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"Only you are capable of finding all of Zero's missing parts!"

A year after the release of Mega Man X, Capcom was ready to release yet another sequel to the great MMX. They needed to keep the innovations coming too since the new X series was just getting kicked off. That's just what MMX2 is all about, it has plenty of upgrades that makes itself just as good as the original. The start of MMX2 thickens the ever growing plot in the game as you now have three mysterious figures after X and they claim to have found Zero's parts. In order to get them back you must go through and fight the Maverick's in each of the levels while defeating these three mystery Mavericks.

MMX2 features plenty of enhancements from the past game. For example, your upgrades you can find in Dr. Light's capsules throughout the game serve for a better purpose than what they were last time. The helmet allows you to find items, the armor decreases the damage done, the legs allow for an air dash, and the X-Buster can now fire two shots instead of just one. Some of these serve purposes such as finding secrets while others open up plenty of gameplay opportunities.

The music of the game stays pretty much the same with some enhancements from MMX. You have the hard rock, adrenaline pumping sound that makes you get immersed into the game. It is rare that you'll run into a track in this game that is slow paced, because you're meant to feel on the edge constantly in this game. As you're running through blasting enemies left and right it is always nice to hear a fast, hard beat going along with it. Most of the themes in each level manage to compliment the level design nicely as well. A jungle like atmosphere contains a jungle like beat to enhance the feel a lot more.

Graphically the game is pretty much the same as MMX, there isn't any real upgrade over the past year that is noticeable. The sprites are given a lot of detail into the armor, the rainbow-ish like blasts that come from X's X-Buster, and the backgrounds such as the Junkyard. The backgrounds in particular are very well detailed for such a game on the SNES; they tend to give you an idea of how the particular area is represented either through a dark type atmosphere or a more vibrant one. It's nothing groundbreaking but the game does look good.

As for the length you're looking at about the same time as MMX. You have the basic eight Mavericks that you will defeat plus a good deal of bosses after those three. The life of the game is certainly extended from previous titles in the Mega Man series. It's given more story to read, longer levels, etc. The overall longevity of the game really shines due to the amount of replay value your given. It is just the kind of game that can be picked up and played easily while allowing you to have lots of fun. There are many secrets and upgrades to find in the game that will keep you coming back but what really makes it great is just how much fun it is to run through it over and over.

Overall, you're getting a good sequel to the already good Mega Man X. The storyline is sent deeper, the replay value is as good as any Mega Man game, and the gameplay stays true to the series while delivering some new innovations. If you played and liked the first one this would be recommended. Keep serving it up Capcom!

Final Score: 9.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/10/04, Updated 05/30/06

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