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Reviewed: 08/06/03

Not bad, but X1 and X3 are better...

Mega Man X2, the second game in a series of 7 (to date). Zero is dead, Sigma is alive and well, and there are 8 new Mavericks for X to fight. Not very original huh? As much as I like the X series, I\'d have to say that this game is a disappointment, my least favorite X game. Read on to find out why.

Story/Plot: 8/10

The year is 21XX. After X single-handedly saved the world in the first game, the Mavericks were thought to have been completely decimated and wiped from the face of the earth for good. However, this assumption was terribly wrong. After a while, new Mavericks began to show up, wreaking havoc on humans and reploids alike. X, the new leader of the Mavericks Hunters, sets out with his companions to eliminate this new uprising, before it\'s too late. Eventually, after fighting for a long while, X discovers that while his friend Zero may have destroyed himself to save X (in the end of X1), his body still exists, and not in one piece. After some time, three new robots--Agile, Viloen, and Serges--appear, calling themselves the \'\'X hunters\'\'. They claim they have gathered Zero\'s parts, and are using them to try and lure X to his ultimate destruction. X must make a choice--save himself or save Zero? The obvious one would be to save himself. But if he doesn\'t save Zero, to what horrible use will he be put?

This plot is not that bad, it\'s actually one of the better ones in the series in my opinion. However, it gets a little annoying, because certain characters\' speeches don\'t change in accordance to certain plot elements (whether or not you\'ve gathered Zero\'s parts, etc.), so that makes it a little odd. I give it an 8 overall.

Graphics: 9/10

Great! The same awesome graphics that were used in X1 (and later X3). Everything is detailed nicely, yet they remain clean and crisp. Backgrounds are simply amazing, and the translucency in stages with water came out real nice. The addition of the C4 chip makes for some cool wire frame bosses as well. This game has some of the best graphics on the SNES, and still stands out today, in my opinion.

Sound: 8/10

Not bad, put pretty much the same as the last game (as with the graphics). The music is decent, but nothing really stood out, unlike the first game. Certainly not something to be remembered over time (Like Mega Man 2\'s music). Sound effects didn\'t change much either, which is ok, because the sound effects were great in the first game. Since the sound is basically a clone of the first game\'s with different music, I give this section an 8.

Gameplay/Controls: 6/10

The controls haven\'t changed, with the exception of the air dash. It\'s not the controls that bring down this score, they\'re absolutely great. Instead, its the gameplay that does. Normally, I wouldn\'t rate gameplay so low on a Mega Man game, but this one is just not that fun. It feels like the first game all over again, the only difference is that you get new upgrades and weapons(which weren\'t even all that new). There is really only one ending, which was not all that different from the first game\'s ending. The gameplay is more frustrating this time around, because of several factor, the main one being the X hunters. Oh, the X hunters...I don\'t want to mention their name again. From now on I\'ll just say \'\'they\'\' when referring to \'\'them\'\'. After two Mavericks have been defeated, \'\'they\'\' show up. Each one of \'\'them\'\' holds one of Zero\'s parts, which you get by defeating them. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. \'\'They\'\' only stick around for so long, so if you go and defeat some Mavericks, \'\'they\'\' might leave and you\'ll never get that part of Zero! This makes for an incredibly difficult time battling \'\'them\'\', as you might not have the right Maverick weapon, depending on what order you go in. On the other hand, if you go and get the right weapons, \'\'they\'\' might disappear! Play through the game and you\'ll see how frustrating it can be. To add to this difficulty, some of the items are incredibly hard (not to mention frustrating) to get, harder than any other X game I have played. There is one more thing I don\'t get. This doesn\'t have any effect on the gameplay, but WHY did Capcom choose such STRANGE animals to be Mavericks? I mean come on, what bad guy would build a giant SNAIL!?! Sometimes I wonder what the people at Capcom had in their heads when they made this game. I have to give this section a 6. It\'s just not that much fun.

Difficulty Level: 7/10

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest, I give X2 a 7, about typical for the X series. This game really isn\'t that difficult, just frustrating at times. I did find it harder than the first one, however. If it\'s the first X game you\'ve ever played, you might find it a bit harder, as it takes patience. I\'d recommend playing the original Mega Man X before playing this one, however.

Replay Value: 7/10

Not much replay at all. Of all the X games, I find myself coming back to this one the least. There is only one ending, it just varies depending on whether or not you got all of Zero\'s parts. If you have got all the parts and you beat the game, then it\'s over. It\'s not much fun to go back and play the game again the other way. The Dragon Punch was a nice touch, and if you didn\'t get it the first time around, I\'d recommend replaying X2 just so that you can get it. I give this section a 7, because I wouldn\'t give a Mega Man X game a lower score as far as replay goes.

Rent or Buy?

Again, this category doesn\'t apply. If you\'ve read my other reviews, than you\'d know that it\'s only standard. And again, I\'d say the real question is, \'\'Emulate or buy?\'\'. I\'d say emulate if you can. Buying is really expensive, since this game is so rare. If you want to buy, it\'s going to cost you anywhere from $30-80, depending on the condition of the game/box/manual. If you ask me, it\'s not really worth the buy. I\'d only buy it if you\'re a hardcore Mega Man fan, like myself.

Overall Score: 7/10

As I said earlier, this game is my least favorite of all the ones in the series. Stupid maverick names can really get to you, and the difficulty stands out at times. There isn\'t anything terrible or outstanding about this game, it\'s just not as fun as the others. I give it a 7, because it\'s a pretty decent game. If you ask me, though, it\'s overrated.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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