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Reviewed: 10/24/01 | Updated: 10/24/01

The Last Good X game

I know Mega Man X came out first but it was X2 that got me hooked on all things Mega Man X. I actually bought X2 before I got Mega Man X. A little backwards ah?

-The Story-
It has been 6 months since Mega Man X sent the evil Maverick ''Sigma'' to the scrap heap. But for some unknown reason maverick revolts are still breaking out. Mega Man and his pals travel to an abandon factory to flush out some Mavericks. While Mega Man fights, some unknown robots (the X hunters) are scheming. These ''X hunters'' want to restore Mega Man X's pal Zero (who was blown up and given up for dead in Mega Man X) and use Zero to take on X. Will The X hunters really revive Zero? Will Mega Man be able to find out who is behind this second revolt of the Mavericks?

-The Gameplay-
The same control from X is back. The dash function is now on by default (you dont have to look for it from Dr. Light). Mega Man can still cling to walls and dash jump, which were both important parts of X2. The robot ride armor is back also. This armor actually has same ability as the first one did but this armor can hover. I especially like the ''exploding armor'' which you get from Dr. Light. To throw some new things into the game, you can now jump on the surface of water (if you time it right) and to whoop it up some more you have to fight the X hunters who are after Zero's parts. If you dont beat them in the 8 stages you have a big uphill battle at the end. The ability to charge you blaster as well as your stolen powers returns, although they charged stolen powers arent very useful in most of the game). The Maverick bosses are still as cool as the first game. My favorite is Crystal Snail with his crystal ''hold''. Some of the levels are fun and sometimes you find yourself going back just to experience the level again.

-The Graphics-
Capcom added some ''C4'' graphics with the ''C4 chip'' All this really means is the game can play with ''wireframes''. The graphics look very similar to X1 (which is a good thing) and they dont distract from the game at all. I actually enjoy the sprites of capcom games (Street Fighter 2).

-The Audio-
The music isnt as great as X1, but X2 still shines. Sad to say this ,but this was the last an X game was well done in the music department (I cringe everytime I play most of X3). Some of my favorite tunes come from the Intro, Bubble Crab, Crystal Snail, Flame Stag, and the X hunter Castle.

With 2 different endings you have to play through it twice to get the full picture of the game. Unfortunetly this is a Mega Man game, and poor Mega Man has never had too much replay. But the fact that everything was well done makes me want to come back to ''relive the good old days'' one more time.

The Final Tally:
Story: 8 (This is the last time an X story will make any true sense)
Gameplay: 10 (X has tons of great gameplay, the levels are very well done)
Graphics: 9 (Just as good as X1)
Audio: 7 (Not as many good hits as X1, but atleast there are some)
Replay: 5 (You'll play again just to remember when gameplay was more important then eye candy)
Final Tally : 8 (X2, while not as good as X1 still shines with new goodies and some fun levels)

Last word: The X series has some of the best work of Capcom. Its a shame it pretty much went down hill from here. X3,X4, and X5 are all missing something or just doesnt have that X feel to it that the first 2 established. X and X2 are really worth getting.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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