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"Not as great of a sequel as hoped for."

I really liked Mega Man X. Liked it? No... I LOVED IT!!! So why did this sequel dissapoint me so? The music, for one thing, the unoriginal gameplay, and other things. But it still deserves an 8. Why? Find out! ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: Highly exceptionable. The graphics were superb, and challenge the graphical power of the original. The C2 (or 3... I can't remember :P) chip enabled the game to use 3-D graphics, such as Neo-Sigma's head, the Laser Sword in Magna Centipede's stage, and much more. The enemies are larger, the explosions are cooler, and everything- including the weapons- has been improved. (10/10)

STORY: Pretty much the same as the original. Six months after Sigma's destruction, and Zero's death :(, Mega Man X has become the leader of the Maverick Hunters, out to destroy all rebel Reploids. Three new foes have stepped up to take out Mega Man- Agile, Serges, and Violen. They call themselves the X-Hunters, and chase our hero through many situations. Their ultimate plan is to revive Zero and turn him against X. Will their plan be terminated?... It's really not that good, since it sends you through the same situations as the original. OK, though, I guess. (7.5/10)

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: Very repetitive. Kill boss, get power, kill other boss with power, yay, get to kill big bad guy. But it isn't all that terrible. You can hunt out the X-Hunters in every stage to try and get back Zero's parts so he will not turn against you. Of course, all of their lairs are hidden, and each has a particular weakness. Also returning are Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, and Armor Components. Control is very true to all Capcom games, due to the fact that Capcom always has PERFECT CONTROL. Responsive, quick, and you always land on the platform you are jumping to. The QuickChange allows you to quickly switch to other weapons without going into the subscreen. (8.5/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: Nice, but the music in MMX was MUCH better. ALl the music matches the surroundings, but I hated it. It sounded very dumb and annoying, like it came from an old synthesizer. The intro stage has annoying music, too! The only music I liked was Magna Centipede's. That's it. The sound is duplicate of the original. (7/10)

-Players: 1
-Fun Factor: 10. Its a Mega Man game, for crying out loud.
-Replay Value. 8. Much more hidden stuff, but still not enough.
-Rent or Buy: Buy. It costs five bucks.

So, there you have it! Mega Man! Oh yea! Uh huh!... ... ... Notice I stopped talking. You may hit the ''Back'' button on your Internet browser bar now. ... ... ... GO AWAY.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/31/00, Updated 01/31/00

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