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Reviewed: 06/05/06

A strong follow up to a great game

Once again, the year is 21XX and the world is again on the brink of destruction. Sigma, the boss from MMX is destroyed, but his touch is still being felt across the globe. Reploids are still going Maverick and many are rallying to Sigmas cause. You are once again thrust into the role of Mega Man X, called upon to put an end to the uprising.

Ah, the low point of the previous X game. The story of MMX2 is surprisingly good, if you complete some side missions in game. Drawing upon the last game and building upon it, MMX2 starts to really draw players into the world of X and his nemeses Sigma. Depending on if you complete some of the in game "quests" certain things will be expanded upon in game. If you don't complete certain things, that's not a problem, but the cannon of the games will assume you did. Again, by no means RPG quality or even very deep, the story is still engrossing and just helps draw players into the game further. You are introduced to the 3 big bosses of the game and their nefarious schemes, Serges, Violen and Agile. We are also introduced to Dr. Cain. He is the doctor responsible for the creation of the reploid race and for freeing X from his capsule. He only shows up twice telling X to hold on and delay for time. Other than the bosses and Cain, no new players are introduced to us, but some old friends do make an appearance later on.

Now, the story line may not be engrossing and detailed and it certainly won't keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. Yet, it does, once again, help draw the player further into the game and it actually gives us reasons why we're hunting reploids and going to these different locals. In a game like this, that's pretty much all you need, a coherent and viable reason to do anything. For me atleast, it's more fun knowing why I'm doing something rather than just doing it. Hopefully most players feel the same way. If not, the little bit of story you do get before the last stages will just feel like filler and bore you.

As far as how the game plays, very little is changed from MMX. You have new bosses, new weapons and a new upgrade armor. The basics remain the same. You now have the innate ability to dash *this required an armor upgrade in MMX* and you can now pull off an ultimate attack if you receive the appropriate armor upgrade. X later receives the ability to air dash, adding a new method to reach upgrades and to solve the stages.

Other than the basics, not much has changed from MMX. The difficulty however, is much lower. The bosses seem easier, the stages seem easier, just about everything seems so much easier than it was in MMX. The difficulty seems to have been taken out for much of the game and instead, the developers made certain parts of the game insanely hard. Fighting Agile, Serges and Violen before the last stages is insane if you don't have high life and/or fight them in the correct order. Getting to the heart containers and the energy tanks is also measurably more difficult than in MMX.

Now, about fighting the bosses out of order and such. Yes, I realize this is a MM game and it's about abusing the weaknesses inherent to the bosses. I'm happy with that. I love going through the game in order and just watching big bad mavericks fall to me. Yet, having to fight them at random, whether or not you have the weapons, isn't fun. It's just annoying.

I will say this about the X games, they age really really well. They're no where near next gen, last gen or anything else. But the colors are vibrant, the stages are clean and crisp. They're a blast. All enemies are shown, you'll never wonder just what the hell killed you. The graphics get better as the games go on and MMX2 is an improvement over MMX1. Everything just looks better here. The bosses are varied and interesting, though personally I thought they weren't nearly as cool as the MMX ones. Still, the sprites are fun and watching as they get hit with their weaknesses is funny as hell. The last boss is huge and well, I really can't say anything bad about the graphics with MMX2. They were great when the game was released and even now they look good.

The music is still good. The stage music is varied and fits with the stages, the bosses don't sound lame. Very little in the game actually annoys you when you play through. Again, some of the menu sounds can be a bit bothersome, but nothing major. The music is pleasant, but most of the time, I ended up tuning it out. It's not epic or grand or anything, it just fits and is pleasant enough when you realize that there actually is music. Most of the time you'll just be too busy trying to make that jump or kill that boss to pay attention.

For a 12 year old game, MMX2 holds up remarkably well. A fine sequel to a great game, any fan of the Megaman or X series won't be disappointed,. A bit longer this time due to the inclusion of some in game quests, most gamers should be able to complete MMX2 in a single day at most. If you're a veteran of the series, don't expect for this game to take more than half a day at most. With the inclusion of MMX2 to the series, the X series sets itself up to be a power house series. Definitely pick this game up if you can find it. You won't walk away disappointed.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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