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"Better than the original. A must for your SNES collection!"

I have been a fan of the Mega Man series for a long time. The games on the NES and the SNES are unquestionably the greatest in the series. Capcom has made some great games but their game series’ always seem to follow the same trend: They get worse as the sequels pile up. I believe this to be the last great Megaman game, with the exception of Mega Man Zero.

Gameplay – 9/10
The most important quality in a game and Mega Man X2 doesn’t disappoint. Not a lot changed since the original. Lots of jumping, dashing, charging and wall hopping. Levels are clever and unpredictable, unlike most Mega Man games. Same format as all the Mega Man games before it, select from a list of levels, fight your way through them, kill the boss, take his powerup, next level. Returning are subtanks, suit modifications, and heart containers. However unlike the original getting most of these powerups will involve some skill and the use of certain weapons. You will no longer just run into a suspicious looking dead end and wall hop up to get a heart container. Now it’s more like, ok I see the subtank, but I cant get to it. Maybe if I use this weapon, then do this I can get it. Game gets very difficult which, is the only real beef I have with the gameplay. I remember when I played it when I was little I couldn’t get past the third boss stage. Now since I’m much older I can do it no problem but depending on your age and whether or not you have played a Mega Man X game before this may be difficult for you. Good gameplay. No major problems other than difficulty.

Controls – 6/10
I never really liked the controls in the Mega Man X series. I think it is difficult to enter some combinations and will take some getting used to. For example, charging your X-buster, dashing, jumping and then wall-hopping all without releasing the fire button is tedious. Yes you can double tap the direction pad and you will dash in the direction you tap but that also isn’t all that much easier. However, the games reaction to the buttons being pressed is excellent. The button inputs respond accurately with what you want Mega Man X to do. Controls are annoying and will take some getting used to if this is your first Mega Man X game but, are not so terrible you’ll toss the game out the window. If this isn’t your first Mega Man X game there is nothing new, as the controls are identical to its predecessor and followers.

Story – 7/10
Who needs a story in a Mega Man game? It’s all about pounding down on the attack button and watching your enemies blown to pieces. There is however a story and not to terrible of one at that. It goes something like this. After the defeat of Sigma the Mavericks (enemy robots) are on the verge of being defeated. Mega Man X must round up the few remaining robot leaders and smash them to pieces. About 1/3 through the story Mega Man learns that his fallen comrade Zero’s parts have been accumulated and someone is trying to have him rebuilt and reprogrammed to fight for the Mavericks against the Reploids (good robots). So X is given the option of recovering Zero’s parts and preventing him from being revived and used against the Reploids. I do say option because rounding up Zeros parts is not required and completely optional. Good story, nothing breathtaking but interesting if you want to follow it.

Graphics 10/10
The best graphics on the SNES at its time of release. Not a lot of people know this but Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 carry a special chip in the cartridge that allows for more action to be present on the screen, for bosses to be larger and gives the bosses more actions. Take a look at the boss of the first level and you will see what I mean. Very good graphics just like 90% of the games Capcom releases.

Sound/Music 8/10
Good solid music nothing earthshaking. Gets the job done.

Funfactor 10/10
This is what I think makes this game great. Fighting your way through the game and collecting the various powerups is very entertaining. Plus the nature of this game makes it fun. I like using different weapons and powerups to kill each boss. Not to mention each of the levels is unique and unrepeditive. This game is very fun.

Replayability 4/10
Not a lot. Maybe if you want to go back and get stuff you missed, other than that there is nothing. There are however two endings to the game so you may want to go back through it and try to get the other after you finish it. Game is fun though and that is the real motivator for playing through it again. Game is very short too. Can be beaten in one sitting, 2-4 hours in length.

Conclusion 8/10

-Very fun
-Good graphics
-A sequel better than the original

-Expensive, hard to get
-Not a lot of replayability

A great game that should be part of your SNES collection. I think it is one of the top ten games on the SNES and better than its predecessor. If you were to look at X and X2 one after the other it would appear that X2 was made first, but it obviously isn’t. Fortunately that takes nothing away from it being a great game. Very fun but, unfortunately because of its high demand it makes getting this game unlikely. Unless of course if you don’t mind paying a few extra bones to buy it off ebay =P.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/13/04

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