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Reviewed: 07/29/01 | Updated: 03/23/03

Great sequel but close enough to equal its predecessor.

Mega Man X2 is another great addition to your Mega Man gaming library. The sequel is great but still only a step away from beating the original MMX. Once again, this game contains familiar features present in past Mega Man games.

After six months of Sigma’s destruction, X was called once again to investigate a dilapidated Maverick factory. It seems that there is unusual activity going on inside and X must find out who’s behind it. The menacing trio known as the X-Hunters are the ones causing the illegal activity. Serges is an old geezer and the group’s genius. Violen is a powerful giant brute capable of smashing objects with a giant mace ball. Agile is the group’s leader whose sword and speed are his deadly weapons. X must once again infiltrate an island with 8 different areas: A weather control center, a robot junkyard, a volcano, the main computer, a desert highway, a deep-sea base, a dinosaur tank roaming crushing a city, and a crystalline cave. Again, each area has different obstacles to tackle. The volcano stage erupts and X must climb fast for his life. The weather control stage changes the weather to sunny, rainy, foggy, and fair and each weather modifies the dangers in the stage. The desert stage involves X riding a land chaser across a sandstorm.

The standard 8 Mavericks in this stage is an odd roster: Wire Sponge (a sponge for cryin’ out loud?!?) is skillful on handling long-range wire blades. Morph Moth (the most original Maverick of all) starts out as a teeny cocoon feeding on junk and later metamorphs into a pollen-scattering bug. Flame Stag (cool flaming horns) is an agile flamethrower capable of jumping from wall to walls. Magna Centipede (every X game must have the “teleport”-kind Maverick) has the ability to magnetize and disable X’s enhancements. Overdrive Ostrich (cool battle entrance) is another speedy Maverick that bullets across the battlefield and spits out slicers. Bubble Crab (the smallest of them all) can shield himself inside a bubble force field and hatch baby crabs. Wheel Gator (his battle room is filled with muck!) sink deep in the muck and prey on X like a real crocodile. Crystal Snail can spit out crystal bubbles, slow down time and hovers himself while hiding in his indestructible shell.

The gameplay and controls remains the same. X can charge, shoot, jump, dash, and wall climb. Dr. Light capsules are hidden in some stages providing X with different and more powerful enhancements. X must search again for hidden heart tanks, energy tanks, and weapon tanks in order to become powerful. X can ride on new and improved Mechs. Another great addition is driving the land chaser. X must once again defeat a Maverick, obtain its weapon, and use it on another Maverick weak against it. But after defeating two Mavericks, the X-Hunters will intervene. X-Hunters are hidden in secret areas of each stage and from time to time, they switch to different stages. Battling the X-Hunters is optional. Fighting them will provide you with special items that changes the outcome later in the game.

Once again, this game is packed with awesome 16-bit visuals. The map selection screen and the stages looked very nice. The mugshots and sprites of the Mavericks are cool too. The sunset beach in Bubble Crab’s stage looked gorgeous as well as the luminescent crystals in Crystal Snail’s stage. Overall, the graphics of MMX2 are fine.

I truly loved the music from MMX. I had high expectations on this one. While every music in this game is likeable and appropriate, it does not top the first. There are only a few tunes that I found catchy and became my favorites. The ones that stood out are Flame Stag’s stage (fast-paced heavy metal music), Bubble Crab’s stage (sounded like a serene deep-sea exploration music), Crystal Snail’s stage (crystal-like music), the first X-Hunter final stage (a fast-paced tune which is, in my own opinion, the BEST final music stage in the X series), the battle with Zero (fast-paced rock), and the credits music. The sound effects are cool as always. The blast of X’s plasma rocks. The grinding sound of the Mech sounds wicked. Other cool sound effects are laser beams, bubble streams, sandstorms, alarms, and mace crush.

Replay value in this game is medium. There are two “different” outcomes in this game providing that you possess the special items you received from fighting the X-Hunters. Seeing one outcome is enough for the other outcome is the “same” with a minor difference.

Challenge ranges from medium to high. The bosses are challenging but not too difficult to deal with. The eight selectable stages are short though which is why this game is easy to conquer. If you just dash across the stage ignoring enemies, you’ll find yourself at the end under two minutes. The longer stages in the game are the final X-Hunter stages (not counting the final boss’ stage).

Like MMX, this game is another great addition to your gaming collection. If you’re into the Mega Man mania, this game is really a must buy and definitely not a rental. Again, this game is now rare to find so if you manage to find one at your game store, grab it off the shelf.

Graphics: 10/10
Music/Sound: 9/10
Controls: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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