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Reviewed: 11/05/08

Not the same classic as the first X, but still worth your time.

The Blue Bomber Mega Man was one of the most popular characters on the Nes system, and when it was time to make the series continue a new series also began, which took place in the future of the same universe as the Mega Man games. The first Mega Man X even became more popular than the true sequel to the original Mega Man games, and since Capcom is known to make one excellent game and then a zillion sequels it shouldn't surprise anyone that Mega Man X2 got released only a year after that the original was released.

The game takes place about 6 months after Mega Man X killed Sigma in the previous game. Even if Sigma is dead, his loyal Maverick servants continues his cause to kill all humans (at least I think that's his cause). Zero is also presumed to be dead so Mega Man X is now the new leader of the Maverick Hunters. Three of the strongest Mavericks: Serges, Agile and Violen have form a group called X-Hunters, who only seeks revenge for their dead leader. They have also ordered eight of their strongest underlings to cause havoc in eight different stages, so once again Mega Man X has to kill all the bad guys.

Mega Man X2 starts exactly like the first Mega Man X. You start at one stage where you just have to get through without any trouble and then at the end of this stage you face one easy boss, after killing him you get to see a cut-scene which is just there so that the story can move on. Serges, Agile and Violen talks about how they are gonna kill X for what he have done, in other words don't expect any big or epic plot.

Then once you've done that the game will be just like every previous Mega Man game, and to be honest we would've wanted it to be in any other way. You can select in which order you want to play the stages, and since we all know that once you've killed a boss in any Mega Man game you get his power, it's important to decide in which order you want to play the stages. For example it's usually wise to not play the fire stage before you've killed either an ice or water boss. But you have to start somewhere so my advice is just that you pick the one that you think is the less difficult and hope that you are lucky.

The game play just like the previous game in the series. Mega Man X can either dodge the enemies by jumping over them or kill them by shooting at them with his X-Buster. Just like in most of the Mega Man games after Mega Man IV, Mega Man X can charge his buster for a while to make a blast that makes more damage on the enemies. Mega Man X can still climb on the walls to make him reach places that the original Blue Bomber would never be able to reach and while Mega Man X have lost all his weapons from that he got in his previous game he still can use the dash move without getting any upgrade.

The stages are just like in the previous game, each stage got it's certain theme and is full of enemies that can be killed, spike traps, and a lot of secret passages that leads to power up items. Yes just like in the first Mega Man X you can in this game find upgrades of your armor, your legs, your helmet and of course your X-Buster. You can also find a heart container in each stage which increases your maximum life and there are a total of 4 energy tanks that you can find in this game.

An interesting twist in this game is that Serges, Agile and Violen each got a part of Zero's body, and you can find them in hidden places on each stage and then fight them. If you win then you get one of Zero's body parts, which will prove useful later in the game. However if you haven't got all three body parts in a certain part of the game, then you will lose your chance to get them and then I assume that the game will be much tougher to beat.

I really don't know what Mega Manx X2 lacked from making it as good as some of the best in the X series. Maybe it was the little boring boss design, and the sad fact that in many of the boss fights I didn't care to figure out which weapon I should use because the X-Buster is to strong. The game really lacked the real challenge that I wanted from a Mega Man game.

Or maybe it's just as simple as that I played X, X3, X4 and X5 when I was growing up, but beat this game for the first time yesterday. It was fun, no doubt about that, but I would enjoy more to beat X, X3 or X4 one more time or two before I replay this game.It might sound that I didn't enjoy this game, but that's wrong. I just got high standards when it comes to Mega Man games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mega Man X2 (EU, 12/31/95)

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