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"Gained in some spots,but lost in others."

Mega Man X2 was made by Capcom around 1994 or 1995 for the Super Nintendo.Other releases of this game include Mega Man X1 and Mega Man X3.Mega Man X2 (As you would expect) is the sequel to Mega Man X1,this one is a tad bit easier though,but it is still great to play.

Graphics-8-The graphics are more improved over than the previous Mega Man X game, they seem to have much more better detail,which was already good enough from the first one.The backgrounds have even better detail,as well as the enemies and bosses,the first boss you face has a neat looking 3-D look to it.The bosses explosions look more realistic now too.My only complaint is that they reused one area three times,once for cut scenes,another for a Maverick stage,and a third time for the final stage.

Sound effects-8-The sound effects aren't varied very much,but they are still good,none the less.There are still the great explosion sounds as well as your X-Buster shots going off.

Music-8-The music is still pretty good.The music is quite varied,as each stage still has its' own theme music to go along with it,as well as the bosses theme.

Control-10-This is still flawless!The control remains exactly the same from the original Mega Man X,which is good,since the controls fit well in that too.Each button is suitably used for each action,and if you have a problem with any of the ways the button are used,you can go to the configuration option in the options menu,and change it around in any way that you would like it to be!

Game Play-9-This game is still great to play,maybe not as much fun as the previous X,but it's still great.The challenge (As mentioned above) is a bit easier,the bosses have simpler pattern to follow,one of the good additions to this game though,are the extra bosses that you can fight,which is an interesting difference.As you would expect,this plays almost exactly like Mega Man X1,this still has the eight heart container,the four energy tanks,and there are still the four different modification capsules-For your helmet,your armor,your X-Buster,and your boots.You already start with the dash in this game,so you can already move around easily from the start.There is also a password system to keep your progress recorded.

Story-8-The story is better in the one,Mega Man X's mission is to enter what is believed to be one of the last Mavericks factories,and destroy what is kept there,unknown to X,there are three X-Hunters out to eliminate X,your mission afterwards,is to find out and destroy whomever is behind this.

Re playability-7-The re playability has gone down a little bit on this one,since it is not as much fun to play,but there are different bosses that you can fight,so you can start over and make sure that you defeat them.

Overall-9-This sequel is slightly weaker than its' previous game,Mega Man X1,but it is still a good game.

Buy or Rent-You probably can not rent this game anymore,so your only real option is to buy this game,it is kind of hard to find though.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/22/01, Updated 05/22/01

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