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"Better than the first; better than those yet to come"

One of the best soundtracks in VG history
Features the new air-dash, new charge level for the Buster, and countless others
The 3D effects of the new C4 chip
More paths in how to complete the game
Optional bosses and more!
Essentially perfects the forumla for the X series

Less challenging than the first

Mega Man X was a new series Capcom made to sequel the original series, and it was an immediate hit. Featuring new wall-hugging and many other features, it was a great improvement to the original series. Now, the second game in the X series surpasses the glory of the first, and also proves to surpass the quality of many X games to come...

Mega Man X2 takes place after the first. X is going to investigate what is supposedly one of the last Maverick factories. From the beginning of the game, after going through one of the coolest Opening Stages in the entire series, you know the rest of the game must be great, right? Right. Revealed to you the player but not to X is that there are three Mavericks out there who have a secret project coming along nicely, as well as another goal: kill X. These three nice guys become known as the X-Hunters. As you progress through the game, they decide you are a worthy challenge, and they challenege you. They are much harder than normal Maverick bosses, and when you defeat them, you don't get a weapon, but a ZERO PART!!! Guess what happens just before you fight the final boss?

Mega Man X2 features a brand-new invention, the C4 chip. This chip, used exclusively by Capcom as far as I know, allows 3D effects in models and other things, making X2 graphically much better than X1. The C4 chip went to great use, powering some boss and mini-boss models, as well as a few others. Overall, everything in X2 looks more refined than before, including stages, backgrounds, shots and particles, and a new stage select map.

The Mega Man series has long been known for great music, and the X series is even better. Mega Man X2 features some of the most catchy, most fitting, and best music to ever be featured in a Mega Man game or any video game for that matter. From the theme that plays in the Introduction, the Opening Stage, to the Stage Select music and almost all of the stages, to the boss themes, everything is just great. Mega Man X2 is also the game where Capcom has taken the most music from to be redone in future X games. Such themes include Bubble Crab's stage and the second X-Hunter Stage music.

In addition to great graphics, music, and an enjoyable storyline, X2's gameplay is great and might even be unrivaled by any other X game. X2 introduces the air-dash, the "G Crush" attack which is associated with the amount of damage you get with the upgraded armor, the teleportation hatches for refighting the Mavericks, optional boss fights, a new charge level for the X-Buster which shoots one of the coolest and most useful shots ever in the series, and countless others. The stage designs are all very good, as well as the boss designs. There are still four Dr. Light capsules, four energy tanks, and eight heart tanks in addition to the three rewards for beating the optional bosses. Although X2 isn't as challenging as the first, X2 is definitely an improvement over X1. X2 took the forumla for the X series and perfected it.

Mega Man X2 is one of the greatest platform games to ever bless the Super Nintendo. It's also arguably the best in the entire X series, although that depends more on whether or not you like music or gameplay more.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/25/05

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