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"It's X, and he's at his best!"

(I intend to review all the X series... stay tuned)
Megaman X set the gaming world on fire, outstanding music graphics and flawless gameplay, it was a new twist on the often re-hashed NES classic. So it was no surprise to anyone that there would be a sequel... Who knew Capcom would flex their develoment muscle to such an overwhelming degree!
After Sigma's demise and without Zero to lead them, X becomes the new leader of the Maveric Hunters. Blah blah Maverics attack... the story is in motion. 3 X-hunters are holding Zero's parts.. if you choose you can ressurect Zero at the end of the game by beating them. Of course this means that there are 2 different endings.
Graphics 10/10
This game stands as the pinnacle of X's career, let me run through the graphical hilights. First of all the Giant Boss on the into level is wonderfuly animated and designed, as well as the maverics. The all new C4 chip inside the cart helps pump out nice wireframe graphics(which are used in the g-crush as well as certain bosses). Special mention goes to the Boss introduction sequence before the levels, as it looks fantastic(and also uses the c4 chip, i believe)! I could go on and on... the water in the Wheel Gator fight... the multi layered backgrounds... the amazing character animation. These are some of the best graphics on the snes! Period.
Sound/Music 10/10
First of all the sound is everything you could expect, sounds like megaman. On to the music, I LOVE it! Real electronic sounding, only with a punk beat... it works very well. Hyper fast, well composed songs that stay in your skull for days... the opening cinematics music will probably never leave my head! Anyhow on pace with the original in this department... although if i had to choose i'd say the music in X2 is superior.
Gameplay 10/10
Not a hitch, and plays fast... just how i like it! Basically the same as the first only now you have an air-dash! BTW the dragon punch ROCKS(see the FAQ section on this very site for details... 'Need FAQs? Think!'{blatant plug})!
Final word 10/10
Y'know not many games deserve a 10, but when i ask myself if a game deserves it then it has to be outstanding on every level. No game represents that philosophy better than this... not even X3 or 4.... Frankly this is X's best outing, it'll be hard to outdo anytime soon too!
(look for my other megamanX reviews... coming soon!)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/22/00, Updated 04/22/00

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