's down to about a third
    or fourth of his health. When he jumps up, he'll spin a bit longer than usual,
    and then will drop straight down, out of his shell, slowing time up for X but
    not for himself (bullet time, if you will). This is really a bugger, since it
    makes it a lot more difficult for you to dodge him while in bullet time effect,
    and you cannot tell when it'll end.
    However, Crystal Snail, like all the bosses before him, still falls prey to
    repetition, so it is not like it will warrant extra measures.
    MAGNET MINE: I love this fight with the Magnet Mine. It basically becomes a
    soccer/European football match.
    Right at the start of the match, fire a Magnet Mine at Crystal Snail, then turn
    around and fire one at your own wall. The Magnet Mine will electrocute Crystal
    Snail, who'll pop out of his shell to your side. Jump over him, and he'll run
    straight into the Magnet Mine that you just planted there.
    From there, it becomes a game of kicking around Crystal Snail's shell pretty
    much. All you have to do is run right into the shell to knock it around, while
    Crystal Snail will be trying to get back into the shell, leaving himself
    exposed to more Magnet Mines. And if he does reclaim his shell again, then all
    that you merely have to do is repeat the strategy of blasting him with a Magnet
    Mine, planting a Mine on the wall that he's going to ram into, and then getting
    out of hell's way.
    You got Crystal Hunter!
    You'll get a cutscene with Dr. Cain, the whole works. Before you go, though,
    you might want to get all the remaining upgrades that you can get, so check the
    Upgrades section.
                             4i. X-Hunter Strategies (XHST)
    Name: VIOLEN
    Power: 18400 rp
    Speed: 6200 rp
    Violen is pretty much the Maverick that will rely more on brute force rather
    than actual intelligence and/or speed. However, because of this, it's quite
    recommended that you try to stave off the threats of fighting Violen until you
    get at least a strong amount of health and the Bubble Splash (it's fast, and it
    can make things go by faster than using your X-Buster).
    The first attack that Violen will do is where he will take a stand, and send
    the giant spike on his shoulder outwards. He will then throw it around on it's
    chain for a while in random directions. To date, I cannot attest to having been
    able to detect a pattern in his swinging, and believe me, I've tried. In any
    case, the only advice I can give is the same old stuff you'll probably hear
    everywhere else; stay as far away from Violen as you can, Dash under the spike
    when you can/have to.
    Violen's second attack will start with him jumping in the air. From here, he
    will send his hand out, and start shooting small electric sparks across the
    battlefield in an approximate 180, usually going back and forth once to hit the
    same areas twice. However, the thing is that unless you're really close to him
    when he's executing this attack for whatever reason, his electric sparks spread
    out. As such, if you remain on the floor and near the corners, you can usually
    sneak your way through the attack by putting yourself in between sparks. Just
    remember that when he finishes a 180, he'll oft change directions and go back
    the other way again, so watch out for that when Violen does it.
    Finally, Violen will (on the rare occasion) take a stand, and put out one of
    his arms. He will then proceed to send electric sparks in X's direction, while
    standing on the ground, and shoot up in a 90 degree pattern, and then usually
    go back down again. However, it's so uncommon that it's not really too much of
    a worry; just take the damage on the occasion, and it won't come back to bite
    you in the long end.
    Overall, Violen CAN do some pretty big hits to your health, but so long as you
    keep some basic dodging skills to yourself, you shouldn't really have a
    difficult time at it.
    Name: SERGES
    Power: 10300 rp
    Speed: 12300 rp
    Serges could easily be THE most annoying boss in the game, simply because he
    has a very strong defensive stance. He'll stand on his own mini-platform that
    moves around, and has spiked edges to hurt you on contact. While on the
    platform and not attacking, he'll have up a shield that will stop any attacks
    from afar (hint on the word "afar), he can lay mines, and he can do an an
    electricity attack like Violen, but only with the shots much closer together.
    The first thing that I must discuss is his shield. When Serges is simply
    standing on his platform, doing nothing in particular, he will have a blocky
    shield up. If you try to shoot ANYTHING from afar except for a secondary effect
    Speed Burner or Sonic Slicer, it will be absorbed. In order to really hurt him,
    you need to get up close to him, put X partly behind the shield, and THEN shoot
    him. However, his shield CAN be pierced by the secondary effect of the Sonic
    Slicer. Heck, if you shoot the Sonic Slicer upgrade attack at him from the
    right attack, the same SS will twice harm him; the first when it actually hits
    him, the second when a remnant splits off and hits him when he's just out of
    his flinch attack. Furthermore, if you dash through Serges with the Speed
    Burner's arm upgrade effect, he WILL take damage, no matter what shield he has
    up. You also won't take damage yourself.
    Serge's first attack will involve of him temporarily dropping his shield
    (which, although leaves him vulnerable, still gives you only a short attack
    range; anything farther than a few feet away or something slow to attack like
    primary effect Sonic Slicer will give him time to put his shield up), and then
    dropping to his knees. From there, after about a second, he will drop a mine on
    the field, and then continue on. There are four ways you could ideally destroy
    a mine; the first is simply Charged shots, the second is using regular Sonic
    Slicers, the third is using an upgraded Sonic Slicer (falling SSes will hit the
    mines and ignite them), and the third is to use the secondary effect Speed
    Burner to dash through them, setting them off without any harm.
    His other attack will involve him leaping into the air. He will then start
    shooting electric sparks that are each close together, and does a 360. He does
    not necessarily shoot out electric sparks during the whole 360, though;
    sometimes he'll only do it part of the way, and sometimes he'll do it in spurts
    and doses. Because of this, it is quite recommended that you stay away from
    Serges as far and as often as possible, simply because the farther away the
    electric sparks get away, the further they distance themselves. Or you could
    just jump over top of Serges' platform while he's in the air.
    In any case, if you have either/both the Sonic Slicer and Speed Burner, Serges
    shouldn't be that difficult. The fight's even more wildly easy if you have the
    Arm Upgrade and Leg Upgrade, but even without, it's still only moderately
    difficult if you have at least one of his weaknesses.
    Name: AGILE
    Power: 9800 rp
    Speed: 17800 rp
    I have but one thing to rant about on Agile; he's a god-moding bastard, and
    I'll explain why. After this random Star Wars cliche.
    Agile: X, join the Dark Side.
    X: Never!
    Agile: Fine, then I'll kill you! *Whips out his red lightsaber*
    Agile consists of two attacks, both using his sword; the first is where he'll
    jump up and send out a giant wave of energy that will skim down the room to
    your side. The second is where he'll dash forth, going berserk like nobody's
    business with his sword. Now for some more detail.
    Agile will stand at one end of the room for his first attack. When he does
    this, he will jump up, thrust his sword, and send a giant wave of energy down
    the room. If X is on the ground when Agile jumps, he will leave only enough
    room for you to Dash under without getting hit by it. However, should X be on
    the walls, Agile will then jump a lot higher, and you'll have a lot more room
    on the bottom so that you can drop down and be out of harm's way, while also
    possibly shooting a Charged shot that will hit Agile when he comes down. As
    thus, it can become a constant pattern of climb up on the walls, Charge a shot,
    drop down when Agile releases a wave shot, shoot, repeat (or in the case of you
    having a Magnet Mine, just letting loose a Magnet Mine).
    The thing that cruxes this pattern up is that at times (usually when X is on
    the floor for too long, but sometimes on an unpredictable impulse alone) Agile
    will dash forward while slashing his swords like a madman. This NORMALLY
    wouldn't be a problem, but for two things; too often, he'll do it while X is on
    the floor and can't get up fast enough/would have to take damage from a wave
    shot, and the second reason is that Agile is simply perhaps THE tallest
    Maverick in the game. You simply CAN'T easily jump over him. If you're doing a
    Dash-Jump, there's only the slimmest of margins you can jump clear over him
    (and you'd have to know he was doing it beforehand), and while it's a lot
    easier to simply just jump and Air-Dash, Agile will simply switch directions
    and come cutting back at you again. So, it's really recommended you just stick
    to the walls and jump over Agile if he comes to your side, as if you're
    climbing the wall on his side, he can do a modified version of his first
    attack, and jump at you with his sword.
    Now, Magnet Mines. There's a thing that'll help you. If Agile is doing his
    first attack, then shoot it in his direction anyways. The Magnet Mine will
    stick to the wall, and when Agile comes down, it will detonate and explode on
    him. Furthermore, if he instead decides to Dash instead of Jump, he'll run
    smackdab in the Mine's way, and there's nothing in the world that can stop him
    from being harmed by it.
    Agile: If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than ever before!
           *Gets defeated*
                              4k. X-Hunter Stage 1 (XHS1)
    From the start, head right until you get to the end of the ledge, then start
    dropping down constantly, stopping only to take out the Scriver. Continue on
    until you get down to the end (the Bats will go away), then get on the
    MiniElev. Charge up a shot to take out the first Scriver without jumping, then
    make up another Charge to take out the second Scriver, again without jumping.
    At the top, proceed as normal, kicking two Scrivers' asses. Now head up the
    ladder to have another 'wall-shifting' competition. For the time being, the
    walls on this one are completely straight, so just pick either side and climb
    your way up to the top.
    Once you finally make your way up, head left, and on your trip going left and
    up, you'll face off against two more of the annoying PurBars. Dispose of them
    both, and go up the ladder for some more shifting walls. This time, the walls
    are NOT straight, so start off at the right wall, then switch to the left. Once
    you get to the left, continue climbing up as normal until you finally make it
    into the safety zone.
    Continue onwards going left again. After a bit more of walking, you'll come to
    the end of this hallway, with a Scorpion guarding the ladder you need to take.
    Terminate it from it's lowly existence, then go up the ladder, where you'll run
    into another Scorpion. After you destroy this one as well, head up two more
    ladders for another wall-shifting part of the level. The walls are
    (fortunately) straight on this one again, so just make your way to either side
    and climb your way up. Now head right.
    Here, your path will branch into two paths, of which I'll describe both.
    Partways during Path 2, you can still go into Path 1, and all you just need to
    do is follow off from the first paragraph of Path 1, OR go back to the starting
    ledge and retry Path 2. In terms of easiness, Path 2 is the path to take.
    PATH 1
    Drop down the ledge, then jump over the Unicycle that will come your way from
    the right. Continue right, doing the same effect of jumping over Unicycles
    thrice more, then when you encounter a fifth Unicycle, take it out before it
    drops over top of your head. Once it's dead, continue moving, taking the two
    Three-Prongs on the walls, then climb up the ladder.
    Up top, eliminate the Three-Prongs on both the left and right floating rockets
    before getting on the left. Eliminate the Three-Prong hanging to the left on
    the wall, then jump onto the center floating rocket. Eliminate the Three-Prong
    hanging off the upper-left floating rocket, then jump on that one as well, and
    get onto the ladder up top.
    END PATH 1
    PATH 2
    From your side of the ledge, jump to the right, and the crane will grab you and
    hold you out to the left. Once it lets go, head right again anyways and it
    won't be able to react fast enough to get you this time. Now continue on the
    path, destroying a lone Unicycle that'll harass you.
    At the edge, there'll be a pit below you, whiich will drop you in Path 1, and
    to the right is another crane. This time, once it lets go of you, you'll have
    to Dash-Jump right or Air-Dash right to get out of the way quickly. Once you've
    done so, continue on until you get to the far right wall, then Dash-Climb your
    way up, avoiding the fire of the Three-Prongs. Up top, go right until you're at
    the part where two ladders are beneath you.
    END PATH 2
    Now that the two paths have coalesced again, climb up the left upper wall, and
    you'll get into another wall-shifting. The walls are not straight again this
    time, so you'll of course want to take the left path, then switch over to the
    right wall later on before finally making your way to the top. Once you get up
    into safety zone area, continue right, taking out a single Scorpion. Now go
    through the dual set of doors to face off against
    Name: VIOLEN
    Power: 18400 rp
    Speed: 6200 rp
    Pre-reading of the X-Hunter Strategies Violen is recommended.
    It's arguable that Violen II is actually somewhat EASIER. This is because of
    the main difference to what he does; before he does any fighting, he summons a
    few yellow-gray small blocks around randomly in the arena. These restrict the
    mobility and flexibility of his spike cannon. Not only that, but it will also
    slow the cannon somewhat in getting back to Violen if he hits any blocks; as
    such, you could Dash in, hit Violen with the Bubble Splash (he's still
    vulnerable to it, thank god), and then Dash back out while Violen is still
    trying to get the spike back to himself.
    Other than that, though, Violen still retains his electric spark attack;
    whenever he does it, he is NOT restricted by the blocks, and the blocks do NOT
    absorb the electric sparks, so watch out.
                              4l. X-Hunter Stage 2 (XHS2)
    Drop down into the water once you start, and get ready to have a shoot-out with
    a few Torpedo Fish. Move right, jumping over the bottomless pits and destroying
    Torpedo Fish, until you get to the end of the line. Once at the far right, jump
    up and destroy the first Three-Prong on the left, then climb up the left wall
    and eliminate the right Three-Prong. Now that you've made it safely through the
    water without any hassles, jump out onto dry land.
    Now, climb up the right, eliminating the left Three-Prong, then change sides
    and eliminate the right Three-Prong. Up top, destroy the AX1 that is lumbering
    around, then run to the right and drop down with right-ward momentum to dodge
    the laser fire from the Three-Prongs that are all hanging around the wall here.
    On the bottom, in water again, Air-Dash under the floating rocket to get to the
    next platform (or, if you don't have the Leg Upgrade, keep yourself on the
    rocket until you're safely over the platform, then let go).
    Proceed through the same thing over again, then head up. Here, you're going to
    have to wait until the floating rocket is to the left of it's floating range.
    Once that requirement is out of the way, jump on top of the rocket, drag down
    it's right side, then Dash-Jump to the far right. You'll have to wait possibly
    a long time for a floating rocket to come down here, but once it does, get on
    top, start dragging down the left quickly. The floating rocket will go up, and
    there'll be flames coming in from the right that won't affect you dragging down
    the left. Once you're safely past, get up, then drag down to the right to avoid
    flames from the left. When you've avoided that obstacle, get back up top, and
    then go onto the platform at the very top of the height.
    Here, you'll be required to get over a spike bed to continue. Now, unless you
    somehow lack both the Leg Upgrade and Arm Upgrade, it really shouldn't be that
    difficult. If it is, you'll have to Dash-Jump from the edge of the left side to
    the right side, and you'll probably have to climb quickly before you drag down
    into the spike bed. Either way, once you make it over, drop down the pit at the
    end, and either destroy or jump over the Cannon Driver. Once you've done
    either, head through the two doors to take out...
    Name: SERGES
    Power: 10300 rp
    Speed: 12300 rp
    Serges is protected by a shield that has four attack pods on it. In order to
    render him vulnerable, you must destroy all four attack pods. Once that's done,
    you're free to hurt Serges directly.
    Serges pods can be completely destroyed with a single Gravity Crush attack, and 
    can be individually destroyed by a Charged Magnet Mine or Sonic Slicer (Sonic 
    Slicer recommended).
    Here is the order of what each attack pod does;
    Top - Drops out energy balls that bounce up and down without obeying friction.
    2nd - Sends out a blue disk that for the most part goes straight, but will
    curve slightly at the end.
    3rd - Sends out an orange orb of electricity that will follow X around for a
    short period of time before dying out.
    Bottom - Sends out a straight bolt of electricity.
    For the most part, the first one that you want to take out is the top attack
    pod, mainly because having those things bounce around like crazy can become
    really annoying when you're trying to destroy the other attack pods.
    Furthermore, after it's initial bounce, it won't go up to the top of the
    screen, but it will go as high as the third attack pod; thus, you can try to
    stay up on the top and avoid all attacks, while destroying the top attack pod.
    The next pod in line should be the third one. This is because unlike the other
    remaining two, where you can simply just jump to dodge the attack, it WILL
    follow you around. As such, it will be annoying, and you will want to take that
    one out.
    After that, you can take the other two pods out in either order, as they are
    not very annoying, and are remarkably easy to dodge, what with that whole
    "Jump" thing going on in this game. Be warned though; each time you destroy one
    of the latter two pods, Serges' machine will move forward, destroying the front
    floating platform.
    After Serges is finally exposed, he'll start shooting out green orbs. They will
    then explode in mid-air into four seperate pieces. The first time, they will go
    in diagonal directions, and the second time, they will go up, down, left and
    right. After that, they will interchange between each other every time. What
    you have to do is attack Serges (and only Serges is vulnerable, not his chair)
    while dodging these green orbs AND keeping yourself from falling down on the
    spikes. It'll be difficult, so have fun ;).
                              4m. X-Hunter Stage 3 (XHS3)
    From the start, drop down and destroy the GreenShield on the ledge, then go up
    and kill the Bats that will stray towards you. Continue on, and take out
    another GreenShield before dropping down. Yet another GreenShield will face you
    across the pit; take care of it and a Parasite dropping down from below before
    jumping across the pit, where you'll have to gun down a few more parasites.
    With those pests out of the way, head up a few platforms to the end wall, get
    up onto the ledge, and climb up the ladder to find a MiniElev. Don't bother
    with it, however. Instead, climb the left wall, and jump over onto the upper
    ledge, and then head up the next ladder. Destroy a DinoTank in your way going
    right, then head up the ladder at the end (the other path leads to a dead end).
    Up top, get on the MiniElev, and jump on it twice to move up. Once you go as
    high as you can, get onto the ledge that the MiniElev parks at, then jump and
    climb up onto one of the ledges over top. Take the right wall and climb up a
    bit until you run into a DinoTank and Bat. Equip the Crystal Hunter, and lure
    the Bat over to the center platform. When it does this, attack it with the
    Crystal Hunter to encase it in a block of ice, then use it as a support to jump
    onto the top ledge.
    Once you make it, go to the left wall, climb up, and then Dash onto the middle
    platform in the air. Head right, until you see two ladders. If you don't have
    all your Upgrades, Heart Tanks, and SubTanks, don't even bother taking Path 1,
    as it'll result in too many untimely deaths.
    PATH 1
    To get to the top ladder, go left and attract one of the Bats over to you.
    Encase them in ice using the Crystal Hunter, and use the ice as a support to
    jump onto the ledge hanging from the ceiling to the left of the ladder, then
    onto the ladder itself. Climb up, and defeat the GreenShield standing on the
    overhead ledge to your right. Go and encase the Bat in the spikefield after
    that, and use it as support to get onto the small safe platform in the middle
    (alternatively, you could just Air-Dash against the ceiling, dragging down, and
    Air-Dash against the next part until you get to the safe platform).
    Now, charge up a shot, and wait for the AX1s to come, and send them to their
    untimely deaths once they get in your shooting range. With them out of the way,
    from your small platform, jump, wait for yourself to fall most of the way but
    not completely landed, then Air-Dash right. Now to have some fun with this
    spike pit.
    First, from the starting point, you need to charge up your Speed Burner. Next,
    you need to Jump, Air-Dash over the first bed of spikes, far enough so that you
    can turn around without hitting the spikes on the one wall but not far enough
    so that you hit the far right bed, then when you start falling down, you need
    to let go of the Speed Burner. Even if you go right instead of left by
    accident, if you can tap the Left button on the D-Pad quickly enough, it'll
    change directions and get you out safely. OR, you could just Air-Dash right,
    drop down, and Speed Burner right and change directions as quickly as you can
    (since while you're dashing with Speed Burner, you're invincible).
    Now, go and drag down the long pit along the left wall. The fourth grey block
    along here will have a hidden entrance. Inside, go see Dr. Light, and you'll
    obtain the Shoryuken/Dragon Punch. Now head out the hidden room, and drop down
    the rest of the way.
    Oh, BTW, Shoryuken is Forward, Down, Forward, Shoot Button (Y), or Back, Down,
    Back, Y.
    *END PATH 1*
    PATH 2
    Go down the bottom ladder, then jump onto the left wall. Charge up a Speed
    Burner, then Dash at the Cannon Driver, letting go of the charge so that you'll
    Fire Dash through the Cannon Driver to the right wall. Drop down, and jump over
    the MavGen, then start climbing the ladder down. On the bottom, head left, then
    drop down to the bottom floor. Climb up the wall and take potshots at the
    GreenShield until he's dead, then jump onto the non-spiky platform where he was
    formerly standing. Deposity yourself off to the right.
    Continue on and climb up the wall that you'll encounter, and destroy a Bluebird
    when it comes out of the MavGen. Jump to the other side, then go down. Progress
    right some more.
    END PATH 2
    Charge up your buster, then head right and jump up onto the ledge. Shoot down
    the Parasites that you can see, then Charge up again and Dash-Jump right,
    landing on the platform. Repeat this twice more, shooting down the Parasites
    that are all in your way, until you see an overhead ledge above. Jump up onto
    the ledge, then go through the dual set of doors to face off against...
    Name: AGILE
    Power: 9800 rp
    Speed: 17800 rp
    If you got the Shoryuken; Forward, Down, Forward, Y.
    But since I'm obliged to provide a strategy;
    Agile has two attacks. The first one will be where missiles will fly in the
    background. These missiles will then fuse into a giant bomb which will fly in
    an either left or right direction (doesn't seem to be influenced by where X
    is). The interesting thing is that you can actually shoot it with a charged
    shot, and destroy it before it could ever get close to you.
    Agile's second attack consists of him extending a floor out from his body. He
    will then send two electric sparks down the walls that will then skim along the
    TOP LEDGE only (meaning you can stand on the ledge below it) before fading out.
    He will then drop the floor that he is holding up, which will drop onto your
    floor, building it up while pushing the first ledge down.
    An interesting thing to note is that pits aren't necessarily bottomless pits;
    if there was a ledge that was only just pushed down earlier, you can stand on
    it even though there's no visible ledge holding it up. To demonstrate what I
    X = Current visible ledge
    0 = Current part of the floor without ledge
    x = Non-visible ledge
    Here's the floor.
    XXX    XX
    Agile drops another ledge.
    XXX    XX
    XXX    XX
    xxxxx < You can still stand on that part, even though it's not visible.
    However, once the floor gets pushed down once more
    XXXX    X
    XXX    XX
    xxx    xx
    xxxxx < X won't be able to stand on that anymore.
                               4n. Sigma Stage 1 (SGS1)
    Climb up the wall at the start, and go into the right capsule.
    Right. Now you have to fight all eight regular Maverick bosses over again. The
    difference is that this time, you will DEFINITELY have the Maverick weaknesses,
    and you might have all the Upgrades/Heart Tanks/SubTanks/Shoryuken. The
    Shoryuken can especially be helpful, as it's able to finish the bosses off in
    two or three seperate hits (as the Shoryuken consists of multiple connected
    Without further ado, a diagram of who's in each capsule.
    BC = Bubble Crab
    FS = Flame Stag
    MC = Magna Centipede
    WS = Wire Sponge
    MM = Morph Moth
    CS = Crystal Snail
    OO = Overdrive Ostrich
    WG = Wheel Gator
    PP = Platform (Has small energy capsule on after every fight)
    Now, there are a couple of differences between the bosses in their regular
    stages and their arenas here. A lot of it is aesthetic, but their are some
    actual changes that may be dangerous to you.
    -Flame Stag starts off in his aggression mode.
    -When Flame Stag does his rocket attack, he can charge back down in the same
     matter, knocking you down to take you for a trip with him.
    -Bubble Crab's ceiling has a spike bed.
    -With the spike bed, Bubble Crab's mini-Bubble Crabs, when encased in bubbles,
     may float up to the top, pop, and then stalk X.
    After you defeat Sigma, you'll finish off the stage.
                               4o. Sigma Stage 2 (SGS2)
    The first part of the stage is basically the exact same as Magna Centipede's,
    so just refer to that level until you get to the room where the first Sword
    Mini-Boss was. This time, you'll encounter Sigma with a Zero unit.
    You will have to fight the Red Zero, so refer to the first strategy.
    You will not have to fight Black Zero, so skip the first strategy and refer to
    Neo Sigma.
    Name: ZERO
    Power: ????
    Speed: ????
    Don't even THINK about bothering with the X-Buster. Instead, take out the only
    weapon that Zero is weak to; the Speed Burner. More on that soon.
    Zero's first attack is to send two Charged shots in rapid succession, and then
    a wave beam from his lightsaber (basically think Agile's wave beam, but only as
    tall as Zero himself). The reason you DON'T want to use the regular X-Buster is
    because a Charged shot will be canceled out by just one of Zero's, and regular
    buster fire will be completely engulfed. Even then, with the Speed Burner,
    you'll have to get close and fire quickly for this attack on Zero, because the
    wave beam will extinguish the fire (the Speed Burner travels on the floor
    itself, which is underneath the Charged shots, but not the wave beam).
    His second attack is also somewhat annoying. He'll dash along the floor with
    his lightsaber, and then punches the floor (which will shatter the room the
    first time). Tiles will fly up a bit to the left and right and straight above
    Zero, requiring you to wait for Zero to dash over to your side of the screen
    before Dash-Jumping over his head.
    His final attack is where he'll once more take a stand, but instead of going
    ballistic, he'll fire half-charged shots, which can easily be avoided. You
    should also take this time especially to shoot the Speed Burner at him, while
    he cannot deflect it.
    Name: NEO SIGMA
    Power: 18500 rp
    Speed: 18500 rp
    Once again; Down, Forward, Down, Y. Two attacks should completely take out
    Sigma if you want to use the Shoryuken.
    Sigma's first attack basically consists of him dashing forward and slashing his
    claws at X. This will send X bouncing into the side wall that Sigma is facing,
    and he will further rebound up into the ceiling, before finally falling down.
    While Sigma CAN be dodged by Dash-Jumping over his head, oftentimes he can and
    will just turn around and hit you into the other wall.
    His second attack starts off with him jumping onto the wall, then jumping into
    the center of the room before splitting into two, where he will henceforth hide
    out of sight for awhile. When he does show up again, he'll come down from the
    ceiling and slash right where X is, or was, and he may sometimes follow it
    straight up with his first attack.
    The next thing Sigma can do is where he'll take a stand, and summon up five
    orbs of purple electricity. He will then send them one by one at X at a medium
    pace. They won't follow him around, but will just go in a straight direction.
    However, their numbers may very well prove overwhelming to you and your ability
    to dodge all five of them.
    Sigma's last attack is where he'll temporarily glow yellow, and then slash his
    hands. This will send out two purple electrical orbs that are connected by a
    strand of electricity across the room. If you want to dodge this, you're going
    to have to climb up on the wall as soon as you see Sigma turn yellow, then jump
    over the attack. Additionally, even if you TRIED to harm Sigma, he'll be
    invulnerable while he's yellow.
    As far as weaknesses go, Sigma will follow his tradition of always being weak
    to electrical or cutting weapons; the Sonic Slicer not only causes him alot of
    damage, but it's ricochet effect means that it can hit him no matter how much
    he likes to move around.
    As always, two Shoryukens can take him out effectively.
    This final Sigma is especially annoying, particularly as he can get somewhat
    difficult to dodge, and you can't tell how far it is until he's good and dead.
    Fortunately, there are some signs; he'll have a bunch of color changes once he
    loses health, starting off at green, going to light blue, then dark blue, then
    to orange, then to light red, and finally to dark red.
    Sigma's first (and main) attack is to go to either wall, where he will then
    spew out a giant energy attack downwards to the floor. As X, you must either
    dodge this or else take the brunt of the attack as a martyr attack on Sigma. If
    you MUST take damage; jump onto Sigma instead. The energy attack will take off
    four bars of health, compared to only one if you come into contact with Sigma
    himself. You'll probably want to take this path alot instead of jumping over
    him, when combined with his later attack. As always, Sigma usually goes to the
    wall on the side of the room where X is, although there have been a few rare
    The second of Sigma's attacks, which can generally be more annoying, is where
    after each of his energy attacks, he will spew out two regular enemies that you
    must destroy. They can be a combination or two of Scrivers, DinoTanks,
    Bluebirds and Torpedo Fish. Their very existence on the floor can mean that if
    you try to jump over Sigma when he's performing his energy attack, you're only
    jumping out of the frying pan, and into the fire. However, if you do have the
    Arm Upgrade, you can manage it through an efficent (albeit very slow) pattern
    of using your regular attack on Sigma, jumping over him, and then using the
    second attack on the enemies. However, Sigma does this EVERY time he uses the
    Energy Attack (if there are any enemies remaining, they get destroyed). On the
    plus side, they can leave behind energy and weapon energy capsules (even the
    ones that just get destroyed when Sigma replaces them).
    When Sigma turns red (either shade), he'll begin to stop moving around, and
    will teleport around the field a random number of times before performing his
    attacks again. Oftentimes, however, he will try to encase X within his giant
    data head, and will hit you for one bar of health at a time, and will only stop
    once you Dash around long enough. INTERESTINGLY enough, you could also consider
    this his greatest weakness for two reasons; the first is that he won't do this
    until he's red, and the second is that he will NOT get off by shooting at him
    alone. This means that you could literally just be in good condition (or else
    have a full SubTank), constantly just Charge up your X-Buster, let it loose,
    and repeat until he's down.
    The Strike Chain is the only other thing that Sigma is weak to. I wouldn't
    recommend it for two reasons, however. The first one is that when you try to
    leap over Sigma and hit him with the Strike Chain, oftentimes you'll fall too
    fast, and the Strike Chain will go down under him. The second is that it does
    only about as much damage as a regular Charge Shot when uncharged, and it's
    Charged power is slightly less than a full X-Buster Arm Upgrade Charged Shot.
    Afterwards, enjoy your ending ;).
                                 5. Damage Chart (DMCH)
    *As of present, some data is missing from the damage chart. If you have any
     information on what I need, please, do send it to me.
    I'd like to take the time to credit one Luc "Pixelboy" Miron whom was
    supposedly the original brainstorm behind the damage chart. What IS a damage
    chart?, one may ask. A damage chart takes all eight weapons, and shows how many
    uses of each weapon it takes to eliminate one of the main eight bosses (and
    sometimes additional bosses). However, since the X series has a secondary set
    of attacks for each weapon, I have decided to change it so that the number
    given is how many bars of life an attack of that particular weapon takes off a
    Maverick boss, to make it easier to look between both charts.
    A standard Maverick life has 32 bars that you must take off.
    (Uncharged. In case of green X-Buster fire, it also counts as uncharged.)
      		E                    M
       		R                    A
       		D                 C  G
      		R                 R  N
      		I  W  W  B        Y  A
    		V  I  H  U  F  M  S
      		E  R  E  B  L  O  T  C
                       E  E  B  A  R  A  E
       		O     L  L  M  P  L  N
       		S  S     E  E  H     T  V  S
    	        T  P  G           S  I  I  E  A
                    R  O  A  C  S  M  N  P  O  R  G
                    I  N  T  R  T  O  A  E  L  G  I
                    C  G  O  A  A  T  I  D  E  E  L
                    H  E  R  B  G  H  L  E  N  S  E
    X-BUSTER      | 1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
    SONIC SLICER  | 1  2  1  1  2  1  1  1  2  2
    STRIKE CHAIN  | 1  1  3  1  1  1  1  2  1  1
    SPIN WHEEL    | 1  1  1  3  1  1  1  1  1  1
    BUBBLE SPLASH | 1  1  2  1  2  1  1  1  2  1
    MAGNET MINE   | 1  1  1  1  1  1  3  1
    SILK SHOT     | 2  1  1  1  1  1  1  2     1
    SPEED BURNER  | 1  2  1  1  1  3  1  1  1  2
    CRYSTAL HUNTER| 3  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    GRAVITY CRUSH | 2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2
    (Charged. With the Arm Upgrade, the secondary X-Buster fire will cause 3 bars
     of damage as opposed to 2 for the regular 8 Maverick Bosses, Violen. Crystal
     Hunter not included because it does not cause actual damage.)
      		E                    M
       		R                    A
       		D                 C  G
      		R                 R  N
      		I  W  W  B        Y  A
    		V  I  H  U  F  M  S
      		E  R  E  B  L  O  T  C
                       E  E  B  A  R  A  E
       		O     L  L  M  P  L  N
       		S  S     E  E  H     T  V  S
    	        T  P  G           S  I  I  E  A
                    R  O  A  C  S  M  N  P  O  R  G
                    I  N  T  R  T  O  A  E  L  G  I
                    C  G  O  A  A  T  I  D  E  E  L
                    H  E  R  B  G  H  L  E  N  S  E
    X-BUSTER      | 2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2
    SONIC SLICER  | 1  5  1  1  2  1  1  1  2  5
    STRIKE CHAIN  | 1  1  5  1  1  1  1  2  1  1
    SPIN WHEEL    | 1  1  1  4  1  1  2  1  1  1
    BUBBLE SPLASH | 1  1  1  1  2  1  1  1  2  1
    MAGNET MINE   | 1  2  1  1  1  2  4  1
    SILK SHOT     | 2  2  1  1  1  1  1  4     2
    SPEED BURNER  | 1  1  1  1  1  6  1  1  1
    Before emailing me, read this;
    -Please do NOT email me questions that are CLEARLY answered in the FAQ. I will
     not bother to answer if you do so.
    -PLEASE use at least a semi-assed effort at grammar and spelling. I cannot read
     incoherent letters and be expected to reply.
    -Contribution of stuff is perfectly fine (heck, I encourage it), along with
     notes on any errors that I may have created so that I may correct them. Proper
     credit will be given (note if you want to be credited by a certain name, or
     else "Anonymous").
    yamishuryou AT gmail DOT com
    -Various hosts of this guide.
    -Shadowflare09, for a heads-up on being able to destroy Serges II's pods with a 
     full Gravity Crush attack.
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