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"A great game for a great system"

Mega Man games were introduced to me at a young age, and frankly, I think they're one of the greatest series ever. Their 2-D sidescrolling has always drawn me in. Mega Man X was the beginning of a new chapter in the series, and the legacy continues with the game known as Mega Man X2.

Gameplay: 10/10- The gameplay of the MM series has remained the same: Go through a level, beat the boss, find any secret items in the level, and repeat. This game, as well as the rest of the X series, enables you to find power-ups carefully hidden in each level. This include capsules, which give several different abilities, including being able to dash in mid-air, and hearts, which increase your life bar by a few points. And after you defeat a boss, you get a weapon that pertains to some way the boss attacked. This weapon enables you to kill some other boss easily. This is one of my favorite aspects of the MM series: Having a weapon and deciding which one to use to defeat a boss. Also, in this game, Sigma and his Mavericks, the baddies from MMX, are back, along with the three ''X-Hunters'', Agile, Serges, and Violen.

Controls- 10/10 The controls in this are extremely easy to learn. You can set the controls as you want, too. You will be controlling Mega Man's movement with your left hand on the control pad, and your other hand will be determining the action he does. He can shoot, jump, dash, and charge up his beam. You can often simultaneously do most of these actions at once, and many situations in the game require that you have quick fingers for this.

Graphics- 10/10 This game's graphics are great, often utilizing several different color schemes/backgrounds at once. An interesting thing about this series is that the background wallpaper never stays the same for long; it often changes after a minute or less. Mega Man's weapons are detailed in the way they're presented, and are very colorful and flashy. The enemies and bosses are also very intricate and good-looking.

Sound/Music- 9/10 The sound is this game is perfectly fitting to its surroundings. Some of the sounds from the other X games are present, such as firing your normal beam or dying in any way. The sounds from your weapons are intriguing; they actually seem to perfectly mold with the weapon in each and every way. The music in each of the stages is good and catchy enough, especially the end stages. The sound and music is excellent, even if Capcom could have changed some of it.

Challenge- 7/10 This is the only way in which Mega Man X2 fails. Admittedly, this game is hard in some areas, like finding all the capsules and hearts, beating Sigma, etc., but it pales in comparision to the first MMX. It still present a rather good challenge if this is your first time, but those who have beaten it will probably say it's pretty easy.

Replay- 8/10 Even though it is pretty easy, this game still has a very high replay value. I sitll play it, even though I've owned it for about 5 years. It's fun to comeback through the game and see if you can still get everything. I've found that after a couple of months devoid of MMX, this game is good to get back into it.

Overall- 10/10 This game is definitely one of the best I've ever played and a game that I'm happy of owning. I would recommend buying it for all. Have a good time playing!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/03, Updated 06/30/03

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