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Reviewed: 06/21/01 | Updated: 06/21/01

Not so twice as nice, but good nonetheless

In the wake of the incredibly awesome creation MegaMan X came it's sequel, MegaMan X2. I, along with most, had high expectations for this game, expecting even more awesome gameplay, secrets, graphics, sound, etc. and I thought I would get it. Yet, unlike the original Series, the second isn't where X takes off, but the first is what you should see for the true power of the MegaMan X series. X2 is a very exceptional game nonetheless, but a bit of a disappointment in the face of MegaMan X.


The graphics aren't any worse than X, but aren't any better either. Still the same great fluid motions, sprites, colors, etc. that make an X game great. I truly thought the bosses looked superb, though. Scored a little less because of lack of improvement/changing.


I don't know why, this game's sound was just a disappointment for me. I was expecting great, catchy music like in the last, but didn't receive much. I liked Wheel Gator's cool song, but the rest weren't really very catchy or great as in the last installment. The sound effects were basically the same, but a few improvements were made. The music brings this one down.


Not as great or involving as the last. A very short story also. Of course this one introduces a few new enemies (get the game to find the names) but they aren't that involved with the rest of the games. The story is basically Sigma's revolt lives on, and it is X's job to crush the final portion of the revolt. But it is discovered that this isn't the end of the line...
Not that great, but it does for it's genre.


Pretty much the same great gameplay as the last. It was still pretty fun, but I guess the lack of mood downs it a little, but not enough for a whole point. Still good.


Same as the last, except a little better because of the different things that could be done to make the game different each time. A pretty fun game.


Don't get me wrong, this game is still definitely worthy of a purchase, just not as worthy as the original X. Still a great game, though.

MY THOUGHT- A great game, but just not as great a game as X. A went down is some certain areas. Hope the sequel (Gonna buy tonight from a friend) is better. Overall, good buyable MegaMan X game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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