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    No Weapon/Armor/Upgrade Guide by ZuccoloX

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/14/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mega Man X2
    No Upgrades/ No Weapons Challenge
    Version 1.1
    by: ZuccoloX
    Email: zuccolox@gmail.com
    Version History:
    -7/15/08 version 1.1: Cleaned up the walkthrough a bit.  I also refined some 
    strategies as I went through another play through.  I also added YouTube 
    links to videos I took of myself playing against the bosses, to further 
    illustrate the techniques to beating them.
    -7/14/08 version 1.0: Completed all strategies.  Also formatted 
    walkthrough into Microsoft word for easier editing.  Added a dedication, and 
    added the copyright.
    -7/13/08 version 0.3: Began work on the walkthrough.  Set up a rough design 
    template.  Added the General Tips, Rules, and several boss and stage 
    This walkthrough may only be published and hosted on GameFAQs.com. 
    Table of Contents
      I. Prologue of Walkthrough
         1. Dedication
         2. About this Walkthrough
         3. Rules
         4. General Tips
      II. Boss Stages/Order
         1. Boss Order
         2. Wire Sponge       (*WireS)
         3. Morph Moth        (*Morph)
         4. Flame Stag        (*Flame)
         5. Magna Centipede   (*Magna)
         6. Crystal Snail     (*Cryst)
         7. Wheel Gator       (*Wheel)
         8. Bubble Crab       (*Bubbl)
         9. Overdrive Ostrich (*Overd)
      III. X-Hunter Stages
         1. Stage 1           (*XHS1)
         2. Stage 2           (*XHS2)
         3. Stage 3           (*XHS3)
         4. Stage 4           (*XHS4)
         5. Final Stage       (*Final)
      IV. Epilogue of Walkthrough
         1. FAQs
         2. Special Thanks
         3. Copyright
    I.1 - Dedication
    I dedicate this walkthrough to Carlos Martinez.  You inspired me to try 
    beating the game with no armor, upgrades, or boss weapons because you 
    thought you could outplay me in a Mega Man game.  Not only have I beaten it 
    first, but I was able to make this walkthrough--my very first walkthrough, 
    ever--to help you beat it, so you can join me in the high ranks of Mega Man 
    I.2 - About this Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is designed to help you attempt the No Upgrades/No Weapons 
    The challenge is simple:  You are not allowed to collect anything to enhance 
    your game, nor are you allowed to use any boss weapons for any reason.  For 
    simplicity's sake, just assume that you are beating the entire game with 
    only what you are initially equipped with at the very beginning of the game. 
    I.3 - Rules 
    1. Do NOT acquire any armor parts.  This includes the Air-Dash boots, the 
    Armor piece, the dual-shot X-Buster, and the Helmet (I know the helmet is 
    useless and offers no defense bonuses, but just stick with the principle of 
    the matter).
    2. Do NOT acquire any heart tanks or sub tanks.
    3. Do NOT use any weapons you gain from bosses for any reason!  Every boss 
    in the game can be defeated using the X-Buster.  Every stage can be 
    navigated through without a special item.  I have personally done so, and 
    can vouch that this is true.  Using items like Crystal Hunter to navigate 
    across large spiked areas is an example of this.  There is an alternative 
    4. Do NOT acquire any of Zero's parts.  There are two reasons for this: one 
    is because doing so violates the principle of a "no item" run; the other is 
    because this run requires you to fight Zero at the end of the game, thus 
    adding to the challenge.  I realize that by acquiring the parts means you 
    have to face the X-Hunters, but they're far easier than Zero is.  
    5. Saving states is not necessarily cheating.  If you're like me, then you 
    have very little patience for things and you're lazy.  For example, I hate 
    kids.  I work in retail where kids frequent.  Thus, I hate my job!  But 
    since I'm too lazy, I don't bother finding a new job unless I somehow get 
    fired.  Anyway, saving states isn't necessarily cheating.  Yes, it's 
    cheating Capcom because you're using an emulator, but if you're like me, 
    then you have two legitimate copies of this game anyway, so what does it 
    matter (FYI, I have the actual SNES cartridge and the Mega Man X collection 
    for PS2). However, you may ONLY use save states if you're at the boss's door.  
    There is a simple reason I allow this: simply because this challenge isn't 
    about getting through the stage in one piece.  Anyone can.  This challenge 
    is about beating the bosses.  I know I can make it through each stage 
    without weapons or items.  The thing is, if I lose all of my lives to a boss, 
    I don't want to have to go through the stage AGAIN just to give it another 
    go against the boss.  In my opinion, using save states like this is no 
    different than if you were to grind for extra lives, and have 9 extra lives 
    before you fight the boss.  If you die, you respawn just outside his chamber, 
    anyway--just like a save state.  The only difference is save states save you 
    5.2. Saving states for ANY OTHER REASON is strictly prohibited.  Examples 
    include saving between boss forms (like Serges' forms), saving between 
    attack waves from a boss (for example, if you successfully dodge a boss' 
    attack and you save state, that is cheating), or saving between a string of 
    boss battles (like the final three battles).  When you're in the fourth X-
    Hunter Stage, where you refight all eight bosses again, saving state in 
    between each battle is also prohibited.  If I was able to do it, then so can 
    I.4 - General Tips 
    -Stay nimble.  I like to keep my index finger curled up on the dash button, 
    and overuse the dash like there's no tomorrow.  It may be a little 
    uncomfortable at first, but speed and agility are the keys to beating this 
    game with no upgrades.  In many situations, two or three hits can kill you, 
    so you have to know when and how to avoid enemy fire.
    -The Dash Attack glitch:  I don't know the official name for this, so I'm 
    just going to stick with this name.  This glitch will come in handy for many 
    situations.  To perform this glitch, fire a single shot while you are 
    dashing.  Enemies and bosses alike will take 2-3 points of damage instead of 
    the normal one.  The other nice thing about this is recover time for bosses 
    is shorter (not by much) than if they were hit by a fully charged shot.
    -Dash-Jumping is your best friend.  In several areas of the game you'll need 
    to move quickly.  And sometimes the normal dash just doesn't cut it.  If you 
    tap the jump button near the end of your dash, X will dash jump forward, 
    extending your dash.  The nice thing about this is not only it extends your 
    dash, but as soon as you land you can hit the dash button again and 
    seamlessly resume your dash with little-to-no hesitation.
    -Dash-Jumping is still your best friend.  You'll need to master dash-jumping 
    off of walls while you're clinging on to them.  This technique is VITAL to 
    beating the game under these special conditions.  If you're not good at 
    doing it, then practice.  Don't even bother attempting this challenge 
    without mastering this move, and by master it, I mean being able to do it 
    without even thinking.  To perform this move is simple: hold the dash button 
    down just before you jump off the wall.  If you're still holding the dash 
    button after you jump, X will fly off the wall.  It is best to dash jump 
    when you're just above the middle of the wall (assuming that the room you're 
    in is a squared-off room, i.e. a normal boss room).  By jumping at this 
    point, you allow yourself enough distance between you and the ceiling so 
    that the arc of your jump doesn't hinder your dash jump, thus allowing you 
    enough room to jump to almost the other side of the room.  This move is 
    especially important for the Zero battle.
    -Abuse your hit recovery.  Every time X gets damaged, he is invulnerable to 
    any form of attack for the next few moments.  Train yourself to mentally know 
    about how long you have until you've resumed your normal vulnerable status.  
    Abusing X's recovery status is essential for beating the game.  Several 
    levels in the game can only be beaten by abusing his recovery.
    II.1 - Boss Order 
    Since you will not be getting any upgrades, nor using any weapons, boss 
    order really doesn't matter.  One may prefer to tackle the harder bosses 
    first, like Magna Centipede or Bubble Crab, or perhaps the easier bosses 
    first, like Wire Sponge or Flame Stag.  Whichever order you prefer is up to 
    you.  Below are strategies to help you get through each boss stage, as well 
    as tips and strategies for fighting the boss.  They are simple in the same 
    order as the boss selection screen (going clockwise).
    Note: I assume that you have already beaten this game many times over and 
    know the stages fairly well.  I will not go over inch-by-inch how to 
    navigate through the levels.
    Use the Tags in your browser's Find function to quickly navigate to a 
    specific stage.
    Stages                         Tag
    Wire Sponge                  *WireS
    Morph Moth                   *Morph
    Flame Stag                   *Flame
    Magna Centipede              *Magna
    Crystal Snail                *Cryst
    Wheel Gator                  *Wheel
    Bubble Crab                  *Bubbl
    Overdrive Ostrich            *Overd
    X-Hunter Stage 1             *XHS1
    X-Hunter Stage 2             *XHS2
    X-Hunter Stage 3             *XHS3
    X-Hunter Stage 4             *XHS4
    Final Stage                  *Final
    II.2 - Wire Sponge--Weather Control Station (*WireS)
    Sponge's level is easy and straight-forward.  Wire Sponge is usually the 
    first stage attempted by many players because he is the easiest boss in the 
    game, and the heart and sub tanks don't require any special upgrades or 
    weapons to reach.  But since we are not getting them, just ignore them.
    The only real area you need to watch out for is near the sub-tank.  The 
    ground is lined with deadly spikes.  You could either hop from one lift to 
    another, or head up to platforms where the sub-tank lies (avoiding the sub-
    tank, of course).
    Wire Sponge Strategy
    Wire Sponge is easy.  Not much effort needs to go in to defeating him.  
    Fully charged shots, or the Dash Attack will work well against him.  Watch 
    out for when he shields himself with his vine.  He will throw it at you 
    after a few seconds, so be ready to jump (and shoot, should you be nimble 
    When he climbs up his vine he'll start spitting out seedlings.  Two normal 
    shots or a medium charged shot will take care of them.  If you're impatient 
    like me, then you'll probably want to climb up the opposite wall and attack 
    him while he's vulnerable.  Just be careful he doesn't throw his seedlings 
    at you on the wall.
    When he nears the end of his life, he'll start to get mad.  When he starts 
    to turn red, quickly dash to the opposite side of the room and back up to 
    the wall.  When he blows his top he'll shot several lightning blasts.  They 
    shouldn't even come close to you.  He'll then recover and resume his normal 
    game.  Finish the poor sap off!
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Wire Sponge:
    II.3 - Morph Moth--The Robotic Junkyard (*Morph)
    This stage is also simple.  There are only two areas that may give you some 
    trouble, and those are the mini-boss fights.  The pink bug things (I don't 
    know their names) will control junk robots.  A charged shot and a few quick 
    Dash Attacks will dispatch the robot, causing the bug to pop out.  Fire a 
    few charged shots at it, with some rapid shots to quickly kill it before it 
    assembles another robot.
    Morph Moth Strategy
    The first half of this battle is easy.  I suggest charged shots, but Dash 
    Attacks work well, as well (oh well...).  When Morph Moth (Larval form) 
    starts swinging from side to side, be wary of the fact that he'll soon spit 
    out garbage.  At this point be ready to dash through the openings of the 
    garbage to avoid getting hit.  You may take a few hits, but they don't hurt 
    too badly.  After he stops swinging, he'll start to suck up garbage in a 
    circular spiral pattern.  Usually he likes to start at the room's 3 o'clock 
    and spin counter-clockwise, but sometimes he starts at the 9 and spins the 
    other way.  Again, if you take damage, don't sweat it too much, it doesn't 
    hurt a lot.  Anyway, while the trash is spinning around the Moth, you'll 
    want to keep one step ahead of it by dash jumping off the walls, over the 
    moth, then back down under him, then back up the wall and over him.  Keep 
    doing this until he stops sucking up trash.  If you're really quick, you can 
    snag a few charged shots as you're climbing and falling on either side of 
    Once he's about 2/3 dead, he'll finally climb up, through the ceiling and 
    evolve into his true Moth form.  You want to be EXTREMELY careful because if 
    his body hits you, it will eat up HALF your life, assuming you have a full 
    bar!  This guy hurts!  Fortunately his attacks aren't nearly as powerful.  
    But you still don't want to rest.  Anyway, as soon as he climbs up to morph 
    into a moth, follow him by climbing up as far as you can on the right side.  
    You'll go off the screen initially, but the camera will follow as soon as 
    the Moth appears.  If you can, try to snag a shot on him as soon as he 
    appears.  He'll most likely charge at you with his silk shot.  Like I said, 
    the silk shot doesn't hurt, but his reckless flying will.  After he appears 
    (and if you're good enough, you've snagged a quick shot off on him), drop 
    down to the floor and wait for him, while charging.  He'll soon follow.  You 
    want to always keep an eye on him.  When he starts flying around spreading 
    his silk shot, you'll want to dash underneath him, come up from behind and 
    nail him with your charged shot.  When he stops moving and hovers in mid-air, 
    he'll get ready to shot a beam of energy at you.  Fortunately the attack 
    radius of this move isn't that great.  If you're on the opposite side of him 
    and are about at his level, he can't hit you at all.  The beam only fires at 
    the ground, not at walls.  After four or five charged shots, you should be 
    able to dispatch the moth once and for all.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Morph Moth:
    II.4 - Flame Stag--The Volcanic Zone  (*Flame)
    I hate to sound like a broken record, but again, this is an easy stage.  
    There are only really two areas where you need to be careful around: the 
    long vertical tunnel near the beginning (where you would normally get the 
    heart tank, but remember--DON'T!) where the lava rises and can KILL you, and 
    the other long vertical tunnel near the end where flames can shoot out from 
    the walls (they hurt a little bit).
    The former area is really of no concern since you're going to skip the heart 
    tank.  Just keep climbing up, and when you reach the top, head to the right 
    (or left if you need the large energy capsule).
    The latter area is a little tricky.  Try to have your X-Buster charged at 
    all times, and just take your time climbing.  When you see the robots 
    swooping in to ignite the gas that is seeping out of the walls, quickly kill 
    it with your charged shot before it can ignite the gas.  The ignited gas can 
    pack a punch.  After this area is the Flame Stag, so try to conserve some 
    health... not that he's much of a challenge...
    Flame Stag Strategy
    Flame Stag may be fast, but he's very simple.  This battle is very similar 
    to the first battle with Sigma in the first X game.  So keep that in mind 
    while you're fighting him.
    When the battle first starts, he'll jump over your head and wall jump to the 
    other wall.  He'll continue doing this a few more times before he reverses 
    and goes back down (in the same zigzag pattern).  When he's rising and 
    falling, he's easy prey for a charged shot or a Dash Attack.  When he's on 
    the ground, just stick to the walls and wait for his next move.  He will do 
    one of three things:
    1) Stag will start zigzagging up and down the walls again.  When he does 
    this, wait for the right time and drop from the wall and release a charged 
    shot.  Wait for him to land again and then head for a wall and start 
    climbing it like before, in anticipation of his next move.  Note: if it 
    looks like he's going to zig and/or zag into you, dash under him to avoid 
    2) Stag will fire two fireballs at you.  The first one will always arc down.  
    Since you're sticking to the walls, don't worry about it.  The second one, 
    however, will arc upward.  Once it hits the wall it will start climbing the 
    wall.  This one can hit you.  The best thing to do is after he fires his 
    second fireball is launched jump off the wall to avoid it.  This also allows 
    you an easy opportunity to release another charged shot.  After you land, 
    climb up the wall again in anticipation of his next move.
    3) Stag will charge to the other side of the room, similar to M. Bison's 
    Psycho Crusher from Street Fighter (silly Capcom).  When he reaches the 
    other side, which will most likely be underneath you, he will either start 
    zigzagging up the walls again (you know what to do), or he will continue his 
    Psycho Crusher-esque move but instead of travelling horizontally, he will go 
    up and try to hit you.  With sharp reflexes you can spot this and dash jump 
    off the wall in time.  Try to nail him with a charged shot as you jump down.
    He repeats these three patterns throughout the fight.  It won't be long 
    until he's... burnt toast!  Hah!
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Flame Stag:
    II.5 - Magna Centipede--The Central Computer  (*Magna)                
    This stage shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Sigma's sword (the first 
    miniboss) isn't too challenging.  Just rapidly fire at the hilt.  It'll be 
    gone within a minute or two.
    The large security robot miniboss may give you some grief.  To make things 
    easy on you, avoid getting spotted by the targeting recitals in the large 
    room just before you face him.  Each time you get targeted by them he 
    increases in power and defense.
    Magna Centipede Strategy 
    This guy can be very tough.  In fact, he's probably the hardest boss of the 
    eight (Bubble Crab is harder when you refight him later in the game).  
    Charged shots and Dash Attacks work well against the Centipede.  He has no 
    real defined pattern, but has three main attacks, which I will now break 
    1) Centipede will rise his arms up and create a magnetic field.  During this 
    time he will try to pull you towards his tail.  If you can, press and hold 
    the D-pad in the opposite direction of the pull.  If you're lucky you should 
    be able to resist the pull.  If not you will be stuck to his tail where he 
    will try to disable one of your abilities.  Frantically press buttons to try 
    to break free.  If you can, then dash away.  If not, then he will disable an 
    ability.  Usually he disables your Charge function first.  This is not THAT 
    big of a deal, as you still have your Dash Attack.  But the next time he 
    disables you, he will disable your Dash, then eventually half your jump.  
    And that could be disastrous.  Fortunately, during the first half of the 
    battle, it is very easy to break free from his grasp.  I find that the 
    weaker he gets, the more unlikely it will be for you to break free, so be 
    2) Centipede will disassemble his tail and send the pieces after you.  They 
    will shortly surround you as they rotate.  After a few moments, the pieces 
    wills top moving, then strike you.  You have a small window of opportunity 
    at that moment to escape the attack.  As soon as the pieces stop moving is 
    the time when you can try to escape.  You should notice a small gap between 
    the pieces.  That is the point where you want to jump.  Most likely as soon 
    as you jump is when they will strike.  If timed correctly, the pieces will 
    narrowly miss you as you jump, then return to Centipede.
    3) Centipede will fling three magnet mines in the air.  One of them will 
    probably miss, but the other two semi-home in on you.  They're relatively 
    easy to avoid.  Concentrate on avoiding them rather than attacking him.
    Whenever you can, attack the Centipede.  In between attacks, he may vanish 
    then reappear randomly in one of the four corners of the room.  Try to keep 
    your distance as you follow to attack.
    His magnetic field attack is probably the most annoying move he has.  It 
    doesn't hurt you, but it can hinder your abilities, which will ultimately 
    cause you to get hurt by his other moves.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Magna Centipede:
    II.6 - Crystal Snail--The Energen Crystal Mines  (*Cryst)
    The only hard part about this stage is its miniboss.  The small mechaniloid 
    frozen in the crystal will unleash a couple of laser-shooting eyes that fly 
    around the room and shoot small bouncing lasers.  Try to avoid the lasers 
    while you attack the mechaniloid with Charged shots or Dash Attacks.  It 
    doesn't have that much health, so it will shortly perish.
    Crystal Snail Strategy
    Believe it or not, this guy is pretty easy, even without the Magnet Mines.
    Snail is only vulnerable when he is out of his shell.  Shooting his shell, 
    will not hurt him, even if he is out of it.  You must actually hit his body 
    in order to inflict damage.  He only has three attacks.
    The first attack is his patented Crystal Hunter.  He fires three shots at a 
    time at you.  Stick to the opposite wall, and climb it up.  You'll want to 
    dash jump, if you can, through the top-most and middle Crystal Hunter blobs, 
    land, and fire your charged shot at him.  If you hit him, he will most 
    likely fire another volley at you.  If you miss, or if you get frozen, he 
    will commence his second attack.  Should you get frozen, simply mash buttons 
    until you break free.
    His second attack is simple.  He ducks into his shell and floats in one 
    place.  He will rotate slowly, then immediately launch at your direction.  I 
    like to stick to the top corner of the room when he does this.  When he 
    launches, drop from the wall to the ground underneath you.  He will stop 
    just above you, rotate a few moments, and then launch at you again.  From 
    here, simply dash to the opposite side of the room.  He should land at this 
    point and come out of his shell.  Fire at him when he does.  He'll probably 
    spit out his Crystal Hunter again.
    His third attack is his slow-motion thing.  It's the same effect as when you 
    charge up the Crystal Hunter in a normal playthrough.  However, you don't 
    want to let him do this.  And to stop him is easy.  When he ducks into his 
    shell and rises, he'll start rotating.  You'll know if he's about to do the 
    slow-motion attack if his shell is rotating much more rapidly than normal.  
    You have to time it right--it probably takes about two to three seconds, but 
    he'll come out of his shell to launch the attack.  You want to fire the 
    moment before he comes out of his shell.  If you hit him, it will stun him 
    and he won't do the attack.
    You'll dispatch Snail in no time.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Crystal Snail:
    II.7 - Wheel Gator--The Dinosaur Tank  (*Wheel)
    The Dinosaur Tank stage is pretty easy.  There are no real tough spots on 
    this level.  On normal playthroughs I tackle this level first because I like 
    getting the Spin Wheel as soon as possible.  Just be careful on the two 
    vertical shafts where you take the platform elevator up.  The walls are 
    lined with spikes and can kill you!
    Wheel Gator Strategy
    Wheel Gator is slightly powerful, but slightly easy.  Like I said, I usually 
    tackle this boss first, so no upgrades/armor/weapons holds no bearing for me 
    on this fight.
    Attack him whenever you can.  He isn't very mobile, so you don't have to 
    worry about insanely fast attacks.
    When he submerges underwater, climb up a wall and stay near the top (not all 
    the way up, because you'll need to be able to dash jump).  A wheel should 
    appear and follow you up the wall.  Dash jump off the wall just before it 
    hits you, then try to steer yourself back on to the same wall, and then 
    climb back up.  This part is easy.  The next part can be tricky...
    Sometimes Gator launches another wheel.  If he does it will be from right 
    underneath you, giving very little reaction time.  Try to avoid the wheel 
    like you did for the last one.  Climb back up the wall as soon as possible.  
    If a wheel doesn't appear, then be ready.  The Gator will come up out of the 
    water and try to bite you.  This attack hurts!  Dash jump off the wall to 
    the opposite side of the screen to avoid it.  Fire at him when you can.
    From here, the Gator can do one of four things:
    1) He will resubmerge.  If he does, repeat the same strategy outlined above.
    2) He will spin the wheels on his shoulders and launch them at you.  Stay on 
    the ground and dash underneath both of them.  Fire at him while you are 
    dashing, if you want.  The wheels may either climb all the way up the wall 
    before falling off, or just partially up the wall.  Watch out for them 
    either way as they fall, as they can still damage you.  While the wheels are 
    falling, he may attack you with two more wheels.  If so, repeat the same 
    evasive actions.  Otherwise he may do another attack.
    3) The gator will flash a yellow-green color and open his mouth.  Several 
    small shots will come out of his mouth.  They're easy to avoid.  While his 
    mouth is open he is invulnerable to normal and medium shots.  Attack him with 
    a charged shot immediately to shut his mouth before he spits out the shots.
    4) The gator will jump up, then come at you with a spinning attack.  This 
    attack will go flying towards the other side of the room.  Climb up the wall 
    behind you and dash jump over him when he does this.  You may attack him 
    even while he is spinning.  Be careful, though.  You'll see that the section 
    of the wall he hit is now jagged.  If you touch it you will be damaged.
    Keep up your assault, and he'll be out soon enough.  This battle can be a 
    little lengthy, so bear with it.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Wheel Gator:
    II.8 - Bubble Crab--The Deep-Sea Base  (*Bubbl)
    The Fishmarine (as I like to call it) is annoying.  You can either choose to 
    destroy it, or simply ignore it and go past it.  That is the only hard part 
    about this level.
    Bubble Crab Strategy
    The Bubble Crab can be a pain because of that blasted shield of his.  He can 
    put it up or down freely, and to destroy it (until he puts it up again) it 
    takes a hell of a lot of shots.
    Fortunately you're in a large area, so you can take advantage of that.  For 
    this battle I recommend using charged shots.
    The plan is simple: shoot your charged shots at him when his shield is down!.  
    Your attacks will knock him back, preventing him from possibly setting up an 
    attack.  When he puts up that confounded shield of his, climb up the nearest 
    wall and wait for him to come near you.  When you think he is close enough, 
    dash jump over him to the other side.  By doing this he immediately lowers 
    his shield and performs his rising crab claw attack.  On his way down you can 
    hit him with another charged shot.  Keep doing this strategy as much as you 
    If he spits out three bubbles containing crab baby things, try to take them 
    out as quickly as possible.  A charged shot will take out their bubble 
    shields, but follow up with two or three rapid normal shots just to finish 
    them off before they come lunging at you.
    Hit the crab as much as you can, jumping over him to make him lower his 
    shield.  I say he's the hardest of the eight bosses not because of this 
    fight, but because of his second fight (in the fourth X-Hunter stage).  In 
    that stage the room isn't as tall, and the ceiling is lined with deadly 
    spikes.  In that battle, which I outline further below, you may want to 
    consider changing your strategy, simply because jumping across the room is a 
    lot more risky.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Bubble Crab:
    II.9 - Overdrive Ostrich--The Desert Base  (*Overd)
    The Desert Base is also an easy stage.  Many people recommend going here 
    within the first few levels (on normal playthroughs).  I usually go here 
    second because once I acquire the Spin Wheel I can obtain the Air-Dash boots.  
    Watch out for the three scorpion robots near the Ostrich's lair.  They can 
    be trouble if you're not careful.
    Overdrive Ostrich Strategy
    The Overdrive Ostrich is relatively easy.  He begins his attack by taking a 
    step forward, squawking, then running at you.  Do NOT attack him when he 
    squawks.  He is invulnerable to any attack during this brief window.  When he 
    starts running at you, fire your shot and dash jump over him.
    From here, the Ostrich can do one of four attacks, one of which is the 
    running attack he just did...
    If he should ever squawk, you know he's going to do one of two attacks.  The 
    first one is one you've already dealt with--his running attack.  The other is 
    similar, but he kind of skips across the board.  You can strike him while he 
    is skipping, but I would focus more on dashing underneath him to avoid being 
    hit by him.
    Another one of his attacks is he will take a short hop and spit out a sonic 
    slicer at you.  They are easy to avoid, so just hop over them and fire at 
    him.  He usually spits out two before he moves onto a different attack.
    The last of his attacks, which is one he uses a lot, is his sonic rain 
    attack.  Ostrich will jump up and over, in a large arc, stop halfway and 
    unleash his sonic rain attack, continue moving and land.  The sonic rain will 
    rise up, off the screen, and then rain down.  Each blade will fall next to 
    each other, about one "X Space" apart.  When I say "X Space", I mean that X 
    has to be in exactly the right spot to avoid getting hit by the blades.  It's 
    not difficult, and if you do get hit, don't worry--it's not that damaging.
    Dash attacks work well on this boss.  Especially when he is setting up his 
    Sonic Rain attack.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Overdrive Ostrich:
    III.1 - X-Hunter Stage 1--Violen  (*XHS1)
    This stage is kind of long, but it isn't too difficult.  Near the beginning 
    lies a long line of spikes.  Take the hover platform to travel across.  You 
    could always opt to run into enemies and take advantage of the recovery 
    factor to traverse the spikes, but that's too risky and consumes a lot of 
    health, so don't bother.
    There are a few parts where you have to quickly climb the walls before they 
    close in on you and ultimately crush you (X's other weakness).  These parts 
    aren't tricky.  I've been told that holding the dash button while climbing 
    helps you climb faster.  I've tried this personally and don't agree.  It 
    helps give you an extra boost off the wall, but it doesn't help your vertical 
    ascend.  Use the dash only when you need to quickly change sides because 
    there's a bump in the wall above you.
    Near the end are a few scorpion mavericks.  Use caution when fighting them 
    because they take a lot of hits, and you need to conserve your HP for the 
    upcoming fight, which is a little tricky.
    Violen Strategy
    Violen is a beast.  He flings his spiked ball around in an almost 
    unpredictable pattern.  Worst yet, his ball can shield him from your attacks.  
    The only shields you have from his spiked ball are two to three small 
    platforms that Violen randomly generates. 
    Unfortunately I really don't have a sound strategy for beating Violen.  I 
    have been told he has some sort of pattern, but I have yet to confirm it, 
    nor have I developed any kind of strategy for beating him.  The pattern I 
    was told of consists of you watching how he moves his head while he is 
    attacking.  Depending on how he is moving his head determines whether he is 
    wildly flinging his ball around, or whether he is going to try to aim it at 
    The only tips I can offer are few.  First, you'll want to stay near one of 
    the platforms.  This thing is the only thing that can guard you from his 
    ball.  You have no time or room to use Dash Attacks, so you'll have to stick 
    with charged shots.  Drop down and fire at him only when the coast is clear.  
    When Violen tucks his ball away, he'll either change the pattern of the 
    blocks or fire several yellow energy shots at you.  They are easy to avoid, 
    and it makes a perfect opportunity to fire back at him.  When he is changing 
    the pattern of the blocks he is invulnerable.  Don't waste your charged shot 
    until his arms are back down.  But when they go back down be ready for when 
    he throws his ball back out.
    With a little luck, some sharp reflexes, and a lot of patience you can beat 
    him.  Violen really isn't all THAT hard.  I was able to beat him on my third 
    try on my most recent play through.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Violen:
    III.2 - X-Hunter Stage 2--Serges  (*XHS2)
    This stage is short and fairly easy.  The only real problem is the long bed 
    of spikes just outside of Serges' room.  Since you can't use any items, you 
    can't use Crystal Hunter to freeze the bats in order to make them stepping 
    stones.  Your only choice is to actually run into the bats and take 
    advantage of your brief moment of invulnerability after getting hurt to dash 
    across the spikes.  Dash jump across before you recover and get killed by 
    the spikes.
    Serges Strategy
    Serges is a pain.  He is arguably the hardest boss in the game, either with 
    upgrades and weapons or without!  I hate fighting him.  It's such a pain!
    Enough whining.  With no weapons, this battle is going to be tough.  Serges 
    has two forms.  The first form is a pain, and the second form is a pain, 
    making him a complete pain!
    For his first form, Serges will be guarded by four vertically stacked 
    turrets.  Each turret fires when Serges moves up or down behind the turret 
    and lines up with you.  The top turret fires slow-moving bouncing energy 
    balls.  The second turret fires a blue disc that extends to about two 
    platforms out then returns. The third turret fires a semi-homing energy ball 
    at you.  It will follow you whether you move up or down, but one it passes 
    you, it will just keep going.  The bottom-most turret fires a quick but 
    powerful beam.  A short hop will avoid it.  The order to destroying these 
    turrets isn't really important, but to make things less complicated I like 
    to take out the top-most turret first because those bouncing energy balls 
    are a pain, not unlike Serges.
    When the battle starts I like to stand on the 2nd platform (2nd from the 
    left).  It always moves upwards when the battle starts, allowing me a chance 
    to strike almost immediately at the top turret.  Serges will fire from the 
    3rd turret first, always.  So be ready to avoid the incoming attack.  It'll 
    most likely take you many attempts to get the hang of his pattern, 
    unfortunately, but he does have one, so bear with his painosity (I just made 
    up that word in honor of Serges, because he is a pain!).  Focus all of your 
    attacks on the top turret and take is out as quickly as possible.  Alternate 
    between the 1st and 2nd platforms while avoiding all of his attacks.  It 
    will take some nimble reflexes to avoid his top turret's attacks, but it can 
    be done.  
    Once the first turret is done move to the first platform (the one furthest 
    to the left).  You'll want to position yourself almost half way off the 
    platform towards the left, so his second turret's attack can't hit you.  
    You'll now want to focus mainly on the 2nd turret, but also a little but on 
    the other ones.  When the platform is at its highest point, so will Serges 
    be.  As you start to fall, Serges will follow you.  The trick here is to not 
    get him to use the third turret, because it is a pain to avoid.  Serges is a 
    pain, in case you haven't gathered.  Anyway, as you fall, just as you line 
    up with the second turret, fire a charged shot at it, then immediately mash 
    the attack button to fire at the other turrets as you fall.  Serges will 
    most likely fire a shot from the 2nd turret, which should miss you (if it 
    hits, you're not far back enough).  He'll then follow you and shoot out of 
    the bottom turret, just as your platform reaches its lowest point before it 
    starts to rise again.  As soon as Serges reaches the bottom turret, JUMP!  
    His attack is really fast and if you're not ready for it, it will hit you 
    and hurt!  
    And you'll need all the energy you can save for his second form!  When you 
    land, wait a moment, and then jump again.  He can easily sneak off another 
    shot from the bottom turret before your platform rises high enough to clear 
    the bottom turret.  By the way, I hope during all of this time you're 
    mashing down the attack button.  When you can't shoot at the second turret, 
    focus MOST of your attacks on the third turret, but also make sure you hit 
    the bottom one a few times for good measure.  But you don't want to hit 
    these turrets too much.  If you destroy them before taking out the second 
    turret, you'll make things a little more complicated since with each turret 
    you destroy, he moves closer and closer.
    Once the 2nd turret is destroyed, focus on the third.  If you were keeping 
    up with the steady attacking, it shouldn't be long before that and last one 
    are destroyed.
    Once all four turrets are destroyed, the machine's front will break, 
    exposing Serges.  Now you can freely attack him.  He moves randomly up and 
    down, shooing green energy balls that burst into four pieces.  These pieces 
    alternate from a + pattern to an X pattern.  You'll have only two platforms 
    to maneuver around, so be careful because these things hurt.  Try to always 
    stay on the top half on the screen.  The attacks are much easier to avoid if 
    you're high.  If you're on the top half on the screen, Serges will move up 
    and down the bottom half.  Since his the top half of his sprite is the only 
    part that's actually vulnerable to attacks, this is also advantageous.
    The name of the game here is patience.  If you're like me, you don't have 
    much of it, but you need to grit your teeth and just wait for the 
    opportunity to strike.  Avoiding those attacks should be your number one 
    priority.  Only after the bursts have spread into their + or X form should 
    you attack Serges with a charged shot.  One thing that always messes me up 
    was that I lost track of which pattern the burst would spread, and I'd end 
    up getting hit.  When attempting this challenge, you may want to say aloud 
    "Plus" or "X" when he shoots out a burst.  This will help remind you of 
    what's coming next so you can make the necessary evasive maneuvers.  
    With some patience and practice you should be able to beat him.  Take a 
    break now.  This guy was a pain, and you're probably ready to throw the 
    controller at the screen!
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Serges:
    III.3 - X-Hunter Stage 3--Agile  (*XHS3)
    Agile's stage is kind of weird.  The first half of it is more puzzle-ish, and 
    the second half is more traditional.
    Since you can't use the Crystal Hunter, climbing the long vertical shaft in 
    the first half of the stage will be tricky.  Normally you could just freeze 
    enemies and use them as stepping stones to climb up further, but this time 
    you have to take the moveable platform.  Each time you land on the platform 
    it will change directions.  It will either move up, right, down, or left (in 
    a clockwise fashion).  You'll have to make use of short hops (tap the jump 
    button) to get the platform to go in the proper direction.  It isn't hard to 
    figure out how to do, but it can be a little tricky.
    The home stretch of this stage can be intimidating.  Remember that long 
    stretch of spikes in Serges' level?  Well multiply that by four or five and 
    that makes up the home stretch leading up to Agile's door.  The trick to 
    navigating across these spikes is to take advantage of the recovery.  You'll 
    need to dash jump all the way across, meanwhile constantly running into the 
    green bugs to activate your recovery state.  While you're recovering is when 
    you want to dash jump along the spikes.  Fortunately there are a few small 
    platforms along the way in case your recovery is close to running out, or 
    if you can't reach a bug in time to reactivate your recovery.
    After this part is the door to Agile.  Hopefully you'll have a few extra 
    lives.  There are no restorative items, so you'll face Agile at about half 
    of your health, assuming you started your trek at full health.  If you die 
    against Agile, don't sweat it.  You'll simply respawn outside his door with 
    a full bar of health.
    Agile Strategy 
    Agile is pretty simple, but if you're not careful he can kill you quickly.  
    He always stays near the top of the screen.  He can either move left or 
    right.  The only way to attack him is by climbing up either wall and hitting 
    him with a charged shot.  I do not recommend Dash Attacks because you'll 
    need the extra wide blast to hit Agile.
    Agile has three attacks:
    1) As he moves from left to right, he'll pause briefly and then spit out a 
    line of spiked platforms (exactly what you're standing on).  They will shoot 
    out and crash into the walls.  When they strike the walls, energy balls will 
    spread up and down both walls.  You'll want to always be under Agile since 
    you have more room to avoid his attacks.  When an energy ball comes after 
    you, simply jump over it to avoid it.  It will travel downward towards the 
    center of the room and then disappear.  After a few more moments, Agile will 
    release the spiked platforms.  When this happens, you need to be quick.  If 
    you're exactly underneath him, then dash jump towards that point.  If you're 
    quick enough you'll avoid the spiked platforms as you jump under Agile, and 
    then safely land on the other side of the room.  If you get beaned by the 
    platforms, fear not--they don't hurt too badly, and they certainly don't 
    kill you.
    2) If you're hanging on the walls, Agile may glow red.  When he does, 
    immediately drop down because he will wind back, and then ram the wall.  He 
    is invulnerable when he is glowing red.
    3) There is really no indication that he is going to do this attack.  And 
    unfortunately for you, this attack is POWERFUL.  You'll see several purple 
    missiles fly into the room.  These can't hurt you, but as soon as they 
    collide you'll see a very large purple sphere come flying forward.  If this 
    hits you, say goodbye to most of your health.  The only sure-fire way to 
    avoid this attack is to climb the wall to a point where you're at or above 
    Agile's level.  The sphere will never reach that point.  But be ready to 
    drop as soon as you clear the sphere because Agile likes to attack as soon 
    as it is over, or sometimes during the attack.  Avoiding this attack takes 
    priority over everything else.  If you're pinned it may behoove you to just 
    run into Agile purposely and take advantage of the recovery to avoid the 
    attack.  Fortunately, though, this attack attacks randomly.  This means it 
    doesn't necessarily fly towards you.  So you really have a 50/50 chance of 
    having some devastating move come your way.
    In between attacks is when you'll want to strike Agile.  The best part to 
    hit him is on his bottom side with a fully charged shot.  To give you an 
    idea of where you can strike, it is definitely possible to hit him while he 
    has those spiked platforms extended.  Jump high enough (but not too high) so 
    your head just barely misses the platforms, and release your shot.  It is 
    wide enough to hit him.
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Agile:
    III.4 - X-Hunter Stage 4 -Some Old Friends...  (*XHS4)
    Before entering this stage, I would make sure I have at least two lives to 
    spare, just in case you have a bad run with one of the bosses.  Should you 
    lose all of your lives, you have to start the stage all over again, and all 
    eight bosses again, even if you beat some of them already.
    Starting from the top left pod, moving counter clockwise, ending in the top 
    right pod, the order of bosses is:
    Morph Moth, Wire Sponge, Bubble Crab, Flame Stag, Magna Centipede, Crystal 
    Snail, Overdrive Ostrich, Wheel Gator.
    Choose them in any order you like, but I would try to hit Bubble Crab first, 
    as I think he is the hardest of the eight, with Magna Centipede as second 
    hardest, and Morph Moth as the third.
    Most of the boss fights are exactly the same as before.  In fact, the only 
    difference you will experience is when you fight the Bubble Crab.  This 
    battle will be much more difficult because the room you right him is not 
    only smaller, but the ceiling is lined with spikes.  So jumping over him to 
    bait him into lowering his shield will be extremely risky.  It may behoove 
    you to opt to use the rapid-fire technique to disable his shield, rather 
    than jump over him and risk impaling yourself in the spikes.
    Note that the top middle section of this level has four small energy 
    capsules.  These will replenish two HPs.  Recover after each battle.  I 
    would suggest fighting the harder battles when you have full health.  When 
    you can't recover all of your health, fight an easier battle, like Wire 
    Sponge or Flame Stag.
    Note for emulator users:  if you're using save states (as outlined in the 
    RULES section, you are NOT allowed to save state in between boss battles.  
    Bubble Crab is the only real challenge here.  You should be able to beat 
    this easily in a life or two.
    Once you beat all eight bosses again, you've beaten the level.  Now you're 
    on to the final level and the final challenge of the game!
    III.5 - Final Stage--This is it!  (*Final)
    This is the first half of Magna Centipedes stage.  It's simple.  You don't 
    need my help to get through this.  If you lose health to the security blocks, 
    then destroy the pink blocks to hopefully regain some health.  You'll need 
    all of your health for the upcoming epic duel....
    Zero Strategy
    Zero isn't hard, but this battle is going to be an endurance test.  A fully 
    charged shot will only damage Zero by 1!  Yes, you read that correctly.  
    Zero will only lost one HP with a fully charged shot.  Normal shots, medium 
    shots, and Dash Attacks do not work against him.  This will be a long 
    Right off the bat, Zero will fire his patented 3-fold attack: two charged 
    shots and his beam saber.  Immediately climb up the wall behind you and stay 
    around half way up.  After he attacks, he will dash towards you, stop, and 
    punch the ground, causing pieces to fly up and potentially damage you.  To 
    avoid this, you'll want to dash jump off the wall as he's dashing towards 
    you.  As soon as you line up over him he'll stop and punch the ground.  
    You'll have enough speed to avoid it, so don't worry.  As soon as you land, 
    fire off a charged shot.  He'll then fire his 3-fold attack again, and thus 
    the pattern repeats.  Keep this up until you bring him down to 1 HP.  The 
    battle will end and you can continue on.
    Some things to note: if you ever attack Zero and he actually blocks you 
    attack (or even puts up his defense), get ready to move.  He will skip his 
    attack and start to dash at you to do his ground pound attack.  If you're 
    not ready he can catch you off guard and make your life hell as you try ever 
    so hard to get out of his way and resume your pattern.
    It is very possible to beat Zero without taking any damage.  I've done it 
    several times.  In fact the less damage you take now will help you for the 
    next two battles:
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Zero:
    Neo Sigma Strategy
    Believe it or not, Neo Sigma is not that hard.  I'm easily able to beat him 
    without getting hit once.  As soon as the battle starts he'll come at you 
    with his claws.  I'm going to call this the Berserker Barrage because it 
    kind of resembles Wolverine's Berserker Barrage from the X-Men VS Street 
    Fighter/Marvel VS Capcom games.  As soon as he lunges at you, fire off a 
    charged shot, then immediate climb up the left wall and stay near the top.  
    He will do one of two things once he swipes at the wall with his claws:
    A) He'll eventually jump half way up the wall, then to the center of the 
    room and teleport.  At this point drop down to the floor, and be ready to 
    dash to the right.  As soon as he reappears, dash to the right, turn around, 
    fire, and then keep going to the right.  If he comes at you again with his 
    Berserker Barrage, repeat the above strategy.
    B) He'll generate 5 pink energy balls around him.  When he does, quickly 
    dash jump to the right side.  You should avoid two or three balls while 
    jumping.  The other two will come at you, but should be really easy to avoid.  
    Attack him, then climb the wall again, and wait for his next move.  If he 
    comes at you with his Berserker Barrage, then follow the same steps as 
    before.  If he readies 5 more energy balls, you'll have a tougher time 
    avoiding them, but it's not too hard.  Stay near the top of the room when he 
    readies them.  That'll help you avoid them better.
    Keep up with your attacks.  When he nears the end of his life, he'll throw 
    in a new attack: he'll glow yellow then shoot out a long thing of energy.  
    This attack takes up about the entire bottom half of the screen, vertically, 
    and flies across the room at you.  Stick to the top of the room to avoid it.
    After you beat him, get ready for one of the most difficult battles in the 
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Neo Sigma:
    The Sigma Virus!!!!
    I don't know if this is actually the Sigma Virus, or just one of Sigma's 
    forms.  In X3, the Sigma Virus looks like this form, but it isn't revealed 
    until X3 that Sigma is actually a virus...  Oh well!
    This battle can be tricky.  Sigma has a TON of life, and worse yet, he 
    doesn't have a life meter that you can see.  The only indication that he is 
    weakening is by the color he is.  He starts off as Green, and then weakens 
    to blue, then purple, then orange, then finally red.  There are no 
    differences in attack patterns between green and orange; however his attack 
    pattern changes when he is red.
    Only fully charged shots hurt him.  So you should be constantly charging.  
    You may strike him anywhere, so don't worry about weak spots.  Sigma has two 
    real attacks, and a semi attack.  The real attacks are his destruction beam, 
    which he fires from his mouth from one side of the room to the other.  This 
    beam hurts and should be avoided at all costs.  To avoid it, simple climb up 
    the opposite side wall and dash jump over his head when he gets close enough.  
    I usually try to fire a shot as I am passing by his head.  
    After his beam attack, Sigma will open his mouth and release two capsules.  
    When these capsules land, they will randomly spawn one of four normal 
    mavericks: the Drill bot (found in the intro stage), the Bird bot (found in 
    the Dinosaur Tank stage), the Tank bot (also in the Dinosaur tank stage), 
    and the Shark bot (found in the Deep-Sea Base stage).  These enemies are 
    easy to kill and may drop restorative capsules.  Kill them quickly.  
    During this time, Sigma may fly around and (not intentionally) ram into you.  
    If you can, avoid it, otherwise, you won't take too much damage.  In fact, 
    hitting Sigma will yield the least amount of damage during this fight.  So 
    if you're ever cornered, choose to run into Sigma.
    The two things you really need to watch out for are his Beam attack and when 
    he launches the capsules.  Both do a lot of damage.  Note that I said 
    "capsules."  The unhatched capsules do a lot of damage, but once they hatch 
    into mavericks, they don't do nearly as much.
    The trick to this battle is to try to bait Sigma into aiming the capsules 
    towards the center of the room.  If you're on the opposite side of the room 
    when he spits out the capsules, a capsule will most likely follow you and 
    hit you before it hatches.  If you try to climb to avoid it, Sigma will most 
    likely follow you and ram into you.  So the question is "how do I bait 
    Sigma?"  After you jump over his head when he is doing his Beam attack, you 
    want to move X almost directly underneath Sigma.  Be ready just in case he 
    starts moving.  When he opens his mouth is when you want to dash away 
    towards the opposite side of the room.  If you did it correctly, Sigma will 
    spit out the capsules towards the center of the room.  By the time they 
    hatch, you should have a fully charged shot ready.  Unleash your wrath at 
    them and wipe them out.  Avoid Sigma as necessary, and continue the pattern 
    when he launches his Beam attack again.  Strike him whenever you can with a 
    charged shot, but be careful not to jump into a trap or break the pattern.
    When Sigma is orange, you may want to take a break from attacking him and 
    grind the random mavericks he spits out to restore your life.  When he turns 
    red you'll be in for the fight of your life...
    When Sigma turns red, he drastically changes his pattern.  After he turns 
    red he will disappear from the screen.  When this happens RUN!  Dash jump 
    like a mad man across the stage, back and forth.  He will try to reappear 
    around you and trap you inside of him, where you will constantly take damage.  
    Don't worry about hitting him at this point.  Keep moving!  He will do this 
    move a lot, so be patient.  He will finally do a normal attack, then go back 
    to his wild teleporting.  Hit him while he is doing his attack.  When he 
    disappears again, repeat the same strategy: RUN!  If he does encase you, dash 
    and jump like a mad man to either side.  Hopefully you will be able to break 
    free before too much damage sets in.  When you do manage to escape, resume 
    your evasive maneuvers.  Try not to get trapped again because his second 
    entrapment will most likely kill you.  It is difficult, but not impossible.
    With a few charged shots, you should be able to beat him and the game, once 
    and for all!
    This link shows you a video of me battling against Sigma:
    IV.1 - FAQs
    1. What is your preferred order of bosses?
    -On a normal playthrough I usually like to go in this order: Wheel Gator, 
    Overdrive Ostrich, Bubble Crab, Flame Stag, Morph Moth, Magna Centipede, 
    Crystal Snail, and then Wire Sponge.  The reason I hit the Gator first is 
    because I can get the Spin Wheel, and get the Air-Dash boots in the Overdrive 
    Ostrich's stage, then I can return to Wheel Gator's and get the Arm Parts.  
    However, it has recently come to my attention that you can get the Arm parts 
    without the Air-Dash boots if you have Wire Sponge's weapon.  I may consider 
    swapping Wire Sponge for my #1 spot...
    If you have any questions, comments, or tips, please e-mail me at 
    IV.2 - Special Thanks
    -I'd like to thank firstly Capcom and Keiji Inafune for creating such a great 
    game.  I've been playing Mega Man X2 ever since it first released on the SNES 
    and have loved it since.
    -I'd like to thank my mom for emptying my bank account when I was 7 years old 
    so I she could buy for me my Super Nintendo--the best system ever.
    -Finally, I'd like to thank Carlos Martinez for thinking he could one-up me 
    in a Mega Man game.  His foolishness sparked my finely-tuned sense of spite, 
    and caused me to not only beat him at beating this game with these special 
    stipulations, but to go a step further and create my very first walkthrough 
    dedicated to beating the game like this.
    IV.3 - Copyright
    Copyright 2008, by ZuccoloX.  All rights reserved.  Any unauthorized 
    duplication or publication in part or all of this document is strictly 
    prohibited unless authorized by the original author.

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