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Reviewed: 10/21/02 | Updated: 10/21/02

A great sequel, in a great series.

Mega Man games always hit me in the spot...the addictive 2D-Sidescroller-Series never really tired me. Mega Man X was an AWESOME game, a full series' worth of gaming in its own! But with every awesome success, there must be a continued legacy. Mega Man X2 was born.

Gameplay -10/10- The style of play in the Mega Man series never got old for me. Though it stays the same in all the games, there is always something setting it apart from the others. All the SNES versions of this game have alot of levels with these things in common:

1. One Mini-Boss
2. One Boss
3. Lots of Secrets and Goodies littered about

Your objective is to fight your way through the level to the boss, destroying any enemies and picking items up as you go. You can receive special powers in this game, such as the ability to dash while airborne, by finding special Capsules in hard-to-reach places in every level. Though these aren't necessary to complete the game, they make things alot easier for you, and more enjoyable at that. Once you defeat the boss of the level, you receive a special attack, depending on the boss you defeat. You usually get a weapon with a semblance to the bosses' main attack. One of my favorite things about the whole Mega Man series is that every new weapon is the weakness to another's just a matter of finding that weakness and exploiting it. Many times, a special effect you could not have seen will show when you attack a certain boss with the right weapon. There is a new element in this game that differs from all the others, as well. Apparently, the evil Sigma and his Mavericks (the bosses of this game) are not the only ones trying to nail you. 3 X-Hunters are also after you---Violen, Agile, and Serges. They will stop at nothing to get to you, so this adds an extra challenge and a split off of the regular path you are taking.

The controls in this game are easy to learn, and take advantage of the SNES control fully. Your left hand is busy moving Mega Man (and switching special weapons with L), while your right hand is controlling a slew of things. You can fire, dash, charge up an attack AND change weapons all with your right hand. Sound complicated? Nope. This is one of those games where you don't have to make sure your hand is in the right place---it's all too easy to use, making the controls perfect!

The replay value this game totes is amazing...this Capcom Wonder-Series never seems to get old, can play it through, and play it again and again boredom. I'm thankful that once you beat a level, you can play it again; this really adds to the flavor, and you aren't restricted to 1 chance through a level. I still play this game, and I have had it for over 5 years (a safe estimate, I forgot when I got this game). This is also factoring in new things like GameCube, and not much time due to school. Amazing!

Graphics -10/10- The 2D graphics in this game are very colorful and detailed---the background does not stay a solid wallpaper, but a moving and intricate world behind the action. In front of it is the main attraction; Mega Man and the environment in which you control. All of Mega Man's attacks are very detailed, and have their own animations, rather than a differed version of an existing one. The enemies in this game are also very intricate, and have details that you would not LOOK for, but in your sub-conscious, you know they are there. It's just that ''fillin' feelin''' that all of the visuals---from the small sparks to that giant monster attacking you---are perfectly set, lacking nothing.

Sounds -9/10- The sounds in the Mega Man series have always intrigued me...and they still do. The most basic sounds are still the same, such as which is heard when you fire your gun, or fall in a hole to your demise. Though those are the same, there is a myriad of difference behind this game and the others. There are new environmental sounds that fit the scene perfectly, and some sounds are just SO nice they jump from your T.V. and grab your ears. Each weapon has a new graphic equipped with a new sound, to which each is perfectly fitted. It would've been nice if they changed some of the older sound effects, but I like it as it is just as well.

Overall -10/10- This game is definitely one of the games I'm proud to own, along with all the other Mega Man games for the SNES. I wouldn't bother looking for a place to rent this game...go out and buy it. You will like this game very much, as it is a must have for all SNES'ers and Mega Man collectors at that! Have fun playing!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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