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"Must be something in the water.."

Mega Man X2… a lot of memories are associated with that game for me. It is one of the first Super Nintendo games I had played, because by the time I got my Super Nintendo, both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 were out. So I naturally decided to play through both of them. I expected a lot out of this game. I expected it to be fun and entertaining, and also to feature great music, sound effects, control, and graphics. And guess what? The game actually lived up to the high expectations I placed on it! This is one of the better Mega Man games out there, in my opinion.

Storyline – The Mega Man series has never been known for its storyline, but I can say that the storyline followed up from the original really nice. I liked the storyline in this game a lot.

Graphics – The graphics are just as intense in this game as they are in the original. The game makes good use of a special chip that was placed inside of it, and you can clearly see the advantages of the chip. The enemy designs in the game are awesome, as are the boss designs. The characters even look pretty cool, as Mega Man now wears a silver helmet sometimes that looks really cool on him.

Music and Sound Effects – While the Mega Man series has never really been known for its outstanding storylines, it has been known for its incredible music, and for good reason. Mostly any Mega Man game has featured high quality music, so I expected the same out of this game. And I was not disappointed, as most of the music in this game is great! The sound effects in the game are even pretty cool.

Gameplay and Control – The control in the game is solid, as I continue to like how you can switch weapons using the L and R buttons, it is a relief to know that I don’t have to use the pause screen to switch between weapons all the time. The game is a lot like any other Mega Man game, which means it’s a lot of fun. Collect items, kill enemies, kill boss, move on. I will say that this game featured the coolest opening stage of any Mega Man game.

Replay Value – I still play this game a lot!

Challenge – Not as challenging as I expected, but bumped up from the original.

Overall – Great game, another one from Capcom. Amazing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/13/01, Updated 03/13/01

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