Review by Hiryuu

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

If you've played the other Megaman X's, you've played this one

One of the most captivating and intriguing game series' of all time has been the Megaman series. With countless games spanning dozens (well not dozens) of systems, Megaman is truly an exciting series. When the Super Nintendo was made, Capcom began work on its "new" Megaman, Megaman X. Of course, this was a whole new series of its own, and it has spawned a few sequels itself. Of course, the first of these sequels was Megaman X2.

The game plays pretty much like Megman X (which in turn, plays a lot like the original Megaman). You get a choice of levels to start out with, each with a robot animal as the boss. Get through the level, beat the boss, and you'll have a new weapon to add to your arsenal (the boss' weapon). After beating the 8 bosses you'd go onto Sigma's castle and ultimately face Sigma. Along the way, you can find Dr. Light (who died, this IS 100 years in the future) in capsules hidden in the levels. Light will give you a power up to one of your body parts. It's all very similar to the first game.

The graphics of this game are top notch, as they are with all of the Megaman games. There are even extra chips added to the Megaman X games, which allow for you to fight 3-D wire frame mini bosses at points (at least in this game, I think). The sound is good, but probably not quite as good as in Megaman X.

This game is excellant on all fronts, and is definately worth a purchase if you can find it at a reasonable rate. However, Megaman X3 improves on this game a lot, so you'd probably be better off with it. Still, Megaman X2 holds its own against other action games, and other Super NES games for that matter.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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