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    FAQ by CPepin

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/23/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ Volume 1.0
    By Christopher James Pepin
    Copyright (c) 1997 by Christopher James Pepin
            This FAQ is available by FTP, courtesy of Andy Eddy.  Just FTP
    to ftp.netcom.com and cd /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs.  Don't forget to read
    the INDEX.README file.  This FAQ should be listed as mmtokyo.txt.
            It should also be available at my web site.
            Here is a small FAQ about the Super Famicom game Mickey Mouse:
    Adventures in Tokyo Disneyland.  I'm not sure if that is the exact
    title or not, but it will have to do until I find out otherwise.
    If anyone has this game and can read Japanese, I would be grateful
    for a translation of the story.
            This FAQ isn't totally complete.  I could have listed the
    locations of all the chests and stuff, but I didn't want to totally
    ruin it for you.  Also, I think some of the bosses have several
    different attacks but don't use all of them.  I've listed a few of
    EASY = 8 hits
    NORMAL = 5 hits
    HARD = 3 hits
    Level 1-1:
            At one point in the level, the passageway is blocked by a
    large rock slab.  A nearby switch raises the slab, but only when
    you are standing on it.  Crouch on the switch and fill up a water
    balloon.  While still crouching, let go of the ballon and it will
    sit on the switch.  Quickly run to the right before the ballon
    Level 1-2:
            In this level, you are running through what appears to be a
    burning building.  Use your water balloons to put out the flames.
            There is a flame sitting above a couple of treasure chests,
    let the flame live and it will burn its way through the wood making
    an opening.  This will allow you to retrieve the chests.
            There are three treasure chests sitting up on the roof.  To
    get up there go to the far right until you see a hole in the roof.
    Use a gas balloon to get up on to the roof and then go to the left
    until you find them.  Then go back to the right, fall down through
    the hole and walk right to finish this part of the level.
    Level 1-3:
            Keep an eye on your breathe gauge as you dive under the water
    in the third part of this level.
            There is a treasure chest straight down from the first
    drop-off in the water.
            Use gas balloons to get to the surface quickly.
            FIRST BOSS: Stand in the middle of the screen and jump over
    the barrels he throws while constantly throwing water ballons at
    him.  Once in a while he also will send seagulls flying at you, so
    watch out.  He also might send a couple of his goons after you.
    Just hit them with water balloons to dispatch them to a watery
    grave. :-)
    LEVEL 2-1:
            Quite a few of the treasure chests on this level are fake.
    LEVEL 2-2:
            Be prepared to jump off the second cart when you see the
    red exclamation point (!) signs.  Roght after the signs is a pit
    that the cart falls into.
            Just past the position of the third cart, use a gas balloon
    to rise past the large skull to a passageway up above.  Go the
    left to get a chest.
    LEVEL 2-3:
            You can jump on some of the barrels in this level and go
    for a ride.
            Use a gas balloon to travel upwards at the first opening in
    the ceiling you see to get a chest.
            If you travel above this chest with a gas balloon and disappear
    from the screen, you will be transported back to the beginnning
    of this section and the chest will be reset.  You can now get
    the chest as many times as you want.
            To get past the first gust of air, use a gas balloon and rise
    up just under the left ledge as close as you can get to the gust.
    Then shoot yourself down and to the right and you will drop on to
    the platform to the right of gust.  It might take several tries
    before you make it.
            Be prepared to jump off the second rolling barrel after
    you cross over the third set of spikes.
            To get across the second gust of air, kneel at the left edge
    of the gust and set water balloons in the air as if it were ground
    and they will stay put.  Step out onto the first balloon, kneel,
    and then place another.  Keep doing this until you've crossed
    the pit.  Hurry though because the water balloons will only last
    for a short while.
            Use a water balllon as a trampoline to break open the rocks
    blocking your way.
            Be prepared to jump off the third barrel right before some
    large spikes.
            SECOND BOSS: The smoke coming from the smokestack can hurt
    you.  As far as I know, he only shoots his watergun when you're
    a ways away and throws coal at you when you are close up.
    Just avoid his attacks and throw water balloons at him.
            I used turbo on the water balloon button to continuisly
    throw balloons while I jumped up and down in the middle of the
    LEVEL 3-1:
            There are treasure chests all over the place in this
    level, so keep an eye out.
            MINI-BOSS:  Place water ballonson the ground and when
    he lands on them he will bounce upwards into the spikes.
    Keep doing this until he's defeated.
    LEVEL 3-2:
            Don't hit the bee hives hanging about or else swarms of
    angry bees will come after you.
    LEVEL 3-3:
            Duck to avoid the fisherman because he will knock you out of
    your boat.  Duck to avoid the bee hives as well.  In the third
    section of this level, jump over the candles and be prepared to
    jump out of the boat entirely.  Use a gas balloon to shoot yourself
    over the pit.
            THIRD BOSS:  Just avoid the thorns he knocks down and shoot
    the alligators until he is defeated.
    LEVEL 4-1:
            Use a gas balloon to shoot yourself up the left side of the
    screen.  When you get near the top, switch sides and go to the
    right when you get to the three treasure chests.
    LEVEL 4-2:
            Continuasly use gas balloons to shoot yourself up the
    vertical passageway. Place water balloons on the floor to
    get rid of the knights.  Shoot a ton of water balloons at
    crystal ball to defeat her.  Place a water ballon on the
    switch to the left of the crystal ball.  Watch out for
    trapdoors in the floor beneath the paintings.  At one
    point you will have to race a ghost up some stairs.
    Throw water balloons at the switches to activate the
    stairs and race your way to the door at the top before
    the ghost gets there.  In the one library you will have
    to shoot the statues with water balloons.  When books
    start to fall, hide under the ledges the statues are
    sitting on.  To get through the door that requires
    two switches to be activated, place a water balloon
    on one and then quickly run across the other and
    through the door before it slams shut.  You will
    have to jump over the Gold knights.  One of the
    trapdoors underneath the paintings leads to a
    secret room.  Once all four of the main switches
    have been activated, you can go through the BIG
    door to level 4-3.
    LEVEL 4-3:
            There is a treasure chest on the right side
    of the first pit.  The ghosts rushing up out of the
    pits always travel in packs of five.
            FOURTH BOSS:  Avoid him when he drops down on
    you.  Keep shooting him with water balloons.  Sometimes
    he will teleport around the screen.
    LEVEL 5-1:
            Go up the elevator and use your gas ballons to get
    across the gaps.  You will need to place a water balloon
    on each of the two switches to open the force field.
    You don't have much time, so place them and RUN to
    make it through.
    LEVEL 5-2:
            After the second transporter, go down not up.  Use
    your gas balllons to shoot your way up the vertical shaft.
    LEVEL 5-3:
            Watch out for the sections of track that are brown, they
            FIFTH BOSS:  Just stand on the fourth block from the left
    and shoot large water balllons at him.  Jump over him when he
    slides towards you.
    LEVEL 6-1:
            Keep hitting the magic mirror with water balloons
    and you will get items.
    LEVEL 6-2:
            At one point you will have to start
    fillling a gas balloon, drop off a ledge, scoot under a low
    celing and then when you float up by some spikes you will
    have to quickly shoot to the right.
            MINI-BOSS:  Watch out for the green flames and jump over
    them when they slide across the ground.  Hit the rider with
    water balloons when the dragon lowers its head.
    LEVEL 6-3:
            Use your gas balloons to carefully steer through
    the cavern.  Sometimes you will just have to trust
    that there will be a ledge below when you run out of
            LAST BOSS: Hit the guards with water ballons until
    he vanishes, he will appear in either the lower right
    corner or the lower left corner.  When he appears
    hit him with a water balloon.  He will vanish again
    and reappear in one of the two corners.  Just keep
    hitting him with water balloons and watch out for
    the guards.  After you've hit him several times he
    gets a wind attack that pushes you away from him
    and into the guards.  Just fight the wind and get
    close enough to throw a water balloon.  Keep
    this up to defeat him.
    T = Triangle
    C = Circle
    S = Star
    D = Diamond
    SQ = Square
            Level 1-1 = T, T, T, T
            Level 1-2 = T, S, SQ, C
            Level 1-3 = SQ, C, D, T
            Level 2-1 = T, C, S, D
            Level 2-2 = D,D, T, SQ
            Level 2-3 = S, SQ, D, C
            Level 3-1 = D, S, C, S
            Level 3-2 = C, T, C, SQ
            Level 3-3 = T, C, S, SQ
            Level 4-1 = S, T, T, D
            Level 4-2 = SQ, D, T, S
            Level 4-3 = D, C, SQ, T
            Level 5-1 = T, S, C, SQ
            Level 5-2 = C, SQ, S, C
            Level 5-3 = S, C, T, T
            Level 6-1 = D, D, C, S
            Level 6-2 = SQ, T, S, C
            Level 6-3 = S, C, SQ, C
            Level 1-1 = C, C, C, C
            Level 1-2 = T, T, S, SQ
            Level 1-3 = SQ, S, T, C
            Level 2-1 = T, SQ, SQ, T
            Level 2-2 = T, C, SQ, C
            Level 2-3 = D, S, C, T
            Level 3-1 = SQ, D, SQ, D
            Level 3-2 = C, SQ, T, C
            Level 3-3 = D, T, S, T
            Level 4-1 = S, S, D, SQ
            Level 4-2 = D, T, C, SQ
            Level 4-3 = SQ, T, SQ, C
            Level 5-1 = S, T, T, S
            Level 5-2 = S, D, C, SQ
            Level 5-3 = T, SQ, C, D
            Level 6-1 = D, D, S, SQ
            Level 6-2 = S, SQ, D, T
            Level 6-3 = C, S, T, D
            Level 1-1 = SQ, SQ, SQ, SQ
            Level 1-2 = SQ, T, C, C
            Level 1-3 = D, T, C, T
            Level 2-1 = S, T, C, D
            Level 2-2 = SQ, T, D, D
            Level 2-3 = S, D, SQ, D
            Level 3-1 = SQ, C, S, D
            Level 3-2 = S, T, D, SQ
            Level 3-3 = T, C, S, C
            Level 4-1 = S, D, T, SQ
            Level 4-2 = C, S, D, T
            Level 4-3 = T, T, C, D
            Level 5-1 = SQ, C, S, S
            Level 5-2 = D, S, T, C
            Level 5-3 = C, SQ, S, SQ
            Level 6-1 = S, S, C, D
            Level 6-2 = D, T, S, C
            Level 6-3 = SQ, C, S, T

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