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Reviewed: 09/21/01 | Updated: 12/21/01

A great sequel to the Mega Man X series

This game was made to follow up the Super Nintendo series of Mega Man X, which was made from the original series of Mega Man on the old school Nintendo. This series has always been great and popular among some. I remember the good days so many years ago before the Super Nintendo and renting the Mega Man games.

Anyway, this game plays a lot like the SNES prequel. It is a side scrolling action game. The controls are basically the same as Mega Man X and the idea behind the game is basically the same where you get to choose from eight different bosses to choose to battle.

Graphics: 7/10
These graphics are basic, but they work well for the Super Nintendo. They are not distracting. The backgrounds repeat, but usually they are not noticed or don't have too much to do with the game.

Gameplay: 9/10
The controls are slick and responsive. It is easy to move around. I know that Mega Man can still not duck, but it has never hurt me that he cannot do so. It plays a lot like previous Mega Man games, but it is somewhat faster like Mega Man X is. I think the play control is great.

Story: 9/10
The story is not too hard to get into with Mega Man going after this foe Sigma and the new ''X Hunters''. It is simple, but not too hard to understand. Really it is not hard to play the game without knowing the storyline to begin with.

Sound: 5/10
The sound is alright. I mean it is nothing too special. Sometimes the music in areas gets monotonous. The sounds from blaster fire and everything else seems to work out just fine. Sometimes I end up playing it without having the volume on and just listing to my own music. It is not really required that you have sound to know what is going on in the game.

Replay: 8/10
I come back to this game from time to time. This is an indication to me that is has good replay value. Usually when I come back to a game, even just to play a level or two, it means I like it somewhat and that I still think about it from time to time. This is also a large factor in telling me if it is a good game or not. I find this game fun to beat and then come back to a month or two later when you have forgotten all of your good strategies for beating the bosses and might have even forgotten where some of the items are.

I think this game is good overall. I liked the previous one, Mega Man X, more then this one though. Still they play a lot the same and it is still very enjoyable to play. Maybe it is something about getting the bosses powers or just dashing around. I am not sure what it is, but this game is just fun to play. The graphics are decent, the sound is okay, it has a story to it, but you don't need to know it to play the game, the controls are simple and easy to use, and I still come back to play it every so often and enjoy playing it. I would say this is a good game and I would recommend it to anyone that likes the Mega Man series.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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