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Reviewed: 09/05/06

I have never seen a robot die with so many explosions!

Who would of guessed it? Mega Man X having a sequel? It was bound to happen, just look at Mega Man on the NES, there are 6 of them! But remember Mega Man 2? It was more or less the same as Mega Man, but had its differences. Mega Man X2 is just like that. More of the same, less of the differences and overall improvements.

Its been a while since the defeat of Sigma, and nothing has changed. At least, thats what the game says, and funnily enough, its right too! Not much has changed. At least there is a new story though. Anyways, Mega Man X2 is a side scrolling, 2D platformer and shooter, much like Metroid. You will be introduced into the game with a level, then you have to defeat 8 Mavericks in any order you like. This was the same as with Mega Man 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even Mega Man X. Capcom sure like this concept. After that, you have 4 more stages until the last boss. Along the way you can collect the body parts of Zero and upgrades for Mega Man. Its more or less the same as Mega Man X.

After selecting a level to play, you will more or less run from left to right, sometimes go up or down, and rarely go right to left. The levels are fun, action packed, robot filled and usually spike filled. So the levels are same old same old? Fortunately they were fun in Mega Man X, and are just as fun in Mega Man X2. So OK, its not new, but hey, at least its good! At the end of the level you must fight the level boss. Each one is different, and more or less unique. Unfortunately they are a bit easy to defeat, as long as you learn their attacks and order of their attacks, you can make a strategy to repeat and eventually take him down. Your best bet is your charged X-Buster, this makes it more easier to defeat bosses, trust me on, I beat most bosses with that. OR you can use their weakness, defeating a boss gains a new weapon, which can be used on another boss to deal more damage. Of course there will be some bosses you won't have an effective gun against, so not all bosses are easy.

But once you have completed all the 8 bosses, you don't want to move onto the next 4 levels just yet. You will want to first collect all the power ups. Yep, they're back. Health upgrades, secret armour parts and sub tanks are to be found again, and some are hidden well. If you don't have all of them, the last fights are going to be hard (especially the one before Sigma, if you face that fight). Some games are possible to complete with out upgrading your character (not RPGs though) but its almost essential to do so in Mega Man X2.

Thats about all the game play in Mega Man X2. Literally, there is nothing new, apart from all the levels and such. The story is good though, for a Mega Man sequel. Sigma was defeated, and the Maverick hunters are now pressing on to defeat the last of Sigmas people, er, robots. Mega Man X finds the last factory making these robots, and goes to stop. Unfortunately, that isn't the end of things. The X Hunters, have made 8 more robots to delay X for something (you don't find out until the end) so you must defeat those. They also have Zeros parts, you can optionally collect these. All of this is explained at the start of the game, so there isn't much plot development through the game until your more or less at the end. Still, a decent story line for a Mega Man sequel.

The graphics are better too. OK, so Mega Man looks more or less the same and so do all the other character models that appeared from the last Mega Man X game, but the new models look better. The levels seem to look better, more detail and more features in them, not just a couple of walls and so on. The music is the same, nice, good, and suits the game well. So really, the graphics have had a good change, and the music has. Oh, and there are some 3D things in Mega Man X2, well, at least wire frames. Like one of the bosses. So yeah, better graphics, same ish music.


Levels are still brilliant.
Graphics are really good, and so is the music.
Bosses are really good.
New story line!


The go around and beat 8 bosses and more levels is getting a tad bit old now.
Its a bit easy.
Its also a bit short.
Nothing new at all!


Graphics: 9.5/10
Audio: 8.0/10
Story: 7.9/10
Game Play: 8.0/10
Life Span: 7.0/10
Difficulty: 6.5/10

Overall: 8.3/10

My Two Pence:

Overall Mega Man X2 is more or less more Mega Man X. It could of scored higher if it had more content, and the levels were even more better! Still, at least they are good, graphics are good too, and there is a new story. If only it had more stuff. I recommend Mega Man X2 though. Enjoy!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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