Review by kts123

"Great game"

Genre: 2D Action / Adventure

Game Play: 8/10
Mega Man X 2 is a very fun game. In the game you can of course jump, preform a short but fast dash, and as in all Mega Man games shoot. You can get vehicles such as, a large walking robot the can dash and punch, a "hover bike" that can only go two speeds (normal and ultra fast) and shoot. Each and every level in Mega Man X 2 has a medium / high difficulty and a boss fight at the end that is always very challenging and usualy fun. The bosses are well put together, each have there strengths and weaknesess, each also give you a new weapon. The bosses are extremly powerfull unless you know there weakneses, if you don't the boss fights can become very anoying. The weapons you collect have limited ammo and are all very unique from one another. Hidden around in the game are secret upgrades that give you special upgrades that each do cool and handy things.

Story: 7/10
there's not much story but it's there. The game begins shortly after the "maverick wars" has begun, when you start the game you are playing as "Mega Man X" a machine and a "Maverick Hunter" (a Maverick Hunter is what it sounds like). Mega Man X is trying to find the pieces of "Zero" (another machine) who was destroyed in "Mega Man X one". After clearing some levels the story will progress and develop through short text / picture messages. The story line is very simple and even more easy to understand but it's stiil there. Mega Man X 2's story is nothing great or fantastic.

Graphics: 8/10
Mega Man X 2 has good graphics. The levels are large and well put together. Every detail about your suroundings are very well placed. From the trees, dumps, buildings, lava filled caves, and even yourself. The secrets are well placed. Your enemy's are mosty simple in desighn and easy to kill, but some enemy's are unique and have suprising abilitys and weapons to fight with (some enemy's are weapons). The special weapons you collect are all very unique and mostly cool. Plus the game is very clear and mostly smooth. The "vehicles" in the game are well done. They control very nicely and are very easy to get used to.

Sound: 8/10
For it's time Mega Man X 2 had amazing sound. The sound effects are fairly good, you can hear your foot steps and the explosion are pretty good, the sound of your weapons are also just ok. Most enemys have there own "explosion sound" when they are destroyed. The music is very empresive. It verys from techno to rock, the music used for the game is very good and sound very similer to many popular songs (at least songs that where popular). Many people still listen to songs that sound very much like some of the music in this game. Plus the music is very clear and crisp. Overall Mega Man X 2 has great sound.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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