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"Another Strong Entry to the Mega Man X Series"

Mega Man X was a huge success, being the spiritual successor to the classic Mega Man franchise. Capcom immediately began production of a sequel, Mega Man X2. X2 re-used the formula from the previous game to make itself a huge hit. This was the first sequel in the Mega Man X franchise, and certainly wouldn't be the last. Mega Man X2 takes everything the first game was and amped it up a bit. As a result, some people think that mega Man X2 is the greatest in the series. It certainly is a great game and doesn't disappoint whatsoever. The develops, programmers, composers, and everybody else helped to make this fantastic game, a strong entry to the Mega Man X series.

Story: 10/10: It's been six months since Mega Man X destroyed the Maverick leader, Sigma. At the end of the last game, Sigma promised us and Mega Man X that he would return, that he cannot truly be destroyed, an immortal. Surely enough, Sigma returns and sends his Maverick armies on a mission of global conquest once again. All the while, three of Sigma's greatest warriors, dubbed the "X-Hunters", have something lying in wait for Mega Man X. As X continues to wipe out the Maverick bosses, the X-Hunters decide to seek out Mega Man X and either destroy him themselves, or at least stall our hero so that their plan and Sigma's can come to fruition, and destroy X with it. The only clues given at the beginning are that they are constructing something and having issues with a control chip for whatever it is. What could they be building? And can our hero stop them in time before their grand scheme comes to pass? Believe it or not, it's entirely up to player, which will have good or bad consequences depending on how you play the game.

Gameplay: 10/10: Mega Man X2 plays exactly like it's predecessor did. The game has an intro stage to give new players a stable footing to figure out how to play the game. After that, the player has eight stages to choose from, each depicted with a mugshot of that stage's Maverick boss. Like Mega Man X, the Mavericks are more animal-like (such as Wheel Gator and Bubble Crab) as opposed to the classic series, which had more humanoid bosses. Mega Man X once again has a fairly low health bar at the start of the game, and in each stage, a Heart Tank can be found to increase X's maximum amount of health. Sub-Tanks from Mega Man X have returned, which act as this series' energy tanks from the classic series. Unlike energy tanks, Sub-Tanks must be filled manually by the player by picking up health energy when X's life bar is at full health. The dash feature that was obtained in Mega Man X is now default, though the first game made you acquire it anyway without any say in the matter. Included in this game are four totally new upgrades for Mega Man's armor, such as the Giga Crush chest piece and the air-dash ability. Like the previous games, the first Mega Man X and classic series included, when Mega Man X defeats a boss, he gains that bosses special abilities. Once gained, they can be used at the player's leisure, weapon energy permitting of course. Each boss is also weak to another boss' abilities. Using these abilities on the boss that is weak to them will help kill them much, much faster. Some of them also allow Mega Man X to perform new feats, such as an extra air-dash when the fire weapon is fully charged. This can make the game incredibly easy after you've played through the game once or twice already, allowing you to completely decimate your foes. Also, just like in the previous game, Mega Man X can cling to and slowly slide down walls, which can be a life-saver if you're about to fall down a bottomless pit.

Sound: 10/10: Mega Man X2 is no disappointment when it comes to the soundtrack. Many of the tracks in this game are quite catchy, while at the same time having a dark and serious tone. It doesn't fail to get the player pumped up. Mega Man and Mega Man X are well-known for their great music, and the sound effects are great too. Unlike the NES Mega Man games, the sound of charging the buster doesn't feel like it's completely drowning out the music. It makes charging the X-buster that much more satisfying, now that it doesn't cut in on the background music. Also, unlike the classic series, the bosses now go through a real explosion process instead of a carbon copy of Mega Man's death animation. It helps give the player that "Oh yeah, I just totally kicked your butt!" feeling.

Graphics: 10/10: Thankfully, Mega Man X2 stuck to the same look that the first Mega Man X game had. They didn't go the giant, crowded, ugly sprites route that Mega Man 7 for the SNES had going on. Instead, everything in this game looks really proportionate, and the environments are great too. Everything looks nice and smooth in this game, and looks like just a slight improvement over the first game. The backgrounds have more and better details than the previous game, that's for sure. The boss design is worth mentioning too, they got pretty creative here. This is why the graphics get such a massive score, everything looks fantastic compared to a lot of other SNES games at the time.

Overall: 10/10: Mega Man X2 was nothing less than a fantastic sequel to Mega Man X, and had us all breathing with a sigh of relief in some places. It's a strong entry in the Mega Man X franchise and helped keep the ball rolling. We would thankfully come to see a Mega Man X3 after wards, which is another fantastic game. Mega Man X2 delivers in every way, and is most certainly worth the buy. It's not on the Wii 's virtual console yet, but it may be coming soon. In the meantime, you'll have to get over to a used game store and buy this gem if you liked the first Mega Man X game, and also if you're a Mega Man veteran.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/19/10

Game Release: Mega Man X2 (US, 01/31/95)

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